: The Royale needs to happen in the middle of the map, the circle was in between two enemy turrets
Piggybacking on this comment-- most of the events seem to be very rng based and can easily throw a game against your favor imo. Same thing with king of the hill--why tf is it in the enemy base? If everything is in the center, that is fair game. Hopefully this is changed!
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: Rek'Sai's new ult isn't going off.
This champ's ulti is literally spaghetti code, can't ult anything :(
: Unfortunately the way the ability is, it will apply spell effects but they are not considered empowered autos. This ability does not apply on-hit effects.
Smh, Riot should fix this. This is like having Cho be unable to proc on-hit effects on his autos when his E is activated :(
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: @RiotRepertoir Deadman's Plate doesnt seem to be giving the increased stack gain...
: I think he's fine at the moment since his passives (current % hp damage and attack speed %) helps clearing fast.
I think his clear is rather mediocre-- it certainly isn't the worst but it's heavily overshadowed by other jungles like Vi or Lee, and he certainly doesn't have as good sustain as them either. That's where the W buff is supposed to do something, but it currently doesn't because the %max hp bonus doesn't proc on monsters.
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: Sorta bundling a few responses into a single comment here :) A lot of the champion pool curation was about trying to push the mode towards the "high mobility / Short time to kill" side of the spectrum, and those two champions (As well as the others people have asked about like Wukong/ Irelia) ended up feeling or playing a bit too far off that mark. That said, the pool is definitely something we could look into potentially expanding if the mode comes back later and it ends up feeling too restrictive. For Nocturne/ Yi specifically: Nocturne's ultimate definitely felt "Assassiny" and was appropriate for the mode, but once he got into fights he ended up having to be much more on the tanky side of things and ended up feeling rather odd. There were also just some unfortunate experiences: Because we mess with ult CDs the way we do, the "Darkness" spam was genuinely irritating to play against, and his E felt pretty terrible (for him, not for opponents) in a mode with as much mobility as there is. Master Yi actually had a similar problem oddly enough: As you might've noticed, there isn't really any hard CC. Because of how squishy he is as well, he ended up actually playing as "Meditate tank yi", which was fairly unsatisfying on both ends.
Full Lethality Wukong definitely oneshots, so not sure why he isn't in this mode :C Honestly, this limited champ pool really limits the amount of fun that this mode has potential to have...
: A new feature that should be implemented is the ability to level up the bot you added in your game to train against a bot that's also the same level with max items as you is pretty cool.
Adding on to this, the current fast-forward 30 seconds is pretty bugged with bots-- they don't farm during the fast-forward period and just sit there afk. Perhaps Riot should add in the equalize function into Training?
: Do you have the old client or the new? Cause I have the old client and I don't see it.
I had old client and it wasn't there. I upgraded to Beta and I found it under "Training," so I assume they only enabled it for Beta client.
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Is this only enabled for Beta Client? I have the old client and I can't find it (which is why some people, including me, might be asking "Where is this?").
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Can you guys make the ears on Warwick's models a little more stylish? For example, the Firefang WW splash looks absolutely amazing, but then the in-game model ears make him look pretty lame. This goes for most of the skins-- the ears look like two giant triangles sticking out of his head.
: Warwick Pupdate Bug Thread!
I'm not sure if this is a confirmed bug, but when I kill someone with my ult, the animation continues and I'm stuck there swiping the air. i.e. The channel isn't cancelled if the ult kills someone (think Renekton W, it plays full animation if it doesn't kill, but ends it early if it does-- WW ult should do the same).
: Small Krug Babies don't Reset to thier Original Camp
One of the small krugs wandered into the bush near the camp and stayed there for me xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Raioku PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=gTdl9q8k,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-14T03:12:49.120+0000) > it marks all targets hit with her E's Debuff You sure about that last bit? Pretty sure it doesn't do that.
^ Riot has nerfed the shit out of her E; it stops on first champ hit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ichiiyukai PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=gTdl9q8k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-13T00:15:00.783+0000) > > I do agree... the trail Shyvana left behind on her W was way more effective. > > My opinions on the Update: > - Her old W (Dragonform) was way more effective and more fun to use (in team fights). > - Her new E (Dragonform) feels really lacklust when used... and the field isn't really usefull as far as I have seen. I find it quite effective on Burn Build AP Shyvanna ;o {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3001}}
It was actually better with the old burn on her W (because it spread everywhere). The new thing sucks shit in my opinion (less damage in all aspects, Rito pls)
: try to repair
I'm pretty sure repair only affects the patching client. If it's only on PBE, then it's probably only a PBE bug then. Still would be nice for it to be fixed.
