: Game client security changes now live on PBE
I can't even create a dump file from the game client because it closes almost immediately after champion select has been finished. There is no time to even right click the process. I closed all other processes, including my NVidia control panel, my wireless mic, keyboard, mouse, and controller software, as well as Steam and a bunch of processes that I thought would "interfere," including Firefox. I am constantly stuck in this reconnect loop with no solution in sight. I just wanted to test the Lux shield changes today!!!
: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
I'd like to know if this mode will be healing/support-intensive. I saw a comment that asked why Master Yi couldn't be played in this mode, so I assume you can only play certain champions. Assuming we can only use Star Guardian champions, will Soraka's heals or Janna's shields, for example, be required to win these?
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Here's what I don't like about part of his unmounted Q: it pushes him away from his target(s). For a champion that is supposed to GO HAM, even when he has lost Skaarl, his mount, why does his only active ability in this state push him away from the enemies he is supposed to GO HAM on? It's quite contradictory to his unmounted passive as well.
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: Yeah sorry about that, we'll update that tooltip when possible. It's magic damage
While we're on the topic of tooltips, I have to ask for clarification on 2 masteries before I forget. 1. Bandit. It states that a spell can also proc the bonus 3 or 10 gold. However, when I tried to use Bouncing Blades as Katarina to proc Bandit, I didn't get bonus gold. Is this just a tooltip error? 2. Windspeaker's Blessing. In the client, it says all heals and shields are 10% stronger, but it doesn't specify whether self-healing, such as Mundo's ult, or lifesteal/spellvamp count. In-game, it says that only ally heals and shield are stronger. Which one is in the right? EDIT: Also, there needs to be an icon above the ability bar that shows the cooldown of Thunderlord's Decree. I get that we can hear the sound (ding!) when it's available again, but it would be nice to have an extra indicator for when your bonus damage becomes available. =]
: caits autos
Were you using the Headhunter Caitlyn skin? This seems to be a problem related only to that skin. I've found that Headhunter Caitlyn's auto-attacks have always been bugged ever since her release.
: Graves Autos dont trigger minion aggro
If that's so, that might explain why he is sometimes oppressive in lane. After all, his autos do work differently from other marksmen. On top of his true Grit resistances (and how hard it is to tell how many stacks of it he has before fighting him) and his 100-0 burst, it's just hard to even deal with him in skirmishes.
: PD and Death's Dance combo.
I like this combination, but you should also think about what you miss by not taking other combination of items. PD + Death's Dance is good for when you just want to survive, but do you think you will want to or need to build it every game?
: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
I don't know about you, but I think Stormraider's Surge in the cunning tree is one of the best examples of what you want to bring to the game - playstyle over stat micromanaging - through this new mastery system. One of the first match-ups I was facing in the first days of preseason was a Kennen player who used Stormraider's Surge. Not only does it fit Kennen thematically (lightning and speed and all that), it does augment his play patterns. I also prefer this on Varus over Deathfire Touch since the movement speed boost makes follow-up Qs or positioning safely after a poke much easier. I know Nightblue3 was impressed by it on Rengar when I was browsing his stream the other day. Stormraider's proccing condition (30% of champion's max health) pretty much enforces that you play like an assassin, targeting only squishies. Because of this, it also synergizes with the flat penetration from Precision in the same tree. I think it's great in fulfilling the fantasy of an assassin playstyle on champions that wouldn't normally play this way but have the damage/burst aspect taken care of already (e.g., Annie, Diana, Pantheon, Twisted Fate, Syndra, Veigar, to name a few).
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: > [{quoted}](name=JushtFinisht,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=t6MVGRxm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-04T10:10:38.034+0000) > > No. I do not agree with this. Bot will always include possible ADCs, but "ADC" does not include things like duo bruiser bot meta or Mordekaiser. > > The meta is always subject to change. Making the role name "ADC" is not a smart choice. I mean, the role support was there, why didn't you take the extra second to look at all the possible roles before picking? Indeed I did, but it was more confusing in my opinion. When I say "i main bot" it means i main both roles. Also Mordekaiser bot is considered "ADC mordekaiser" by popular idea! Whoever is going bot, even if u go Fiora, will be considered ADC imo! "Adc Fiora" who goes bot. Then if you don't agree, I don't mind. I just wanted to give my -personal- opinion.
