: PBE server
Since you don't understand the meaning of this server, i suggest you leave. Btw how do you get a PBE Account? By your choice of words, you should never ever allowed to be here. But i guess you were just lucky. And just saying its a test server- sure its full of bugs, thats why we are here. To find those bugs, report them and make a better experience for all players in league.
: I guess scheduled downtimes are always in the middle of the week. Chances are high that it will happen between Tue and Wed again.
Usually there are 2 days with patches. Tuesday and Thursday. Depends on what region you are, it could shift towards the next day. Both are the same for live and pbe. Tuesday is a bigger patch, and there are somthimes downtimes if something needs to be done fast. Like tft - the first 2 days there were downtimes, for a resonable time, but still. Its more or less luck at this time to get on. Next patch should arrive 6/26. If nothing goes wrong at least.
: Thanks for inormation. So I am just not gonna play untill the new mode will appear in normal game, so a lot of players could go back to classic LoL, I guess. Thanks for welcoming.
Btw Teamfight Tacticts will arrive with new patch on the live server. First in OCE to test the stability and after that the rest will get it as well. After that PBE will be most likely empty again. Next patch should be around in a few days- Sry that i didn't got any good news for you.
: Like seriously -_-
Soooo hf then i guess. And you don't understand this is a test server. I doesn't need to hold millions of players. For test purpose only and this its more then enough.
: PBE players
You want to play as well, so don't complain then. You are part of the hour long queue. Soooo I wait until tft hits live. And then we get a propper testing going on pbe. At this point there is almost no point in waiting for 10++++ hours. So hf in continue this
: Login Queue
Thats no problem. So no way to fix it. On PBE is a new gamemode which puts the server on the edge off breaking because of the countless players that want to join. So the queue is working as intented. Happy waiting then... oh and welcome back
: It's a very long wait
I guess you are waiting in the login queue. If you are, then sadly there is no way to reduce the time. It depends on how many player leave the pbe and how many people get an error during login. You got 2 options now, either continue to wait in the queue or wait for tft gets released. Then PBE is empty again, and you should be able to login in no time
: This is WHY you should auto logout AFK
So true this post. But there are some ways to work around from being afk... with bots an anti afk tool, which works wonders in other games as welll. Just rotate a whitelist with a couple of accounts on a daily base. That should do the trick as well. 50k should be a good starting point, but you can work it up to 150k or so. A bit more than the cap of pbe so its still full 24/7
: help me pls
Wait what? you could translate that in english pls.. even google can't make anything of this.
: Why there isn't a hold on for new players to join Login like yesterday again?
Because the server is maxed out.... i don't think people get on how small PBE is in compare to the normal server. Normal servers can hold, lets say, about 3 millions or so.. i don't know. PBE is only for about 50k - 400k people in compare and for all regions at once. At least for what it looks like. You yesterday, you were on hold, because no other player left pbe. As long as they stay on, nobody else can join. So Riot must kick people from PBE who waited as well in the queue for 4-9h before that. That wouldn't be fair now is it. If they afk on the landing page for an hour or so, sure kick them to make a bit room. But you can avoid that as well with a little trick or program. There is nothing what you, we as community or riot could do to make this fair. Only way is, to make just a few selected accounts open for login and block the rest. And rotate those accounts on the daily bases. Thats a bit of work, but that could work and everybody could play. And if the PBE is not full, they could let a few in to fill the spots, and kick them one by one, if someone with the correct account goes into the queue. Thats a bit drastic, but this way everyone could get a shot and can improve with their feedback in tft.
: 21 hour wait time seems a little ridiculous....
What could they do? Its a test server, not for a large amount of people. PBE is melting for the very first time in years.... so no other gamemode or champion has done it like tft. At least the queue time is a bit more closer to reality...
