: Sylas Bug Thread
I played a Custom vs Shyvanna, Nidalee, Darius, Trundle and Udyr Bot. Beside having silent autos, probably after copying Nidalee, 2 other things i noticed: I am not sure how it si coded with Udyr if you can just use it once, twice or trice, but i went to base and just could not get it off. Normaly Udyr Ult should be jsut on for 5s per cast or am i wrong? Was jsut one time out of like 3. Another thing, i used Shyvanna Ult and had the dragon form 2 times normaly for the full duration, but the third time it got insta cancled. Idk what happened, if maybe Darius pull canceled me, but should Shyvanna Jump not normaly be **UNSTOPABLE**? Even if Sylas with a Bunch of Ap Items and Dragon Form feels kinda strong, it should not be so easily to cancel by the enemy team to make you waste Ult just for a jump and then stay in the enemy team, should it?
: Hi! I can't use the report a bug tool because Sylas isn't on the champion list. So, abridged: I've played one game, using the skin. After using Nidalee's ult, my basic attacks were silent for the rest of the game. Tried to go into the game with Dark Harvest, sudden impact, ghost poro, ravenous hunter & shield bash, revitalise. I appeared to have no runes in the loading screen. Once I was in game I was given the default Sorcery page. (I quit and tried again with a new game, and the same thing happened)
> [{quoted}](name=toast042,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=E32MotPu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-08T23:49:00.152+0000) > > Hi! I can't use the report a bug tool because Sylas isn't on the champion list. So, abridged: > > I've played one game, using the skin. > > After using Nidalee's ult, my basic attacks were silent for the rest of the game. > > Tried to go into the game with Dark Harvest, sudden impact, ghost poro, ravenous hunter & shield bash, revitalise. I appeared to have no runes in the loading screen. Once I was in game I was given the default Sorcery page. (I quit and tried again with a new game, and the same thing happened) ah i had this too and was not sure from what was it :D
: Other than the discount on purchases they work like stand alone skins, so they can drop in loot like any other skin. Players that already have the SG can either craft them or re-roll them like any other skins.
Understandable on the first part but then why are they not stand alone skins on purchase but standalone skins on crafting? > Players that already have the SG can either craft them or re-roll them like any other skins. But players that already have the SG can either purchase them or purchase other skins, nearly the same thing. Only diffrence is that people purchasing them with rp pay directly money while crafting with orange essence that oe comes from either free boxes/orbs/what ever or by purchasing hextech chests, orbs or masterwork chests.
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Will this 30% discount also be on crafting with orange essence? Also not sure but are there higher or lower chances on getting like a pajama guardian skin shard from a box or a pajama skin from a 3 way reroll if you allready have the star guardian skin of that champion? Cause i would assume some people would stills ee them just as more expensive chromas and if they allready got the sg skin they would feel betrayed if a reroll would give them a really similar skin to the same champion. On the other hand ofcourse there also could exists collectors or people who like this skin theme and are especially interested in getting all versions.
: I think trinity force can use an overhaul to tone down it's first purchase power and give it some power in the synergy with bonus stats like the other 2 spell blades. With the return of atmas and the change of steraks I think it is possible to add a form of scaling towards bonus stats like AD to synergize better with those items still or attack speed since a number of them have built in AS steroids and synergize well with rageblade because of their built in on hits. Give all the spellblades a stronger focus of stat scalings with all being the same price points like the 2 hydra's, so trinity force can be the AD focus of AD and AS, IBG can be the more generalized tanky focus of health of health and regen%/s, and lich bane can continue with it's solid focus of AP and movespeed are what I am thinking of. **trinity force** stinger + sheen + pickaxe total cost 3300-3400 depending on choice of most balanced +40% AS +30 base AD +20% CDR +300 mana 100% spellblade increase spellblade by 1% for every 3% bonus AD equal to base AD (additive) (example you have 100 base AD and build 30 bonus AD the spellblade damage becomes 110%) _Trinity is weaker on it's own and as a first but becomes stronger with items over the game but can be purchased quite notably earlier and potentially stronger later. Still increases it's power with steraks without making the synergy broken I would think._ **IBG** crystalline bracer + kindlegem + sheen 3300 - 3400 total cost +450 health +150% health regen +20% CDR +300 mana 100% spellblade "icy zone" no longer slows. Deals 75% of applied damage onto target in a raduis over 3 seconds. Radius of 150 (+10% bonus health). (zone damage is true damage, and damage is calculated from post mitigated damage) (example AA of 100 +spellblade of 100 makes a zone of 150 damage over 3 seconds) _roughly equal power as a first buy sans the high slow uptime removing the annoyance with ezreal. Better scaling for the champs that prefer to itemize to be more bruiser like with the changed/added items._ **lich bane** aether wisp + fiendish codex + sheen 3300 - 3400 total cost +75 AP +75 movement speed +20% CDR +300 mana 100% spellblade increase base AD by 30% AP _This is more of an overall power increase of course. This makes it more of a competitive choice against trinity force for champs that build it core now and that have hybrid scaling kits (like jax, irelia, udyr). It also offers an empowering for mages that would want to play more like caster adc's to maybe bring some into bot lane._
sry but none of this is realy a necesary change. Trinity as a good 1 item powerspike is what trinity makes out. More scaling with other items is not what you realy want. Riot already **removes** for this reason the steraks synergie. The point is that items that strong synergyize with each other you already much on the other classes, mostly on adcs. The point of trintiy is to give bruisers the early game as an advantage, even if adcs outscale them in late with their dmg and range. Lategame scaling buffs doesn't change the effect that adcs still ahve the range advantage and posibility to kite plus super protective supports (who also have synergizing items). Also removing phage is a total wrong move. This would just lead to let adcs kite even far more easier making trintiy even weaker in late. The point of trinity is that all 3 items in the buildpath have the right to stay in it as every part has champions that love to rush that cause they scale with it good. You just focusing on the sheen part and taking a mandatory strenght of trintiy away for little more dmg in lategame just ruins a lot of trintiy users. why this ibg change? People build it for the slow, for the armor, for the amount of mana. There are already enough healthreg items with warmogs, spirit, adaptive, abyssal, titanic and a few more. They also hav healtha s well as most armoritems, bc and steraks also give health, hell trintiy gives already health, why make iceborn a health(reg) item? And the slow si what you mostly want, not the aoe dmg. If you say you want champs to itemize more like a bruiser this is also the iwrong answer as currently iceborn is a tankitem and trintiy a bruiser item. There is no reason to shift iceborn to a second bruiseritem and remove the only sheen tank item. And if ezreal slow is realy to anoying you just change iceborn so it can't be build anymore by rangechampions. to just straight buffing lichbane is also highly questionable. It is a nicheitem and will stay a nicheitem as mages mostly tend to not attack as much. jsut buffing it would just buff the currently already lichbane users. i don't want to see such hard buffs to champions like kassadin or diana. or basicly every kinda ap assassin.
