: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Pyke
There has been great and detailed feedback on this thread about this skin and all its aspects. I agree with most of the points here so I do not feel the need to repeat what other players have said. However one aspect that has not been discussed much is the icons and emote that are coming with the skin. Icons are important feature in LoL. With icons players can express themselves and their fondness off specific themes, lore, champions and even esport teams. Icons are only cosmetic that is visible in every match regardless of which champion you are currently playing. Icons are not only collectibles but ways to show your personality. Personally, I am really excited for these new icons and will use them for a long time after they ship to live. That is why I wanted to give some feedback on the new PROJECT: Pyke icons coming our way. In my mind there is only one big gripe with the icons and emote. There is apparent discrepancy between his appearance in the trailer/splash and the icons/emote. That difference is his left eye. In the trailer and splash art he has empty eye socket but in the icons he does not. Currently on the icons it looks like Pyke has closed his other eye or it has suffered some kind of wound. It does not look and feel like the Pyke we see in the trailer and splash. This is a small detail but really apparent on the icons that naturally only showcase his face. Empty eye socket really promotes PROJECT: Pykes lore. The polarity between the bright glowing eye and empty socket showcased his unstable character and served as a focal point in the trailer. Pyke is highly functioning killing machine but he is also insane and his code is incomplete. The polar opposites of the eyes really delivered this theme. Empty eye socket also helped hone in the idea that Pyke was discarded and that he built himself up again. Currently the icon feels like some kind of futuristic mercenary that has lost his eye. The contrast between the bright eye and the empty socket help portray him as the self-built lunatic that is out for revenge. Again I know this is a small detail, but in my mind that also makes it easier to change. I understand completely if there is some kind of censoring reason that I am not aware of. Currently it just seems that the artists working on the trailer and splash art had different direction on how to portray Pykes face than the artists working on icons/emote and the 3D model. Passionate players like me notice these details and we truly care. I love Pyke and I love this skin. I appreciate all the work that has gone to make this awesome skin and these accessories. I just want them to be the best they can be when they ship to live.


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