: Azir where are you? ^^
Already. BTW, In the Champion's page, in client, the description of his Shifting Sand is missing ;) I guess he will be fun to play but it looks a low risk Champion. Seemed to me that only when you "Shift Sands" to ult and throw the enemy under your turret/teamates you may compromise your position. In any other situation you'll have enough CC to keep them away, farm from afar or even escape.
: The music suits him very well and the reflection of the orb in his eyes is a great effect, the only things I could suggest is that his thumb and forefinger on his left hand could actually dip into the puddle? They just seem to unnaturally rest on top of it to me. Perhaps also have the little skull on his head bump up and down like it does in game, say when he smacks the ground? Great job all round still.
I actually didn't notice that "missing arm" thing but I showed the champion to my cousin and the first thing she said when she saw the login screen was that: "He's missing an arm!"... So, you have to be right on that one
: Not sure if this is a bug, but when u spawn the first time at minute 0 u get the homeguard {{item:3280}} boost even though u don't have boots with the enchantment. Might be that this is a new feature, cause everyone in my team got the buff.
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
We are still able to walk above water, no splashes at all. Plus, you can see river's ground under water, little rocks making splashes and you walking above it with no splash. Nexus explosion is not as awesome as it once were...
: Gnar Bug thread
Mega Gnar w sometimes does not show the AOE before landing the hit (using smartcast)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
I already bought the skin but I can't select it in champion selection as it does not appear
: Skin won't be in this update, the assets for Mega Gnar aren't there.
I ment "Champion", anyway: Shop does not work :( Fix it plis rito...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
We can't try the skin as shop does not work :( Fix it plis rito....
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Riot Kayle!
We can't try the skin as shop does not work :( Fix it plis rito....
: Gnar Feedback
We can't try the skin as shop does not work :( Fix it plis rito....
: PBE Reverted back to old client in OSX 10.10 [mac]
It has just been reverted. Win7 and old client is up....
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: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
I've tell you some months ago how the sound were not presented correctly, can't recall properly how they were but before latest patches sound completely disappeared if you move the camera aside from action more from one side that the others. Now sounds are presented correctly, no matter where you move your camera the sounds fade away symmetrically. I'm using Roccat Kave real 5.1 headset (with Realtek drivers, no dedicates sound card) and it sounds clear and intuitive, still I have to test a bit more but it is much better now. Thanks a lot for that. Still you can add (if you think it is important) so that you can select if you have a stereo, 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 system. I'm only talking about how sounds fade away, still nothing about the way we feel from where the sound's are coming, if they match with the action or how loud they are
: Give it "Life" and it will lag the living hell out of everyone...
Also, they can make it so that when you reduce graphic quality, those kinds of textures that may give "life" to SR. They can add flies as the ones in the old SR, birds, bugs, fishes in the river and many other stuff without loosing clarity nor fps (if you reduce graphic quality) to give more life to SR. This would be great.
: Rift Update - Give it some life
I also miss the flies around the river, there's absolutely no life on the rift now besides monnster's camp
: Nightmare Bots
Great idea to make even more difficult bots. it would be good for newish players to learn how to deal with abilities
: [SUGGESTION] Decaying Inhibitors
absolutely yes, those are structures, just like towers, the thing is that they regen so it can be kinda tricky to make the inverse animation as they heal
: A small bug I have noticed is the ranged indicators on a bot game for the enemy obelisk looks like it is floating. So when you move around the range of it moves slightly. to see this follow 2 easy steps . 1. create a custom game with or without bots. 2. try to get to the enemy obelisk when in game and move around and look at the range indicators. From what I see the range indicators are a little off and move when you do move around.
are you using the camera locked or free to move?
: Toaster reporting in!! Played a custom bot game with the updated map. Didn't see much difference in FPS. Had around 29 to 30 when laning and had around 12 to 19 during team fights,which is a bit worse than the normal map as I average around 20 these days. Had much higher ping than normal (324 as opposed to the usual 220) but I guess that can be attributed to more people being on the PBE at present. Also I quit the game at the end (without finishing)and the "Skip wait for stats" message appeared. EDIT: This is at the lowest setting EDIT2: FPS has now reduced to 9 and below in team fights. Here's the screenshot:
what are your system characteristics?
