: Ivern Feedback Thread
BTW, the management of Daisy(R), its very annoying, I suggest that she should change to smartcast, and upgrade her to Yorick R, Tibbers level of response, cause its very easy to misclick and she stand still even while Ivern is attacked until she got the Agro orders. also her spawning from back of Ivern is bad, cause if the cursor marks that you can throw her in front/far away from Ivern and she doesnt end up there is a bit confusing,as if you failed a Tibbers throw. Also, some sort of Mov.spd boost on daisy, maybe while E on herself is casted, would work, cause the R is kinda clunky, one can easily escape from Ivern just walking away, more when the ult have those strange patterns which only benefits enemies threatened by Daisy.
: Why not maybe apply a buff to all allies in the bush created by the W? like all the Allyes in the bushes created by Ivern have theirs AA dealing 5/10/15/20/25 magic damages ?
Well, its not bad Idea, but I suggested the "slow brush" because on a gank or TF your only real engage is the Q, which is easily dodgeable, the W have a great range and when you fail the gank you start to feel that the W could contribute, since you usually can land the W on places were the enemy is fleeing, so if the W could slow, it would benefit the ganks a lot, and would justify more the use of Ivern, imagine a trundle gank, Ivern W would act as a trundle Pillar in term of potential threat on the escape, which would help the gank, Then current Ivern gank is kinda a WW gank pre lvl 6, it could work, but it could be better.
: Ivern Feedback Thread
He is interesting...but I think he surely will become some sort of "Balance Nightmare" in the future... Then, as a Major recommendation I Think that his W, the BrushMaker should also work as some sort of "trap" for enemies on it, so it should constantly apply SLOW to enemies inside it...At least when the W is cast it should grant Slow for enemies for a moment, this is because he is kinda weak despite the major utility he brings and until lvl 6 or even on lvl 6 he will struggle a lot. Then his E is a bit lackluster, not bad, but doesnt offer anything new or interesting that any other shield offers(which in the case of a champ who offers utility is just a bit sad). His Passive is indeed pretty interesting, but the HP cost are a bit harsh on early, would be very justified if he can regain a bit more of HP from his passive when conquering a camp. Then on Late game is very satisfying, but if he could obtain a way to procs his passive on baron, dragon and Herald would be a more useful pick. (maybe if in this case he could mark the camp, and deal some sort of DoT to those monsters while he regains HP at the same time, while he wont insta-conquer the champ and would allow fight for the objetive, something like the conquering of the Shadow isles altar.)
: Yes, it was for the 10 year anniversary.
I see, It was strange that it got deployed on PBE now...
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: Try Out Worlds Crafting!
Would be useful to put bundles of 10 championship jewels together to buy.
: Definitely Not Dominion is definitely enabled on PBE for testing!
I played A LOT of DND on Live, and I like it, the only problem I find with it is that the reward for taking the bot relics is not worthy... In fact, **DND META currently implies to just team on top and just try to clean and push**, even the Ultra minions are easily deleted by a team and trying to take MID and BOT implies that the pressure on top grows even feeding the enemy and the one/ones going for other objectives tend to lose EXP(and get contantly raged by not helping top....). So...releasing **UltraMinions is not too notorious on the game** as an objective, so, if a Sign marks the obtaining of the relic(like when you spawn minions or when you do a kill) would be good enough to show contribution on the team, Also I think that the Relic could give some sort of Buff to the one who pick it, like major mov.spd, or AP/AD/HP/ETC. I know that MID gives the same...but The Relics could also give more: I think that some sort of temporal **"drop buff"** to the allies would work: - kinda like the one who picks the relic obtain RED+BLUE BUFF, And If that Player Dies, he drop the relic, and an ally can pick it! - Then It would be Balanced since the Relic would last until the Next one is Spawned, so if the relics last 90 secs, and the relics reborn every 120 secs, - if a player pick it for 60 secs and die and other pick it, the next "relicbringer" would possess the buff only 60 secs more instead of the 180 since the relic returned to the relic place on BOT. - THEN a **Second Minigame** can be triggered: If the ALLY "RELICBRINGER" kill the "ENEMY RELICBRINGER" when the relic fall on ground for being taken, - then the **Killer** can pick it too and combine both to create a "PURPLE VOID RELIC" obtaining NASHOR´s BLESSING(From SR) to himself only. - Then if the VOIDBRINGER picks an enemy relic, he only increase the buff duration like 60 secs(and +20 seconds per every time he kills an enemy "RELICBRINGER"). **Maybe this would reduce a bit the spirit of DND, but Im sure this will increase By a LOT the fun of the mode** while will contribute to reduce the stagnant of the TOP META and will make champs like supps or scouts, like teemo or quinn even more centered on dealing split pressure.
