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: Why do you want him to be an anti mage... He should be an ap bruiser based on the kit and playestyle. By the way those w changes, do you want him to heal only for that amount or is that an addition or did I totally misunderstand you? (Just a little help with the math your version max healing around 480 which is nearly the third of the current one or its 480 bonus which is a crazy and an unnecessary buff).
His current kit already makes him an anti mage, especially with the magic damage shield on his E. If they want to keep him an anti-mage, they should push him to be one. Otherwise, remove the magic shield and replace it with something else. His W being 10% of his missing health was just an idea. Lets compare the current healing. With 608 AP and 2640 Health, Sylas' Current healing on W will be. * 105 (+ 304), increased to 263 (+ 532) when below 40% health (total of **409** and **795**) With my idea to make his healing 10% (+1% per 100 AP) missing health, it would heal for 16% of his missing health * 2640 x 16% = 422.4 _assuming Sylas is at 0 health, which is impossible_ If anything, the base healing should be higher so that at lower health, it gets closer to the 800 mark that the current healing gets him to. Maybe 12% or 14% at max rank. Obviously this is all just theory, so don't take all my words at face value. I just don't know what they are trying to achieve with the current changes. He started of as an AP Fighter Assassin, then moved a bit closer to an Anti-Mage that was a bit more like an AP Bruiser. Now he just seems to be a tanky AP assassin with bruiser-like healing on his W. It just seems all over he place.
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: > 60% of the enemy's ~~missing~~ bonus health Now , against a sett , any hp stacking is troll , i'm not saying "he will be broken" , he'll just will be "ult-the-tank-only" , that easily negates a whole class (*_being exaggerated_). I think With 20~25% max/bonus hp could be completely fine with a increased AD ratios.
Fixed the error If you are second pick, you can very easily pick Sett into a tank or a juggernaught. Tanks dont have very many other build options, so playing a tank is now detrimental to your team if you have an Enemy Sett. I agree with lowering the health scaling, but maybe raising the base damage a little to compensate.
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: you are not asking for changes, you are asking for a big nerf,lowering everything give me the chance to vote "nothing"
Unfortunately I can't really now. I'm not saying to lower EVERYTHING. There are just some overtuned aspects of the kit, and I'm asking which should be considered first. If we change or nerf one thing, and it makes the kit balanced, we can leave it as is. No need to go overboard and nerf EVERYTHING
: Aphelios PBE Thread
I made an entire thread about Aphelios [Here]( However, I guess I can summarize what i said. I feel like you need to indicate which gun is also in his off hand, not just his main hand. This way you can clearly see what combo he is trying to use. I feel like **Severum's** Healing is a bit too potent, at least early game. Perhaps have it be a tiny bit weaker early game while keeping the late game strength. Whenever he hits you with an off-hand ability, it doesn't consume the ammo of the off-hand gun. This could lead to some wacky interactions where you constantly leave a certain gun in your off hand without using the active just to permanently keep the passive. i feel like the ammo should drain depending on the amount of times it's used (for instance, if you have **Infernum** with **Severum **as your off-hand, and you hit 3 enemies with the active, it would use up 1 **Severum **ammo for every enemy hit.). Some individual abilities seem way too strong, mostly **Severum's** onslaught and **Crescendum's** Turrets with certain off-hands. They might just need their numbers slightly nerfed.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Swain
I think we need to make the gold really pop on all the blues. A nice bright gold with those deep blues would be amazing.
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: Aurelion sol PBE changes my thoughts
**How I feel about this boi right here.** The main issue I have with the current Aurelion Sol {{champion:136}} changes is his new W. I believe that Aurelion being a kite mage was what made him unique, and his stars were a huge part of his identity. Having his W up during late game team fights gave excellent zoning and damage, while being able to use his ult and Q to stay safe. With such a low cooldown at max rank and with CDR (1.2 seconds while testing) it might as well be constant rather than having to spam it. It feels a lot less satisfying than the older version of the W. Perhaps having a mix of both W versions would be good, where the initial cast costs a lot of mana and increases the speed of the starts, but once the speed decays it becomes constant like the older W. This way in lane you have a good poking tool by double tapping W, and a more sustain damage tool for longer trades. I'm also sad that his E no longer grants movement speed while moving. It helped you get back in lane, but It also helped you kite very well if you're smart with it. Having the movement speed on the W feels very strange, especially when it's only while deactivating. Using the passive speed from his E helped you a lot in a lot of situations. His E,Q combo was his main form of engage, so I like the change where the galaxy matches your speed for ease of use for engage. I also like the increased range and movement speed at later levels. Perhaps the passive speed from his E can be brought back, but have it scale with level as well. His ult looks about the same, so since its his main disengage (or long range skillshot for a kill) it seems pretty good for now.


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