: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
Hello, back at the day where Gnar and Frozen mallet for Range users i think Riot repertoir or some other guy told that Frozen Mallet probably needs or gets soon a compelete rework in itembuildpath and how it works, so that it is not always so problematic and diffrent in powerplay between range and melee. Discussion happened when iteration was testet between nerf to 15%, no nerf and when finaly it got nerfed to 20%. Is still something happeneing to frozen mallet or is it on "frozen" ice? ;)
: Damn, I wrote a wall of text but I know I forgot something. Yeah, an introduction to ult and passive would be important.
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Your wall of text is also nice. What also another guy mentioned was that it jsut ells about neutral camps in the jungle, but not in particular about buffs lie red and blue buff or the dragons, herald and baron. I would say a seperate tutorial would be good for that (or include it to the tutorial of 1) as bots normaly don't do dragon or baron if i remember correctly, but you could programm them to do it for this special tutorial. just a short tp to the locations while they may be walled up similar to how the midlane is walled up in tutorial 1
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
hey igreat work you did. But that you already can get items in second mode while it gets "introduced" 3rd mode i kinda feel strange. Also was it just my imagination or could you hear normal comentary on multi kills in second mode but not in third? What i think is missing is a more direct introduction to your base stat window as well as to more specific abilitys like passive and Ult. Especialy passive kidna important as you can not feel it at first by pressing a button most times. And starting with mf to play i believe her passive is kinda important to know why she sometimes hit hard and why sometimes not. Also an Introduction to Summoner Spells and Runes. Both you select even before the game (even if at the start runes are static) and i think it would be nice to see the effects in a way how it was possible to switch champions in tutorial 1. Seeing Summonerspells and at least keystones could be realy helpful.
: I list yasuo because he got a x2 crit multiplier. Also i dont fear extra damage in any way, the compensation i suggest is a buff (decreasing the price of zeal items)
...the change was supposed to be a nerf to crit. People would just totaly flame the boards full if you just nerf 5% crit on zeal for again making it cheaper while in the end adcs will neverless reach 100% crit.
: if yasuo wanted true damage crits he'd take conqueror, and i never got why shiv used to be core on him. sure it guaranteed the crit lightning, but isn't clearing minions the last thing yasuo wants to do in a fight? minions are his mobility.
well with the removal of the bonusdamage of shiv i doubt that one crit of yasuo destroys the whole minion wave. What yasuo definetly wants is 100% crit i would say so one way or the other (do not many yasuos play him atm even with conqueror?)
: I think you should consider changing the crit% of zeal items to 25% and decrease a bit to compensate. Crit chance 30% >>> 25% Price 2800 >>> 2600 ~ 2750 Its a pretty clean solution to the weirdness created by the lack of 20% crit items. {{item:3046}} 30% >> 25% {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} 60% >> 50% {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} 60% >> 50% {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} 90% >> 75% {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} 120% >> 100% {{item:3046}} {{champion:157}} 60% >> 50% {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{champion:157}} 120% >> 100% {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{champion:157}} 120% >> 100% edit: formating
But i realy like that 50% crit is out of the game. At 50% you and your enemy both assume you just crit every second auto but either you gonna get upset that you just crited 1 or 0 attacks out of 4 or your enemy gets upset that you crited 3 or 4 attacks out of 4. Now we have: {{item:3086}} :20% You should not expect to crit much, there are chances but these would be real luck. {{item:3046}} : 30 % Other than your specicated zealpassive be it ghosting and dmgreduc, bolts or lightning nothing your enemy should fear. {{item:3086}} + ( {{champion:157}} / {{item:3031}} ): 40% Again you and your enemy should not assume to crit most of your attacks. {{item:3046}} + ({{champion:157}} /{{item:3031}} ): 60% Now both of you can assume you crit more as every second, still luck dependent. {{item:3086}} + {{champion:157}} + {{item:3031}} : 80% Expect to crit much but luck can be still unfaithful to you in favor to your enemy. {{item:3086}} + {{item:3046}} + ({{champion:157}} /{{item:3031}} ): 100%, no rng. Randuins also now 100% effective :) ~~120% crit~~ doesn't exist so doesn't matter. Also about compensatin as like it seems you fear for to much Damage and strangely list Yasuo: You realize that with the removal of {{item:1018}} he will get now 100% crit far later and for this have a weaker early game as he realy needs to finish an upgraded zealitem and either ie or another zeal. So either {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} stays meta or {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} could become new meta on him ;)
: Whataboutism is used to redirect attention away from a serious problem to consider something else, and I feel that such redirection might be a bit relevant if we try to talk about the role that literally dictates the game. Comparatively, bot lane, I feel, is a much larger issue. Part of the reason waveclear is the entry bar for midlane is because the game revolves around bot. As a midlaner, I usually have to play a champion that can shove and roam ({{champion:90}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:136}}) so I can go try and snowball our bot lane, since they're the ones that will carry later when my role becomes less relevant unless I get ungodly fed and can end the game fast enough. Or I need to bring so much damage or utility ({{champion:268}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:69}}) that I also scale at somewhat of the same rate as any ADC. Keep in mind my use of I simply refers to midlaners in a competitive setting. I myself don't actually play at a high enough level where this is required. Mages are valued for their waveclear now competitively **because** everything else they once brought to the table regarding late game is nonexistent or weak, sans utility, but even that is debatable. Burst doesn't work unless you are particularly fed; there are way too many shields, so the only time burst becomes powerful is when it scales faster than the power of shields. This means you must stomp lane as a burst mage and then probably take kills on roams, which means less gold in the ADC if you go there, or the tank/fighter if you head top. And some burst mages, particularly those with weak early clear ({{champion:45}}), are so weak in lane that they can't snowball because they lose lane and can't roam. So, sustained damage mages and waveclear mages end up being quite viable, forcing people to build MR and be afraid of another individual on a team. But instead of nerfing waveclear itself, they wanted to make mages worse across the board. And no other champion is resource locked at late game to the degree this patch is aiming for, which makes this seem even more atrocious. Regarding Ocean Drake, it's not even a guarantee. Great in games where it shows up but otherwise? Not to mention it usually requires you to get two before it truly counteracts mana spending or poke. Blue buff? Have rarely gotten one unless I know the jungler. Manaflow Band gets indirectly _nerfed_ by these changes, since you're restoring % missing mana of a smaller mana pool, so you ultimately get less mana back and have less to work with anyway. Also removes the ability to go Ultimate Hat on some champions that very much like it. Presence of Mind also restores less mana by the same reasoning, and necessitates going into precision, which not every mage particularly wants to do. I'd personally would rather everything be a problem simultaneously and changed simultaneously in one rather substantial patch than deal with some roles becoming laughably pathetic for an indeterminate amount of time compared to other roles, if they even address bot lane at all. Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for the balance team regarding bot lane in particular, as anyone can tell that the lane has been catered to for a while now. But having such an opinion probably is just me.
