: Being honor 3 to join pbe is a bad decision !
I don't know about you guys but for me the toxicity on pbe was HORRENDOUS before this. The regular server is far less toxic in my opinion. I don't see how it could get worse.
: Kleptomancy rune feedback
It's really only good on supports and only on a few select champions such as Sona. Compare it to the old deathfire touch. It sucks on most champions and is insane on a few select champions such as Brand. Brand, for example, was just balanced around being completely broken with deathfire touch. Nerfing kleptomancy will just make it so fewer champions can get it then the already ridiculously low amount of champions that can get it right now. If it's too powerful on gangplank and sona which are the 2 primary abusers of the item they can just nerf those 2 champions slightly to compensate. Instead of just making it so only those 2 champions can pick it by nerfing kleptomancy.
I've had no problem using google translate to communicate with our new PBE brothers. Google translate seems to deal with Portuguese very well. I just got the google translate extension. It just translates the entire page for me. Don't see a problem with typing in their language. Portuguese Não tive nenhum problema em usar o google tradutor para se comunicar com nossos novos irmãos PBE. O Google translate parece lidar muito com o português. Acabei de receber a extensão do google tradutor. Apenas traduz a página inteira para mim. Não veja um problema com a digitação em seu idioma.
: Question regarding a permabanned account...
Sorta a worthless post without the chat logs, we have no idea how bad your toxicity was. Also, a common mistake people do when asking for unban is use other players action to justify their actions. I can assure you that this will only hurt your plea to be unbanned. You are responsible for your actions regardless of what someone else did to provoke it. This justification is FAAAAAR too common.
: When the base heal is above 20, it makes that argument pretty iffy. Windspeaker's bonus resistances are non-situational but in most cases you will be healing off what someone has done, not what they are in the middle of doing (i.e. Sona/Nami). Windspeaker's purely shines when you're hard-pressed and have extreme healers like Soraka who can do emergency healing. You're not only delaying the person's death but are increasing effective HP. But when it's numbers like 7 armor and 3.5 magic resistance at lv3, you will not be missing out on much if the lane isn't so aggressive. As I said already though, BoS has high impact in the lane phase and then falls off. If you have a passive long range ADC like Caitlyn, then ANY CC works. You will be able to capitalize on it quite often. Meditation is a common mastery taken on mage supports these days, so they will not be suddenly lacking MP to spam their skills out. Tanks instead will have it scale but champions like Braum majorly need to rely on an ultimate to even make the most use out of it in a fight. His CC is single-target which creates most of the flaws for other tanks in a similar position. Trundle and Sion are not bound by that issue. For any Thresh that isn't going to necessarily dedicate themselves to engaging, BoS will prove more effective since you're going to be pushing whoever you catch slightly in the direction of your carry. It lasts 4 seconds, plenty of time to disengage while your ADC kites back. If they focus down Thresh instead, his base stats will ensure that he is punished for it. Does it make the keystone useless? No, but it makes it situational which can be handled on a matchup basis. Best example being vs. something like Zyra where she can melt your team's HP and don't really have a chance to recover due to having no healers. That's one situation where you are choosing the mastery specifically to scale and prevent deaths. Not to mention his ult is not hard CC and keeps BoS going for lv6 fights which ALWAYS happen. Very slim skirmishes where everyone gets to low health is also pretty evidently where BoS can shine. But the mage supports can ALL apply that without a risk in range. That's an advantage they've been keeping for the majority of this season so far. I hope you realize also that Riot intended this mastery to also be used by Leona, who literally has no reason to be taking this mastery at all. As some Youtubers have mentioned, this keystone tends to shine better for peeling. Who else is good at peeling? THE CURRENT MAGE SUPPORTS. Better than tanks at that. If it is strong on mages at all, they will need to tune it in some way, which I am heavily suspecting.
Small nitpick that I can't get over. You say mage supports take meditation then suggest that tanks will not have such luxury. Every support ever takes this mastery. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single support that goes something else more than 10% of the time unless you're talking about a very niche Shen support. I miss old Shen support *cries* maybe that's why I like this mastery.
: Legend Of The Porn King doesn`t let you buy poro snax
The porn king gives other kinds of snacks... Creamy twinkies for example.
: Bond of Stone feedback.