: Whitelist account
You like to play and a special treatment because you stream? ... yeah how about no get in the line like everyone else. I'm in for no whitelist accounts for PBE. Hype is already on the peak and in this case even higher than fortnite. PBE is melting and errors accure because of the heavy load. The long queue time with about 2- 10h for some people, is the cause of it. This is a test server, its already unfair for more popular streamer to get a special treatment. So many other people who actually want to test the mode, improve and working hard to find bugs so those won't hit live need also time on the PBE. So I'm in for no special treatment for anyone. Its unfair for everyone - yet i got about 5h of testing on my bank. Thats not so much, but still i got my share on it, so let my spot to others. Riot doing its best so everyone can get a glimbs at tft, but most need to wait until it hits live. And since you said, that you got holiday, feel free to get your place in the line and wait. If you get in the queue now, you maybe get a shot again in lets say 4h...
: Is there a time to open and close the server separately?
There is only 1 PBE Server. And its usually open and only closes for maintance. Like i said, the only thing you can do is wait. Either for the login on the PBE or until TFT hits live server. That should come around when patch 9.13 hits live. Maybe not at release day of the patch more like during the patch because we still got some bugs in it. But yeah only those 2 option for everyone on PBE.
: Live servers will most likely be able to handle hundreds of thousands more people than PBE can, or ever will unless they decide to get more servers running for PBE.
Why should riot open more server for PBE? Never has been happen this before and it will never happens again. Most people doesn't give a damn what happens here. And after TFT hits live, pbe is empty again...
: How the hell does this "login queue" work?
The live servers will melt in the opening days, thats for sure. Maybe i'll stay here on the pbe and get some real needed time for sorting out bugs. And for your login time... PBE is at 99 - 100% ever since TFT hit PBE. So Riot stated already that this is the reason for your queue time went up. So that will take a while... so after TFT hits live and the servers are gonna crash, that would the first time after clash almost crashed the server. I'm looking forward to it.
: Fix the queues please :C
There is nothing to fix, because there is nothing really broken with it. PBE isn't a live server for millions of people. Its a test server with a minimal capathity of people. And at this time, better say.. ALL day long its max out. You just have to wait and hope for the best. And the error accures because of all people trying to login...
: TFT Lulu with an error in the skill
Riot statet already on twitter they know of the Lulu ult bug. But thx for the bug report ^^
: i cant access in pbe
You can't. Server is max out at this time. You can only wait. So estimated time to login is currently, 2-10h depends on how many leave, login fails and so on. So grab a snickers, get a cup of coffee and play some standard League during your time in the line.
: That is literally telling everybody on the PBE to get the fuck out there and not ever log in unless your a paid tester. Which is utter Nonsense. People play on the PBE for 2 Major Reasons. 1. Testing new Stuff out to find and identifiy Bugs to grant a better experience on Live server with a functional Champ / Mode / Item etc. 2. To try the new Stuff out before most people on Live. But how do you Identify the people who do what? You can't If you wait for it to hit Live. It's YOUR Decision. A few of my friends decided to do just that. I personally want to have "Impact" on the Development of TFT as It will become my Primary Game Mode in League. Meaning I want to get on, find Bugs. Replicate them, Identify them and cause them to be fixed to not encounter potentially game breaking bugs that can be exploited in winning. Like the "Force of Nature" Bug which IS gamebreaking and Exploitable. And you are telling me in short "Get the fuck outta here you're not paid for this so you have no right to be here": Sorry mate. That is not true. I mean I can understand it. Who would have thought that Probably Million of People wanted to Play this Mode so desperately that they even go on PBE for it. But Riot is still at fault here. They give PBE Accounts to literally anybody. Honor Level 3 is so easy to achieve. Anyway :) I'm sorry for the Slight Offensive Language here. It just tilts me to see people like you telling others to wait when their Intent is to test, find and identify bugs and be part of the development. Greets (Also I will not answer on following answers and I do not expect you to answer here)
Its not slight offensive. I've read worse on live server so. Btw I would wait as well, if i was told to do so. And I'm full with you with Riots decission with PBE Accounts. I got my account foir PBE long before it was accessable to almost everyone. And i don't tell you to leave here. I mean this is my last day of testing, because of the heavy load on the pbe. And i want to give other people the chance to test. Thats not it. Riot could make a restrict access to pbe, which cycles every day. So everyone could test. Thats at least 1 way to reduce the stress on the pbe. And if it sounds offensive to way i wrote before, then i'm really sorry about it. Its a common thing that people get an account and just fuck around with it, with no real purpose. And just maybe it hits next week. I'm sure with less bugs it would be possible - but force of nature threw that one out of the window, not to mention the lulu ult bug and some other smaller bugs - with delayed level up and so on. But yeah, now 1 more thing, hopefully everyone who really want to test the gamemode and really want to improve the it, then gl for them to get in.