problem with changing all at one patch is that it mixes to much the whole game out and it is harder to see actual balance problems. Well jungle and adc changes are now on the pbe, support changes still missing to tune them down. So mana changes live, jungle changes 8.1, adc changes 8.11, support/shield changes...future? And you can tune everything directly after it hits live a bit with the next patches.
: Oceon Drake is not a garentee, forcing Mana flow band kills champs that need Mana BUT also needed ulti hat (karma) and blue buff? I've not seen a jungle give it to mid in months.
to be fair i also had no manaissues during these months. I played ahri, got lc and never went out of mana againw ithout a single bluebuff jsut with manaflow. and well, maybe jungle now goes to give blues again nwo that they maybe actual _need_ it.
: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
Ok seriously, nearly every {{item:1038}} item costs over 3k gold and gives over 60ad which is ok cause bf self is a 1.3k gold, 40ad item. But just look at the comparison: {{item:3072}} : 3500g, 80ad and Bf. {{item:3812}} : 3500g, 80ad and no Bf. {{item:3026}} : 2800g, 45ad (this is {{item:3036}} /{{item:3033}} niveau) and Bf. Like why? Especialy seeing that Ga also fits similar to the {{item:3035}} items to Bruisers and Assassins and is more of a cheap ad item {{item:1037}} seems far more to fit while DD other than Ilaoi is mostly an expensive Range Ad Item. Even with Bf currently giving 40ad an upgraded itembuild would not overcap the items own ad. By the way same would be also by changing the one {{item:1036}} on Bt to a {{item:1037}} . Bt than would have a similar itembuild to current Ie while DD would have a similar itembuild to current er (just switch {{item:1018}} with {{item:1053}} ). If all this suggested change would me made it would also be easier to adjust even more on adc and their items. Like than you could just nerf bf ad or increase bf costs without having an impact on Bruisers or Assassins who wanna go Ga. If ilaoi gets affected by going DD it is nearly nothing, even less than the crit changes that affect some melees. i would realy like if you riot at least would test this in your 4 weeks of time you have on the pbe.
: These changes are so beyond stupid it boggles the mind. "We’ve seen mages solve a lot of their mana issues with a single component for quite a while, and we don’t think that’s good for the mages, or the game at large." Why? Meanwhile lategame ADCs out damage and out burst mages with no mana cost auto attacks? Meanwhile the multitude of resourceless champions exist? Why the fuck shouldnt mages have their mana costs solved by one item?
Just cause some other classes are also busted doesn't mean mages need to eb busted too. Adc still could get their hit 8.10. And mana should be an intended weakness for mages. But how much got powercreeped into mana/manareg over the last years it is good to see that riot also gets to nerf from time to time between the constant buffing all time. Manaitems should HELP to manage your mana. Not make you cast-spam your abilitys with no brain while no longer runing out of mana. There are still bluebuff, oceandrakes, manaflowband and precence of mind. If you feel you STILL have to less mana, go for 2-4 manaitems if you want but than decrease your power in other ways as tradeoff. And don't answer pelase not again with "but what about adcs?" Whataboutism doesn't bring anything meaningfull. They also need to get hit and don't get hit live 8.9 much probably but their time can still come to end in the near future.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
I like the changes and the increased costsfrom 1100 gold to 1300 gold {{item:3802}} which makes {{champion:112}} better to play with his first back of 1250 Gold on {{item:3196}} . Still i have some questions left: 1. Will the Hexcore line stay untouched with the Mana it gives? Any specific reason you focused on changim primary his stats and nott he stats on his cores? 2. Why was {{item:3010}} untouched? Cause it is not a high favorite item and without giving CDR no need to reincrease its costs? 3. Would this patch with the mana-update not be the perfect oportunity to finaly change {{champion:127}} passive? Maybe it will still come now or later but wondering if changes like this are even for a small patch like how 8.9 probably is again (uneven number).
: You clearly don't play support. What other roles do with their items shouldn't be the main concern when balacing support stuff. "They get gold for free"... They don't farm. The kills are supposed to go to the rest of the team. There's pretty much no way to get gold but with these items.
oh i play support from time to time. Regardless even high elo Supportmains like lcs supports say that support is the easiest role and got just buffed over the years. Supports in the old day of leage had not mcuh gold and invested much more in greenwards and pinks. Supports now generate much more gold and get impactful items like ardents or knights vow that not just adds power to adcs, it multiplies adc power by quite a bit.
