: > it would not be OP, but it would make her a very strong pick. I mean, compared to Bard Q, it's not OP at all. Bard Q is a slow projectile and requires a specific condition to proc the stun: they need to be next to a wall or next to an enemy unit. You also have to consider their full kit and not just 1 ability. Bard is a roam based support who has moderate damage and poke with small amount of sustain. Bard's W and E are very lackluster statwise. He's more about set ups. Sona excels in 2v2 and full on team fights while dealing damage. Sona's Power Chords are point-&-click. Giving a champ who has ranged unavoidable poke + healing + movespeed steroid + giant aoe stun a point-&-click stun is very OP. It would have to be a very short duration for it to be balanced.
Bard Q got a projectile speed of 1500, with a binding range of 450, and a range itself of 950 giving a a total 1400 unit stun radius. Conditions required is nearby enemy or wall, on top of that his passive provides him an additional slow and damage, while also providing him with xp, and letting the ADC outlevel if the other support does not roam too. When looking at Sona, Bard is several times more oppresive in lane. Do not forget that a meep empowered aa can proc Thunder Lord making it easy for Bard to outdamage sona at level 1, without any mana use. Sona are not point and click, they are pure click, that with low base damage, and decent scaling, so her poke is going into attack range to use her Q passive AA reset, a movespeed stereoid is fine but ignoring terrain, not to forget that there is an item for movespeed steroid, and her ult is not giant, it got a good range. and yes, the duration would have to be short, but again, this would be a stun based on AA, which is as simple to see as annie stun with it's short range. There are two options with Sona, keep her an on-hit mage/support, or turn her full aura with good for allies, and bad for enemies.
: a stun on E chord would be pretty OP imo.. I think it would be more fair if the slow was AoE like TF red card or something
it would not be OP, but it would make her a very strong pick. I mean, compared to Bard Q, it's not OP at all. Sona is essentially an ADC, Q to buff attack, W to buff defense, E to buff escape and R to do a pretty big stun. Here is a suggestion for a rework Passive Range 350 Aura: as long as they are in the aura, they are affected by it, anything that disables her abilities disables her auras, otherwise they are active untill another ability is used, cause thats how auras work. Power Chord: Now empowers abilities. Q Aura: Increases allied offense, decreases enemy offense Power Chord: Hit more targets or/and deal more/true damage W Aura: Increases allied defenses, decreases enemy defenses. Power Chord: Increase the heal ammount E Aura: Increase allies movement, decrease allies movement. Power Chord: Increases the movement speed from use and/or increases duration. R Aura: none that i can think of that would not be super broken. Power Chord: Increase power, increase stun length and/or increase size. Her aura's currently is the one time empowering time anyone who enters it for a bit, her old auras was far superior, her new E range is so... silly, it's one of the think i've really disliked... Bah, what do I know, all I want is for sona to be a threat in general, and not and, weaker annie, or an on-hit assassin...
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
> Hymn of Valor (Q) > Aura Radius :: 350 >>> 300 > Cd :: 8 >>> 10/9/8/7/6 The cooldown is great, the radius is still kinda iffy about it 3 teemos is kinda small, 4 teemos is a wee too big. > Aria of Perseverance (W) > Aura Radius :: 350 >>> 300 Same as above regarding radius > Song of Celerity (E) > Aura Radius :: 350 >>> 300 > Self decaying MS :: 13/14/15/16/17% (+7.5%/100 AP) >>> 30/32/34/36/38% (+8%/100 AP) > Allied MS boost :: 10/11/12/13/14% (+3.5%/100 AP) >>> 12/13/14/15/16% (+5%/100 AP) Same as above regarding radius, the ms, especially self decaying is great for base, allied move speed base is also good, and the scaling is the creme ala crop > Crescendo (R) > Points no longer increase Sona's Self MS boost on E This could still be used to increase her self ms, with this much movement speed, she will be very safe in lane, thus maybe keeping it at her ult could be good too. The only things Sona really misses in hard CC outside of her ult, infact if she had a mini stun on her tempo instead of a slow would make up for the aura radius being as small as it is.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
Sona's bread and butter in lane has always been her q poke, and her AA, Q aareset+passive for harass. Hymn of Valor The aura radius is super small, and the 8 sec cooldown at the beginning is imo better at the start then 6 is at the end. Aria of Perseverance The aura radius is too small here too, since you do not W for her heal, but W for her shield, both due to high mana cost, and low healing ammount, here either buff the flat heal/shield or buff the ap scaling, as it is the shield is mainly important in laning, and after that W is used mostly for heal, but for a decent heal you need some amounts of ap. Song of Celerity Please no, the range of this is already super low compared to what it was, reducing the aura radius makes it fairly useless as it's harder to use it safe. On the other hand the buff to the ms almost makes up for that. I've played Sona quite a bit since s2, and after the re-work she was both weaker, and stronger. one of the more annoying things about her kit is the .5 second cooldown between skills, making it hard to do a proper burst.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Will there ever be a MR version of Thornmail, that reflects magic damage and physical damage?