: Splashes: Unifying, Updating, and You!
Could be possible to prioritize Xin Splash? I mean, the classic one...it looks too old in comparison to current splash art quality.
: Here's my "more detailed" answer. > With the New case of PBE Accounts renovation, a certain problem to several non NA-EU players appeared, which is that they cant keep their accounts, since they tend to obtain their accounts before they migrated from major servers, but still theyre pretty useful for PBE despite they dont have englis as first Language. Only NA/EU players can apply for PBE, and it's been like that for almost 3 years (and back then they already said they'd be disabling all the account from before the application system). It doesn't really change much for non NA/EU players, tbh. > Anyways, despite that, which is my case, I want to know if I can keep the spot on PBE using alternate accounts and if this could work, so in this case: > -I Have an Account on EUW. > -I linked the EUW Account to an "X" mail. > -PBE Account also was changed to being linked to the same "X" Mail > (Which is not the same as my original Main Account was linked.). > -I Applied to PBE from the EUW Account again. > > So...would this be enough to keep the spot? > The only problem I find is that the Original Main Account does not share the same "X" mail as the other EUW+PBE account, which then it could be changed from "Z" to "X" to match the date of the endline, and then be changed again with the new account being obtained. > Also I must say that the EUW Account is not lvl 30, probably is lvl 10... > > Then if something more is needed to keep the spot would be useful if it is being responded here, cause the only requirement seems to be to have a NA-EU account and both PBE and the NA-EU being linked together to the same mail, so, if this requirement is fulfilled, then there should be no problem, isnt it? It should work. The requirements are same e-mail, both verified, AND the live account having applied to PBE (and NOT YET have access to PBE. If this is the case, there already is a PBE account linked to that live account).
Yeah, I think that there should be no problem with this, so we must wait then... Thx
: I recommend you read this for now: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/b3XTk4BE-all-you-need-to-know-to-about-linking-your-pbe-account-to-your-live-account-again And then I can give you a more detailed explanation later if you'd like
Yeah, I readed your post before I made this one, but as you seems to have the same question, it seems that the **LVL of the Account is not confirmated as a requirement**, yet I readed that several PBE Players got their accounts even when their main account wasnt lvl 30. Then mostly the Idea is to know if another step is needed and if the possession of a lvl 30 account on any server could help since the registered one does not possess that lvl.
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: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
What if Yorick W doesnt have a health bar, but instead changes itself to show it will get broken: Black wall= 2HP/Hit wall Light grey wall= 1HP/Hit wall (and the wall could show some sort of broken marks) So, it will be easier to identify if the wall will break or not, just like you can diference Gnar with 0 rage against Red Gnar which will transform suddenly just seeing him.
: One For All changes now up for testing on PBE!