: Agreed that this is an undesirable cost, but preserving this on existing items has a lot of cost. My assumption right now is that we'd need to create a farming duo targons item if we wanted to truly support this. No timelines on when we'd introduce something like this, but I think there is clear benefit to such an item existing.
i mean, mordekaiser already has this strange extrarule on his w passive that he gets not hit by the expshare but gets full exp even with mulitple champions around him. Could he not just get to that passive that additionaly he looses not the relict passive? yea maybe to hard to program that only for him or to dumb to make another champion specific rule,e specialy an itemspecific one.
: First of all, I absolutely agree that a support should focus on vision, and that's not even my point. In fact, this change (with the precedent one) is kinda hurting that as well. Because it's harder for ranged/poke/traditional supports to get their sightstone, or it requires more risks, we end up having wards later, or not enough. And of course Riot will change the numbers if it doesn't work, that's exactly why I'm pointing that. My point is that it should not be to only the support to ward, and that's something Riot tries to improve since at least season 3. Currently, we all have trinkets, and people learn to buy pinks (ok, control wards... it's the same thing) more and more. But to have a good warding, it's really not enough. Zombieward and ghostporo are some nice additions, but are not enough by themselves. When I play jungle, I like to ward objectives, my jungle... I need another source of wards. Before, I purchased sightstone a lot, but now that choice is definitively gone. Tracker's knife is also removed... So, because I doesn't have any valid choice, I will have a more smaller impact on vision that what I would want. And that's have another consequence: the only one who can carry wards is the support. So, it makes more difficult for the supports to do something else for the team, another goal of Riot. Support need to have a clear role in the team beside warding. Else it's simply boring. Finally, for your personal point of view about vision... Saying that it's the responsability of the support, and that it shows his skills, is excatly what I think is wrong about the role of the support... "I play ADC, my role is to destroy towers and minions and get kills." "I play jungle, I will go farm dangerous monsters and gank the lanes to kills the enemies." "I play midlane, I will show my skills in 1v1 and participate in fights everywhere." "I'm support... Oh, right. I will not take any gold, doing nothing except give shields for the first 15 minutes and die so you can get a kill. And, of course, show "my skills" by warding." So exciting, Riot really should use that to promote League. The role of support is still not desirable, and giving all the responsibility of warding to the support is simply making it worst. Vision should be a team work, and everyone in the team should have decent tool to participate... And this way you can show your "skills" too! It is just my opinion of course. But an opinion shared by, you know, "many high elo players", so of course it means I'm right (and it's totally not an appeal to authority).
Ofcourse team has to work with vision too. Support alone can't do that. Also the jungleitem that was on the pbe 8.4 cycle short and replaced all jungleitems, the pathfinders knife, was an item that gave controlwards. It got removed cause it was highly experimental and landed to early/by accident on the pbe but at least for jungle a warditem could return. One that would eliminate the choice in jungleitems (not the enchantments, warrior, cinderhulk, bloodrazor and runic echoes would still be choices) but one that would every jungler take, speaking again of riots try to improve the visiongame. Yea i know that support isn't a disireable role but it is hard to change. Cause what else can you give them? they are currently realy strong in protection and tanking and less about vision. Nerfing their strenght would sink supportpopularity ofcurse again but is a realy strong supportrole the thing we need just for less queue time and less autofilled supports? Also riot said that they are nearly at their max about the visiongame as they have combined the sightstone and i believe they think how to change the whole system, make a restart. That ofcourse would take longer and not sure if it hits this preseason or maybe mid/preseason 2019. But currently, at least for 2 patches if pathfinders knife should realy come, we have to stick to supports only having that item and lee sin missing a sigthstone. And pathfinders knife if it would come 8.6, it would come with the probably final big change of supportitems till a new visionsystem comes, adding vision to junglers back (to all of them) while removing probably forever supportitems from other lanes.
: I understand these type of change early game... But mid/late game, I feel it will really hurt the supports. Also, now that sighstone no longer exists, that you removed Tracker's Knife... Well this change kill the only way a non-support could have wards. Supports are going to be even more limited to warding. Also, now, Frostfang is getting even more risky. You get a bad laning face and you get your sighstone at 15:00. And for every items, each time you get a minion when you tried to poke, or if your ADC is too far with Targon's... You get sighstone even later. I was already not a fan of the last changes to the support items, but for me this is simply getting worse.
I see frostfang items most times around 9, 10 min finished. Hardly believe it will get so much worse to 15 min. If you can proc regularly the frost passive you get it early. If riot sees that the quest finish to late they can change the numbers. And nonsupports can get wards by taking Zombieward or Ghostporo too. And use regularly controlwards and their trinket. Also personaly that supports should care more about warding would be great. Like adcs for towers and farm good warding can be a supportjob. This shows some skill to, using the right places, reading the enemy when you can go alone into a jungle tow ard depe and when not cause you would get catched. It is just my opionion ofcourse. But an opinion shared by many high elo players too.
: RIP Supports 2013-2018. As if it wasn't an underplayed role already.
oh come on. This role got buffed from 2013 only. I was for the Banditremoval already for quite some time and am happy to see that. Like Supports got 800 Gold for free by implementing the sightstone and other lanes just abused the supportitems even stronger as before preseason where bandi was a mastery. Yea Supports lost their previous quests but these quest just got implemented with no compensation nerfs (powercreep) some time ago too.
: i feel that there should be a summoner spell that you can get for supports that will allow you to either target a enemy champion to cause attack speed reduction or target a allied champion to create a shield or something depending on the starting support item similar to how smite works as a jungler with out smite wont work well in the jungle. that way supports will be able to have extra utility as long as they have the summoner skill and support item. or even make it a mastery or something. just an idea will look to see how this affects my play style.
problem 1: If it is to strong other lanes like midlane could go the supportitem with the summonerspell like there was the midlane runeglaive ezreal, ori, etc meta. problem 2: Ignite and Exhaust are already 2 good summonerspells doing damage and healreduction or slowing and decreasing damage. Even heal works well with heal poweritems. An attackspeedreduction would just work in lane or for engagesupports like leona. What has a soraka in lategame if the enemy adc is literaly on the other end of the fight? if there is not a diving Yi, she can decrease the attackspeed of the sejuani ok. but thats all. And are there realy more shields needed? Vs a sejuani in my exampel? Didn't know the Tank can burst down an Adc with a Soraka near him.