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Three bugs I noticed immediately: 1. Shadows appear misplaced at the edge of blue spawn. As we start and judging by shadow placement "sun" is at the bottom left corner of the map (shadows up/right of champions) but as we stand near the edge of the cliff shadows appear in the cliff base as if "sun" was placed at top left corner of the map and are also shown fractured in quadratic sprites. 2. We all are Gods! We can walk over water! Yes, that's true, river surface is plain so we walk over water and do not even make splashes when walking. I would be nice if flying Champions have this reaction but walking ones should "sink" a little bit (as how it happens in old SR) and even make some water splashes appear as they move. Also, IMO some water splashes should happen when Baron spawns making his appearance even more colossal (as it should look). 3. Sometimes when our team-mates ping his direction (default: G+right mouse move) their name is not shown. I had not the time/conditions/team cooperation enough to test it right but it looked like if your team mate pings on a fog of war zone or out of our sight (select the right choice) the Champion's name is not shown. Thank you for reading!
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: [TEST REQUEST] Vision Mini-Map Bugs
Felt this a lot like "HE CAN'T BE TH... mmm.. ok." Worse even when you walk through the jungle confident no one's there and suddenly "WAH!!! LEE SIN! not." Hope this will correct the bug and you can put it in client final ASAP
: As if in a 5v5 match it was hard enough to communicate and organize with 4 other people, now add another! What I find is that it is very difficult to have a well coordinated strategy with such a big team, baring in mind all the possible skill deference in your teammates. The probability of having players with completely different views and perceivings on the "meta" is very big and if you're not in a premade team, I don't see many options for this game mode to become anything more than a "fun (but, alas, chaotic) game mode", unless it gets combined with TB (hmm?). The allocation of resources (XP and gold) is also problematic. Most of the time the guy(s) who sat on a solo lane just start dominating everything, especially if they managed to snowball their lane. My two cents: - Very hard to have an **organize and coordinated** game unless you are premade **-->>** Combine this with TB. I seriously think that this is the most healthy decision for this mode. - **Resource allocation** is pretty problematic. It makes people fall behind too easily, unless you can organize some serious dragon control (see first bullet-point for why this is hard). It just results in some major level discrepancies between people that get the farm first and people that were late to it, kind of like "the early bird gets the worm". **-->>** Resources need buffing. Maybe not directly, but I'm sure you, gentlemen, can find a way. - ***I use "Polymorph"*** on 1st and 2nd bullets! It transforms into.. **-->>** very, very drawn-out games. Where, since you can't organize 5 other players that easily, it makes it very very difficult to coordinate a team push or objective control, since (and not only because) there are so few resources on the map and everyone is trying to "camp out" a camp (ha? haa?) because he has been behind his team the whole game or, hmm, i don't know, maybe cause this will happen in lower MMR with the famous low-elo mentality (objective-priority-wise).
My first thoughts about the mode were more or less like yours but we differ in many aspects in the analysis. 6 Vs 6 doesn't already have a "meta" so people still don't know how to play it and most of us are unable to start a not-premade match and come up with a logical strategy in champion select. IMO you could have a 10min champion select and still we won't be able to come up with a strategy. And notice that we're on PBE where the general behaviour is a lot more civilized, imagine this in client final... I believe that many of us testers have a little map and objective awareness and can play at an acceptable level in a normal game, but in Hexakill we can easily lose ourselves, driven by emotions and constant action. Both teams easily forget objectives and just kill each other over and over again, we're just not used to follow a strategy in this mod but IMO that's not a big problem. I guess that mods are made so you can have different versions of your favourite game and get instant fun by playing it in a way that you never could neither have the opportunity to do. It is something completely different. and Hexakill has it. TB won't work, Hexa doesn't have an implemented meta and IMO shouldn't have so if you're expecting to have a strategically thought game you're going to have 2 options: you make a premade or you go and play ranked. Mods are different, think of One For All, no strategy in team comp, only fun. Hexa should be like it. Riot don't have to think or work in gold balance for Hexa, this is a mod. IMO, to balance gold and XP income the only think we (not Riot) would have to do is, for example, to play with 2 supports ([apc+supp top / mid+jung tank / adc+supp bot]), anyway, a lot of strategies may work and we should adapt meta to what we have, not other way around. One thing is true, you may have a lot of fun if you're leading, you easily can see someone (fed) with 30 kills and having lots of fun doing Quadras while the enemy team is already demoralized, with no chances of coming back plus being unable to surrender so please, allow surrender with a 4-2, it is a must have for Hexakill!