Not really related, but What about OFA in Howling Abyss? People liked a lot of it, and maybe would be more played than in SR, Its the same as HEXAKILL, not good on SR, great on TT.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Ok. Lets start... 1. Q is Ok, its nice indeed. 2. W is ok. good skill, would be cool if W can do some sort of knockup/aside, as Trundle E or Anivia W, at least on monsters, inmediately obtain aggro from ranged monsters when used on them, but if it can do a minimal CC as those ones would be better. BTW if the ghouls AI could target automatically all objetives inside W would feel AMAZING. 3. E...The skill is not bad, BUT NEEDS AN ACTUAL PARTICLE, its hard to see from both allies and enemy perspective since is dark and the appearance is too short or small...maybe a green shadow isles mist would fit more... When this skill launch ghouls to FoW terrain would be cool if the ghouls inmediately regain vision of the terrain, cause it gets a bit delayed, and it could be a good way to scout terrain. 4. R...An Strange skill, it REALLY NEEDS control on the Ghoul, OR a major management on it. Actually the Lady go tend to go straightforward and suicide against any champ or tower near, and do not attemp to escape from them, making it useless... Usually do not go near yorick at all and if both separes, she will stay there until get killed. So, a leash range would work too. Maybe using Yorick skill could give some management on her like: Q: follow me and attack what I attack W:attack the traped ones. E:chase the marked ones. R:Come back to me/stay near me/reposition-leave enemy aggro. 5. Passive: Really HARD to use/ obtain benefit from it... It is hard to keep the souls ready on the map until you get the 4 and then the ghouls. Would be better if yorick obtain the stacks and keep them with him until he decides to activeate the last one. In jg seems to be a useless passive since it is hard to get the 4 stacks, cause seems to be a decay(?), then, increasing the time of the souls on map would be useful. In terms of visibility, the walkers need something to distinguish from Minions: When minions on lane, the souls and the walkers+ the lady are on the map at the same time, they made a LOT of visual noise together. Pretty hard to detect walkers from Blue minions, hard to see if walkers had "time limit", hard to detect walkers HP bar. would be nice if they could separate themselves from the minion lane, surrounding yorick and other units waiting to go all in with E. E movement speed is hard to notice when yorick obtain it. As the last question: I think the new passive is weak to use and hard to use for the small window you have to use it, it is easy to go away and wait to the walkers to dissapear or being killed. The Lady current itineration is bad. Her permanent existance on the map seems great, the damage despite is not totally noticeable(hard to understand when her damage gives benefit to yorick) seems ok, but giving to him an AD Q and massive magic damage is Odd... would be cool if she could boost a bit of yorick AD damage, kinda like Fizz boost Ad damage too with his R. Again, using the ways to indirect control the Lady I suggested would be better, cause also using the tipical Tibbers/yorick old ghoul/morde ghost/shaco R is also Annoying to keep track to avoid it get killed, so attach her movement to Yorick QWER will be a better solution.
: An update on Championship Riven
Mmm, im OK with this, yet, several questions can be done: 1- C.Riven will become Legacy? A- Will she be obtainable via Hextech system too? B- If not will she be available via Bundle once per year? 2- Considering this Effort on a 975RP skin...How this Affect a 3150RP Skin such as Pulsefire Ezreal{{champion:81}} ? I mean, C.Riven is cool and limited, but obtaining an overhaul just for be the LAST limited skin is at the same level as obtaining an overhaul for being the FIRST ultimate skin, isnt it? 3- Considering the new Available form of C. Riven...How this will affect other limited skins as Black Alistar{{champion:12}} ? Will those limited rare skin be available in some way in the future? at least there are plans to do that to those too? BTW, I like the approach on the limited diferentiation used here, the crown and that, and probably the border should be used on all vintage edition made from before, removing the watermark on splashes of the vintage skins owners, cause those usually didnt like a lot the mark, which tends to ruin the splashes....
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ahri!
About this skin. - Would be Nice if we could manage the Colour of the tails and change them using a comand, something like DJ Sona. - At least, the colour change on the tail should be more slow, so a colour sould remain at least 2 seconds more before it change to the next.
: FEEDBACK REQUESTED - Champ Finder feature
Ok. Tested the champ finder: 1- Its good, but maybe the Arrow on top wont be needed, The circle is pretty good, maybe if the arrow is taken away, the circle could Grow if youre holding the button, but still is already good. 2- BTW I there were a bug when if you hold the button the camera started to "shake", I cant explain why it happened, but it was while I was holding the button and going walking to mid from blue side at early lvls,(had arcade ezreal.), the camera had a constant minimal reset, like 0.25 secs and reseted to the new location of the champ. Maybe was something from the moment, since it didnt repeated later.
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: FEEDBACK REQUESTED - Champ Finder feature
What if it some sort of Option, maybe on the menu or something, which would work as: "Champ finder: camera Automatically search and it is set on your champ aimed arrival place when he is displaced". This means: In the gameplay options, you can toggle an option which lock the camera to your next position when youre heavily displaced (by enemy effects, such as Blitz Q, Tresh Q, Skamer R, Anivia W, etc.). Since Displacement is a CC, camera will reset from anywhere is, to show where the champ will land as the base lock of it. If Blitz Q pull you, you wont see the pulling and all the combo, from an unlocked camera, The camera will automatically predict the arrival, in front of blitz, and it will show that place, (which allow you to quickly understand the situation and react, also allow to regain "one tempo", where you stop to analize the situation while pressing spacebar, so you lose 2 tempos, 1 to press spacebar, and other to analize the situation/react). I think it would be an important asset, cause I consider something like this on allies too, then, in this case, another option could be used, cause for example, I REALLY dont like the Camera reset on RYZE R....
