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: I agree that it's not a competitive platform but PBE is kind of a Privilege. Not only you have access to All champions and skins, but you also have early access to new game modes and features. League should make Public Beta environment more of a privileged access. For example, Riot could use the honor system to determine a players behavior, if you have a honor level of 2 or lower, you lose access to PBE for a week or something around this area. Riot should treat PBE like a reward/privilege. IMO
i agree with you on this, it is a privilege, and i feel so good when i report some bug or give an opinion and Riot actually act upon it, it makes you feel a part of the Riot family, but in my case, i live in Beirut, Lebanon. only good gaming PC and connections are in internet gaming cafe, i been playing LOL for about 1 and half years now, and reached lvl 5 honor, i am probably one of the nicest people in game, i never bitch about anything and if my team mate isnt playing good and while everyone lash at him i give him moral support and tell him we all were noobies to the game and consider this a learning game, your mistakes were this this and that, i always give props for enemy team when they do a nice prediction and outplay , but once i forgotten my account open, and someone played a game on my account and my account was banned for 14 days and dropped to lvl 0 honor, when i asked Riot why i was banned for 14 days, they sent me the chat... needless to say i was disgusted by the racist and homophobic comments made by who ever played my account, i accepted full responsibility, what im trying to say that not everyone who isnt high lvl honor is actually bad, but Riot should find a way to resolve this issue once and for all, for example if you perma ban an account, it wont help, they would just make another account, but my suggestion would be if the offense took place in a ranked game, punishment should be 14 days ban from ranked games + drop a whole rank, i mean if he is Gold 3 , drop him to Silver 3 , that would def. make people think twice about being toxic, if the offense happens again by that player, take away everything from his account except what he purchased with RP. thats his money, but everything else with BE and OE , champs, skins, icons, emotes, take all that away permanently, drop his back to lvl 30, Iron 4 rank, lvl 0 honor
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: About feeders or AFKs in ranked game
> [{quoted}](name=RyzeThm PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=8cbzibMq,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-20T11:39:41.904+0000) > > Hi Riot. > I have played League for over 2 years, and I started to tired because of feeders or AFKs in ranked game. > I played lots of ranked games, and I met feeders to feeders, AFKs to AFKs. It made me feeling bad every time I played League. > So I have some features about the Player Report system. > The Player Report system seems not to be working when I report someone, and it's annoyed me. > I have reported thousands of players and I just received only 2 or 3 times the response. > And I think we should have a punishment to all those players that feed - causing the loss of the game. Banning or reduce more LP if someone received a report, or anything that wake up their minds not to feeding anymore. > That is all of my suggestions, you can accept or reject this. > I'll continue feedback for a better League > Thank you for reading this. if i may add to your suggestions, intentional feeders and AFK get 2 weeks ban from playing ranked also dropped a rank, like real drop, if the are silver, get em down to bronze, that will teach anyone not to be a feeder or AFKer, now keeping in mind some people's connection may be horrible and disconnect or lag, that usually shows by the ping or load rate, but if reported, riot must check if it was intentional and drop a rank or if it was a technical issue, in this case forgive and forget
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