: That's not a better option. Changes for the better are a good thing. This better not go live in a week. It's incredibly bug ridden. Also, this is THE most played PC game in the world. 1 test server is obviously not enough. If they wanted a contained testing grounds, they should have continued private testing. We're all supposed to be able to try the game mode and contribute.
Thats true, and i'm sure Riot continue their inner test like usuall. For TFT there are only 30 Men involved - so it could take a bit. I guess Riot is pushing TFT really hard, because they compete with valve. But they could relax about that a bit. But still 1 server it is, and it stays that way. Its just on heavy load because of all people want to play it. Usually this never happens on pbe. Not even with a new champ. Longer login yes, but not this. So we get used to it in time. Mayb you wait for a maintance and then be one of the first to login. Thats 1 way to make sure you get in.
: How is this server not for testing out stuff? By testing out stuff you can find a potential bug in champions, skins etc. PBE WAS made for testing out stuff and finding BUGS. If I want to test out a skin before buying it on live server PBE is the place for that. That's not the only thing tho. I'm pretty sure PBE is made for testing out stuff and finding bugs before the patches go on live servers.
ok.. then i missunderstood you. Yes PBE is mainly for finding bugs so Riot could fix them. But many others are here just because to play for fun. And nothing else. So i'm sry for the missunderstanding. Well in this case, yeah it is - a pain and a half to test anything and find anything because of it. Well at least a few bugs were found up until now. Well lets hope, wait, wait more and see XD
: after wasting LITERALLY 5/6 hours on the pbe queue!
Or better option, wait until next week when it supposed to hit live. And 1 Test server is enough, it always was and always will. People who just want to play should wait until it hits live. Let the tester find major bugs and let riot sort them out.
: hell yea. im one of the people who write actually a bug report if i see something but cant access the mode. i already see a tft full of bugs being released {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well at this point some reports are going through but not many. When i finally login, what is maybe in 4-6 h from now, i maybe get 2h worth of testing. And since some bugs only accure for some people and under special conditions, we need a couple of weeks to find 70% of all possible bugs. So now the plan is to release it next week to live servers.... and then the shitstorm is on, on how buggy it is... Riot should let only people in who were active for the last 6 month or so on the pbe. Since i would loose the access as well, because i didn't had any time for pbe because of my daughter - i could accept it if we got a less buggy tft on live server
: "Due to high interest in TFT, there is currently a large login queue"
Everyone can make a pbe account these days, its a shame. Its not like lets have more players here, so we can find more bugs. No the opposite is the case. Most people come here just to casuall play tft. Since this server is made for bug testing, let alone to improve League in general, it totally missed the spot sadly
Well it looks like fun thats for sure. Hmm, but the condition for it is weird. Some say you need to sell the unit in order to work for this bug, and you say you could just add every single round. Now thats interessting. Because my friend got the item yesterday as well and nothing happend at all. Something in the code is still a mess. So Riot should take a look into that.
: After waiting 4 hours getting an error. "An unexpected bla bla bla" Thanks Riot.
