: From what I can find, self-shields being able to proc ardent censer is either a bug or undocumented change. I'm not entirely sure self-heals should be allowed to proc ardent censer, but the tooltip definetly should make the interaction clear.
I don't know if it should be allowed or not, I'm just stating an inconsistency.
: Nope. The only reason it works(/ed) for Diana is because she provided a boost of sorts for her allies, which *then* also procced Ardent on them and herself as a result. You gotta keep in mind this item is meant for supports, so it’s supposed to stimulate you helping your teammates, not yourself. Source: support main. For example Nami W or Janna E on yourself procs no Ardent either.
Diana's shield doesn't do anything to allies, udyr's neither. And by the way, janna's shield on herself procs the ardent censer (but nami's heal not), I just tested. There are several inconsistencies with ardent censer's buff, and I listed one. I never asked it to be a feature for xin.
: Ardent Censer only activates when healing or shielding **allies**. When it does so, it gives both you and the target the attack speed and on-hit damage, but you can only trigger it by healing or shielding someone else.
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: Sylas Bug Thread
Don't ult an ennemy dummy in training mode with Sylas, you won't get your ult back. Dying don't fix it, neither does wiping the dummies.
: Haha, start Tweeting those Skins team peeps! They're always down to hear skin suggestions!
Oh, I don't know any skin rioter, you have any @ ?
: Evil Santa Sion sounds pretty dope
I hope the skin team will like it too or think of it by itself ! :)
: Glad you like them! About the white and blue one, I can see what you mean--we took a bit more inspiration from western style machinery this time around for them, but I can certainly see a white / blue / red (primary / secondary / tertiary) palette could work too! I think it would just end up as a different style completely, not that that's a bad thing at all; I feel as though the current blue is more of an icy blue themed Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely pass it along
As long as there is a evil Santa Sion skin someday, I can forget about the Gundam Sion :P
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Zero Sion!
Damn, I just got all Sion skins and now I must take chromas :'( They all look great, but I just have something that bothers me about the white and blue one, which is that with a little bit of red instead of turquoise (which looks weird for me, I don't know for people out here) it would look like this gundam from gundam seed (not same body type I know, but making this chroma a reference to gundam kind of anime could be cool, battlecast vs meca. Viktor being the enhanced GMO transhumanist kind, and heimer the "natural") https://imgur.com/a/9iiWPo4 Keep up the good work!
: lux and zyra bot also suck, and shaco can freeze fizz with W under him turret if is scared by box and hited. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} (sorry for bad english)
Don't forget that when Rammus uses his Q, he stays still until it goes off. You have a beyblade standing in front of you, harmless but beautiful spiky thing.
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: I have found more toxic people in the PBE that on the live server.
I unfortunately have to agree with you. I once wrote on the public chat to find someone to test a bug, all I go was insults xD
: Someone got a Mystery Gift from Riot?
: Ivern Bug Report Thread
I experienced a bug, when cleaning a red buff, While going to where the candy (the ally buff after cleaning the camp) stands, and staying there, Ivern keeps running on his spot, but fast like he has homeguard. The bug has a 100% reproduction rate. It might just be a collision bug. How-to : 1/ have a Ivern in your team. 2/Get your Ivern at least level 5 3/ make your ivern take the red or blue 4/make the IVern go where the IVern passive ping (on the candy when you play with the skin) 5/Enjoy the Usain Bolt animation {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: jarvan E and thresh lantern wierd interaction
I guess it's intended. you can tp on the flag, I think lee sin can dash on it too (he can on teemo's shrooms).
: Poppy Ult Bug
What do you mean by weird ?
: It has total AD because it's an AA reset. Poppy's Q is cast between AAs. She also has 12% max hp dmg, and +200 base damage. It's also on nearly half the cooldown.
And Garen has his ult, and his passive in true damages too which deals more than 12% when well used. I could also talk about Renekton, Darius, and all the bruisers. Their kits got a lot more damages than Poppy unfortunately. The new poppy is fun to play, but she's definitely not a champion you build with ad items. Maybe a black cleaver for the armor pen to have good %HP dmg dealt, but that's all. When you talk about ratios, poppy is garbage now. But she has quite good base damage for early/mid game, espacially in jungle.
: [Poppy] Flash Q is in opposite direction. Hydra passive activates on ranged attack.
I guess the hydra passive is intended, like for GP's Q. But nicely done for the flashed Q.
: She probably has even better ratios than Garen... it's just that she needs a wall to hit with them because otherwise you lose on half your E damage and half your Q damage. And I'm completely with you about being salty that they chose to make her not only a tank, but a mediocre tank.