: I do not I like live rengar and this just makes him braindead and boring. He will be perms banned and nerfed to shit like last time.
? Ok, autoattackreset vs "Bruiserq". Goodplayers sue the q to reset their Attackanimation, bad blayers just press q at the start. This goes for both, vs champions and vs monsters. Considering current q gives you great easy waveclear, q revert will make rengars waveclear again less "braindead". Also i remember where pre dashnerf q was sued all the time to move faster threw the map like rengar would be a Riven (Riven is not a assassin!). That was totaly braindead so riot nerfed the dashrange. Afterall like over 80 or 90% of the players didn't like that change and boards and other mediums were full of complaints. And that where will be a minority of players who will miss the "easy, braindead" jungleclear of Rengar (ok, considering only wolfes, raptors and krugs need aoe) aswell as some players just will enver use the aareset good, that should be clear and can't be avoided.
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: ancient coin
why should it be a huge nerf? literaly people complaiend you got to less mana from it so on janna, soraka and rakan you go frost for being able to sue their abilities with their manahousehold. plus if you upgrade the item full you still get the 10% cdr
: I'm so glad you were able to fix it. I have one last request. Could you give me your dx diag file? We're trying to recreate the crash here.
Sure, here is the Dx diag file of my Laptop currently running on Windows 8 (not 8.1!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EB5Ppd0RQ_m-BwI4Ak-wyk7md8_i4UIQQGLJpIdfLEo/edit?usp=sharing
: also, one other question, is your pc a laptop by chance?
Yea my pc is a Laptop. I fixed it with my Catalyst Control Center. My Laptop has 2 Graphic cards and switches between amd radeon and Intel i5 and says their drivers are up to date(laptop Aspire e1-572G). I think i once restored to Factory Defautls cause i sometimes have fps problems (my tabbing out or random) and read that in the Riot Support Fps Guide. Still i find it curios that i got with this Crashing games on pbe while on Live i could normaly farther play. And i played with factory Defautls at the begin too. So changing and restoring back while i think maybe old and new client structures both are still on the pc could be here the problem. If all old clientfiles willl be removed (i read riot wants with farther patches make this automatic?) and client gets more stabil i think it will work again better/easier to solve these arts of problems.
: I had a similar issue as yours and going windowed mode solved it for me so i thought it might help you too. Anyways post your latest "LOLPBE\Logs\Game - R3d Logs" log and maybe we can see what is causing the issue.
000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2017-05-22T18:43:00.704 000000.001| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::RadsMain::Initialize: RADS library initializing with specified working directory "C:\spiele\Riot Games\League of Legends\PBE_Client_Shell\PBE\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy". 000000.001| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::RuntimeEnvironment::Create: Creating RADS runtime environment: RADS root directory = "C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS" 000000.001| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::SolutionManifest::Load: ("C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/") 000000.001| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::ConfigurationManifest::Load: ("C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/") 000000.001| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::ReleaseManifest::LoadInternal: ("C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/projects/lol_game_client_en_us/releases/") 000000.075| OKAY| Riot::RADS::Reader::ReleaseManifest::LoadInternal: ("C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/projects/lol_game_client/releases/") 000001.045| OKAY| Unable to process data overlay file ./ToolsConfig.xml, defaulting to overlay now 000001.045| ALWAYS| Data overlay start folder initialized to DATA, Content/Src 000001.048| ALWAYS| Build Version: Version (May 18 2017/14:46:36) [PUBLIC] <__MAIN__> ChangeList: 1884409 000001.080| ALWAYS| Started System Init 000001.081| ALWAYS| LCURemotingClient: Initializing on port 54174 000001.103| ALWAYS| LCURemotingClient: Connected to app process. 000001.103| ALWAYS| Maestro Init 000002.112| ALWAYS| Maestro completed init 000002.112| ALWAYS| zip manifest, 'ClientZips.txt', not found (expected). 000002.114| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Global.wad 000002.121| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Scripts.wad 000002.123| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/ShaderCache.wad 000002.125| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/UI/ui.wad 000002.126| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Localized/Global.en_us.wad 000002.141| ALWAYS| StartSession called 000002.141| ALWAYS| Started Init event arguments 000002.142| ALWAYS| Waiting until connection... 000002.217| ALWAYS| OS Version String: 8 Home, x64 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU: GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1, 2295 (0 core) 000002.217| ALWAYS| Measured processor speed: 2295 000002.217| ALWAYS| Display info: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family 2214592512 000002.217| ALWAYS| Physical memory: 8589934592 000002.217| ALWAYS| {"messageType":"hardware_information","message_body":"Hardware Info","operating_system":"8 Home, x64","cpu":"GenuineIntel","cpu_processor":"Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz","cpu_identifier":"Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1","cpu_topology":2,"gpu":"Intel(R) HD Graphics Family","video_memory":"2214592512","driver_version":"","physical_memory":8589934592,"wine":false} 000002.217| ALWAYS| -----HARDWARE INFORMATION START----- 000002.217| ALWAYS| Operating System: 8 Home, x64 000002.217| ALWAYS| GPU Manufacturer: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family 000002.217| ALWAYS| GPU Memory: 2214592512 000002.217| ALWAYS| GPU Driver Version: 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU Brand: GenuineIntel 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU Identifier: Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU Speed: 2295 000002.217| ALWAYS| CPU Topology: 2 Core 000002.217| ALWAYS| Physical memory: 8589934592 000002.217| ALWAYS| -----HARDWARE INFORMATION END----- 000002.298| ALWAYS| InitRenderer() enter 000002.298| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::Init(0x0006031C) enter 000002.298| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::Init() exit successfully 000002.575| ALWAYS| Loaded locale en_us via fontconfig 000002.580| ALWAYS| IME file, 'C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/', is optional. The following error is expected. 000002.581| ERROR| Missing file on r3dGFile open :C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ 000002.581| ERROR| Missing file on r3dGFile open :\Bin\Data\C:/spiele/Riot Games/League of Legends/PBE_Client_Shell/PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ 000002.585| ALWAYS| SharedConfigPath: C:\spiele\Riot Games\League of Legends\PBE_Client_Shell\PBE\RADS\projects/lol_air_client/releases/ 000002.587| ALWAYS| rr3dRenderLayer::InitDevice(XRes = 1366, YRes = 768, BPP = 32) enter 000002.587| ALWAYS| rr3dRenderLayer::InitDevice: Creating X3D device 000002.911| ERROR| Crash Occurred
: Try changing game from "full screen" to borderless or windowed.
