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: I agree with you, this is the PBE youre supposed to test the skins for proper animations and make sure that things dont bug and work correctly. Putting a high price on the test items simply makes no sense for those who are testing it
Exactly what I am thinking! Also, the pricing on the new content is so random and does not make any sense. Previously released stuff used to be for 1 BE, now they are only available for RP.
: This is intentional, to encourage people to be active on it beyond 'oh lets just see the cool new thing before others do' By gating how much RP you get and making things normal cost they not only are setting the expectation for when things go live but also trying to get people to log on day after day to keep testing stuff. Do you think playing 1-5 games is enough to find all the bugs? No, it's not. So by making people log on more often if they want to test everything they are actually achieving the goal of the PBE, to get stuff tested before it goes live.
Of course, but have you realized that the released stuff has random pricing? Sometimes new stuff costs 1 BE, sometimes it's a horrendous amount of RP - so what's the deal here?
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: really upset that I have not been able to play ARURF because of this MAC issue (ARURF is really the only reason i have a PBE account). Now it looks like the game mode is gone, so i guess forget MAC users.
Same, I am really disappointed. Unfortunately - there is nothing to do about it and to be completely honest with you I got used to it.
: Heyo Mac players, unfortunately the team wasn't able to develop a fix for the Mac bugsplat issue, so it won't be fixed following today's maintenance. Fingers crossed for tomorrrow {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Hopefully the issue will be fixed as soon as possible and thank you for your update! Have a great day! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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