Dude, you know that Garen's Q ratio is more than 1 total ad ? All new poppy ratios are bonus ad ratios (except one AP ratio when you cancel a dash with your W... ), and all are less than 1. For now I see her like a tank that is only good to steal dragons and nash with ult...
: [Video of said bug for those interested in seeing it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gF8QVUGlsg) Happens when she is below 40% and the second part of her W procs.
It happens even without using the W.
: Show Keystone Mastery in Spectator mode
It's a great idea. Unfortunately, it's not here that you should post this. Try in NA/EUW board, there's a board for new features proposal.
: Hey Havana Club! Thanks for the input! I've actually been working on a skating animation which hopefully feels better. It should go onto the PBE shortly. It's drastically different and may not end up being used b/c it might be too far from Bard's base walk animation; we'll have to see how the community feels about it. If you have any other thoughts on the updated one when it comes out, definitely tell us about it. It's been tricky trying to get Bard, with his physique, to look like he's skating on grass XD The acrobatic ice skating spin from a chime idea is wonderful [we even thought of doing it too at one point] but given time my timeline and focus on the recall/updating meeps/emotes + new run cycles, I had to pick and choose which ones to prioritize. Would've been fun though!
Zombie Brand has some footprints behind him. Why not make Bard have some ice behing him that fades ? And the pengus are at the limit of the ice, that's why they're jumping. =) it would make the skating more obvious
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Bard!
Hi. I haven't found any bug yet, but in my opinion, the way Bard moves with this skins (I know he's ice skating), makes me feel like a weird walking animation, like if his feet were under the ground and we don't see them. Maybe a little tweak to how he throws his legs may make it more ice-skatting trolling ? And why not an acrobatic ice skating animation when he gets the speed-up from chimes ? :D Anyway, good job on the skin, the best snowdown skin this season :)
: Did you have the blue buff on? it gives ap now
I tried agains, and with blue I was up to 115 ap with only blue buff and abyssal. With full tanky runes/masteries.
: Did you have the blue buff on? it gives ap now
No. And does the blue buff give ap per champion kill and big monster kill ?
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: YES! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! I have this problem for ages; usually only happens on the 1st game of the client - so I usually just do a custom, since the wait is so long the game starts without me. But it would be helpful if it got fixed.
I ususally got disconnected from the first game too, but it stil does it for the next ones, I always am flamed at the start of the games for the loading time... But yeah, when I do a coop game, I get connected at approximately 5 minutes of game...
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: there is only one pbe server but my NA account has the same name
I wanted to know where you live because I live in Europe, so we don't wake up and go to sleep at the same time, right now it's 23:00 in my place. I'll have to connect late then.
: there is only one pbe server but my NA account has the same name
I was talking about the hour, because if I connect before noon, you'll be asleep since I'm in EUW :P I'll connect late then.
: 1) Tentacle damage is the Q damage and for whatever reason is in the E tooltip, but yeah it should be in the passive 2) i believe each does full damage but this should be tested 3) this would be very bad for her as it would serve no other purpose than giving an exact time stamp of when she left the area 4) there is no maybe about this, it NEEDS to happen and there is no reason why it shouldn't 5) items should be yes, as souls have the same HP and resistances as the original, panth passive is a maybe for all the good it will do. if you want to test 2 and 5 in a custom send me a friend request
Thanks for your answers :) Well, for the 4 there is always Sejuani's E that is in blind spot, I always thought it should be like Twitch's E, but it never happened :'( I'll add you tomorrow. Are you in NA or EU (for the hour I should connect) ?
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Something that could help a lot would be some more data in the passive tooltip : 1. The damages of the tentacle when you use W. 2. Does the damages of tentacle stack or it's like azir's soldiers ? 3. Maybe have a "lifetime bar" to know when a tentacle is going to dissapear (like for Heimerdinger's turrets going off). 4. maybe an indicator of tentacle range so you can know which tentacle gonna attack when you W 5. Does the spirit have the same faculties/items than the champion (For example, pantheons ignoring one autohit, thornmail, etc...) I haven't tested it a lot, so that's the only things I thought of.