You are funny. I can't get Ingame, no loading screen, it gets straight bugsplat. Currently if i remember correrctly the option to change full screen is under the tag "Video" and this option is still missing in the Client, you can only change it Ingame. Hard to change if you can't get Ingame. (beside i don't know why this should slve the problem, i never had problems with how i palyed before and i should have the same settings. Edit: i went over the folder config/game.cfg and changed WindowMode from 0 to 1 and it didn't solve the problem.
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: Bugsplatting right after champ select, can't get into game
happened to me today too. i wanted to go into pracice tool with darkstar oriana (just wanting to test fps) and got bugsplat. couln't conect. adn this already on the may 9 update.
: Did he windwall the E? the E can be windwall'd.
no, he didn't. I watched the replay and he didnt't use it. Even if with windwall i think the ability would have been gone off cd. But on my case i couldn't activate it.
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: Champions in Brush are Visible Without Wards or Vision in Brush
happened to em too. i palyed alsitar adn could all time see the enemy mecha khazix in brush. but there was also some controlwards i could see before entering the brush or having not even wards in it. i would add my league highlights, but i jsut have them on vlc mediaplayer and i can just add links. (don't want to upload this on youtube).
: Armor quints or seals only give you 8 or 9 armor, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't do much. Have you never seen a {{champion:238}} or {{champion:91}} go {{item:3111}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3814}}? Or how about {{item:3139}} use to be one of {{champion:119}}'s core item? I rarely use {{item:3157}} unless I'm up against an AD mid or if I'm on {{champion:55}} or {{champion:84}}. All I'm asking for is another option for AP champions to have an armor item, since AD champs have so many options for MR.
i go on probuilds and like nearly never see {{item:3139}} on {{champion:119}} . zed or Talon rarly go all 3 mr items cause you trade off damage from penetration items like {{item:3071}} or {{item:3153}} . And if you rarly use {{item:3157}} unless youa re agaisnt ad mid, why would you use an ap armoritem than? agaisnt adcs, who you as an ap laner like syndra should burst down? same reason as why you dont go zhonyas: you need to build dmg to do that, penetration like {{item:3135}} , {{item:3151}} or even {{item:3020}} (if you dont want to go the safe {{item:3047}} which you rly could do). or raw ap/mobility/utility/splitpushpower like {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3100}} . Rylais, Protobelt, Liandrys and {{item:3030}} {{item:3027}} give you a bunch of health. Like as an adc you don't have any rly health item beside {{item:3071}} {{item:3078}} and not every adc suits it. {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} are more for bruisers (especialy hydra). with all these options midlaners are currently most times less squishy as adcs, having like 500 health more and {{item:3001}} or/and{{item:3157}} while adcs currently not rly buying ga, much more likly going {{item:3139}} OR{{item:3156}} and with {{item:3072}} (if they didn't go {{item:3153}} ) they are semitanky, maybe they have sustain but one combo still can kill them if maw is off cd and exhaust not used. In one coment a riotwroker here stated they tested an ap ga version and people tended more to buy zhonhas if they needed to go armor or it was rly unfun to play itself and against if they had both.
: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but is it a possibility that we will ever see another AP + Armor item? ADCs and AD mids have so many options for magic resistance, even though they're supposed to be as squishy as AP mages and assassins. {{item:3111}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3102}}{{item:3026}} They can buy 2-3 of these items, and it doesn't feel bad at all.
they changered here (experimental) {{item:3102}} witht he stats of {{item:3001}} so banshees is no longer a defensive ad item. you have as well {{item:3047}} and you gain far more armor per lv as you gain mr per lv. Also armor quinsts are beside ap quints the most gold effizient quints ingame if we want to speak of armor/mr use over all ingame and on tanks and mostly beside boots you go only one of these mr items while you go most times only {{item:3157}} if you want armor and safty, it already has a strogn active. you just need {{item:3140}} if they have a {{champion:90}} /{{champion:72}} mostly ;)
: Adaptive Helm more like screw you Kayle
and sol, maybe jax and eve too? yes it hits them hard which is maybe the purpose for this item.
: These item changes are awful. They just take away the possibility of building items on certain champions. Like Banshee's Veil, no longer will AD champs be able to get it to block a brand W, or Malphite/Zed ult, so they basically just lose for going near these champions meaning they can't ever kill them. Guardian Angel is a big one, a build I use very often is Trinity Force, Steraks, Guardian Angel, the items have a nice synergy with each other, taking away the MR ruins the build which is best on so many champions. Skarner, Jax, Irelia, Vi, Udyr (Of whom already is getting big nerfs) and so many more. I mean this update makes squishies slightly tankier, and supportive tanks might be okay since they provide more utility but this change is just a big fuck off to Fighters. I don't see +40 MR being added to any of the champions I listed, not even any compensation really. I also don't see any Banshees replacement for AD/tank champions. We can probably live with the Banshee's change since there is so many AD/MR items and one of them has a simular effect but the GA change is beyond garbage, it feels like CEO of Riot has been on an Adc playing spree and is just trying to get an edge by making the item more beneficial to him. Even the new item that doubles your hp, since it kills your damage it means any tank using it becomes unthreatening and gets ignored, but if you're an Adc out of position, it's like another type of GA yea you can't do damage for 4 seconds but you gain so much more out of it because your value is much higher to the enemy.
you nearly answered yourself: there are already many ad/mr items like edge of night doing the job nearly similar to bashees. And if you want to have armor on jax/irelia you can go deadmans/randuins/ga. if you want to go mr spiritvisage/maw/wits end/edge of night/qss/adaptive helm. Mostly you want to splitpsuh with irelia or jax so gargoyel stonepalte is bad for that but why anyways you need both resistances? with 3 items you certaintly don't need that. If you think you need it, you can go zzrot (helps you splitpush too and has armor/mr). Skarner or vi, if you want to teamfight you can go stonepaltes. and uyr, choose one of the many options i gave here for your favoured playstyle, new deadmans rly looks much better on him, you e a chaser and run away faster as before. And zzrot to splitpush.
