: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
From a Kit perspective, the changes are huge. From a gameplay perspective there are 3 notable changes: 1- You don't need to start Q just so you can have some presence in lane. 2- Your wave clear is.. not terrible but no where near as good as before. 3- You don't need your ult to kill people, making malz a much bigger threat. I'm liking the changes, will play with it some more but sweet unholy satanist {{champion:17}} can you update Vizier malz, so its not the best splash art but worst skin for him? It has a hood that's poorly textured to look like hair.
: > That Athenes is practically designed to fail honestly. It's too niche, you have maybe 5 champions that can build it. It's likely that the pool of champions will be small. It's honestly small already because no champion really has a need for Chalice at the moment because there's so many good support options other than those lines. However - there are two primary goals here: 1. Get infinite mana off of being a mage expectation. If I changed Morello to Flat Mana and I didn't touch Athene's - everyone would just swap to Athene's. 2. Try to create some way of still providing regeneration based mana at a huge identity trade-off - which is what the item does. I hope to never go into an Orianna or Morgana game expecting to build it because I want to be a primary damage threat - but if it turns out that's impossible due to circumstances - having a path to opt into a supportive pattern appeals to me from the choice front. However, what I will say is that making the Ardent Censer space work would be a win on its own. I had another item that I was working on (A Sheen upgrade for supportive mages) - all under the general umbrella that the item space for supportive mages is a bit thin and none of it works and it needs further exploration and experimentation in this area. Basically, support itemization for castery types is pretty uninteresting at the moment and despite the high chance of failure (See also: Rocket Belt) - would still like to deep dive and explore the items for a while. Spooky Ghosts straight up didn't work until the stat-line was made smooth.
I actually preferred spooky ghosts as a lower cost defense item for mages, scout the jungle ahead of you for danger so you don't die to random bush wookies.
: Is there anything specific about the Zhonya's change that stands out? We still have time to adjust numbers if that could help things out.
At this point I'de say give Summoners Rift the Moonflair Spellblade so we can buy that and QSS for fighting duskblade assassins and/or zed. AP champions need a defensive item for fighting AD champions (They have two 'defensive' items for AP Maw and Mecurial both are significantly better than Zhonya's which CC's yourself, and seem to be a lower cd for stronger actives/passives.
: Please Review Cassiopeia's Passive
Honestly I think one simple change can fix this: LET {{champion:69}} STACK FROM POISONING MORE THAN ONE ENEMY CHAMPION AT A TIME. one little change and she can speed up getting max stacks by helping her team zone and fight, without making her in lane power any stronger.
: Seeing as how they are aiming at immobile mages for reworks, Malzahar will more than likely get one, he hasn't been touched much since his conception. Hopefully with the rework he will stay the same playstyle as he currently is, low mobility with a high control archetype. Would love his w to be more control than damage, possibly a hole to the void that draws people in. I witnessed a Vayne QSS my e the other day, and I was sad, seeing as how I had nothing else to kill her with at the time. With the ADC reworks it's become increasingly difficult to pick the problem and deal with it.
Doesn't help malz at all the Mecurial is a really strong item before the active, and mages don't have a great Armor item.
: Clearly you don't read the updates. Taric, Shen and Warwick are the next 3 champions to get updates. Taric is getting a COMPLETE update, like Poppy.
I'm still not sure he needs it, but I would love to see Rito work Karma's old passive into a new champion design.
: Malzahar Minion Thoughts
1) sounds interesting, not sure if it would change much overall. 2) They have like 48-57% of malz base hp depending on level already 3) Could help them in AoE's late game. 4) This already happens since the first Gunblade changes in the preseason. Unless the most recent change to 15% of damage gets vamped broke this it should still work fine. Still annoyed that Gunblades active now breaks Malz ult. 5) This would be a nice interaction, personally I'de prefer the ult itself to get buffed since qss is so powerful this season. 6) This is indeed an annoying bit that should be fixed. Just remember that Malz is one of the few mages that didn't get ANY preseason buffs, he didn't get any of the mana/mana regen changes, and they removed mana potions. I'm still running into the issue in the Pre-season where I can select One of the following - 1, do enough damage to kill people. 2, Survive long enough for my DoTs to tick. 3, have spells on a decently low CD for extended Teamfights. 4, Have mana after casting a 6th spell in 2 minutes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Takuhuan,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=1ZlPEkPm,comment-id=00020004,timestamp=2015-11-10T04:41:49.364+0000) > > Mages get an item that gives them 30% more ap for spells that have cooldowns and often cost resources. AD's get items that incrementally increase their chance of doing 2x damage while dealing more damage faster. Exactly. its apples and oranges. You are doing more damage as a mage in less time than an ADC is. You have far better and more accessible Crown Control and Utility. You are doing Magic Damage which is far harder to itemize against.
