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: This is normal. Riot has to manually enable the skins in store, and that takes a small while after maintenance is done. This happens every cycle with practically every skin.
Oh okay, didn't know this one, thank you! I think a lot of people just need to be able to connect still.
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: Mord skin passive~ Update~ This is happening on Mord's Fire skin. :)
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: Client Freeze
Also as you can see, I have someone in my FL who's name is highly racist and extremely offensive. I have reported them but nothing has come of it. Until then I have them there so I can continue to report them until action is taken.
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: We are unable to log you in because you may be offline
I am experiencing this issue for the first time as of now.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sand Wraith Pyke, Dark Waters Diana, and Dark Waters Vladimir
So not to do with the skins, but Pyke doesn't jump to his ult point. He stands in place and the ult still goes off. Noticed it without using a skin. Couldn't find his feedback thread and he isn't implemented in bug reporting yet.
How do you even get the boarders tho. They don't tell us that. {{item:3070}}
: Just give us urf again.
P-sure I did say a statement about testing it. It's too hard at the moment.
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
Could we try adding sparkling particles to the heart of her e? Also I feel that the 3 colors (Assumed blue, green, and yellow.) around the pet and her W could be more distinct from each other. Other than that, as a player who started because of Ahri, this is a damn good skin.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Dancing on the crab skin (only one I looked at) Doesn't loop like everyone else's dances.
: TY for letting us know! It's unfortunate, but flashing will pull his shadow hair like that every time :< And I let the character artist know about the second screenshot. Some of the hair model is erased to match the hair particles better. When character inking is on, it outlines the whole character breaking that transition. We will soon be removing character inking on him so you won't see that weird outline :D
Oh no problem! It was my pleasure. I also noticed something that is just eye annoying. If you are dead, and can transform, over your characters icon it won't show the death time, of course because the transform is blocking it. Anything they can do with that or will we have to just hit tab?
: Kayn Bug Reports Not entirely sure if this visual is intended, hair particles get left behind for a split second when flashing. No other bugs found yet from me. Found another visual bug with Shadow Assassin forms hair. It's with the shadow part of his hair, you have to look closely but it doesn't seem to fit the model properly.
: I played with you before a few times, everytime you had around 30 cs at 15 min and kept afking. People don't like when someone plays badly and ruins their game, even on PBE. So you can understand why people are mad at you?
I have left the game multiple times. After being insulted and put down by my teams.
: I can recommend the PBE discord? It has a pretty cool community and you can organise premade games.
That would be fantastic.
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: Random Disconnects [MAJOR Issue] [Megathread]
Happening to me. Hit 2k MS last game, after champion select it refused to let me connect. The disconnects and MS rising is completely random as the game before went perfectly smooth. This has been a major connection issue on-going for 2+ days now.. and we have no news about it getting fixed?
: Okay for starters why does her gun only upgrade one time ... Seems like it should have upgraded for each level of R you put into it. Or change colors more menacing or something ... Instead it upgrades only once and even then just because it turns red its like why is there no energy pulsating from a pulse rifle ? Don't get me wrong I like the skin but it could have been improved and polished a bit better in these regards. The blue hair I am okay with soo far. Maybe a lighter hue would do but I am not sure if it would make it worse or better. The traps look different but do not do anything different. Little Devil Teemo's traps actually change when hitting an enemy, caits is the same ol same ol. Ultimate looks cool but its just a simple overlay to make it seem cool. It needs .... something else I cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe some special effect when you kill an enemy with it ? to give it more appeal right now its just plain as a normal cait skin. The gun change here is great tho. Q was fantastic no complaints there. Riding the bike if you have passive up - I am assuming this is possible. the bike should be red instead of blue. Bike also doesn't upgrade or change when the gun is upgraded. taunts or dance etc Taunt was okay Dance hologram again okay no complaints. Death animation was fine. back animation was okay but im unsure if shes going to worlds in the lore of league of legends ? or is it just random. woulda been cool if it was like shurima > void > bilgewater > demacia or something of the sort. Her look I agree it looks off ... The part cowgirl thing is just odd also the brown on her shoulders tho im not entirely sure if i dont like it i dont have an alternative to compare it to. The back of her jacket brown color fits to me with the blue stripe on it. But the shoulder parts or the parts that are lighter brown on her front just strike me as odd. I do understand that usually the inside of a jacket like that is a brighter color so it makes sense to me in that way. Gun sound to me also doesnt sound very pulse like seems very normal gun like sounds again this is something I would need a comparison to to say yea this one sounds better. Other than that I believe the skin is fine. I have no other real feedback. Also please dont take my feedback as harsh @KateyKhaos I am just being honest with you and telling you how I feel incase adjustments could be made to the skin before release. Seeing any of the above changes would be awesome.
Keep in mind this is for a Legendary skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Caitlyn!
There seems to be no animation on her E yet unless the net is supposed to shoot out the side of her gun? Also I noticed a very split second error on her recall where she will pop back up again for a split second before hitting base.
: I Know Why the New Pulsefire Ezreal AA Feels wrong...
Looked at it myself and it does look off if you really pay attention to it.
: Nidalee Pounce Range Lowered?
Looks like on the PBE they fixed the range to match the jump indicator.
: Yes I saw what I wrote ... you didn't ... I clearly stated skillshot -> second cast -> targeted It's a cleaner use case then relying on the auto attack.
If you have troubles auto'ing something we can't help you.
: Zac Q Feedback
A tank with a point and click cc of 2 people? .... Do you even see what you wrote lmao..
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
So I watched SkinSpotlight's video on Dark Star Orianna and I am disappointed.. Her w and e hardly match the vfx for a Dark Star skin. Her q looks alright, but could still be improved. However I really hope there is changes going to her w and e vfx.
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: Rakan's Q feels underwhelming
With the rest of his kit his Q being a big 2 person heal is enough.
: Can we have ranked back?
Let's not give PBE players of all people ranked.
: New icons are rarely ever available on PBE. Unless they have additional features, like URF Kills, they don't need to be tested.
Then what's with the blood moon icons, the Lee icons, the astronaut icons.
: GA is BROKEN now. So far any AD champ is basicly taking it first item.
If an ad is rushing GA they get no ad... They won't do any damage so you would just focus elswhere like the support or picks off other lanes..
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