: Hi PBErs! Here are instructions to send us information that will help us identify the problem. We're stoked to have a kick ass community willing to help us squash bugs and polish the new champ select into an awesome experience! To get your client log: 1. Open windows explorer to browse files on your system 2. Open your PBE League install directory (example C:\Riot Games\League of Legends PBE) 3. inside that folder, browse to RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\logs NOTE: the version number changes with each patch. if this doesn't work, look in releases folder for the latest version and go from there 4. highlight all files in the folder 5. right click, hover over 'send to', click Compressed (zipped) folder 6. attach zip file as attachment in email To get your DxDiag.txt file (provides us with system specs): 1. Press and hold your Windows key, then the R key. 2. The Run dialog will appear. Enter "dxdiag" and hit the enter key. 3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear. Click the "Save All Information..." button, which is second button on the right at the bottom of the window. 4. A save dialog will appear. Please save the DxDiag.txt file to a convenient location on your machine. Send the zipped log files and dxdiag.txt files to lyte [at] riotgames [dot] com Thanks so much!
: Kog`Maw boots of speed ¿bugs?
It's not understandable. Write in your natural language, someone may be able to translate.
: Some pros have used this on stream, so I assumed it wasn't a bug and was an intended feature.
For me it's an "easy bug exploit". Having vision in ennemy jungle should be risky. If this thing was intended, I guess Riot would have made the vision go in the jungle's red jungle, not ennemy blue jungle.
: New Account, don´t have any champions, and now i cant play :(
I had the same problem when I was new. I didn't read the topic for newcomers in PBE; Go to the root of the board, and all is explained.
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: If you're starting Talisman, don't start blue if possible. The additional mana regeneration that you need from Blue Buff is tremendously wasted on you.
Thanks for the advice. I tried with the recommended items (not time to read because of my low end computer, and I didn't intend to play jungle :D ). I guess I have to learn jungle again, too bad the server is overcrowded for solo customs xD
: i think theyre very close to breaking the line between focus, and steamroll buffs. im not saying it takes no skill to play adcs, but it sure as hell looks alot easier.
And just after I said this, they reverted the Zhonya nerf xD
: Could the new Graves be a top laner?
I've seen more top and jungle graves than adc graves. Without the help of my jungle, he would have wrecked me at top. I was playing Mundo.
: Hey Riot, Im a new PBE tester and i just downloaded the client and launcher. I havent even gone on to even play a game on this account because of the ridiculously long login ques. If the login ques are going to be obnoxiously long, at least let them display the ACTUAl approximate time left. Please fix this bug soon and what is the cause of these insanely long queues?
It's the usual new season rush. In European hours you don't have the login queue, but you have to wait a but in game queue because there are not a lot of people :p
: Iunno. The regen masteries are really strong
I had them : http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/57439049/2200220925?tab=builds I was helped at the frog by the botlane. I did : frog -> blue -> red, and I died :/
: How about chat in loading screen?
I like the idea, but I have a computer with a rotten apple on it, and it load sloooooowly. Like sometimes I don't even appear for the other before everyone is at 100%, but in game it's really smooth.
: That's exactly what spirit stone did, and what I said in the post.
Yeah, and at that time, tanky jungles where shit because they where the only one loosing life in the jungle :P Tanks lost damage in jungle with the new masteries, so with the current situation and your solution, they'll get handicaped :/
: Why do the tier two Jungle items give lifesteal but not spellvamp?
I felt quite dumb when dying at my red buff with Tahm Kench (I even smited it to regen some life) in my first jungle clear. Tanks are really feeling bad in this new jungle.
: > [{quoted}](name=Havana Club,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KMEIPe0V,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-31T23:15:45.067+0000) > > Don't forget that now the thornmail is useless since it got nerfed :P I am saying that thornmail needs to apply grevous wounds in some way
Great idea. I was just pointing the fact that with the nerf, even reducing regen could be not enough. When I play Draven , unless the tanky dude is a bruiser, I just laugh at him, taunting with my ctrl-6 while I rape him to death. Tanks are useless when an adc can regen more than a Mundo using his ult :/
: > [{quoted}](name=Pedromaster,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KMEIPe0V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-31T19:25:40.872+0000) > > Öhmmm you HAVE a very good option for a grievous wound item. The upgraded LW: Mortal reminder. and what is a tank suppose to do about an enemy who is healing like crazy off them? Tanks needs thornmail or some other item to counteract all of this BS lifesteal on the PBE.
Don't forget that now the thornmail is useless since it got nerfed :P
: Live and PBE client open simultaneously?
Buy a second pc. I don't see any other option.
: especially with the super streangth of adc's in the pbe, maybe give it an increase in armor atleast.
Armor item all got nerfed (except Dead man's plate and maybe Randuin's Omen who can be considered like a little buffed), I guess Riot wants a meta more focused on adc for season 6, that why you won't see a honya buff soon.
: Jinx feels bad with rocket gun nerf
Jinx is on live an adc that is an hypercarry late game AND had a strong laning phase (she only lacked escape). She was not the most picked adc for nothing.
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