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: It's still enough of a problem that Riot has previously decided not to do this. For one thing, there are a number of older skins that many players may not even be aware of at all. Marble Malphite, for example, is a Legacy skin, and therefore would not be seen when browsing the shop (though you can still see it from the champion list). Let's assume a player that has never seen or heard of Marble Malphite gets one on the enemy team. But this player leaves during the loading screen to make a sandwich or something, and doesn't see the splash art at all. So, the first time he sees that white blotch of an icon on his minimap, he's not going to have a clue what it is. Or what about Special Forces Gangplank and Mafia Graves? Icons showing just their faces would be very difficult to differentiate for those that are unfamiliar with them. The point is that you cannot assume everyone has religiously studied *every single skin's splash art*. Even now, just changing a champion's base splash and updating their portrait icon is confusing enough. The playerbase as a whole needs less confusion, not more. P.S. I would also like this feature, but unfortunately I'm aware of the ramifications of implementing it.
Considering the last time riot said anything regarding this was in 2010-11. And the fact that the same can be said about the new champion, or everytime a champ gets an icon update. It was never about remembering each an every icon of all the skins in the game, just like you are not expected to remember each of the champions and their abilities and effects. Clarity can be fixed by making it an option you enable ingame instead of having it on all day erry day. And next up, regarding newbies, it's really rare to see legacy skins or holiday skins at lower levels, and even then it's most often the newest skin out or one of the 520 skins on sale. Considering you would need between 400 and 500 games in total to reach level 30 and even then legacy skins are rare something that by itself, can take 2-6 months at average to reach level 30. And even then if it's confusing, there is a scoreboard that shows the icon, with summoner name and champion name. If a person is at a level where they do not know about the scoreboard, they are neither at a level where they see many if any skins. Like I said earlier, having an option to turn this on and off in settings is also possible, and it feels more like a reward when you saaaay, get a kill with your brand new DJ Sona skin, and you see the DJ Sona Icon there instead of the default sona icon. Last time a rioter said anything about this issue might have been before there even was ranked, and thus why i want it brought up again.
: Clarity issues. If every skin had a different portrait, everyone would need to remember 54236746324732 different portraits in order to know what champions did what at a glace of the UI.
There are 123 champions and over 700 skins. Now a large part of those champions got effects that indicates they are stronger, like annie's stun or Morganas Spellshield, and then there are the many icons for snare, stun, silence, slow, blind, root, reduced attack speed, reduced damage, poison, jax stacks, kalista stacks an so on, it's not like everyone can remember the over 1000 already existing icons. so almost 900 icons in regards to abilities, the 88 runes, not to talk about the masteries. TL;DR It is somewhat irrelevant as every splash art looks like the character and are fairly distinct, there should be no problem to remember it by glance unless you suffer from something that makes that hard for you. If you can remember 721 pokemon, you can also remember the skins, also, you do not have to remember every skin, like you will probably never see Human Ryze. As of 5 years ago the most sold skins in order was Urf the Manatee Assassin Master Yi Vandal Jax Freljord Ashe Shadow Evelynn White Mage Veigar Myrmidon Pantheon Infernal Mordekaiser Badger Teemo Recon Teemo Not to talk about rusty blitzcrank and black alistar, But alistar unchained and riot tristana is fairly popular, so you will see those fairly often.
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: >isn't even counting the retarded damage amp that got put on shark for no reason >damage amp that got put on shark for no reason >for no reason RIP DFG
Fizz did not need that buff, cause his ult is already stupidly strong, and now he got the bonus of a dfg to make up for it, free nerfed dfg on every ult.
: 'Nemesis Draft' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
First up, this is an interesting game mode, but it seems to breed toxicity, like okay, pick a bad champ for yourself, but picking a good champ for the opposing team? Like really??? This gamemode just leaves me angry and irritated at my teammates, ironically not for playing bad, but for how to say this politely... Throw us into a burning building. And here is the next thing, the top bans or picks are champs on the least played or least won list. The concept is honestly interesting, and many will love it, but it will find so much hatred. Now overall the biggest problem is leaving, so if they wanna dodge a game during pick, then let them not play for 35 minutes, that would be your average game.
