: I made a mockup of what Noxus Poppy's particles could look like to better fit the skin
: I want so badly to love the new Poppy, but...
Well, she is meant to be weaker, if you haven't chek it out yet, Poppy's primary role is now a tank, and secondary is a fighter. I used to main Poppy back in S3, and ended up having fun as a support. The new kit is more overall utility and helps with peeling, I believe new Poppy is now more viable as a support since her ult deals next to nothing damage. Q and E are now good for peeling too. Like I said, this new poppy seems more of a support right now. That ult is excellent, probably the best support peel ult ever created specially with all those 4 man ganks.
: Illoai's tentacles should be harder for ranged champions to take. (3 or 4 hits, like teemo shrooms)
I agree on this, I was expecting to see people pick more Caitlyn toplane now due this champion and Ryze as well since being melee against ranged champions makes her laning phase impossible. If the other lanes are failing there is no chance for a gank and her potential is lost.
: Bard Chimes
Yeah, this is a big issue, it is already hard to collect chimes as it is. A fix would help a lot.
: Riot seems intent not to flat out nerf Ekko.
I went AP Bard vs Ekko. We killed each other at minute 20. I had like 50 chimes. So if Ekko is broken, Bard is beyond broken?
: Ekko nerf
Man. I just went as AP Bard and I killed Ekko. This should make you think about it a bit more detailed. We both were at our full health and he even landed his stun on me. He killed me, but when Bard kills under 20 minutes. No turret, no champions around, no minions. It was one on one.
: Ekko Ult with Bard's Magical Journey
Well, Bard's Journey is affected by all sort of skills. For an example. IF I were in the tunnel and there was Veigar's stun. It takes me out, same with Blitz/Thresh's Q. Other stuns and for the matter CC seems to pull you out of his Journey.
: Passive - deals damage + bonus MS for champions Q - deals the same damage Ahri's Q deals yet he's a fighter and puts his passive on opponents, 1 to 2 times out of 3 W - shields him for a lot, stuns enemies if in the W, and has a passive that defeats tanks E - insta transport to nearby enemy with bonus damage R - free ultimate, deals damage to small area, heals no matter what, heals also for some of the damage I don't want another Bard champion (I love Bard by the way) but I don't want him to be this OP. Tone down that passive damage, tone down that Q damage, tone down that W passive and I'll live with the rest.
Bard is OP btw, just people haven't figured out how to play him. He's so broken once you do. Sorry, that passive that defeat tanks is a lie. I build Morde tanky and still I managed to kill him, and to land that one is pretty easy to dodge. His insta teleport works against him agains tanks. His stun takes time to land, his Q is easy to dodge. Ekko's burst damage is less than LB's and Zed's and they have higher mobility. With the right build they can burst tanks down to half HP and sometimes even kill them. His ultimate is similar to Malphite's except you know when is going to land which is way more impressive. Ekko is countered by strategy, not with a champion. This will make Ekko quite weak once you get around his kit. If you are going midlane, get some boots first and there. No need to worry. Also, Ekko is less OP than Bard right now.
: Sigh.... Passive - single target 70% ap. Since his W does no damage you can think of this as an ability. It's a Diana passive BUT guess what. It is not aoe and ekko doesn't have as much burst as diana. His Q has a 80% ratio. 20% first stage and 60% on the way back. for a delay skill shot abiity, it is weak. Look at cho's Q, highest base damage and 100% ap and stuns and slows, veigar W easier to hit that cho and has 100% ap ratio. it is very easy to dodge and it requires a some thought to his as ekko. W - 3 second delay, unless enemy team is stupid/cced down for 3 seconds it is useless. Yes bronze elos is going to cry but guess what, you can always ban him. The finisher is a nice addition the helps last hitting and adds counterplay for champs that have strong low hp healing like atrox and voliebear. Also, without it, due to his cappy ratio, wouldn't be able to kill anyone. E - does 20% ap aka no damage at all, fizz Q does 30%. Since it brings utility it is good ratio but not op at all. You guys are hating on the unknown. All the dmg from E comes from Lichbane , ludens, or from passive( if you have 2 stacks) and was passive if below 30% hp. R - again, same as W. it is very hard to use offensively and it mostly thought of as a escape mechanism. But rewards you with being smart and using it offensively with nice nuke at the cost of giving away your only escape. He is strong, LIKE ALMOST EVERY CHAMP, and has A LOT of counterplay which can't be said the same about a bunch of other champs. HOW TO COUNTER EKKO : 1- dodge q, you won't be slowed and ekko will have to auto 2 times + E in order to pop passive. Effectively negating his burst completely land becomes easily kiteable. Examples of champs that can do this with ease: vayne , fizz, ahri, zed, talon. 2- ekko can't ult while under cc. Any hard cc will shut him stupidly fast. 3- is very item dependant. shut him early and it's unlikely he will come back. 4- poke champs will demolish him. Specially his ult heal. The heal is based on amount of damage taken over the last 4 seconds meaning that it will be very low if slowly poked down, he doesn't have any sustain to counter this. 5- long range champs will also destroy him overall because his gap closer is not that long and he will be poked down. Lux, ziggs and nidalee. 6- he has to get close in order to do dmg, there are many champions that do this better than him. Darius, shyvana, trundle, khazix (isolated), talon (dodges q or uses ult defensively) 7- tanks or champs with sustain, due to the 3 second cooldown on passive, his dps is awful. unless ekko is ahead (which can be said for many champs) tanks should destroy ekko. Examples: warwick, zac, and maokai. 8- he is squishy. You can do the math. 9- he is all ap damage. 10- knowledge on the champs kit can severely destroy his potential. Enemy always knows if ekko has ult or not which it in itself is a huge disability for ekko. They know where he can ult escape to(similar to how you can camp zed shadow or leblanc return pad). as a champ, ekko is very predictable. If you see him cast his W there is a very good chance he will try and stay close to it in order to be able to receive shield/stun. 11- he is meele, therefore can be kited. 12- has high mana costs, even late game unless he builds mana items, ekko will not do well with extended trades. His ult doesn't give him his mana back. Pretty sure there are more that I have missed. Yes, he is strong, but has many weaknesses in order to combat that.