Rioter Comments
: I expected an image to be a placeholer, but still the tooltip shows Stormraider's Surge, even it does't work xD But still confusing.
Yeah, it's a placeholder (and the description is that of Stormraider's). However in terms of functionality, it works perfectly fine.
Rioter Comments
: Make New Champs Or Reworks UNBANNABLE From Now On. Please
Another simple solution- Riot should bring back blind pick (I know they temporarily disabled it for focused testing on ranked) so that you can test without all this banning stuff.
: Ah yeah. You know these daily patches we have here? They all kinda add up :') Reinstalling is the only way of "fixing" that. The live servers has it too, but they don't have as many patches as we do.
Is there any way I can go back and delete those old patches without compromising my PBE Client? My internet is rather slow and I think re-installing could take a good 5-6 hours rip :(
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: This idea would make any ranged champ to stop buying this item and would be almost only melee item... i think the first idea is probably good but this would be an disadvantage for {{champion:150}}. I think the best option to make it much better for the both category (melee and ranged) is to modify his passive from on hit apply to an area around you like {{item:3068}} , or {{item:3001}} and it fit perfectly :)
The comments below seem to indicate they are nerfing it because it is particularly strong on Gnar, so I think that's kinda the point. I do agree that if they reduce the slow on ranged it will prevent abuse on it from ranged champs, who already have an easier time kiting (which adding a slow to doesn't help our poor juggernaut friends).
: Context : Gnar in competition.
: hmm... probably all ranged champs who is tanks? And from what i remember frozen mallet doesn't had 650 HP and 40 AD? if 10 AD mean 50 health would be much better to be 600 Health and 50 AD?
Well, AD is actually more gold efficient than HP (35 gold for one AD, vs 2.67 gold for one HP). On live it has 650 HP and 40 AD, but decreasing its AD and increasing its HP means it has a total loss of about 216 gold worth of stats.
Rioter Comments
: Nocturne Balance
I think you are overestimating this buff. They are increasing it by .25 seconds, which is quite marginal compared to other CC effects, especially since it is single target and the chain can be broken. Plus, Riot buffs and nerfs based off popularity rather than actual strength (so champs with hidden power but are rarely picked such as Jayce are receiving buffs).
: i think this could be a beautiful idea but Riot didn't intend kled to be a jungler...
Well his E second dash works on large monsters, so I don't see why not for them to add Courage from killing large monsters either.
: You can't dash over the walls normally but if you are aiming to use E on enemy champion who will want do dash over the wall or flash, you can use your E (if you used first time on him) to dash over the wall. Try that in a custom/ normal.
Nice, I didn't notice that when I was testing it in the custom because the bots never dash or flash over walls xD
Rioter Comments
: How are we suppose to test new content with a ~45min queue time?
Same, I tried getting into ARAM queue and gave up after 10 minutes...
Rioter Comments
: I reconnected back into a game and they were still able to do a 3 minute surrender with a 2-3 vote?
That's /remake...guess it worked for your team. Check out the Riot post that is pinned on the Boards.
: /Remake live on PBE! (5/18)
I just tried it, and it's restrictions are too heavy. I just played a game with an AFK Sona and tried the /remake function and it said "Too early in the game to surrender." Then immediately after, someone died to first blood and then the "A summoner has disconnected" thing showed up and now the /remake function doesn't work.... I'd say that it should be like a vote -- if by 1:15 the summoner has not bought items and is sitting in the middle of the spawning platform, and all 4 players decide to use the /remake function, the game automatically does it and doesn't wait for 5 minutes before actually manually disconnecting the AFKer....
: 2.3 seconds isnt an increase, it is an equal to where it was at
The stun where it's at is why they're nerfing it...it's too strong on Tank Ekko and not well utilized by AP Ekko because the shield it provides pretty much lasts as long as the stun.