: An Update on Chromas
1- 200 RP for any chroma MAX. 2- Still the chosen colours of it are too meh...This means that for example, several Chromas fanmade have the same simplicity and are still better... So the same mistake went again: *Use base colours to make chromas instead of using a rainbow to make those things...* Use 5 base colours to make chromas: Black - White - Red - Blue - green - Yellow - Outrageous(pink) - Void(purple). These are the MUST BE on the Chromas offer and not those AWFUL and REPETITIVE Xin and Yasuo Chromas which are ALL the SAME with just 1 base colour different... So, change them as this suggestion says, with those base colours (which not gonna happen...), and you will have SUCESSFUL CHROMAS, cause as a customer, Im not really interested on those xin/yasuo chromas at all. Still, In MF case, I must admit the job was well done, cause the type of the skin is different, In teemo´s case, my Idea is kinda fullfilled, so it is a bit, Ok, and in Zed case my Idea is used correctly, and its Ok, but Still I think it could be improved, For example, there is not Black ninja, and then, maybe the red ninja one could have Red on the borders of the blades kinda suggesting blood? Also the chosen colours are not good, maybe a more strong/vivid colour will have better appela. Still in all cases I find there is a problem were a BASE colour keep tresspassing to other skin ressembling like all are too similar and the changes are minor, so this should be taken into a account and try to keep one the most possible different from another.
: Speaking of SKT Skins... it's time for an update!
A comparison with the old ones would be cool, but I guess Moobeat will do that...
I dont like that we can control the Hood as on rengar, the rest is OK.
Great skin, the colours end up being a bit monotone cause all the particles sometimes are too transparent and less shiny, but theyre good. Those particles are really helpful on understand some ekko patterns, as the passive mark timer on enemies.
Good Skin, I only didnt like the colour of her hair. The W particle seems to not fit the W range mark in the bottom part of it, so the W particle is moved a bit to the top, yet it could be a perspective problem.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Miss Fortune!
No offense but the quality of MF splashart is Awful.... Looks like a Season 1 splash... I guess its a WIP, cause that splash doesnt fit the Standard and Intended Quality at all.
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: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
The kit is good, but still...remove the Camera reset on R while being phased to the new targeted position, its annoying and destroy severals plays you can do with it. The R range is still a bit odd, (maybe too small?). triumphant ryze maybe a bit Thin? In his splash he really felt glorious and triumphant, but in game the colours used and him being without clothes, or something in his chest looks a bit dissapointing.
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
I didnt liked ryze...Until NOW, GREAT JOB with him, now he seems to be really interesting and balanced to use. Major Details to note: - Passive should be displayed like {{champion:8}} passive: Mana x AP= X and "current Mana add X damage/increase damage by X/etc "(or something like that) - R feels ODD without the 3 levels. - R camera shouldnt be Touched (if you see ryze, and then you change to see other place and use R, then if you check where you gonna go, Camera goes back to Ryze, which is pretty annoying). - His voice volume is a bit low. - Tryumphant Ryze should be available again for testing (like in the other rework...) - R range at lvl 1 is pretty bad... Then as a personal Opinion, there is a major problem, which is: His colours on Splash and in game model doesnt match... IN GAME **His Beard should be White/Grey**(or light purple/blue+grey), but instead is Brown... https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-eU5Nr5Jh1u8/V3LW2PL-W6I/AAAAAAAA8LI/360OZXMG8Nw4KDwLOIeeCwcQ5LXIil3VgCLcB/s1600/RyzeLoadScreen.png https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lckpEAwf-lM/V3Lof8Idx-I/AAAAAAAAQ-U/YupMz_M_sjoC_fFIjihKR8Ee230x2jyjwCLcB/s1600/ryze0.jpg I think the grey one fits more with him. And thats it, he seems very fun to use now.
: Is it a bug that E>Q also spreads flux?
No, if you kill a unit with an spell, and that unit dies while the mark is up, then it spread the mark to near enemy units while dealing damage.
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
I really like this, its a great asset. BTW, is intended that it works too with CTRL+click? (cause it does...) because that is pretty neat too.