: Complete List Item Bugs
I can confirm Ruby Sightstone (Sightstone can be bought) and Nomad's Medallion (I bought Ancient Coin and was able to upgrade to Talisman of Ascension) My game was ranked
: Hey Gyz, Thanks for the feedback. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts regarding how it sounds with your 5.1 headset!
I still have no character's voices. I played with VI (no skin) and I wasn't able to hear her voice, all other sfx could be heard perfectly. I could hear her punching but not her scream while punching, same for all other characters. I'm using Roccat Kave real 5.1 headset and in what concerns to the sounds I could hear, pointing out what and where something is happening by how it sounds is really mutch better, I could hear in a fairly precise way if a sound comes from top/bottom left/centre/right of the screen. It was a great improvement. The only thing I noticed not so accurate was that sounds fade away completely as soon as the action gets out from my top field of vision, the same doesn't happen with the bottom, things may be happening out of my field of vision (not too far) in the bottom side and still I could hear them. I would prefer if it worked all around as it works in the bottom of my screen so we could hear things that are not in our field of vision but still are near. I don't know if it has something to do with it but the box in the minimap that shows my field of vision is not accurate and it doesn't really match my real field of vision. The box is slightly placed down and left so upper and right borders are accurate but the box is a bit larger than my field of vision in what concerns to the bottom and left sides. Anyway, as soon as actions get out of my top vision I am unable to hear them any more but in the bottom, actions can get out of my field of vision and even slightly out of minimap vision box that I still can hear them.
: I am not sure what exactly it is but I will try to explain it. It is more that the sound is being transmitted oddly for the perspective you are looking at the screen. Emitter exactly in the center of the screen (champion, minion, dragon, ect) has the highest volume. The volume then dies off as the emitter gets further away from the center. But the view of the game occurs at an angle so say you are looking at a group of minions: -In the center you can hear the minions the most easily. -To the top corners you can barely hear the minions even though you can see them. -To the bottom even if you cannot see the minions even though you can hear them more easily than the minions at the top of the screen. With the same amount of movement the total sound volume transitions much more sharply between high and low volume moving to the top corners of the screen than to the bottom corners. Basically sound dies off more slowly going to the bottom of the screen. Also. The sound direction is flipped opposite what it should be objects on the left side of the screen are sounding in the right ear and right in the left ear( Note I am using headphones.) The sound transitions very sharply from the right ear to left ear and left ear to right. Especially toward the bottom of the screen where it completely switches from 100% in one ear to 100% the other with no transition. Howling Abyss ambient noises are quite loud. I guess that is all I have time for right now.
Exactly this happened to me before the patch (will test new and give feedback asap) but only when I used my 5.1 headset. I also have a 2.1 system connected together with the side speakers of the headset and it don't fade that much
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
Sounds are fixed? Great! Ty for your effort ;) Nice to read that you're improving your audio engine. I always had problems with the sound, particularly on how the game deals with my 5.1 headset. It always felt like sounds fade too quickly. The further they are happening from the camera the lower they are heard, but for me (with headsets) 1cm away from the centre was enough to make sounds turn into whispers. Will try new patch ASAP and give you feedback
: [Audio Missing] No Voice or Announcer tracks, Sound Effects track seems ok
same here! Came to post this as it happened to all in my last match. Plus, I queued for a normal and few minuts (like 2min) after game had started we all DC'd. I exited the game an it wasn't there to reconnect (that is why I say we all DC'd). Then I queued for a "Vs AI" game and none of us had character voices neither narrator (couldn't hear those "Triple kill!" or "Shut down"). All other effect sounds like spells, attacks, or monsters sound as usual.
: [PVP Client] Wrong info when introducing new players
oh sorry then, I couldn't find that info.
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