Yeah, his kit is actually slow and you just don't stand there and wait for Q to go back, you can dodge his stun as well. I don't see anything OP about him, Diana has more damage than him, LB can 100-0 and so can Zed. I've realized that if he goes top, there are two champions that will crush him, Quinn and Teemo, because of the blind and slow. There is also Pantheon that can counter him. Talon seems to be pretty good against him, another champion that he will struggle against will be Mordekaiser. I have no idea what is so OP, dodge skills, out damage him, and make him ult. Mobility? I believe Zed and LB has more mobility and way more damage than Ekko.
: Eko seems to be OP
Not sure about this. Seen some Ekko's doing that. And the strategy for Ekko would be the same as Malphite, never stick together. Spread, but the downside is that you know where this ult is gonna be, so much less scary than Malphite's. His out trade, well, not sure. I believe LB and Zed can 100-0, even if they are bad players. Currently I believe LB and Zed have bigger burst than Ekko. I'm a terrible LB and I beat him, I went Mordekaiser and I seem to outrade him even with his stun.
: "Ekko" AP scalings
I'm not sure. I keep wanting to play him but can't. So I went Morderkaiser and LB on him a couple of times. He doesn't seem that dangerous. I mean, LB has higher burst damage than Ekko. He even stunned me and I had 21/0/9 masteries and couldn't kill me, instead I did and I did this as LB, and I'm the worst LB from NA and EUNE. So that should be something. For Morde, he couldn't out trade me, and even with his mobility he couldn't escape me. I believe that high burst damage he has is because he is mostly a melee champion. In a way he seems like Fiora, but with more CC. I want to go Nautilus in lane against him to see how he does.
: Ekko nerf
I've been trying to play him, but those insta locks always gets me, but they never call mid so I do. So in return I get to face a lot of them. So far Zed counters him, LB, and I'm a really really bad LB, worst NA and EUNE LB and still can kill him. I tried Morde against him too, and Morde comes out Victorius. I think LB is harder to kill and she has way more burst than Ekko. Just saying.
: I agree with this, champions like Lee Sin, Vi or Jarvan IV, can just switch to this jungle enchantement if they need more HP, since any of them will eventually build some armor and magic resist (Sunfire cape/Randuin's omen, Spirit Visage/banshee's veil), so the four dominant jungler right now will probably benifit from this change more than tanks
I would say it should have a nice thing to it. Any Extra AP/AD should reduce the damage and health from this item. Since I like to build my tanks without any damage, just be CC users and such. Gotta avoid the other main junglers better than tanks. Vi can go tanky and with Trinity and other damage item and be superior to these tanks. There needs to some balance.
: Game crash (Mac user, no Bard in my game)
By any chance you had a Akali in your game, with the new skin?
: Client Keeps Crashing
It is more likely Akali's new skin, did you play with one in your team or enemy team. There is a bug with her causing clients to shut down.
: Health and mana bar missing
Been having this issue since I've been playing Nautilus and there was always an Akali in those games. Since she's been having some issues might be related, or not?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Headhunter Akali!
The headhunter skin is still crashing even without Rengar. I was Nautilus, my team had Akali, Syndra, Sivir and Kha'Zix. The enemy team had Shen, Akali, Maokai, Bard and Zed. Their Bard said he crashed at every chime. Might need to look into that. I did crash as well, everyone in both teams crashed.
: It was a combination of Rek'Sai and Akali. The issue has not been resolved yet, we're currently working on a fix.
Just had a game with Rek'Sai in the enemy team and Akali as well, my entire team kept DCing. The first DC was Azir who was laning against her, then top and then I, Nautilus. Then botlane. I noticed whenever I hovered over Akali this was shutting the client down.
: Although I agree with you, I think making the purchase of Tenacity a more meaningful decision is a step in the right direction for the game. But I also don't believe that Tenacity should be married to Mercury's Treads; if the enemy team is all AD with high CC, players aren't afforded the choice to itemize properly against them. Tenacity just seems like a stat better fit for enchants, health items, or niche offensive items.
Unless you are a slow and have no speed buff, which Either Swiftness or Mobility boots work great with Nautilus. I had 6% movement speed with runes and masteries. I had to get Merc Boots cause Olaf, Bard, and among others were putting slowing me and stunning me for so long that I just die at their massive CC. I think either tenacity or a speed buff would greatly help against teams with speed buffs or passives. Along with some CDR.
: Warwick's ult is not interrupted by stuns.
I noticed this a while ago. I did stunned him months ago as Taric when ulting and nothing happened. Actually, this one time I did knock him away and the ult kept going on a champion even though he wasn't there.

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