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: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
This mode is way TOO COMPLICATED... Having to do both sides, atk and def, is annoying, would be better if you can pick one side from the start, kinda like team builder, cause it is too confusing. New summoners: confusing. Item display: messed This mode is way too clunky, and the major problem with it, is that only REWARDS really GOOD players: Usually on a game, you must focus on your QWER & DF, with ocasionally 1234, etc, and thats it, the main focus on your skill is on QWER, since DF and numbers usually cant be used several times on a row, then here, you must constantly use DF and numbers, "summoners" here need usually like 2 or 3 actions with their reactivations. - Laser on DEF need 4 activations: 1 x objetive + 3 x shot. - Flash area need at least 2: 1 x cast + 2/3 per recast. - then there are even more options, but it was WAY ANNOYING to use. As a "Moderate level" player, these interactions on the game are just a problem, rather than a challenge to improve, the mode is supposed to be Fun, not a nightmare. Still, I think it has potential. BTW, current use/display of the Shop is a Disaster... I suggest: - REMOVE new Summoners from the Shop: Create "PACK AREAS", same as Corky Passive, where you can pick your summoners by order, first will be always D, second F, and it will be an Area to Dissmiss. This is because you cant see your current Summoners while picking charges, then this will Add clarity to the options, due to finding what you need will be easier. - REDUCE "asking". if Flash Area is activated, is cause you need flash, not because you need the area, "Flash area", should be a Flash and then as a Side effect the Area is created, cause the current interaction is pretty bad...In fact, it would be even more useful if the effect is just a 2 charges flash or something. - Reduce Fog of War...This mode is a Siege, there is not reason to have low vision to both sides. Create some sort of "Permawards" like are enabled from the start, and those can be conquered or something to obtain vision, while in some places the vision should be always granted to both sides, to add fairness. - Port pad: It should be visible for the team which activates it, and for the enemy when it is activated, cause when it is not activated, it just visual noise. **As an important MATTER: I would suggest some sort of "Weapon Fusion"** The problem with this is in some cases the way you act with the map, more on DEF position. Lets say, What if a Summoner creates a new way of use it? For example: Tower Surge: Beam of Ruination as I said this one is a problem to the player, since it would force it to aim while also forces him to manage the champion position, So, what if activating Laser, teleports the champion behind the tower? This means the laser will become jhin´s{{champion:202}} Ult, while you will be moved to the tower as the aiming on jhin ult is used. then, both cases can be made, while you activate Tower Surge: Beam of Ruination, your champ could enter on Stasis while Laser duration is used, or you could be teleported to the tower and be there when the effect ends. Tower and Banner: Should be totally different on Design, In the fray, is a bit harder to know which one is the one activated. Entropy Field: Why not it become just GP ult? It would be far more useful and interesting to use. Use totally Differents colours on the summoners, to add clarity on which thing are you picking. BTW, some sort of Speed Relics and shrines should be created, Having to be everywhere and with a quick paced mode as this one is hard to keep on moving for both sides.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Deep Sea Nami! (!!!)
I Liked the skin...the only thing I didnt like enough was the Recall... for a 1350 skin she only moves a bit and thats all, which is a bit empty.... maybe if she sings a bit as the River Nami, or something would be better. Nice touch the big fish on the wave.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vayne!
I like it, but her W stack on target particle, the circle, Should be more Brilliant, It doesnt shine a lot and on a TF or on darker sides, like brushes, it could be harder to notice, Which is not a problem to Classic vayne W white circle.
: PBE 6.13 Sona Changes
Its easy to notice that the destroy of her early is a very bad Idea, And her late wont be great enough to compensate.... They must leave Q&W as it is on live and change E&R as on PBE.
: [6.13 Planned] Adjustments to Secondary Systems [Part 1 - Experience Changes]
1- What about a Mastery to balance EXP? 2- Will This fix Supps Low level problem? (usually supps lvl up more slowly due to not farming) Or there is a different solution to this problem being worked ATM? (Like an item or mastery).
