: {{champion:84}} jg? no, Riot, pls, no {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Ok. If she'd be overpowered, then no. Never mind. xD
: Hi! Please post ideas on live boards such as [EUW boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/), [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/), or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/), or other similar websites that attract Rioter attention. You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions. The Rioters you wish to reach to not read the PBE boards.
Ok understood. Thank you for letting me know. I will post on NA Boards or Reddit.
: Yuumi needs nerf on URF
I suggested balancing on all champions for URF. But someone replied and said champions are fine (I think. I have terrible memory.). I think very simple balancing is needed for some champions on URF. Nothing too big and drastic, maybe. URF would be used for fun and giggles right? I think URF would be fine as long as turrets and minions keep people in lane like in the main game, atleast to some degree. Balancing for game-breaking things is needed. I just don't want too much stress about it.
: another shield could make her a bruiser. I proposed in another post that if you keep today's scales and not PBE but you take out the damage of the new R an turn it into a base shield that grows on champ hit could work, would work as a not kamikaze diver and having more ways to overcome damage could lead her to build dps builds
I agree with you. It seems like Diana does unbalanced high damage with her ulti. I think adding survivability with a more balanced increase in damage would make Diana more stable.
: I may have misunderstood your question but, no bruisers are not good as ADCs even if they are building attack rate (speed?), except if they have a very aggressive support against an in mobile ADC (for example Blitzcrank + Renekton against a Kog'maw) bur even then it's a risky matchup. The only exception is Yasuo who is basically designed to be good against ADCs. "benefiting from attack rate and AD" if she had AD scaling she would be an excellent bruiser/diver because she could build better items for her role, but she would lose her niche of an ap bruiser/diver. Regarding the second dash, I've seen this idea come up in the Diana mains Reddit a lot. If she had an escape move she would be an assassin and she would lose what is unique about her. She would be a second Leblanc basically.
Ah too bad Diana would not be good against ADCs. I was hoping for that, because more variety in roles, would make LoL more fun and colourful. Variety between champions are important too. And I think Riot intended Diana to be more like an Assassin. She is classified like that on Wiki. Second dash as an escape sounds fair, even if a few other champions can escape too. But I understand, that won't make her a good ADC. I just wanted to add to your post, extending to an argument that with your changes, could Diana even be a good ADC. Because, more variety in roles/lanes would make the game more fun, if possible.
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: Well I played vs her Top lane with Yasuo and I can say I'm fairly good playing him she won vs me easily. however I totally agree with what you said
Thank you very much. I appreciate the agreement. :D
: Well I agree on what you're saying to a certain extent however the damage is crazy and her old ult became just a skill when I played vs her she bullied me easily on level 2 !! simply a fed ADC does not stand a chance against her unless the ADC player is quite skilled
Hmm. I really like what you're saying. I really want to be a melee ADC playing at bot lane. And I think Riot really wants to introduce melee ADCs. But I think melee champions were buffed too much with the numbers being too high. I didn't say anything...but I really wanted a very small buff to melee ADCs. Melees need some balancing. I saw Diana Mid vs. another melee mid (I really wish I could find that vid again)(edit: He was Malphite). And Diana couldn't do much damage at all. No tank items on her opponent but basically no damage to him (the opponent had a passive shield). So there's been weird changes in the PBE. So I think the numbers need a lot of balancing, including on Diana. But it would be worth it. It would allow melee ADCs and make everything fair. If Diana and a few other melees can be good against traditional ADCs, I would be very happy. But the numbers need an adjustment. I think the adjustment would make lots of players happy.
: How does that even work, you just stood that and got a quadra. Is this the Katarina rework {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Diana's ult brings opponents close, slows them, then detonates and does a lot of damage after a delay. The more opponents the ult hits, the more damage it does to everyone. Being higher in level than everyone else will increase the base damage of her ult (after leveling it) and more items would help too. Otherwise, if everyone are the same, she's a target. If she brings in pple that close, she better survive, win, shield herself or use her slow/positioning to get help because otherwise all those opponents would easily attack her.
