: I think it's partly to update the model for older champs until an eventually VU and I love it too.
That's nice! I hope they give some new animations to Katarina as well <3
: Pool Party Caitlyn
I noticed she has a run to idle animation. That's an unusual thing for an epic skin. I loved it! Will this be a trend now for future skins on older champs?
: Aatrox Bug Thread
I don't know if that's a bug, but Aatrox lacks a run to idle animation when he's holding his sword. This makes he look like a 2012 champion.
: Aatrox seems to be missing a "Run to Idle" animation
I'm really glad someone else noticed it as well. It looks so weird right now. He looks like a 2012 champion. Even the current Aatrox (launched on 2013) has the run to idle animation. Why the hell his update, 2018, doesn't have one?
: **Pros** * This theme fits Darius extremely well. The dire wolf is an excellent motif for the skin and its in-game implementation is surprisingly well done (I want it as a champion!) * The dark color palette and smokey VFX of the skin do a good job of conveying the look of a brutal king-murderer. * GK Darius' dynamic and rivalry with GK Garen is a cool touch. * The amount of voice lines and interactions feel rich and plentiful. ___ **Cons** * **Why pink?** For such a dark, brutal, and masculine-looking skin, pink and salmon don't seem like good choices for GK Darius' color palette, especially since they comprise a good portion of his weapon model. I guess my question is, what exactly does pink accomplish for the skin that another more well-suited accent color like crimson red or fiery orange wouldn't? (_TL;DR:_ Right now his color palette is leaning towards Bloodstone Taric, when ideally it seems it should be more like Nightbringer Yasuo?) * **Not enough color contrast.** Much of GK Darius' model feels same-y and monotonous to look at due to the overwhelming use of black, grey and dark purple in his textures, which all seem to blend together from game height. At least GK Garen -- who's mostly comprised of white -- benefits from 'relief' areas of black, gold, and light blue hues. GK Darius' colors on the other hand lack sufficient contrast to be interesting and pleasing to the eye (at least IMO). * **Same sounds and animations from base.** Some aspects of GK Darius seem incomplete for a legendary skin. Legendaries are supposed to have all-new sounds, VFX, and animations, ~~yet his running and attack animations for example seem like direct copies from his base skin,~~ and he still has the same grunt voice lines from base (though I understand this could just be a hook-up issue/WIP). (_Edit_: I went back and looked at his base skin and GK skin side-by-side and noticed most of his animations are indeed different, even if they share some similarities. Obviously not every animation can be 100% changed due to clarity; my bad on this one!) * **Another legendary for Darius?** For all the champions in the game who still don't have a skin above 975 RP, I really have to question the choice of Darius for another legendary skin. I'm sure you guys knew these complaints would be coming and went with it anyway because it's a neat thematic/dynamic rivalry with Garen, and I agree, but Katarina could have just as easily taken Darius' place in this case, even if Garen and Kat don't necessarily occupy the same lanes (Yasuo and Riven don't always either).
I agree with you 100%, especially on the "Another legendary for Darius?". Katarina would still fit, regardless of lane.
: At this point I think she will never get a legendary, it was the perfect theme.
She will eventually get one. I really hope it doesn't take any longer. Even Yasuo and Jinx, fairly new champions, already have one. But yeah, this was the perfect time :/
: It's really disappointing how they chose to make another Legendary for Darius, instead for anyone without one, especially Katarina, she would fit so much better, and she is older than him, with less base VO than him, she and Garen has more history than Garen and Darius, they could easily be lovers that went different ways in their beliefs. But they chose Darius instead for a 2nd legendary.
Exactly! She would fit flawlessly. I was so hyped for Katarina's first legendary. Another opportunity missed by Riot, sadly...
: Yeah, id like to get some context too. Seems weird all of a sudden.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
Don't get my wrong: the skin is absolutely gorgeous and high-quality. The real issue is: why gotta be Darius? Why spent so many resources on a champion that already has one high-quality legendary (unlike Cho'Gath, who also has two legendaries, but his first one is so outdated that it's almost not worth the price) and one mythic tier skin? I was seriously expecting it to be a Katarina skin, so she could finally have good animations and more than one minute of quotes. Well, I guess it's too late now. I just wanted to vent a little. Congratulations, this is a utterly well done skin...
: WDYM they ignore feedbacks ? they clearly made some changes based on the community feedback. They do listen.
What changes? A new idle animation? Wow, now that's impressive. So many problems already pointed out in this case, but a new idle animation should really fix things up. Look, I know they do listen to feedback in the majority of cases, but in this particular one they are simply saying "yeah, we get it, sorry, but that's it". Tons of topics about this. So many valid points. What did they do? They replied with the most absurd excuses I've ever seen. That's what I mean. The skin is great. As a legendary with 3 available chromas. That's not the ultimate experience. At all.