: [6.13 Planned] Adjustments to.. more Stuff! [Part 2 - Teleport / Support Items]
1- what about increasing the Mana reg to 100% on {{item:3092}} ? It didnt seemed to be OP, and on MID they seems to not take it too much with the current mage changes, I know that the nerf on Mana.Reg on bot was intended, but reverting the change probably would be too bad on the current meta. 2- Increasing {{item:3174}} AP, to 50 or 60 again.... I dont like new grail, but some people seems to like it, Some champs can obtain a mojor use of it, but those champs needs A lot of AP Too...So increasing a bit the AP on It also probably wont be gamebreasking, more when {{item:3165}} took the place of both morello and grail on mid and is too Dominant in pick terms, so If some players use Grail on mid to boost their shields, like on {{champion:61}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} ,giving to those an incentive adding more AP on it would be nice, specially when they lose 60AP, which would also increase the shields using 1 slot too.... 3- Info on Supp EXP? did an item will allow supps to obtain more EXP? 4- New 60+AP, 20%CDR, (+ maybe Mana too) mentioned on a post some time ago info? 5- Info on a new possible WOTA? I mean{{item:3146}} does the same work on the game despite the removal of WOTA and the game works well... If WOTA offered a problem with the Drain passive, then {{item:3146}} should be even more problematic due to the possession of even an Stronger Drain Effect....and its not the case... So, what about it? If a New WOTA would be created, adding the new {{item:3146}} active, would be great. IMO since {{item:3146}}works, if {{item:3146}} could be remade,reducing all the stats to half(This is intended to reduce the cost of the item), but not the OmniVamp,and then allowing the Item to stack on some way to regain the lose stats, So the Item would be almost the same as it is now, but easier to be obtained, afterall the important part of that item is the Omnivamp passive. 6-{{item:3060}} Mana.Reg? This item is very picked on Supps, 50%mana.reg. would be cool on it, and also would justify a rush on it, which would be awesome and would justify a bit the early build of it. 7- {{item:3050}} ? The randomness of the passive feels pretty bad...solution to it? 8- {{item:2301}} More AP? 50 AP maybe?
: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
: Champion Mastery in ARAM/TT live for testing on PBE
Im Really glad for this, It was really annoying to grind masteries on the Game. As a real Feedback, I would like to Suggest (this indeed affect all maps/gamemodes except classic SR) To reveal How to Obtain S grades on games. As It can be seen The real reason for masteries to exist on ARAM/TT are to obtain the Chest of Hextech system, of course obtaining the emote is cool too, but doesnt have the same impact, so, lets talk about HOW the S-Grade should be obtained. As Far as I played ALL gamemodes(not talking about Classic SR) usually a rule exist to obtain S- which is: 10 to 15 Kills obtained. The number arguably fluctuate, so this is why I dont specify a number, but I also snotice that the Mastery system, at least in other maps, started to change dramatically, become really annoying to obtain the Chest regardless what you do. So, for this is WHY I think the Info should be clean, at least on ARAM and TT, to understand If the Mastery system Is bugged or not, and understand how you can manage to obtain the chest(Of course, without premades....) So lets put some numbers: ARAM: S- REQUIREMENTS. -15 Kills obtained. -More than 15 Assist(in some stomp games this probably doesnt get fullfilled, so is not too low) -Deaths: That is a problem on the way the game is played, it seems that the more you die, the game restrict you to obtain S-, which in H.A is a bad way to balance masteries, since is very hard to not die, since you usually needs to execute to buy. Maybe 3 death less that you score average, until you surpasses the 20 kills and the game surpasses the 30 mins. -Farm= 20 MAX (is really hard to farm on ARAM....) -at least one Double kill, or a Triple "assisting spree" -Pentakill=Automatic S+ -2 Quadras=Automatic S Gold= Top 3 on your team, except you have more than 20 assist. Last Hitting Nexus= Dramatic reduction on all the requirements, so it makes easier obtain S-. Final Requirement: Win the Game. This last Requirement exist, cause if you lose, the requirement to obtain S should be harder, for example, the minimum of 15 kills increases to 20 kills, 25 kills automatic means S-. More gold requirement, etc. I comment this, cause for example I played a LOT of Poro King since it got erleased with masteries, I managed to play 1 champ, like Jinx, on 3 accounts, It was strange, but these requirements, similar to those I recommend, were Fullfilled on 2 accounts, obtaining pretty Easily S-, BUT on the third account I played the same build, same masteries and runes, even the same way, and obtained the same results, or even better, yet the system was failing, or the requirement were changed, But almost no one Obtained S- in more than 30 played games, cause you can see if allies or enemies obtain S.... So, As Riot like to talk About Clarity{{summoner:13}} , Then This is the Best Example on It, setting rules and explain them to the Community, It will surely MAKE ARAM more enjoyable.