I heavily disagree with this post. I find the idea that even a single user of Windspeakers will switch to this keystone laughable. ALL users of that keystone are ranged which is half the heal, the only health they reliably get is from Sightstone and Redemption. 300 health from redemption 150 from normal Sightstone. A whopping 5.625 extra heal and then that goes up to 10 total extra heal when you upgrade Sightstone later in the game. This is a pathetic increase to the already low base hp of most Windspeaker users combined with half the heal effect will in no way make Bond of Stones useful on utility supports. The increase of resistances on allies combined with the extra heal/shield on yourself and your allies makes Windspeakers far too valuable to replaced. Courage will only be replaced on a very select few of courage users such as Sion and Braum. These users have inconsistent hard cc so it's no wonder that they would switch and in this case Sion is the only one who reliably takes courage. Taric with one of the most reliable hard cc will for sure not switch as you suggested. I'm sorry but thresh taking his mastery is also very laughable. Even in your posts you suggest a whopping 2 champions that would take bond of stones that currently take courage ignoring thresh. Sion and Taric. Taric having a very reliable stun making courage very good on him, combine that with the fact that that e stun is his only cc means that you can only have bond of stones on the enemy for a very short time. In my opinion, a whopping 1 support that reliably takes courage every game will switch to Bond of Stones. That being Sion, all users of the old bond of stones will obviously switch to this, trundle being the biggest abuser of this new mastery. In all cases every user of the old bond of stones was severely affected by the release of courage and most are in a very bad spot right now. An example of this is when on the patch before courage trundle had a 20% playrate in plat+. The second courage got released the play rate was so low it wasn't even shown. I have no data for this as I don't think you can look back in time on champion.gg. Bond of stones is a very needed mastery for the tank supports without hard cc and it is not overpowered. The old bond of stones was just garbage in comparison.
: 3-4 years of PBE, and just removed from service.
My pbe account is pretty old and I've gone inactive for months even a year at a time once and I'm always surprised my account hasn't gotten removed because of that. Kinda weird that my account gets to stay after a year of no games what so ever(not even a log in) but yours does get deleted. Kinda bs.
: I found that early game the shield buff does increase his resilience by some degree, but it really begins to fall off late game. The inclusion of the AP scaling does introduce some interesting builds, such as giving urgot a Frostborn Gauntlet, or, if one is feeling adventurous, an Archangel staff, but it doesn't really do much for the Urgot that many players are familiar with. Might I suggest increasing the mana percentage per ability level, but removing the AP scaling? So Level 1- 5% Level 2 - 10% Level 3 - 15% Level 4 - 20% Level 5 - 25%
> [{quoted}](name=CthuluIsSpy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=MtAmzxFw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-28T16:08:35.232+0000) > > I found that early game the shield buff does increase his resilience by some degree, but it really begins to fall off late game. > The inclusion of the AP scaling does introduce some interesting builds, such as giving urgot a Frostborn Gauntlet, or, if one is feeling adventurous, an Archangel staff, but it doesn't really do much for the Urgot that many players are familiar with. > > Might I suggest increasing the mana percentage per ability level, but removing the AP scaling? > So Level 1- 5% > Level 2 - 10% > Level 3 - 15% > Level 4 - 20% > Level 5 - 25% I like that idea but 25% mana scaling is op as hell but I know what your saying and I think that is a great way but riot might have some problems with scaling mana shield on urgot because he is a lane bully who is a terror to face who half healths you at level 3 with 1 e, q q q combo if he can land his e of course. Giving a shield that is that massive would make him too strong. I would suggest 15% at level 5 maybe less. level 18 with a fully stacked muramana and frozen heart would make bonus shield of 662 if it was 25% which is insane.
: The thing is, this buff to the E DID buff his ult as well. As a long-time Zac player, I eventually came to the conclusion that having a longer E stunn would be the best way to buff him. By doing this, Zac is able to stunn then walk in position to ult the stunned target back into your team. In other words, it would work like Alistar's Q->E combo. However, one buff still remains unacheaved in this era of chargeable AOE smites. Please Riot. No more smiteable passives. I BEG YOU!!!
O yeah I forgot about that. I'm fine with it being smiteable but it's obvious now that trailblazer is going to me the main item for most junglers and you can kill all of zac's blobs once they gather close enough with one smite. That should not be acceptable by any means.
: I want to vote no because I hate getting RWed by Kassadin, but the void boy is not even a contest to fight anymore, at least for me. I don't know if the people playing him are doing it poorly....or if this nerf has really wrecked him, but....yah.
This is one of the biggest nerfs in league history and it's being not overreacted by any means. It did wreck him. They nerfed him like what 6 times before they just gave up and basicly deleted him from the game. I guarantee you he will not see lcs play unless they do something drastic.