Don't both Mecurial and Maw have great stats beyond their passives now?
: Give it a patch or two before they take a look at auxillary maps.
I think you are lowballing that. It was what 4 patches before they fixed thresh on Dominion after making him get 4 stacks per soul.
: Varus or Malzahar?
if he floats like a butterfly, its {{champion:90}} if he stings like a bee, its {{champion:110}} if he does both, its moohammad {{champion:12}}
: Thunderlord's Decree needs a cooldown indicator
On live it gives a debuff timer that shows its on cooldown. If you see nothing its a bug or its off cooldown.
: Warlord's Bloodlust
I think dropping the heal % and increasing the cd would make it fine. Even with it not effecting minions its one of the stronger keystones from how often you can use it.
: Early baron bug
Is this on his initial spawn, or after Baron has been slain?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Well the time of triforce {{champion:133}} is now, and the burst is pretty good, but I'm wondering if {{champion:133}} can get some animations, like a dance for tag team form?
: > [{quoted}](name=Drakarys,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=M7kNsgXU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-01T02:05:44.102+0000) > > Her passive ONLY GIVES DOUBLE RANGE AGAINST TRAPPED/SLOWED (by her E) ENEMIES. > > Her normal Headshot which you have to stack DOES NOT HAVE double range. It still doesn't work. Trapping or netting enemies gives you no headshot proc, nor increased range, despite the indicator appearing.
I've noticed that the range is increased but not doubled. and yes it doesn't ready a headshot for use.
happening to pretty much everyone, I reported it as a bug earlier today.
: Graves kept reloading even while in death.
Report it as a bug using the Report A Bug Function on the left side of this screen.
: To a certain extent, I can understand Malzahar's absence, but the other two definitely could use the help.
{{champion:90}} needs the mana and the mana regen, more for early team fights. If he can't keep his E spreading he runs dry incredibly fast.
: I disagree. Buying a QSS in season 5 has always felt like a gold burden that delays your build from being better. Now it's something that can be a core item. I think that it being core is a good thing. It's literally the marksmen equivalent of a zhonya's hourglass.
Its more like a third summoner for you to pop, Zhonya has the downside of trapping you in the location for its duration.
: [Cull] Does not give the 300 gold after meeting the condition
: I feel it is more Riots way of encouraging adc's to buy qss, it is a fantastic item and is greatly ignored in the season 5. and tbh I feel season 6 is going to be adc focused, like how season 4 was assassin focused and the later half of 5 as tank focused.
I think it was kinda ignored in Season 5 for the same reason why I feel like the Assassin meta bleed to far into season 5. Assassins were really strong, nuking everything, so Riot needed to buff up the tanks to survive. Riot might have buffed him a bit too much since they are now doing respectable damage (or way more damage than needed in some cases) while still being bulky. But its not a tank meta since control mages are a thing, but where did all those lovely control mages go? Straight back to the freaking spawn pad cause assassins are diving them in mid lane constantly. Its a whole rock paper scissors deal, except assassins end up screwing both sides, for not having the burst to kill tanks, and making mages not have enough gold to capitalize on their control of enemy tanks. It looks like Riot is trying to fix this by letting ADC's fit somewhere between the Assassins and Mages for taking out tanks with good burst from crits and shiny new items to deal with the tanks defenses.
: Day 2: No Yorick base mana pool/regen changes
champs like {{champion:34}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} aren't on the list either.

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