: [5/12] I just want Vel'Koz proc'ing his passive again with his ultimate =(
: "Hexakill: Twisted Treeline" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
I played a lot of HEXA TT on live, and I give feedback on the last post of it, In conclusion, Im quite satisfied with the way it is played now, Then there is a major problem in all "RGM", which is... There is no Oracle! {{item:2047}} I understand how the games are intended to be played, but still there should be some way of having true sight on it and not just the effects of these 2: {{item:3348}}(trinket) and {{item:3187}} (item). A solution could be to allow a trinket system to exist there, so: Yellow would be{{item:3348}} Red would be the classic{{item:3364}} blue would be {{summoner:2}} Then, as I pointed in other comment in other season, one version of {{item:3185}} but with AP **must exist** on this map...I remark I commented it before, cause that comment ended on the creation of an altered version of **"Twin shadows"**, which is currently removed, but still could be **enabled again** to be used on these Modes. -Other thing, {{item:3147}} {{item:3508}} are drastically needed here too, its very annoying for Ads to have to build {{item:3073}} as their only way to deal with mana cost....I think that an altered version using {{item:3122}} on the build path could be a solution, if the build path is a problem... -Then as a suggestion, some BlackMarket Brawlers Items could be a good way to improve the gameplay here too, items like Flesheater, trickster glass and Mirage blade could be good assets to test there, at least on PBE...
: /Remake live on PBE! (5/18)
Well...maybe isnt the case, but... If The system requires to be tried, then it would be easier if the system is prepared for this: -Declare one day and arrange the system for this purpose: -Deactivate 1 day leavebuster, or just activate the "forgiven loss" system and allow the players to intentionally went AFK on games. -This is due to no one wants to stack "leaver reports/leavebuster points" on their accounts where PBE is supposed to be more harsh with those players. I guess this was already done when the LeaveBuster was recalibrated, so surely there wont be problem is this is made again.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Macho Mundo!
Small detail, could the splashart be remade(of course, if other people agree with it) adding more Shine to it? All these skins in their splash are way darker than theyre supposed to be... I mean the "Lucha" theme was always a fun place...the colours on the splash are more serious, too much grey on it which contrast badly with the theme, as other pointed, Volibear looks more like Hyena WW, in this case on the splash, and colour have too much sepia? on it...even Mundo, which was a vivid skin, become something more "dirty" rather than funny. So, using more colours, kinda like the Pool Party and super galaxy are the most bright skins, adding this bright on the splash would be great.
: /Remake live on PBE! (5/18)
Im a bit concerned by this feature triggering Leavebuster, I mean, if you have a bad PC or conection, you can have a problem while loading, for example: sometimes, LOL freeze on the loading screen and you cannot know the difference of if it is loading or frozen, since the ping number froze too and maybe cause you have the right ping number...so in this case, lets say loading screen took 5 mins, then you wait, but in fact the game loaded in 1 min and you wasted 4 on loading screen, then game is deleted+remade and youre charged with "leavebuster points"... So, this could also mean that several unintentional AFKs would be triggered due to minimal mistakes; lets say server failed and from the 10 players only 4 entered, 2vs2, they remake and the other 6 maybe will end up punished when maybe on 5 mins they reconnect all and end the game normally. **For this, I would like to point if a "leaver warning" can be done, 1 per day per account:** 1- You entered a game, 2- game failed=youre AFK 3- REMADE 4- Game Ended 5- Youre Warned with a "Leaver warning", This means that it will act as a Dodge(mostly for normal games, not ranked), you will have the time penalty for dodging, but you wont be charged with "LeaveBuster points". Then as you will know youre marked for the Next 24hs you will play more safely on this matter, and if your real intention would be to troll people forcing remakes, Then the system would activate LB on your second dodge effectively. This is only make as a Safeguard for the player; Then to not abuse this mechanic, there could be a maximum of 3 Remake/dodges caused by you per week/7 days, so if you are involved into other players remake, this wont have any impact to your remake counter.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Leon Gnar!