Again, this is a test server, we got a limit for a max amount of players. We exeeted it by far. And sure this can break things.
: Lulu ultimate in TFT
I can confirm that, its totally bugged, and thats kinda sad-
: Sometimes units just randomly stop attacking
It is a common thing with knight class, and there is a item that can disarm maybe its that.
: PBE Log-In Bugged?
Its not bugged, the server is full thats all. It reached the maximum player capathity. Thats all, Since tft should come out next patch, because riot pushes it... you just need to wait until then or a maintance and be one of the first to hit enter.
: I give up
You could just wait for next week, when the patch hits live. Since we got a 2 weeks cycle you can predict when it comes live. And riot is pushing tft really hard. so just wait that. And isn't there a mod for dota 2 just called auto chess which is f2p? I would never ever buy anything just to play this. Or play the mobile version call auto chess...
: New TFT game-mode makes the queue waiting time for others a living nightmare!
It will go down when tft hits live. And btw.. i logged in yesterday at 2pm with a time set to 30 min... 6h later i saw finally the landing page. Next week should be the time for this patch to come live. And this server is not for testing out stuff, its for finding bugs and so on, and not for casuall play. Riot should've stayed for limited access to the pbe and defently shouldn't have made this an open invite...
: The way how the Rolls work and the Item RNG is definitely something that can be Improved. But in all Honesty. It's fine right now. In Dota2 Auto Chess for an Example I have less Luck with the RNG due to much higher diversity of Units. In TFT my "Luck" is "Better". I often get my first items from Krugs. I even had 2 Rounds where I literally got no Item Drops. But I still won it cuz of good Management. In the End this game is still about "Skill". You have to prepare several tactics so you can build with what you get. So far I have prepared myself 4 different Tactics that all can be worked around with one another. This way I can guarantee myself atleast top 3 spot almost always :)
Totally agree. This game is about managment. If you are just careless waste your money, you stuck at the bottom. Champion divercity comes with time. Riot make this game from scratch with just 30 people. So respect to them, for this what we got now, and btw almost no bugs - since mordekaiser is in, i at least a few bugs more than that. Managment, the right amount of agressiv play. A bit of luck as well but if you don't get want you want, over a longer period of time, then just redo your strategy. In the end its all about fun. And it can't be more fun if you see a veigar with 8k dmg XD
: No chat on TFT.
Well usually its not a bad thing if you concider liver server flame XD. But i'm glad you fixed it
: i will play help me riot plz
You are in the wrong place, mate. Wait for the live patch if you want to play. This is a test server for finding bugs, not casuall gaming..
: Server Access Limits
Riot stated on twitter already, that during the pbe has reached its max capathity of players, and because of that log-n queue won't be accurate. And since its a test server for finding bugs, we don't usually need 2 or 3 million people here. Maybe the cap is at 250k - 500k players at the same time. Concider for a test server this is a good amount and would usually never reached over a longer period of time.
: Riot please, please, I'm begging you please.
PBE is a test server for finding bugs and so on. Nothing for casuall players who just want to try out tft or casuall play it. We reached the maximum of player capathity so this can have negative impact on everything on this server. So simple matter, this can happen. Just wait for the patch come on the live server which should hit next week i guess. 2 weeks cycle - but even then i expect the live server are gonna burn and crash like the time during clash... so hf waiting again in the queue..
: Remove TFT off PBE until next patch
Now the problem with this now is, how many people are here to actually test the champ or TFT - most of them are here to just play the game as casuall players and totally missunderstand the concept of pbe. Riot shouldn't made this here an open invite to everyone who never got punished and so on. I waited for my pbe account about a year, and was really happy to get it. Now any usuall player can join and thats why we got this mess here. Besides of all that, next week when the patch should hit live, with the new champ and tft at the same time, those live servers will suffer the same fate as pbe right now, or during the time when clash was on... so yeah, let them burn i guess...


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