: Thoughts on the new gamemode?
The mode was kinda fun, allowed for some strange team comp but same picks/bans are going to go through once the word gets around. The other thing is, the pick and ban phase needs better/brighter colors so people realize they are picking for the enemy, many times we got disbanded because someone already had their champ and they didn't realize they still had to pick.
: Void gate
Actually, on the Poro King, it gives an advantage to the team not using it. We XP'ed so much faster and got so much gold from clearing it, it was downright unfair. And my kid was pissing himself laughing.
: Poros are NOT meant to be stopped by Teemo's shrooms. :)
I should have completed my original post by saying mine did. I was running after teemo and put down a shroom before resuming his run. I fired the poro and it hit the invisible mushroom.
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
Are the poros supposed to be stopped by Teemo's mushrooms? I'm assuming yes, but just putting it out there in case they are not.
: *UPDATED* TESTING WINDOWS: Season 2014 Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015 Summoner's Rift
As a bot laner, my concerns are for early game and leashing since now the buff spawns at 2:30. What is the best way to start the jungle as a team, now? And the other thing is the wraith in the river, I find that idea kinda silly, I don't know how to explain why, but I just don't like it. I feel like it only benefit the team ahead.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Morgana
I just played her and yeah, the skirt looks kinda bulky (I would reshape it). And she could use better contrast in her coloring to make her pop out a little better.
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
I really like that idea and the fact that it is available, but quite frankly, a "good job" or "well done" at the end of the game usually satisfies me plenty ;)
: Played Sion in a custom game earlier just to see how the new kit played, and I gotta say that I completely love it. Although it won't be as funny as just standing in the middle of the entire enemy team and life stealing your way to a penta with the live Sion ult, the way his kit is now provides a much more interactive way to play him. That being said I do have a couple of problems/possible bugs that I came across while playing the new kit. 1. On smart-cast, his Q won't go off sometimes. I'd say that about 20% of the time that I tried to Q, Sion just sat there in the middle of a minion wave. I made sure to keep an eye on the icon, and most of the time that this happened the ability had been off cooldown for about 1 second. 2. The shield seems a little weak to me, seeing as how a minion wave can take it down in a few seconds. Now I don't claim to know what is considered good or bad for a shield, but even late game when I had stacked health, the shield just seemed small. Maybe increase the cooldown by a couple seconds and give it a little more juice. Just a thought though. 3. I watched the ability preview after I played and saw that Sion's new ult is supposed to do damage to minions. Not once when I used it did I do anything to minions, also I had bought Boots of Mobility and the passive on them stayed the whole way through, as if minions had just ignored me the entire time. 4. There needs to be a refund mechanic for his ult. If you hit a wall of stop his ult before a certain time into it, it should have a slightly reduced cooldown. (Admittedly, It took me a few tries to get the ult down, as I kept smacking into the turrets on accident and then wondering why I was just sitting there.) I'd love to hear opinions on what I found, as I know that I am far from an expert when it comes to balancing a champion, especially when it comes to basically releasing a new one as they have with Sion. {{champion:14}} "Don't be a Bonehead"
I smart cast everything. I had no issues except a couple of times the enemy Darius wasn't knocked up despite my Q being channeled all the way through. I'm kinda scratching my head about the long casting time, it seems like a easy to dodge ability unless you go with the shorter version. The shield is ok, I'm wondering if top lane should be leveling up that one since it feels like the easiest and most reliable source of damage. The E is kinda blah, I believe you need to hit it at close range and then channel your Q to get anything good going, but even then, I feel like his early game can be rather weak. I tried his ult every time it was up and I still have no clue what it does or how to use it (It's cast display was buggy too, showing up a a blueish, oblong shaped, area). And his passive takes a few tries to get used to, but it does decay very fast. First impression is, I have hard time seeing the correlation between his new skills and how they may work together. I would need to try him again with a different set up and approach. But right now, I'm not crazy about his kit at all, especially the Q.
: Thanks, will look into it.
I did a custom on the new SR with no major issues besides the fact Sion wasn't making any sounds. Second game was a Co-op and we had a Sion jungle. He was level 3 and about to start wolves when the game crashed.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
Not sure if it was mentioned but I see a lot of people complaining about hitting the snare on E. I believe it is to be used in conjunction with her Q. If you can combo an enemy ADC with E and Q, you pretty much disable him for a couple of seconds while dealing a good amount of damage. The silence prevents him from dodging your Q and the slow will land you the snare.
: New SR not working
I have had that issue since yesterday. But some people are able to get in because my game from yesterday lists me as a "leave" but I got credited a win, so they were able to play it.


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