: Lets talk Master Yi
> I know that about a year ago Yi had a rework because AP Yi has gotten out of hand, but he has gotten worse. You haven't played against the old AP Yi if you think he's better now. Literally Q>Zhonya's>Q = Pentakill. That being said I don't think Yi needs to be changed. One stun on him and he should be dead. land any pull on him and he should be dead. Even a good root should be enough to kill him. The only time I've seen a Yi get out of control is when laners refuse to ward. Sure he can try to split push if he's not fed, but so can a lot of champs. TL:DR CC>Yi
: Gnar Bug thread
Okay so I was playing on New Summoner's Rift as Dino Gnar. while playing on red side between first and second enemy towers I threw my boomerang at minions and missed the catch. The boomerang managed to cause the Gromp to attack me even tho it didn't do damage to the Gromp. Is this a bug or is this intentional?
: Suggestion for the Ult, Maybe recolor it to flash between red and blue like a cop if it's not too much trouble? Suggestion for the E, the taser-sword-lightsaber seems a tad too lightsaber-y, perhaps toning the lighting effect of the sword down could make it feel more polished? Love that the propellers are dynamic, and that the cop sirens go off during the E (makes her seem like the bad ass riot suppression unit)
Maybe just leave the end of taser sword lit up? Similar to how a stun gun looks? Only problem would be visibility, but she already has her sirens flashing so I don't think it'd be that big of a deal. Just an idea to try out.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
First off, I love this champion. Strong work on his design and gameplay. The feeling of surviving a trade because of changing to big gnar is amazing. One thing I'm not sure of is why his ult can't trigger yasuo's ult. Is it supposed to be like {{champion:67}}s condemn? It feels more like a {{champion:412}} flay as it is now. Maybe it's just me but it feels like I'm tossing them through the air more than just slapping them around. Maybe that's just me tho.
: Leave a comment...
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: Trundles Back
also if you click on the portrait in the patcher it opens the whole picture without opening an internet tab so not having the face shown isn't a big deal.
: Debonair Vi transformation
Same thing happened to me. I thought it was her shield at first but later zoomed in on it and it looks like it's a glitch.
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: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
I think rusty blitzcrank should make a joke comeback on april 1st or something. It's a skin I honestly want just because it's so bad. Almost like a bad movie that gets watched over and over because it's bad. Even if it was just something you could earn like the special summoner icons.
: Because having all the runes is actually very annoying to scroll though all of the useless ones. I have every Seal (yellow) in existence but the only ones I use on all 20 of my pages are Armour Seals.
There are runes that are great that aren't in the bundle tho (flat hp seals im looking at you).
: Pretty sure they are keeping it simple intentionally to avoid overwhelming players with too much info at once (they talked about this in the [dev blog](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/building-better-onboarding-intro-bots)). Things like warding, advanced item builds, and last-hitting should come later. They are also making the game a bit more slow-paced and forgiving initially (with the bonus XP and bots not coming to lane until you've had a bit of time to adjust to controlling your champion to fight minions). It's good game design to not overwhelm the player with every feature the game has at the start, in order to avoid overwhelming you with everything at once. For example, in Portal, the final levels have complex solutions, involving portal jumps, companion cubes, lasers, and other assorted elements, but if those levels came at the beginning of the game, you would probably never beat them. Instead, they introduce the various game mechanics one step at a time. Just because Riot is releasing Intro Bots doesn't mean they won't be releasing stuff later to help players learn the advanced aspects of the game. And the existing Co-op vs AI mode will still exist, so once players have a handle on Intro Bots, they can essentially "advance to the next level" by playing Co-op vs AI.
While I agree that it's important to avoid overwhelming new players, this mode is supposed to build off of the tutorials. Right now there is little danger of failure, which can lead to cementing in bad habits. The difficulty comes in asking experienced players to test a mode for beginners. Using your Portal example: After beating the game you have dealt with complex puzzles involving portal jumps, companion cubes, lasers, etc. so playing through it again the easy levels with seem obvious to you, but if you have a friend play through it for the first time, they may have trouble with puzzles you would think should be easy for them and breeze through a puzzle you may expect them to have troubles with. Going back to Cantras's comment, yes some ideas might be a bit too far, but aspects like warding and objectives are important and should be taught. Even just a little note about the trinket ward could be a nudge to get players warding more often and learning about map awareness. After all, practice makes permanent right?
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
One thing I noticed was there wasn't a lot of help for gameplay. I dove straight through a turret without any kind of reprimand, which is one of the biggest mistakes I see beginning players make. Also I wasn't last hitting, but simply afk pushing. A Reminder that last hitting gives gold and XP might be helpful? I'm not saying it needs the constant "Stay behind your minions!" remarks that the tutorial has, but a small side pop-up might help. ^_^
: It doesn't refresh the whole duration. It only adds the .5 seconds, and creates a new hotbar timer with the previous remaining duration + the .5 seconds, if that makes sense
Might be a glitch then, because I know i had the damage amplification from her Q for about 4-5 seconds once just by running next to an ally when it was almost out.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
The tooltip doesn't reflect that getting an ally into the range of your auras resets the bonus. The tooltip sounds like it only adds to the current time instead of adding the whole duration +.5 secs per ally. Just a thought
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: SR Update First Play Impressions!
One thing I'd like to add to this is that when the inhibitors re-spawn there is no animation. They just sort of appear. With all the jungle monsters getting cool spawns and re-spawns I think the inhibitors should be shown a little love as well.
: I wont beat a dead {{champion:120}} with stuff others said already, but I will say that his troll-puddle felt a little off to me. It looked like a photo's negative and I was expecting more of a pool of souls similar to Karthus' defile. Also, Not sure if bug or I just missed it, but I couldn't see an indicator on enemies I hit with my ult. Other than that, sexy skin.
Played again and saw the ult indicator. my bad on that one.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vladimir!
I wont beat a dead {{champion:120}} with stuff others said already, but I will say that his troll-puddle felt a little off to me. It looked like a photo's negative and I was expecting more of a pool of souls similar to Karthus' defile. Also, Not sure if bug or I just missed it, but I couldn't see an indicator on enemies I hit with my ult. Other than that, sexy skin.
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I have 3 things right now (I'll get back to you if I get more) 1. I feel as though {{item:3144}} life steal got hit a bit too hard. 2. Ardent Censor seems like it will be very nice. Does it's effect proc off of item heals like {{item:3097}} or {{item:3222}} ? 3. It would be nice to see {{item:3044}} build into something other than triforce. It's base stats and passive are great but being restricted into only one choice means I rarely want to buy it.
Pretty cool idea. One question I have is whether or not one team could attack another team's lane meant for the third? ie. If blue is defending their yellow and red turrets, could red attack the yellow turret? (diagram to help explain in link) Also for shorter games it could be 3v3 with no outer rim and a middle monster like a cross between vilemaw and dragon. Just ideas I've had thinking about the same thing.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
One problem I had was my pounce occasionally didn't jump as far as it should have. once I didn't jump over a wall towards red side's wolves and once i jumped at a champion and landed on the near side of them instead of the far side essentially making the jump worthless as they were right next to me. Other than those two times it worked great.

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