: Also, it randomly kick you out during Champ select. Making you wait 15+ min. Anyone else?
: Yes, this should be on during the winter holiday period. =)
Great! I am really looking forward for that and also probably gonna store some energy drink during black friday {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Legend of the Poro King changes in the works!
"Poro King won't be coming around again for a little while," does that mean he/it will be back ~christmas time? This is the only mode my girl would play (which means that whenever there is a Poro King Mode over the weekend, she will literally sit down and play with me), but I am leaving the US next January so I really want to know :( I really enjoyed playing with her during last Poro King Mode, we pretty much spammed the game as soon as we woke up till both of us were sleepy to death. I think this would probably be one of the best memories between us that I can constantly think of when I go back to my country and do the military service. So RIOT! PLEASE LOOK AT THIS AND DO ME THIS FAVOR. Appreciated for reading :)
: Splash Art Changes Feedback
Agree. Most of the splash arts, for me, are not even upgrade TOT Examples like the twitch skins are really bad, in both NA server and the Chinese version. Twitch's default skin splash art looks very differently from the others (besides SSW twitch) and those really look like no one put in effort to making them. The majority of Annie's splash art upgrades are really odd in the sense that the styles are not consistent.
Rioter Comments
: Death animations doing weird things
Also had the same issue, which occurred on riven/shen/mf/jinx/malzahar My situation was more like champ will stand there as they died and the corpse might re-emerge a few second later.
: Ezreal Feels Weaker Than Ever
Taking away the AP dmg from sheen (which later evolves into tri-force/iceborn gunlet) really reduces EZ's strength :/ at least that is how I felt
: Quinn's new blind can be kinda awkward (for the enemy)
Yeah agree... also the explanation of "enemy vision is drastically reduced" is very vague! I mean what does drastically really represent as?
: {{champion:103}}
I knew someone is going to do this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: It isn't just headhunter. I just reported the same bug. It appears she only does an animation when she headshots.
my situation is that she doesnt have animation unless using a skill
: Caitlyn doesn't have an auto attack animation.
Also tried two Caitlyn games using head hunter skin and resistance skin, same result with no attack animation. I was not sure if that was only on me, so I asked my support and teammates and they all told me that they saw no animation from me. I think the bug directly came after using headshot or a critical strike. Occasionally the animation came back but as soon as the next critical strike popped, the animation went disappeared again. {{item:3070}} {{champion:51}}


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