: Regarding Cho'Gaths Classic TU
Just get more stacks and they'll become bigger! :D
: About The Zac-Changes
His ult is for the knockup and cc not for the damage as you should never be sitting on the same person with your ult so the further you knock them back the better as you can use it to displace members away from their team for easy clean up which is the job of most tanks, to lay the pavement for his team to clean up. Just a nitpick I had to comment on... Anways, I don't think the ult is his problem and I think this might honestly bring zac back because I don't think hes that weak (Probabbly not lcs level but still) as a .5 second increase in cc is nothing to ignore even if it's on his least reliable cc in his kit it's still a nice buff and it's headed in the right direction and I think it's enough but others might disagree and thats fine. Also, if you look at the new jungle item you will see why I think hes fine now. Big buff to health stacking junglers and I love riot for doing this :D. My abosolute favorite change of the day. Tank junglers viable again maybe?
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: You have problems. Hes like close to the weakest champion spot in the game LOL
Agreed, His good early laning doesn't make up for the fact that he has a useless passive and 2 useless abilites outside of the laning phase. His movequick and his ult are completely useless in team fights and provide nothing good but the occasion kill because some idiot was walking through a bush when low health. Teemo's ult is the most win more ult in the game. It only works if your enemy's are morons and if their morons your already winning. Blinds are the worst form of cc bar none it only works on one enemy member most of the time and even when you blind them it doesn't last long and they can still cast spells/move around. Raw movement speed is only an reliable escape if you are tanky enough to survive the burst involved in not dashing and teemo won't survive a wind breeze. Every top laner has some type of gap closer and the meta right now is shifted towards top lane bruiser that are very dive heavy. Which are teemo's biggest counter so what you have is a champion with 2 horrible abilites and a shitty passive that only works against morons and a meta that is completely countering him. But feel free to keep playing teemo, Irelia loves those free kills. Teemo is just that champion that everyone agrees is shitty. Worst then urgot in my opinion. Urgot is a bigger lane bully and is actually useful late game.
: Aatrox solodragon at lvl 1
Not much point in doing it at level 1 it's very inefficent and takes far to long and isn't worth the risk involved and most of all by the time dragon spawns you will be level 2-3 so level 1 dragon is entirely for show and a jungler who can do dragon at level 1 is just as good as a jungler who can do dragon at level 3. It grants almost no xp so your going to afk for a few minutes at the start of the game go down to almost no hp with a huge risk of dragon being stolen and you dying very easily. All that risk to get 5 levels behide the entire team because like I said dragon provides no xp and has a delayed spawn. But you know that. After you did all that you only get around 3 attack damage from dragon and the jungle monsters are the level of the average level in the game so you're going to have a very rough time in the jungle as the monsters you will face will be 3x your level. Wait untill level 4-5 before you solo dragon or your being very stupid and reckless for almost no reward because the reward of giving everyone on your team 3 ad and 1 ap isn't worth having a useless jungler who can't gank untill 10 minutes in because their so far behide. Even if you disagree with me when I say the reward isn't worth the risk then thats fine but doing dragon at level 1 means you have to go afk at the start of the game instead of taking a camp so..... It's stupid even if you can do it at level 1 but it's also impossible.
: Well he need to be fed and for that there is a lot of counterplay to it. Bully him early, force him to burst through his mana, gank, destroy his stacks and so on. Simply said play well and ensure he doesn't go to that stage. Because the stacking mechanic here are the same as for Nasus only shorter and you can decrease his stacks like on a Mejai. As long as there is counterplay there is no need to nerf him. Moreover he usually built just lot of health from his kit and few resistances so just built brk or liandry that's allready a way to counterplay: built against him.
Cho'gath should never be stacking health as he already has a very high base health and does not scale from health the only health he should get is the health that already comes with resistances and Rod of Ages. Omen shouldn't even be your first choice in armor in my opinion because frozen heart is much better. Warmogs is only a last item choice and I think there are far better last item choices on him then that.
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
Whats the chance of getting any reward. Like 20% or something?
: new ap item available for testing soon!
Seems good on vladamir sense he can use it then invincible and still move around and while moving gain charges then use the item again for more damage, and also the fact that ap on Vladimir is very important.
: [The Crystal Scar] Staying at enemy fountain without getting hurt.
I tested it on the live servers it worked for me. Not the biggest bug but it should be fixed. I tried to do it a few times but everytime I did it I died instantly but if you ult inside the wall it's much easier. Also, I think you meant thresh and not blitz as blitzcrank has no way to travel that distance. Also, I wonder if you get a few champions that heal and 1 mundo with 6 health items can travel there.
: What is the point to the additional nerf on Chilling Smite?
Chilling smite in my opinion needed a slight nerf the only time people pick up trailblazer is in the first 5 minutes and then they sell it for chilling smite no mater what champion they are. No other smite is even considered so it just kinda ruins the whole devisity thing there going on about. Poachers knife needs a big buff. It's horrible.
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