Okay. I will state my opinion too. I think the role system provided here is the most flexible way of providing accurate role placements while also allowing for possible metagame shifts in the future. I think it is as clear as can be. The community calling Mordekaiser ADC is just that. Riot's current naming for ranged ADCs is Marksman. Mordekaiser is a Fighter carry in bot, he is not an ADC, by any means. He doesn't even build critical strike chance or attack damage in most cases. ADC means "Attack Damage Carry." There are carries that build something other than AD. It is an outdated term that is only used because people are used to it, nothing more.
: [Feedback] Replace "Bot" role with "Adc" in the new Champ Select.
No. I do not agree with this. Bot will always include possible ADCs, but "ADC" does not include things like duo bruiser bot meta or Mordekaiser. The meta is always subject to change. Making the role name "ADC" is not a smart choice. I mean, the role support was there, why didn't you take the extra second to look at all the possible roles before picking?
: It applies on {{item:3401}} passive and active along with {{champion:40}}'s shield and {{champion:44}}'s heal so I believe it applies on all heals and shields to allies. The tool tip is "Your heals and shields are 10% stronger (This applies to everyone as I tested it with {{champion:44}} and I healed my ally for the same amount that I healed myself. ). Additionaly your heals and shields increase your targets resistances by 15% for 3 seconds. (This part only works on allies.)"
Well, thanks for that info, but what I really want to know is if it enhances other forms of healing like lifesteal, spellvamp, Mundo's ult/passive, Vladimir Q, Darius Q, etc. or self-shields like Diana W. The tooltip might be misleading, but I would really like that option as a non-support.
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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Players fighting Graves need a way to easily figure out how much True Grit he has (without clicking on him directly and looking at a small buff icon) before deciding to fight him. Given how much resistances it gives, a poorly-engaged fight can destroy most players. Since Graves already has an ammo indicator beside his health bar, why not just add a simple number to the left of it according to how many stacks Graves currently has?
: We need to discuss the Thunderlord's Dance mastery on Sona.
Let's be clear here (and I've posted this on numerous other places). The mastery trees are not the same as the old. Resolve is for sustained/DoT play patterns. Cunning is for burst play patterns. Ferocity is for defensive patterns. All 3 trees currently contain elements of the old Utility tree. From what you say, Sona is definitely a contender for Thunderlord's Decree alongside Windspeaker's Blessing. After all, she is one of the best examples of a poke/sustain mage support.
: Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion, and Hunter's Potion are undertuned
They definitely need to buff the jungle items a little bit, particularly the Hunter's Potion. Perhaps to avoid overtuning laners who buy these potions, maybe give them a special regeneration effect when being hit by a monster camp?
: Please just revert the Quinn changes
Interesting seeing as how I love the Quinn changes. She has something different that no other marksman has and her damage has been buffed from yesterday. It's still too early to even say the changes are bad (they're not IMO).
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I like these changes and appreciate that you lowered his range, especially now that Urgot won't be the only marksman with 425 range now. What you said in the last part makes sense. In this current "TP meta" with constant 5v5s in bottom lane, there needs to be certain ADCs who can withstand hard engages when they are forced in a team with no real "protection." This is a step in the right direction to both carving a unique identity for Graves and helping to move away from the double TP strategy. With that said, what will Graves "preferred" position be? Will he stay in the bottom lane as a marksman or act as a marksman in the top lane who can go toe-to-toe with heavier bruisers?
: Can you expand on your assassin comment here? Maybe we're using the words differently, but these changes read to me like we're going away from burst assassin and more toward a duelist... If she can't R-E-Q-R to delete someone anymore, where is the burst coming from? If she's more reliant on whittling down her opponent and setting up her passive combos, isn't that more like what a duelist does? Or are you meaning that duelists auto attack each other to death, and since Quinn used to have a blind that's not her thing anymore? She's now more reliant on an assassin-ish burst pattern from her passive procs?
The damage is coming from the passive procs on her Q and E now as well as the missing health damage bonus on her Q. Before, only her E would mark the passive, now her new Q will too. So the damage combo she does when roaming and catching a squishy out of position would be this: R, E, auto-attack proc, auto-attack until they are a reasonably half health, Q to proc as much damage from the missing health as possible, then auto-attack proc if they haven't died yet. Of course, this is all without the attack speed buff from Valor, so it might end up being really different in practice.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Does her new Love Tap passive interact with Runaan's Hurricane?
