: Thank you for your Yasuo feedback
Thank you for letting us have insight in the work process! :) Your Happy Elf Sticks {{champion:9}}
: Rune Pages and Mystery Champion come to PBE
While gifting I noticed during the first step (choose recipient) the conditions are: "Friends must be level 1 or above to receive an item gift, level 1 or above to receive an RP gift." 1. Is there a way to not be Level 1 or above? 2. This phrase looks pretty ugly :P as you repeat the condition although its the same for item gift and RP gift. You could say: "Friends must be level 1 or above to receive an item or RP gift." That is shorter and looks nicer. About the gifting itself: I'm not too sure why I would gift a random champion to anyone. For Skins it makes sense, because you could get a skin for a champ that you already own (so you wanted that champ at one point at least) and it may (or may not) be fun to play that champ again with a new skin. But just any random champion you get could be a champ you wanted or a champ you did not want or need at all. So I would appreciate if you could tell me your thought process behind doing this.
: Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!
Hello! :) I didn't have the time yet to play a showdown game, but i noticed a strange, **small interface bug**, when you want to choose the "game map" for the first time after logging in. I don't know all conditions when this bug appears, so if this happens to you too, please comment how you think it may work. This only happens if you are freshly logged in your client and haven't been in the game selection menu (the big play button)! After you press the play button and select "PvP", you may select one of the four "game modes". If you just select any "game mode", you will get a description of the mode without an approximate time how long a game will take. If you then select a "game map" it will give you the approx time as well (under the description). Now this is where some times a bug kicks in. After selecting the showdown and one of its "game map" (but **not** a "game type"), you get the approx time of one game. Now switch from showdown mode to ARAM and back again. Now the approx time will not be shown anymore (although a "game map" is selected). If you switch to Classic or Dominion now and then back it will be shown again. If you now switch back to ARAM and then showdown its gone again. So this will happen as long you did not select a "game type" for the showdown mode while switching. The same actually works with the ARAM mode, if you switch between ARAM and Showdown and did not select a "game type" for Showdown. Both approximate game length will not be shown under the description. But the moment you switch from one of these two (ARAM/Showdown) to one of the other two (Classic/Dominion) and back. It will be displayed again. Also the moment you select a "game type" for the Showdown this bug will not occur anymore. And because you can not unselect the "game type" after you did it once, this bug is not really visible to anyone. I think this happens because there are two "Game modes" which work with the Howling Abyss and if you switch between them, somehow the information about the approx game length is not displayed anymore for either of them. I'm sorry this is a bit vague and may not be such an important bug after all. I was not sure if I should report this or not. If it is hard to understand for you, I can also make a separate thread (with screenshots or a video and a better description). If its not important after all, pls tell me and I can focus on something different ;). I will try to get a better understanding how it works and when it happens. Greetings from your Happy Elf Sticks {{champion:9}} **EDIT**: Now I understand how the mechanic of how the bug works (but ofc not why it is like that xD) and I updated this post. Its still hard to describe it and the importance of this bug is very questionable as it does not really affect your game experience in any way ;) feel free to comment.
: **UPDATE 2: Due to issues, all players listed are leveled back up to 30, until testing on Summoner's Rift can resume.** UPDATE: Please reply directly to THIS POST (to me!) if you'd like your account leveled down. I've removed a bunch of the requests to try to clean up the thread a bit. The current list of level 1 testers I've taken care of already is below. Ctrl-F yourself to confirm whether you're on this list or not! *Deaf lee Sin, brunoais, Voilak, Sohleks, instinx1, Syta, Sundried Tomato, Combo Break, xSapphireRain, Flamesilocks, Miho Nishizumi , Rias Gremory Pls, Turrets Syndrome, Shufy, Jerry9, Naut├Člus, warjacob, Dicath, MrPotatoMinhja, many otters, PBEpaine, A PositivePlayer, gaoler, SteveKB, Kuneho, Mega Farfetchd, choel, broslow, RIP Paul Walker, sutoyanosuki, JuniorFisherman, GonnaGetYou2, Eevolution, Specter7, Lollerskates, Pwnography, Arkadian, xLegitz, Wolf Akela, Simburgur, Outfox, xonu, inveidah, moobeatrules, xrelentless, jafar ironclad, flyskyhigh777, good afternoon, noexcuseallow, sharky8u2, 1kr0m0vt, I like beer * When your account is leveled down, you'll notice some weird stuff. Your runes won't display any more (since you only have 1 slot available) BUT you'll still get the full in-game benefit of the runes. However, I think your masteries will not work at all until you level up again. On the live server, we won't level people down, so no need to freak out about this type of issue :)
I'd like to test it as well! :)

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