: Unable to purchase additional runes in PBE
Top right corner next to where the logout button is, it says support, file a ticket via there, remember to mention it is PBE
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: Certain projectiles fly across map from Blue spawn
There are several more, soraka too to mention one, probably even more, its weird.
: I'm not sure how long until Rek'Sai gets updated, but in her current state I think we NEED another round of PBE testing before she's ready for live. There are so many things weighing her down. I'll summarize the ones that I think are at the top of the "must fix" list. --- **Burrow griefing** By this I mean the ability for Rek'Sai's enemies to destroy her burrows with virtually no effort and dramatically cut down her mobility and ult power by doing so. Specifically: * Enemies can always see the location of Rek'Sai's burrows at all times. This is so toxic to her gameplay that I assumed it was a bug when I first saw it. It's as if the game is saying "Hey, want to counter Rek'Sai and make her mobility useless? Here's an easy map!" This has GOT to be fixed ASAP. * Her burrows can be taken down by standing next to them and performing a ~1 second animation. I'm guessing that as her burrows already have both a duration timer and a usage cooldown bar, adding a third bar to give them real hit points is probably out of the question. In lieu of this, I think that taking down her burrows should require a fair amount more time; at least 3-5 seconds of continuous channeling which can be interrupted by taking damage. Removing Rek'Sai's burrows should be a conscious and meaningful choice, not something that you pause to do for one second while you casually stroll down your lane. --- **Too many downsides to being burrowed** Rek'Sai gives up too much while burrowed to the point at which you don't want to burrow unless you have to. Here are the issues: * You're effectively blinding yourself. Rek'Sai can piggyback off of allied minion and champion vision while burrowed in lane, but she's meant to be a jungler, meaning that she loses that awareness the moment she goes into the place where she's supposed to be strong. While the tremorsense mechanic is a cool idea that can help you see things around walls, it doesn't give enough clarity on what it is you're looking at. You can tell the difference between minions and champions, but you can't see health bars, you can't identify individual targets, and you can't see things unless they're moving. The real pain is that Rek'Sai is losing visual awareness of what's around her, but her enemies don't lose any awareness of her and can easily spot (and jump) her before she has a chance to respond. There are two things I would like to see here. Increase the radius of Rek'Sai's normal vision while burrowed, and have her gain some more clarity from tremorsense. This could be the ability to see non-moving entities (Is my red buff still there? Can I check without having to unburrow and go around the corner?), more frequent "pulses" from moving targets (Why are the monsters moving out of my camp?), or labels identifying the names of what's moving (omg Lee Sin GET THE %@#& AWAY FROM MY BUFFS!). There are so many opportunities to make tremorsense cool and useful and give Rek'Sai a unique edge in the jungle. Right now she pretty much has a blindfold over her head. * Rek'Sai's burrowed Q sucks. It has a long cooldown and it doesn't do anything special except poke damage at fleeing enemies in the hope of last-hitting one of them. It has no meaningful utility (like the slow everyone wants it to have). At this point, it has such a small presence in her kit that it could easily be swapped for something else without hurting her identity. Give her a cool Q ability while burrowed, Riot. She can be so much more than she is. * The only thing Rek'Sai gets out of being burrowed right now is mobility. While that's certainly useful, it's bland and one-dimensional and not very special. One great idea that I've heard people talking about would be to make her tougher while burrowed. Giving her tenacity or damage reduction would really amp up her fear factor as a monstrous land shark coming in for the kill, and it would help her shrug off some blows while closing in or escaping. --- While there are probably other things that need to be looked at for Rek'Sai, my belief is that starting with the core of her kit and making sure that it helps her rather than holding her back is the key to making her a successful and healthy champion. --- **tl;dr** *Maintaining burrows sucks and being underground sucks. Riot please fix.*
**-Enemies can always see the location of Rek'Sai's burrows at all times.** No, they need to have seen them once, if they do it gets added to the map, its kinda silly that tbh. **-Her burrows can be taken down by standing next to them and performing a ~1 second animation.** It's about 3 seconds to takedown, they are supposed to be hidden anyway. **-You're effectively blinding yourself** Well yeah, but you get omni-directional super ranged tremor vision that you share with the team, you use your Q as a poke, as you gain vision of what you hit, and if there are 4 tremors moving about red buff, then obviously there has to be someone there, again Q, Q and Q, but her bonus movement speed is a wee low and should be percent based like Teemo's **-Rek'Sai's burrowed Q sucks.** Damage wise its just a poke to get vision, it has 100% ap scaling, and you don't build that on her, 7 sec cooldown at level 18, not including the 10-20% cooldown you probably already have at the time, if not more, she is not a mage, nor a spellcaster, all her Q could need is a slow, personally i would like to see a 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 60% AP) compared to now for some extra damage +25% slow, but its far from bad at the time. it gives you vision of the targets, you see their health, what more you need. **-The only thing Rek'Sai gets out of being burrowed right now is mobility.