: New Diana
I saw lots of videos. It seemed like opponents were doing find against her when her Q was slower. With a fast Q, right now, she can keep dashing to stay close. I think her Q speed should reach a balance. So sometimes opponents will dodge and Diana will need to anticipate opponent's dodging/moving. Do you think that would be enough?
: Diana rework opinion and suggestions
I wish I could comment on scaling. I'm a beginner. But I'm alright with Diana staying more like a bruiser. Maybe there could be a balance to her, that would allow players to itemize and choose more bruiser or assassin. I plan to play her sometimes top and sometimes mid. Scaling her auto-proc with attack rate is interesting because players may build attack speed, a little bit, to make her a better ADC (she's melee I know). My question is: Do you think Diana benefiting from attack rate and AD, having better starting stats, and being a tanky bruiser would allow her, or any melee champion, to be a better ADC? And what if Diana can use her second dash to get away after trading? I'm crazy. Edit: In addition to decreasing damage and making her more sustainy and tanky, I would like Diana's auto-attack-proc to give her some mana, like before. It would allow her to be a better ADC. I don't mind her overall damage decreasing.
: I find it hilarious that you think Diana needs buffs or doesn't do enough damage. She's infamous for her one shot combo and for some god forsaken reason, her ult is a casual ability now. I don't know who designed and who approved this, but this has to be one of the worst thought out reworks. This won't be well received in competitive play.
Well Diana doesn't need buffs or increased damage. Her PBE ult does crazy damage right now. Lowering the ult's damage and adding stealth would be a nerf to her overall damage. I thought she does a lot of damage currently. And it would just make her more like the old Akali and give her more utility. To be honest, I was hoping a champion would be introduced that is exactly like old Akali but with skill shots like Diana's. I was hoping. Then I found out about Diana's rework. But after I posted, I was thinking, with Diana's shield, she's really a bruiser. Possibly, stealth doesn't fit in here. I'm fine if Riot adds stealth somehow, leaves the ult the same, or does something else. Bruisers are fine with me.
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: with pre season 10 i feel the game is more unbalanced than ever. If your team is behind there is nothing you can do to overcome that. Now i feel the first team to get the dragon is the one who wins. Besides, damage from some champions is extremely broken. I just played a game where a senna's passive took 1/2 life of a lvl 11 ekko... THE PASSIVE. It's insane.
Ok. Understood. I think Riot could balance damage to what they want. It could make the game feel like its classic self, or could be something new that everyone would be excited/agree about. Either way, it might bring fans back to the game and/or make the game more popular.
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: I think riot should work on her Q and W range. The range is ridiculously stupid.
Senna's W is so slow. Her Q doesn't do much damage (so it's not a huge threat) and requires a lot of mana. She can't use them very often.
: Senna Q Free Aim
I have read all the comments. Dropping a ward for clutch play would take too long I think. But I understand that it is unfair if Senna doesn't need a target because without it, she can heal any time (doesn't make sense) and there would be fewer counter play. Needing a target is good with me. However I still would like it to be easy to set the Q off. As long as Senna locks on to a target, the mouse should be anywhere, we let go of Q and the ability should go off. Currently, I think the mouse has to be above the target as we let go. But even then, sometimes the ability doesn't go off.