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
Hm, it's interesting you list updated champions like Morde and Skarner that you want us to test when Ryze and Soraka have also been updated (since the last iteration of One For All, that is). Are the latter two too similar to their pre-rework states to be much of an importance?
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I can't wait to try this out in bot lane. I think it's great you guys are pushing for a non-ADC non-support duo laner. Have you guys considered any future changes similar to Mordekaiser's (i.e., pushing for a non-ranged, non-support laner in bot lane) for any other champions?
: Spirit Visage - +20% to Shields?
I'd say it'd be a good addition to Banshee's Veil instead, what with the whole spell shield concept on that item. Spirit Visage I feel already has enough power as it is.
: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
I was about to say...the 50% lifesteal that is currently on some of the recent PBE notes scared me. Anyway, this sounds like a perfect item for Soraka. It gives no health (which is good since her W cost is max-health based), a good amount of AP and armor, and gives her a way to shine in spite of her weak roams. The passive/active effect seems confusing to me. Does the charging up state have a cooldown? Is it in such a way that you get the AP/crit effect for 6 seconds and have to wait 60 seconds before being able to charge it again? Or does the 60 second cooldown only refer to the act of the binding?
: [Enchantment: Devourer - Bug]
In my experience, it seems that the Sated mechanic doesn't work on towers. I've had it work fine against other units (minions/monsters/champions) though. I hope it is a bug, or if it isn't, would need clarification.
: New HUD Feedback
I love the crispness of the new HUD. However, some things need to be tweaked. 1. **Reduce the vertical spacing for item sets in the shop**, akin to how it was previously. I play in 1280x720 Borderless so I can toggle mouse screen lock and check between any programs opened easily. I am used to not having to scroll down to see the last row of items in my custom sets. 2. **Increase the contrast for the ability level-up commands.** You should make the square "background" of the four icons yellow and the arrows themselves green. 3. **Make the mute buttons on the scoreboard more obvious or accessible**. I think it's safe to assume most players look for a volume icon when they want to mute someone/something. By having to hover over the champion icon, a lot of players will overlook it. 4. **Champion Info, by default, should be visible, not invisible**. We've been used to seeing our AD/AP/AS readily seen for the longest time. Don't make us have to click a button at the start of a match everytime we want to see that. It's unnecessary. 5. **Don't be afraid to make the scoreboard a little bigger to fit a few more pieces of information**. Examples include a) ult and summoner spell cooldown timers for allies, b) (re-including) summoner and champion names of our allies, or c) ally gold (we can already ask them what their gold value is...it's not like it's cheating, so why not make it easily accessible?).
: Passive is just a slow added to her attacks. The first Q missile will apply on-hits like BotRK; the next 4 on the attack won't. Runaan's fires 2 bolts for every single attack during a Focus-empowered Q. It feels pretty cool.
I see, having on-hit effects for every 5 bolts of Q-focus attack would be over-the-top. I can understand why the on-hit effect should only be on the first of the 5. As for Runaan's interaction...I had to read that over for a few minutes to understand exactly what it meant, but now that I understand it, that is AWESOME. This would mean Ashe shoots out -15- "arrows" with Runaan's for every auto-attack if she has Q-focus active. I can't wait to try that out.
: {{item:3071}} : Does her new Q apply its passive effect once or with every arrow? Essentially, the question is whether the Q is coded as seperate instances of damage (a la Lulu passive) or simply an on-hit effect with a fancy animation. Base stats: Unchanged? Don't think so - at least her high AS/level (AS growth factor) should be decreased if she gets an AS steroid into her kit.
According to the damage numbers I saw on her Q preview video, it looks like she shoots a barrage of 3 arrows every enhanced auto-attack. This would mean she fully stacks cleaver with 2 auto-attacks. That is...pretty insane.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
I need some clarification on her passive and Q, specifically as to whether or not they are on-hit effects or one of those rare on-attack effects. Will these effects interact with Runaan's Hurricane?