: Switching around Banshee's and Abyssal's stats is mega confusing :/ I think if they wanted to go through with this, they could simply move the passives around and call it a day. Seriously, making the tank item a mage item and viceversa is extremely confusing imo
maybe you get at the start confused if you search the item names in shop but if you go over the buildpath you will see rly fast that it ends with diffrent icons. Just changing the passives would feel wrong, banshees had this passive now rly long and abysal was the item that increases magic dmg aswell. Riot worked like this already a few times, like the zekes, ohmwrecker, banner of comand changes in the past for example or giving rageblade the devourer passive.
: Here are some initial impressions on things that I think are extremely problematic and will 100% cause balance issues if they released to live as is. - Banshee's Veil - EXPERIMENTAL/Abyssal Scepter - EXPERIMENTAL Honestly this change is just flat out awful and quite mind boggling. Spell shields are extremely powerful but also EXTREMELY annoying/unfun to deal with from a gameplay perspective. Are you forgetting the huge problems Edge of Night caused when it was buffed, or the reasons you nerfed Banshee's Veil originally? Making spell shield so accessible by basically giving it to every AP champion would be both overpowered and would make gameplay very annoying/unfun. Spell shields totally screw over combo mages/mages with long cooldowns like Lux. Furthermore this is a flat out nerf across the board to AP champions who you are already hitting by providing mr/lvl to everyone and buffing MR itemization. Abyssal is a near mandatory item now in the current state of the game on most AP champions because of damage creep and removal of Athene's as a viable mage item. - Adaptive Helm You say this item is 'niche' buts its anything but. Its stats are too broad and inclusive and in its current state it will merely be a 100% buy for tanks/divers in place of Spirit Visage and Banshees Veil. This item simply does too much, remove the health regen and CDR and the item is in a better spot. Furthermore this item shows the clear bias you guys have had against magic damage in itemization over the last little while, massively buffing MR itemization while nerfing/failing to add additional physical damage mitigation items. This isnt even a wild conspiracy theory at this point since look back at all recent item changes shows massive buffs to MR items. You say Adaptive Helm is supposed to be akin to Randuins as a top tier mitigation item and then nerf Randuins so its no longer a top tier sustained damage migitation item by removing its crit damage reduction?
to be fair like riot said ap users on mid, bot and top got over the last seasosn more and more with having exhaust and tabbis to counter ad assassins, the midseasonmageupdate from last year we have rumbel/kennen top and zyra/brand/malzahar bot while locket its mr aura passive. This is like a year later, the mr per level already could have happened with the locket changes. Yes, banshees has a strong passive but it is definetly not strong on tanks, which tank cares if the passive got triggered by another tank or syndra q cause most times this will jsut happen, not syndra throwing her ult on it. I see the banshee changes nt rly as nerfs to aps, more as nerfs to adcs (while ga changes may be a little buff to adcs adn a enrf to apcs) cause it gave rly much mr and health, more safty as jsut a maw for example and not it is only for ap. Sure now ads have edge f night, but you can argue it is only fair aps have a similair item now too. It isn't that bad if both aps on mid have it for example. And now you just go it for defensive use, abysal was like: even if i paly vs an ad midlaner i go abysal beside zhonyas (or not even zhonyas) cause they have an ap jungler and i deal more dmg/true dmg with it. It already has ap and mr, why should an item with ap and mr be such an offensive tool? Zhonyas is defensive, scimitars, maw, edge of night and now ga are still mostly defensiv, why you want an dmg/resistance item which increases with his passive over all your whole dmg as well?
: Midseason Durability Feedback
I have a question regarding Gargoyel Stoneplates active: Is the dmg reduction just for the users autos and abilitys or for his item actives/spells too? For example if a tank like {{champion:113}} walks to baron with activating Metallicize, can she still steal it with her normal smite dmg and ignite someone for the full dmg or is {{summoner:11}} /{{summoner:14}} /{{summoner:31}} / item dmg like protobelt (strange combo i know) reduced by it too for the cost of this rly strong active? I like most of the changes, especialy deadmans (for example looks stronger on heca/udyr together with the udyr changes on pbe)and the experimental switch of abysal/banshees for example. But randuins i don't know if it will fall to weak and Stoneplates to stong (like coc on release). I still would buy ga as an adc just late if even needed and hope if i fill another role fellow adc do it aswell and not purchase it early so we have no dmg in teamfight.
: Galio Feedback Thread
Less than a feedback (i like him) more to 2 questions: 1: Can Warwick follow him with his q during Galios Ult, cause it has such a long Cast time? 2: i don't know if this si still an issue on the new client but than the shop is bugged you have this "session expired" image with Comannder Galio. Does this image gets updated too?
: Can we discuss the Blade of the Ruined King changes?
botrk was already alst cyle in and they shared their thoughs. as far as is ee and agree on it, its an item you likly never build solo. Either you stack it with trinity, some zealitem or some other curveitem (like bloodrazor/witsend). And you dont need so much as, all these items either give no ad or jsut a little bit (trinity). Botrk with the changes would be a stronger firstitem, cause at the ebgin you want first ad before you go as (adcs for example buying bf/bf&pickaxe and than go their zealitem). So some adcs like kalsita, vayne with w max, kogmaw but also like every melee could benefit from that. And you not either need to hit 2.5 as and if youw ant you can already hit it so easy on on hit builds and for going farther onhi you have to build more as items which is innefizient. To sum up, champs that build first botrk adn than go trinity or runans for example rly should rly benefit from this, the adcs and the melee fighters using strong ad scaling abilitys tooa dn already geting as steroids through abilitys aswell.