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: Hiii, friends! Thank you all so much for leaving your feedback here and elsewhere! Everyone on the team is reading through the comments. Sorry for taking so long to respond here. As you can expect out of a tech-intensive skin like GGMF, there are a lot of bugs. o_O I don't get to make the decisions here, but I can act as an advisory source of information and at least bring these points to the decision-makers. With all that said, I wanted to provide a bit of context on some of the common points brought up in this thread (and other online sources). **"WTF is up with her face and neck in the splash art?!"** * You can expect to see an update to this in the next PBE deploy! Hopefully the changes feel better to ya'll. **"Her VO doesn't sound like Miss Fortune! And why all the sexual lines?"** * Unfortunately, we couldn't get base MF's voice actress for this skin, so that was unavoidable. As for all the sexualized lines, we actually got that same feedback during the process to tone down the seductive lines and add more of that fierce Captain Fortune vibe, so we ended up adding in more "vicious" and "cutthroat" lines for events that tend to play more often (e.g. Long Move, Attack). We honestly feel good about the current state of her VO in regards to capturing MF in this universe. **"These forms look like _chromas_, change the models!"** * Unfortunately, there are limitations that prevent us from changing the models at this stage. We can make minor tweaks to the textures however. **"Why does the jetpack VFX blink?"** * With the way the VFX is set up to play from the animation, this is an unavoidable side-effect. We managed to make this a little less noticeable at least! **"The animations are way too close to base!"** * Keeping the animations fairly close to base was a concession that we had to make early on in development. If a marksman is going to be able to transform an unlimited amount of times throughout the game with varying particles (as well as a very different silhouette with her shoulder-pieces, exo-suit, and guns), we have to make tough choices to keep consistency with Base MF in several areas to maintain the MF read. **"Change the in-game portraits to match with the splash!"** * There aren't any plans to do this at the moment, but I can check with the team and see what they think. If we can leverage Elementalist Lux's tech and iterate on the splash easily, then there's a possibility, but the timeline is still super tight. **"Bring her back into production and re-release her at the typical Ultimate skin price."** * Mr. Cactopus addressed that [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82pel6/riot_should_bring_back_gun_goddess_mf_in/dvbvyiu/). **"Change her VO lines to be different per form."** * She actually does have unique VO lines per form! Currently, we don't plan on expanding the current list of unique VO lines. **"There's a super annoying bug where she appears at the edge of the Fog of War!"** * This should be fixed now!
"Keeping the animations fairly close to base was a concession that we had to make early on in development. If a marksman is going to be able to transform an unlimited amount of times throughout the game with varying particles (as well as a very different silhouette with her shoulder-pieces, exo-suit, and guns), we have to make tough choices to keep consistency with Base MF in several areas to maintain the MF read." Really? Seriously, Riot? So Vayne, Caitlyn, Tristana, Jinx and Ashe can all have new and nicely done animations in their 1820 RP skins without hurting the "champion read", but Miss Fortune's ULTIMATE skin cannot have new animations cause that will somehow mislead everyone into seeing whatever you think will happen? Well, that's simply not worth my money.
: Katarina E and R bug
There is also a bug when using recall with Warring Kingdoms. Her dagger will spin in a weird way while in air and will appear to be more than one. Not to mention the ever lasting bug on every Katarina skin (classic one as well) when you use the taunt. Her elbow STILL breaks out of place :/
: You shouldn't post it here. Post it in the BR forum.
I made a post in the BR forum, but since Swain isn't on live servers yet (and the PBE is international) I posted here too.
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: To be honest, your friend added so much things :/ I prefer NeburaART's version
That's why there's a clean version as well.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
Okay, first let me say that I'm in love with the skin and that I'm totally looking forward to buy it. With that said, I really think that a couple tweaks would make a huge difference overall. This guy (pikaxxu155) posted on Reddit some edits that he made and asked me to show them here as well. I'll leave the link to the original post and the comparison between the original and his version. [Original Post](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7p9o45/i_did_some_tweaks_for_sweetheart_xayah/) [Image Comparison](https://i.imgur.com/aE9ZztI.png)
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Katarina!
Okay, I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this skin. Everything looks so stunningly beautiful, specially after the recent changes. I'm eager to buy it the moment it hits live servers. But I need to address something that has been bugging me since I noticed it for the first time: when one uses Katarina's taunt, her right fingers entangle and her elbow kinda breaks out of place. It's very weird. I really think that this came out with her PROJECT skin, because this bug did not exist prior the skin release. I thought it would be gone with this new skin, but the bug is still there :(


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