: [URF] Remove Smite from URF
URF junglers are just selfish people. So you have to be selfish too. If you have to lane against 2 person by alone, just go your midlane. If your midlaner says "defend top" or something like that, you can say "if you want that much defend toplane you can do it alone. Im staying here" or something like that. And the problem solved.
: No URF for when 9.19 hits live. After we disable it later this week for 9.19, you can expect it's return during the 9.20 PBE cycle.
That's why i like PBE boards moderators more. It feels like you care more about the boards posts than mods of other servers. Also you're giving enough information for us to understand the situation. Thanks for the information. Have a great day.{{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Should they remove the smite on URF?
URF Smite players suck. They're just ruining someone else's game. Especially mine. I don't know why, everytime someone plays with damn smite, someone going to mid and 2 other players say that they're premade. I'm ending up being alone in lane.


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