Great skin Indeed, the only arguably problems of it are: -The Lion concept was already nicely explored on the Gentleman skin. -The Skin Colours are totally centered around Base Gnar...This means the skin loses a bit of originality. Still it is a great Skin as it was made, but If a different approach want to be Done, Probably changing all the Brown on Base Gnar to the Yellow colour on his Hair would difference enough the skin from the classic one, then the Yellow stripe on his head could be coloured on a more Shinier yellow, or instead changing a bit his accesories colour would do the trick, Then for a 750RP skin is great as it is.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Macho Mundo!
Great Skin, good concept and good design. My only concerns about it are his Tongue...which is green, but since he is more Human than in other skins, Maybe Red instead of green would be better. And the Other thing I felt strange was his Ultimate, I saw the Mundo Face on the floor at the activation, but then It seems to be "empty"; **What About his new Blonde Hair shine a bit as If he went Super Saiyan? **(Just like an empowered new colour effect, as for example Arcade Hecarim Turn his Hair Blue when Q is stacked.) I mean, That would make the Hair more appealing and the ultimate not relegated to Hearing the sound to detect it was activated(cause some people play without SFX and on certain cases the visual can make the difference.) Still, Great Job.
: Sona Learnings
**What is the point of offer or try experimental changes, when those are just small tweaks rather than real experimental changes?** "Lets reduce the duration of X CC on X champ from 2.00 to 1.xx and lets see the result" That is just an experimental change too...But is more a simple change rather than an experimental one... Experimental change would be the changes that {{item:3004}} tested last year on PBE... **So, changing numbers, reducing or increasing as I said in other comment, wont solve anything, The problem is major and is implicit on her kit.** Dont want to rework the Kit? ok, **she is not bad, just feels bad.** But then start to add real experimental changes, **she doesnt need numbers, she need mechanics, New extra skills, **why there are like 50 champs with impressive effects on her kit and sona is just a "Weak healing free kill on the map." despite on certain cases she is proven to work and be strong. So **add mechanic, avoid tweaks**, those learning comments really mark that the new changes will be the same problem as the PRE DJ SONA REWORK... ~~so they wont fix much...~~
: Taliyah feedback thread
The only Issues regarding her are with her ult... It feels weak without a damage component, mostly like a Reksai+Azir wicked ult mix. If when she rides the ult it does damage it would be far interesting, since the correct use of her ult seems to be very strange, I mean, it is strong, but it doesnt feel cohesive with the kit, at least for me. And BTW, maybe her E could use some Ammo mechanic? I dont think it is bad, but the skill is a bit odd, and surely no one will wait to the second procs. Then her passive would use some sort of leash mark to know better when you will lose your "dash"/grind/whatever, so a circle showing the range, as Lee sin Q/twitch E would be pretty useful.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
BTW, since Sona is "CC less" (since the ult have long times to be reliable...) I always thought that giving to her a Passive which allow her to have massive CDR on the Summoners spells, would help her A LOT, **for example: All Summs** **obtain a 60secs CD as the MAX CD,** (except poro toss/ mark/ any low CD SS, which would be reduced acording a correct number) Then everyone is rounded towards URF SONA, That Sona is indeed strong and Fun, yet can be strong to be a solo laners, but she is not Invincible. With the Mana problems of dont having the URF buff she would be balanced, but her permaspam would be a bit stopped until mid game, enough to shut down enough to her not being absolutely OP. Yet, the Idea of free Summ with low CD implies that she will be strong and helpful spamming those without any other massive change needed, Sona needs Damage? {{summoner:14}} Sona needs to support? {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:7}} Self peeling? {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:21}} Again, she will be strong, but she will have to wait at least 1 min to get her powerspikes again, Strong early, no, reliable early. GReat mid game. Awesome Late Game. Then if someone would say: "THATS OP" Consider that Veigar obtain FREE AP just by touching enemy champs with a skill.... and then notice that she still will be Killable, and the {{item:3140}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3139}} still will counter this **"Summoners Sona"**
: I've gotten this problem as well, but it just started a few days ago rather than months. I previously could go to the NA boards and be logged in on my NA account, then go to the PBE boards and be logged in on my PBE account, but now I suddenly am forced to switch each time if I want to check notifications or post anything. EDIT: If anybody does what I did and comes in here without noticing that the post is a couple weeks old, I fixed this by logging out on both Boards in separate tabs, then logging into each in separate tabs.
Yep, GJ, I tried that way and it worked correctly, and BTW the problem started the same way, when I entered NA via a Reddit post.
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