: In regards to the Evelynn changes on the PBE
The Evelynn passive change is lackluster and only serves as a QoL buff when recalling in the lategame and you don't want to be seen by enemies halfway through the recall. The Dark Frenzy passive change serves as a slight - emphasis on *slight* - buff against teams with persistent slows but is a major nerf in laning (for the few brave Evelynn players who are trying to find ways to make Evelynn mid work) and in early ganks. She can no longer kite melee champions effectively and will die to the likes of Yasuo, Udyr, Rek'Sai, Darius, etc. very easily if she even tries to Q spam. Evelynn does already sometimes build 40% CDR so 6 seconds is shaved off of 15 seconds already, but you can't honestly expect us to believe that Evelynn can do a "hit-and-run" approach, doing some damage and then escaping out of the fight safely to reset the situation. It is just not possible with her current changes. I feel like I'm getting the concept of a vampire-esque assassin who wants to cause paranoia constantly and do some consistent burst damage spread throughout frequent engages. I'm just not seeing it in these changes.
: Bugsplat every 2 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF
I believe it is a bug with Elderwood Bard and occurs every time one of his chimes spawn on the map. This happened to me for a few games and did not occur on games where someone was using the default Bard skin.
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: [Item 3285] Gameplay&Strategy Feedback
As always, I enjoy your PBE posts, as they always have enough information/knowledge and ideas to support a discussion. Great post. Another problem that exacerbates the idea of movement speed on this item is that it only bolsters the power of those who already have high mobility. A clearer example would be to put Katarina vs. Anivia/Cassiopeia/Karthus. All 4 champions seem like they would benefit from the item greatly. However, Aniv/Cass/Karth do not have the mobility that Katarina have AND they are gated by mana. Whereas Katarina can rush item 3285 off the bat, Anivia, Cassiopeia, and Karthus have to rush Tear first (or else they will go oom 24/7) before starting to even build 3285. Already, Katarina is ahead by 720 gold and will inherently reach her power spike faster. And what about the champions that don't build Tear but need mana sustain and can also benefit from the item anyway? That is Lux, Ahri, LeBlanc, Ziggs, and Orianna. Okay. It's clear that none of the champions I mentioned have any problems with waveclear. Except when we pin Ahri/LeBlanc against Lux, for example, it's clear that Lux isn't gaining any enhanced mobility over the other two. After all, they are most likely going into the same build path (Morellonomicon > 3285). When we look at it, if the laner who is planning on building the item is facing a laner that doesn't want to build the item, then I guess it would be a somewhat health game. But most mid laners will be facing the same mid laners who want to build the contested item. I believe that champions that can rush the item (a.k.a., Katarina, Annie, Kennen) will come out on top as they will reach a faster power spike and snowball potential while the laner who has to build an item before 3285 will be stuck trying to catch up unless they get an early lead.
I can confirm that this happened to me. I was using Marauder Ashe and could not figure out for the life of me why it was so hard to land Volleys until I saw that the middle arrow on the skill was missing.
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: My only real complaint here is that Zilean shouldn't be *lobbing* bombs anywhere. He's a *time mage* not some mundane noobtuber. He should be ***conjuring*** these things, bending time itself into unstable constructs meant only to blow his enemies away! My suggestion is to get rid of the lobbing animation and have the location in which he places his bombs warp and distort before the bomb actually appears, somewhat similar to the way Syndras Q functions. Though make sure said distortion still maintains a time motif, so that it still feels purely Zilean.
I second this notion. And making the Q similar to how Syndra's Q looks is a great idea. It just doesn't seem fitting for Zilean to throw bombs when he has these time powers to conjure the bombs anyway.
: Looking at google images and looking at this skin... I don't know I wouldn't even be able to tell Katarina is inspired by her, escept for maybe the particles
Well, they both dual-wield weapons: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dynastywarriors/images/1/1f/Diao_chan.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130225005626
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Tigre Braum!
I love the animation and feel of his Q. It's smooth and really rewards you for hitting a target with it. But my one gripe is that...ehhhh...El Tigre Braum's chest hair looks caked on. I don't know how else to say it other than bluntly. >.>
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
I just tested Alistar's base skin in custom games. I'm really loving his animations, especially his running and attack animations. They all feel smooth and not "jagged" as he previously was. Alistar at the moment feels more humanoid than he was before. I like the fact that he no longer waves his shoulders back and forth awkwardly. Some people may miss the old "bull-like" aspect of Alistar, but I don't! The new Unbreakable Will (with the shields and all) communicates the fact that he has more defense and is hard to break through but doesn't really communicate the fact that he gets stronger (more attack damage). The only thing that is missing so far I feel is his nosering, as many others have said. Other than that, this update looks great so far. Will have to test other skins. I know his Longhorn skin looked awesome in the model viewer.