: As a player that builds Aatrox as an off-tank and used to build him full AD every game please take this with a grain of salt. 1. Blades of Torment (E) -The true good reason why Aatrox didn't have that hard of a time against every matchup in top lane is this was magic damage. Pretty much every laner will build tabi's even if they're riven or quinn if they have trouble with him, this makes it REALLY hard to harass champs that straight up murder him already. Not only this but for tanks like maokai and malphite, them building armor only makes it THAT much fucking easier to call you a mosquito being annoying. Doesn't actually matter if you buffed the damage a bit or not, this is top lane, full of tanks, that can stack armor easily. 2. Blood Well (P) -Welp now he has a vladimir passive that ONLY works when his abilities are off cd to stack it up quick or do it slowly and the other laner treats you as a melee vlad which he almost NEVER gets his empowered Q against a smart player. Not only this but now it's REALLY easy to predict when he's going to Q, which is his main problem already. So now with this passive you've killed jg aatrox and you've nerfed laning aatrox. Oh, and no one cares for the base damage (not even riot apparently since you kept his blood price bonus AD which is his main damage). 3. Dark Flight (Q) -Well you've nerfed its damage hard without the "Blood Rush" which he can't even use. OR he uses his Q right BEFORE he gets Blood Rush so they can't escape, making it a nerf. Although this is the only ability I like with no hp cost now. No one cared for hp costs other than maybe the Q. 4. Blood Price (W) -So you cut the blood price damage by MORE than half early levels. Now his laning phase is worse not only from his passive but now his W. You changed the blood thirst, passive, and Q to be more for a tank build but you kept the bonus AD scaling on his best skill? If he's behind before, he did 10 damage, now he does 5 damage to tanks with his blood price. 5. Blood Thirst (W) -What you're doing now is turning Aatrox into an autoattack lover. Not even Tryndamere likes auto attacking more than 3 times against anyone but a tank. He now has a really good heal that keeps him sustained in lane, if he's not pressured off minions and is ALWAYS autoattacking. He now has less healing during 1v1's and the missing hp heal is useless if he doesn't have a lot of attack speed, same reason why rageblade sucks on him, he doesn't want to autoattack THAT long and if he does he should be finishing someone off who he knows he's going to kill. Worst part is Aatrox's 5% missing hp heal is nothing, Darius gets a 12% heal AND HE ACTUALLY BUILDS HP, AATROX DOESN'T, so aatrox has litterally no base hp so he can't even use this mechanic. Darius also gets up to 36% missing hp healing while aatrox has to autoattack 9 times before it matches up to that. So now your forcing Aatrox to become an AS tank that sucks during laning phase. Yes, I have tried all of the changes on the pbe. Please god do not do this to Aatrox. This shit is such a huge nerf tot anything that DOESN'T build full tank. Summoner Name : BigDaddyTre
im not an aatroxplayer but is tankaatrox now ok? if e shifted towards physical you could build bc and tankitems like spiritvisage, sunfire? like i would say how you would build WW maybe titanic and trinity and full tank than. you could try that, and the fact that pbe is not the first testign groudn, they tested it already on some other server, i think amybe they have thought about it. And its first day pbe, many can still be changed or partreverted i think.
: I'm jumping on your answer for asking something more general for him! On a general direction, what have been finaly decided for aatrox? He's a sort of skirmishers diver, or more a diver with the idea to be a drain tank?
i would say secondly, skirmishers are like light fighters who not rly have an engage/hardengage tool, its more they have fast dashes/movementspeedboosts to enter and reenter a fight. Plus these changes are to make tankaatrox available like shiftings towards total ad from bonus ad and giving the %costs away (and somehow i think rageblade with the changes to be less avaialable?) But what i see is that his e is only healthcost abilty which i think is pretty strong. if he turns out to strong maybe give q not a %, but a flatcost? Still these changes are more likly temporal and he still could be a candidate for a diverupdate end 2017 i would assume.
: they are adding more bots later on, but 1 bot is enough until more feedback is given. you can go 30s past, using the fast forward button.
yea, amybe i didnt say it specific, i know you can go 30 forward, but going 30 s backward too would be nice too for things like trainin certain combos, redo a death from a bot cause you know must do your mejas stacking again and lsot buff, etc :)
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Hi, could you pls add specific for {{champion:7}} the minnor detail by resseting the cd, that the rr combo will be also resettet which currently doenst? ty
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Hi, i palyed the practice tool now 2 times each as warwick vs lucian and as ivern vs warwick. What i would want to see coming too would be a herald and abron spawn function, to ad more as 1 bot and to go 30s past, so you could train to react in certain situations diffrently, where the bot killed you by accident ;). In some future multiplayer (or more inteligent bots who you could comand to walk and farm certain walks and let jungel) would be nice to train things like timed counterjungling. I had issues with ivern vs warwick: On some certain point warwick did not leave the base, i restarted the game and than later it happened again. I trolled around, and while i placed brushes in the enemy base, as long as i didnt dmg warwick or covered him in a brush too, i could walk in the enemy fountain around. Secondly than i died nearly ww with a brush placed on him, im not sure why it needed that, i got not executed, i got killed y him while he just stayed afk near me, maybe the w passive. But if i stayed at the rand of the fountain laser area i got executed. End of the story was i abused revive and teleport and ww got a penta for not dealing anything. But yea, pls fix that a bot,maybe its just new warwickbot, on ww vs lucian or graves it didnt happened, jsut randoml stops walking out of base. In one situation he just walked back cause he was low, in the other he died, so dieing and respawning is not the reason for him to not leave base. And im not sure why but my matchhistory is in both alpha and normal client now empty after these training sessions? But thanks for including this tool and doing the new ww :)
: UPDATE! For tomorrow: Good news and bad news. Bad news first: * Increasing the wall cooldown CD by 10 at all ranks Okay but now the good news: * Wall cooldown now scales with CDR. So rank 1 CD is now 160. With just 10% CDR, that's already 144, lower than the old rank 1. With 40% CDR that's 96s (36s at max rank). Hopefully this helps the wall CD scale more favorably with game time and functions more like you'd expect it to. Also, adding a very experimental change to see if we can improve the E experience for enemies: * Enemies who see Talon vault over a wall get a quick flash of walls near Talon that are on cooldown.
I'm not sure but this sounds like a bard Magical Journey with the extra that they can chase him all day (by same movementspeed) while allies have the disadvantage, if talon comes to his low life friends. Maybe it would be ok if just one could follow him, like the one clicking first on the wall (similar to how only one person can grab tresh lantern or go with tahm on an abysal voyage)?
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