: Its easy to notice that the destroy of her early is a very bad Idea, And her late wont be great enough to compensate.... They must leave Q&W as it is on live and change E&R as on PBE.
Q is good in live. W current PBE change is good. E revert back to her self MS speed R 20/35/50 would be better.
: I liked the Sona changes, except for the E one just now.
I think everyone hates the new E..its really useless. Sona needs the movement speed for escape. No point in boosting the allies speed and leaving her behind to die.
: PBE 6.13 Sona Changes
Well Sona E just became incredible terribad. Not going to bother with this skill on until lvl 8. A little auto atk range just to proc Tempo
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