: Void Gate - Free Gold
I agree. The way the item works is that placing a Portal in an undesirable spot just leads to the enemy team getting free farm. It is not satisfying AT ALL to just watch the enemy ADC farm off each Voidspawn for -25- gold per pop. It is the definition of unfun and may lend to a reputation of the item being called a noobtrap in the future. At times, a strategically placed Portal was able to destroy 1st tier top and bot enemy turrets if left alone. However, this strategy can fall flat as someone can just sit there under their tower and farm off the Voidspawns. That's 50g per 8 seconds. A huge problem I feel is that there is no clarity as to the best placement of the item. The design of the item to me, feels defensive in nature. But the best placement of the item is often OFFENSIVE. For example, you want to make sure your bottom lane turret does not get AFK pushed by minions when you group up mid. One would assume that the best position is near your own tower. Wrong. The best position should be in the bush closest to the enemy tower. This way, the minions will make sure that the lane is pushed away from your tower and get the added bonus of minions exploding onto the enemy tower. The huge thing here is there is no clarity. No range indication of when Voidspawns start dying off. No in-game guide as to which placements should be desirable. At the moment, it's all trial and error.
: [Champion Bug} - [Malzahar] Heavily nerfed base stats
I was wondering why he was so squishy compared to others. I'm not sure why this hasn't been noticed considering Malzahar has been getting a TU.
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
The new HUD obscures a part of some champions' first buffs. I was playing Miss Fortune on this mode and couldn't see the bonus MS of her passive, as seen below. Are you guys planning on changing this or is it just something minor that will stay anyway because it will be a temporary game mode?
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
I'll share what I have gathered from this mode: First, champions who can buff or destroy with the Poro King make for interesting interactions and promote a fun alternative to just kill-kill-kill like Hexakill was (or depending on who you talk to, might also be unfun for whoever faces them ;-]). This includes * Cho'Gath - yummy * Kalista - rend stacks will make quick work of the Poro King * Janna - powerful healing ult; can shield turrets to delay siege from enemy team * Jinx - tremendous DPS on top of her siege * Nunu - yummy * Soraka - immense healing and (therefore) siege potential * Syndra - can grab enemy Poro King and fling him closer to friendly turrets * Taric - armor buff and minor healing; will likely be a strong pick once people realize full magic damage comps don't work against new Banner of Command Second, Banner of Command should be something to think about, especially if the enemy team has a lot of magic damage waveclear (e.g., Ziggs, Malzahar). Just this one item can help guarantee that the enemy team loses one turret. Lastly, the addition of the Poro summoner spells makes playing melee champions on Howling Abyss much, much more enjoyable based on feedback from other players. Also, ranged wave clear is not as important (although still useful) anymore compared in ARAM due to this.
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
Is it just me or does it feel like Soraka is going to be permabanned in this mode? She is the only one who can heal the Poro King almost forever if needed, and the fact that everyone is always clumped up together means she will always hit at least 2 people with her Starcall. Also, I'm expecting to see A LOT of the new Banner of Command in this game mode due to the popularity of AoE magic damage mages. xD
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Malzahar!
I just played against a Malzahar who used the Snow Day skin and to be honest, the biggest thing that irked me right off the bat is the E animation. The large, "white-and-blue bubbles" block out a lot of the affected target's model and the effect itself doesn't really seem authentic. I'd like to see a version where it's just the "whirl" of wind and the small white snowflakes to see if we can still see the target while still preserving the "ok, I see this effect so I know I'm affected with space aids (snow aids?)" On a good note, I do love the animations for the W. It's minimalistic and pleasing to my eyes!
: Recently multiple PBE users were asked to test the new LeaverBuster system which entailed leaving games until they get punished. That's a big reason why you see so many leavers.
I read through the volunteer thread and saw no mention of this.... Even if that is right, still makes the PBE experience a little unsatisfactory as of late.
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