: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
I have to say, I like this skin a lot. Surely I bought it. However, the color of the jacket is somewhat out of tune with the color of his abilities, I think it could be darker. And I think it would be better if his gun had a visual effect with a neon red. Pulling that out, I love the effect of the mask.
: Agreed, I think all the shots are very similar and the last one needs to have more prominence or a different color maybe a strong and bigger purple with red I don't know... But need change to improve clarity mostly
Yes, I have felt that too, although I guess they must choose a different color to purple / red to differentiate it from the blood moon
Rioter Comments
: Hey guys I'm an animator that worked on Lancer Rogue/Paragon Blitzcrank and wanted to give some additional insight into this topic. If you haven't already, check out the post Riot AdamUnicorn wrote (linked above!) about the new production process/philosophies we used while making these two skins. It's definitely worth a read! The main idea that informed our decision to keep a run animation similar to base Blitzcrank was gameplay readability. Very early on in development we had conversations about whether or not the run animation was something we could change. Blitzcrank as a character has some pretty iconic moments such as his silhouette, his run animation, and his hook ability and as the Nexus article discusses, we tried to focus and prioritize on what would made this Blitzcrank skin awesome (the hook) and all the other elements (skin design/effects/animation/etc) followed suit. All skins have multiple levers that artists can play around with to make a skin feel different but still the same champion (and every skin has varied success with this). Areas like Colors, Models, Textures, Animations, Spell Visuals, and Audio all work together to form the final product. If we think of a character’s readability as a bucket, each of these different factors contribute to filling that bucket. Changing too many things all at once results in the contents of the bucket to overflow, leading to recognizability issues. Changing one thing drastically means having to be conservative (make little to no changes) in other areas. In Lancer's case, because the changes to his model were SO extreme, in order to maintain his readability as Blitzcrank, it was critical that we keep his run animation. We initially tested some floating/flying animations but we quickly learned that any meaningfully different runs on Blitz immediately made him next to unreadable as Blitz. *TL:DR we thought about changing his run animation, but in order to sell the cool fantasy of this mech/warrior/lancer which required extensive silhouette and model changes, we couldn't also change the run animation.* *TL;DR TL;DR by redditor Kadexe: These skins look really different from standard Blitzcrank, and changing the walking animation would be going too far when you're already pushing it.*
The walk animation does not go well with the skins, definitely. I understand that they want to keep something of the original form, but it ruins too much the sensation that the skin gives you. :/
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
I do not like the colors used in the model, especially the purple. I feel they should add more effects to it and put darker colors on it. With respect to skills, I love the effects. And yes, I also found the error of interactions with the flying shotgun(?)
: 100+ Honor Capsules + I jumped to level 36
When the error appears to me, sometimes i get the loot, and sometimes not.
It sounds good to start, thanks for the effort. n_n
: Bot Alone during the game
The same thing happened to me, but he stood next to the turret doing nothing.
: Whole game gets disconnected.
It has just been disconnected and there was also a Ornn in the game. : 0
I imagined that there would be problems with so many people xD Thanks for that, it helps a lot.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Viktor!
I love this skin. The only thing that does not convince me much is the shield of the Q, I think the color should be a little more tenuous.   I also feel that when you buy the other hex cores, the orb effect on the scepter does not look good compared to the colors of the model itself. On the other hand, the visual effects are great, especially the W and the R.
: [Post Game] Past few games not showing stats, only giving the "skip waiting for stats" button
Yes, I've been waiting for a while but at the end they do not load :/ So far the statistics only load me in coop, but then in doom bots or normal ... nope
: Why am I encountering really toxic people?
Having opened the inscriptions to a fairly large audience, it was to be expected.   I suppose that over time the toxic will be banned and will gradually return to normal.
: Bought the champion bundles, but I still don't have the champions
I'm still at level 1 and although I have rp and BE, they have not let me buy champions, consuming rp.
: Can't Buy Champions or Skins


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