** Do you even play Rek'Sai? Her mobility could be improved a bit, but she also gains tremor vision of moving targets, i.e wait in bush and gank Rek'Sai to win. When she burrows she heals from her fury, for a max of 450 hp, that is a free heal -the speed buff and the heal-debuff, not the forget the most important thing of all... HER KNOCKUP, and it is STRONK. **TL;DR** Any problem you have with her kit, seems from not understanding it, or using it wrong, she is a really easy champion to play, is stupidly strong considering you HAVE to build her a tank, otherwise she just dives to suicide, ohmwrecker would be a really good item on her
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: Recent Evelynn & jungle changes do not go well together
In season 3 Evelynn was one of the stronger junglers with a really good gank, her Q had been improved so much, and with the invisibility, she already attacking them before they know you are there, she could ever counterjungle easy. the pre-season 4 jungle basically killed Evelynn, clearing red and blue without a specific mastery and runeset proved impossible without the chance of dying, so up to level 5-6 even 7 I was unable to kill the camp, it should not have been that much of a problem. Here is the issue, Udyr, Warwick, Master Yi, Lee Sin and and probably a few others can solo dragon so easy at low level, and with the dragon being even more important now then before, that is a problem. Now here is the thing, you can't really buff eve, unless you change her into some sort of vampire, her Q absorbing health, her E being a lifesteal, and even that would probably only make her stupidly strong instead of dealing with the inherent issue. Eve is a fun jungler to play with, play as, and play against, new jungle executed her
: About leveling to 30 in bpe
Should be automatic, if not wait a day or so.
: What Happened to the Co-Op Vs. AI on Summoners Rift?
: First of all, you are talking about permutations of 10 different champ, I am talking about 5. My pick shouldn't affect the opposite team. It should be posible, although highly improbable, for both teams to get same 5 champs (f.e. fiora + sion + garen + lux + lulu). I have a pool of 70+ champs and I get Nasus or Alistar almost 30% of all the games. It's not even interesting any more. There is also a much higher probability to get champion from that week's rotation, then from your pool. If you want to throw "math" at me, you should know that there is no such thing as luck, just poorly written random generators :)
actually, both team can't get the same champ, it's intentional
: I don't mean to be a downer here, but PBE is meant for testing stuff. If you really want to play the other game modes try the live server. Happy Testing ^^
It's boring to test stuff alone, therefor co-op vs ai in summoners rift. All the other maps looks ugly in comparison to new summoners rift, and it's in live play you can test to your hearts delight, but with it being bots, not getting depressed by losing. I do find the co-op vs ai summoners rift to be odd that is is disabled, as nobody wants to play twisted treeline nor dominion, cause I waited at least an hour before giving up yesterday. Team builder I can understand to some degree, forcing us to test out possible new features of it, in this case how data is taken, and then used, the the Team Builder test things we can't see i would guess. Alternativly, someone flipped the wrong button, and we all know who it was... Teeemo, always making himself more hated every day.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Orianna!
First up, the details http://i.gyazo.com/2f07f4f6daa182d67301d5ab38eee5f7.gif her 'skirt' is slightly transparent, giving of the illusion of ice, not unsure how I feel about it completely, but it goes to the theme, big issue there is lack of difference between her boots and her fuzzy ball, they both have the game color, so if the puffy ball could be turned white, it would be oh, so much better, alternativly change the color of the boots, as they appear gray ingame. http://i.gyazo.com/5fd9f196485ca1210864a9c1e74c3958.gif Her E is simply divine, with the shield in shape of her poroshaped ball, 10/10 http://i.gyazo.com/e3cffa3152d01b2a0b32dbd55503d7b9.gif The indicator of where the ball is is sadly not modified for the skin, lacks the snowy feel of the rest of the skin. http://i.gyazo.com/80825818342fe8f0e43fabee3bb14873.gif Her W is perfect, its what the ball indicator needs, only smaller, and modified to fit the criteria of the indicator. http://i.gyazo.com/681f739f49115e6f168333c5cfe30680.gif Her ult is the only thing with any particle effect, but that just might be the particle effect of the normal ult. It lacks particle effects that gives it a winter wonder feel, her basic attack http://i.gyazo.com/cd9303f0908ed4f30a63ae565045c6d0.gif Her recall is the mainpart of her winter wonder feel, and it is here all the love is, and it is here i notice the poro ball got a blush, so nice details and 10/10 recall. Other nice things includes her stripped sweater and tights, and her purple vest with pockets, i will be waiting in glee for her magical blue eyes in her splash art for the skin. The only thing lacking, is snow effects, or particle effects in general, it's a great skin, but particle effects man. One last thing, you can walk out the 'shield' on dominion as Orianna. http://i.gyazo.com/8d6ca7062edba25b7bd2d3d5bfe073f0.gif You can also do this on summoners rift.