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: Senna crit interaction
Did anyone notice if Senna's self-heal has decreased in PBE? If it has, I didn't know how badly it would affect her success in top and mid lanes. I think Senna should heal herself just as much as she heals others. That way she will continue being viable in solo lanes as maybe originally intended. She's still a good support, because if she auto attacks champions a lot, she'll collect souls quickly and be able to Q and heal a lot. And it's easier for minions to drop souls if ADC is killing them. If developers think it's a good idea, I'm ok with extra crit turned into healing and shielding power or crit damage. Maybe a combination of life-steal, crit damage, healing and shielding power (since lifesteal is too much right now maybe). She should probably also keep her original rate of collecting souls. I got 200 souls by level 16 probably because I was playing against AI, with AI. In videos, I don't see players getting that many against other players. O_O Senna's design was very good from the start. Just needs balancing I guess (Edit: maybe she was balanced from the start too...now players know how to play against her). Sorry guys!! Edit: Senna might be too good at solo lanes now. Maybe a slight decrease to self-heal and increase to ally-heal, with a decrease in Q's mana cost, is good. Maybe a combination of life-steal, heal and shielding power is a good idea also. I just hope that Senna can be a champion that is good at every role, like her original. Devs got a lot of suggestions. Senna might need some balancing as well. I trust them. Edit: Hi, I think Senna was intended to be good in all roles. I think she was when her self-heal equaled healing on allies. Right now she's not strong in solo-lanes. I think it's good if Senna's self-heal equaled her heal on allies. Edit: This is embarrassing. Senna is so complex, none of my suggestions may be good. I am okay with Senna healing others as much as herself, the original rate of collecting mists, original crit damage, and all other player's suggestions (healing and shielding power/crit damage increase after maxing crit rate).
: Yes, they're similar to ARAM in the sense that they're "+ and x% or - an y% of damage." You can find them easily on the lol wikia.
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: Senna crit interaction
Hi everyone, I've stopped seeing Senna on solo lanes. Is she not viable in top/mid, maybe because her self-heal has decreased? (A very small adjustment will make a big difference, I think.) Edit: I think Senna was viable in top/mid. I hope to see her viable again. A small increase in healing teammates and a small decrease in self-healing will make a sufficient difference, I think. My request is that Senna would be viable in solo lanes again.
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: Opinions on Senna
> [{quoted}](name=Yonggon,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=nKMt7YWE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-31T01:22:32.013+0000) > > -Senna feels like she can do every role viably. > > I would be happier if she felt more solid as support. I am very happy about this. If we need to play in a role that we do not choose, we'll still be good.
: One thing that bugs me a are the visuals of the Black Mist in her basic skin. By which I don't mean that it looks bad, but Senna overall looks too dark themed to me in that skin. It's much better in true damage. Also, the effects of her skills are quite dark. Remember that awesome video where she shot that shield to protect Lucian ? I liked that a lot, cause it showed she has kind of a light power to combat all that darkness. Would love to see that color in some of her abilities. Yet ingame, she doesn't seem so much as a Redeemer to me, than as a desperate fighter using the power or darkness a lot. There are the white light effects too, of course, but I feel overall her kit more screams darkness to me than redeeming power of light.
I thought Senna was the Shadow's Embrace! I think she was meant to be dark. But maybe some skins can be released that would change the colours on her abilities.
: Senna crit interaction
I agree with both posters. But we need to keep things simpler while keeping the original feel. I think life-steal makes sense, because she steals souls. If she plays well, she'll steal life too. To make her a better support or ADC, whichever you choose and build, her crit damage could be increased. The tradeoff would be decreasing the rate she gathers souls. A good player will probably gather 200 souls by level 16 or 17. By those levels, 140 or 150, makes sense. This way, crit items are more important and will be more beneficial, since crit damage is increased. To be a better support, Riot could increase the healing amount on her Q, on others, while decreasing it on herself. A support needs others. She maybe just needs a little sustain, maybe not something that will completely save her. But she will heal others better. Lots of auto attacks will help you heal more. I think a better shield on her ultimate is a good idea also. Is this alright? Edit: I would like to add something. Did melee champions get buffed? They are very strong. I think they were buffed too much. For example, I think Melee ADCs need a way to get in and out and do more if they do get in. A small buff is important. But I do not request a huge buff. Edit: To decrease the rate at which Senna gets souls, Riot could give a chance to get one after a hit on champions (on the next hit).


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