: Yeah the topics in the summary above are mostly just the major changes in our opinion. We may look at adjusting isolation range depending on his performance. Full Changelist as is: P: * Isolation moved here * Unseen Threat damage changed from 15-190 + 50% AP >>> 2 + Level * 8 + 40% Bonus AD Q: * CD 3 seconds >>> 4 seconds * Bonus Isolation dmg increased 30% >>> 50% * Bonus AD Ratio 120% >>> 140% * Evolve grants 50 range on Q and AA, and refunds 60% of the CD vs Isolated targets W: * Base slow removed * Evolved Slow reduced 50% >>> 40% * Evolved Slow vs Isolated increased 50% >>> 80% R: * Base Stealth 1 second >>> 1.5 seconds * Evolve adds a passive: While out of combat, Kha'zix also passively gains Void Assault for 3 seconds in brush. This persists for up to 1.5 seconds after exiting the brush. 10 second per brush cooldown.
Why are you guys influencing a poke/tank Kha? Isnt he supposed to be an assassin? Why such a hard hit to his burst but make buffs like you are to Rengar? The whole point of Kha is to catch someone alone and isolated and kill them and leave before the enemy team can catch you.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
So...How EXACTLY is Kha'Zix being changed? Hes the only one not being shown.


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