: Bouncing Teemo Bug
Oh yeah, this bug, the bouncing corpse bug no clue what causes it, it's amusing to see...
: Why would he not take damage?
he takes damage, but i do not have true sight of him.
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: Dragonslayer stacks are currently capped at 5 as that's when the bonuses stop... but.. tempting. :D
How about giving dragonslayer skins a buff against dragon?
: With all the crazy changes to test is now the time to mess with Soraka's Q?
I find the issue to be the size, as the slow is only on center, but even that is not the biggest problem. She is kinda wonky to play, but the main thing is her cast time of .5 seconds, in general, the only way to properly snare someone with E is to make them think it's a q, and yeah, q is not dangerous at all, being able to telegraph the q, and then instantly launch the E has been one of the bigger issues. Especially considering the farther away soraka is the longer it takes to fall. What soraka is missing is the constant harass her old skill set brought along, combined with the substain she brought, i mean sure, her heal is great now, but it was better before cause armor, and shield. I love Old Soraka, and I like new Soraka, she used to be a strong harasser. I still think Soraka needs some work, because if you play a certain way against a soraka and her adc, there is literally nothing she can do, her slow is not enough to get away, or even affect at all, and her stun field seems so underwhelming....
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
You know, I wish i read this before i bought the runepack bundle like 12 times, ahahaha, ;_; At least the rune combiner works, so hurrah for that.
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: Walking animation bug
Yeah, I noticed that too, it was kinda random, as all other animations worked, but not the walking, and it looked funny seeing azir slide forward, and this warwick bot too.
: > Not really a good reason, her passive is kinda useless if it ain't global, since it indicated someone under 40% health, and gives tons of bonus movement speed. But I do wish her passive lasted for a bit after the requirements to activate it is no longer, like keep the speed for 3-7 extra seconds so she can run up, heal, run out. well you don't get the movement speed unless you are in a specific range, having it a global indicator that top is at 30% health and you'll never make it into the range to get the movement speed boost anyways.
Ah, but it's not always about getting into range, it's also about staying out of range of enemy champions due to the mechanics of her W, she is a free healthbar, buuuut she is also a free kill as she has no substain for herself other then her ult.
: > Her passive arrows should be global again :\ > > When are we getting a Reaper Soraka splash? or it's release? Halloween is almost over. i feel like the global arrow makes using her ult too easy because she doesn't need to look at the map. she can just see an arrow on her and see someone is low.
Not really a good reason, her passive is kinda useless if it ain't global, since it indicated someone under 40% health, and gives tons of bonus movement speed. But I do wish her passive lasted for a bit after the requirements to activate it is no longer, like keep the speed for 3-7 extra seconds so she can run up, heal, run out.
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: VS AI bots behaving funny
Not sure if this is a bug, as it's in the game, i think it's just how the bots work regarding to inhib and towers, do remember a bot will almost never tower dive. You can bait them to do so if you are melee... but not much else. Oh you need low health to i think...
: Jungle Item Changes
Okay, since what i was gonna write would end up to be TL;DR I like the new jungle items, i don't like how they limit you, like Aximil said, the effects are great, but the execution of them is flawed.
: Rammus
well this is amusing, need to test this out.
well there is the new gifting feature that needs to be bugged tested, and mystery skin still have bugs...
: Can't connect to the game after champ select?
HOW TO FIX! 1. Click okay, try again. 2. Repeat untill it works Alternativly do not alt tab outta the window, and just wait patiently, the screen will probably be black, but be patient.
: Mystery skin bug
Bought mysteryskins again today. got null twice. Checked purchase history http://i.gyazo.com/c46d05de97791f0ed340878f3c9372e9.png So yeah, now I can say for certain there is a mystery skin bug.
: Mystery skin bug
Okay, ill describe it, instead of splash art and skin name, there is a missing icon, icon, and the name being null http://i.gyazo.com/dd5d83eab7fdb0f041a2d6ae9a1eea5f.png direct link I forgot about purchase history, but i see now that i did get the skin, so the issue is just a linking error of sort. It was the lollipoppy skin for erh, poppy... Either way, it's a minor bug
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