: Have Ekko's Stun Scale per Rank
To be fair, I don't think having a long stun synergizes with the shield he gets from it, and 1.75 seconds is still a rather long time. I think in order to nerf the tank Ekko and keep AP Ekko viable the stun should be reduced (say 1.5 seconds?) but the shield duration increased to compensate (maybe 4-5 seconds?). The 2.25 second stun is one of the big reasons Tank Ekko is viable, and increasing it to 2.3 seconds at rank 5 won't achieve Riot's goal to nerf it.
: About Ekko's changes.
Honestly they are all nerfing the wrong things still...the biggest issue is his passive base damage as well as the slow and movespeed it provides. The raw stats on his passive is what makes Tank Ekko annoying as hell because he can kite you, he can chase you, and he can kill you. They should change his passive slow and movespeed to scale off AP as well to fix this problem of a champion...
: Context on Trinity Force changes?
Adding on to this what's up with the random 133 gold cost increase (or 67 gold decrease compared to live)? Not a very clean number O_o
: You said it yourself that the items can be broken, but he is a bad jungler. This gets around the jungle issue. Stacking up BoRK, Bloodrazor, LDR, and your W provides large amounts of health shred. Throw in Guinsoo's for double AAs and a bit more health shred on your W. Then you can get Greaves and devote an item to attackspeed, perhaps Wit's End. With an Attack Speed rune page and stack Guinsoo's, you would be pretty close to, if not at, 2.5 AS. You could build Bloodrazor as a later item, compared to a jungler who builds it first. Cutting out the issues in lane, aside from the obvious lack of other SS. Also getting an extra smite can be well coordinated for Dragon and Baron. Granted it is VERY situational when you would need a Kog Maw to build this. Unless they have a tanky comp, this would be trolling. But as a counter pick, it seems as viable as KogMaw himself.
It's not trolling -- this can legit melt through anyone's hp, regardless of tank or not. As regarding taking smite on a laner, it is viable (think Runeglaive Ezreal mid and Cinderhulk Shyvana top). In fact the extra smite could help the jungler take dragon even more quickly. You guys take the meta too seriously -- there are viable options that don't necessarily fit into the meta.
: Unless they give the Ult his Burst back, i just hope for this: "His Ults zoomout is a bad idea as well as the added time for you to fire the first and following shots. I really don't like this change at all. The zoom out actually makes it harder to even hit the ult"
That is irrelevant to my suggestion, but yes the zoomout should be an option (perhaps in the menu?)
: It hasn't gotten worse lately, really. You might think so because of the chatroom (or maybe people assume you are gonna troll because of your name) but it hasn't been escalating as of late. Just make friends/meet friendly people and play premade with those :3 Please remember that reporting works. With this comment I was merely saying that the OP is not allowed to give his account away to anyone, nor is anyone allowed to accept an account that's being given to them.
Lol to be fair my name is irrelevant to my playstyle and very rarely do people take my name seriously at first look anyways. I just noticed that the new wave of testers recently are filled with extremely toxic players that Riot has not taken enough time to filter out. And while reporting does work (I have only seen one actual feedback of a ban), rarely do other players (at least those I have played with) report as they are too eager to go on to play another game, therefore my solo report is filed away and the automatic report system does nothing to punish the toxic players. And yes, you are right that he shouldn't be giving away his account but that's up to Riot to intervene.
: I would like to remind everyone here that sharing in whatever way (buying, trading, sharing, borrowing) for whatever reason is forbidden and bankable. Everyone has to apply and get accepted the fair way.
Not trying to bash Riot but have you noticed that the PBE has gotten very toxic lately? I don't really think there is any "fair way"
: Rageblade on Kog'Maw
Noooo don't reveal my on-hit Kogmaw!! But yeah you're right, the damage Kog does with those items is really busted. It's pretty much doing ~42% of their max hp per second at 5 attack speed, not to mention the Bork. But at least it will be the end of the tank meta :)
: I think firing 3 bursts of 3/4/5 missiles spread randomly on a wider area would be more interesting. The damage should be severy reduced then though, as it woud make blind-killing low hp targets much easier.
If it were spread randomly it may be excessively hard to hit, but a burst is also a good idea.
: It looks like an interesting idea, however, if anything they just could lower the cooldown of his ult or change it into a stance/charge system if we wanted him to have more access to an artillery barrage theme.
I think that a mass barrage at one time is more thematically matching than a low CD/charge system based ult. This is because if there were random shots every now and then, it would feel more random than if you had a massive amount of shots to fire over a smaller period of time (like an actual bombardment)
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