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: Extremely Bad Patching on PBE
Same problem. Sits at 33% with 0-12 KB/s until it decides there's an error. Haven't been able to patch since the Yorick update went out. I'm in NA so it looks like it's not a region specific thing.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I have the black map for Mac as well, though it's not quite limited to turrets and inhibs. (Also I can't seem to upload more than one photo.)
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Gnar, though there are definitely some aspects of the kit that I wouldn't mind seeing changed. The Passive: I don't think I'm alone in feeling that while the passive is brilliant, and that the lack of direct control is an excellent mechanic, the balance between the two forms just doesn't quite seem to be there yet. I think that if the time spent in the two forms were more even it might help his overall play. My main issue is that you spend so much time as Mini Gnar compared to Big Gnar that itemizing for Big Gnar is unhelpful. You just don't get to spend enough time as Big Gnar to make the tanky items worth it. They reduce Mini Gnar's damage output by too much for a brief moment to shine as Big Gnar. On the flip side if you build too much kiting/splitpush typed items onto Mini Gnar you basically hit big mode right away, but then have none of the potential of Big Gnar and get closed on and melted right away. Obviously a lot of this will be worked out as player learn to build him correctly, but some help kit-side would be nice. Maybe scaling Big Gnar timer would allow early damage with a tankier late game. Mini Gnar's Q: As it stands now, the ricochet angles feel a bit sporadic especially at longer range I think that an indicator that shows the direction the boomerang will bounce if it collides with whatever is along it's path would be very helpful. Since there's obviously travel time the indicator wouldn't be perfect, but would give you a better idea of where you're going to want to be once it has been thrown. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a bit of an overhaul with this one. If the damage was consistent, rather than dropping after hit, and the aforementioned indicator was added, you could have some geometric fun to rival Vel'Koz. I'd love to get a double kill by bouncing the boomerang off of one champion and hitting another. If that were easier to do, it would make the longer cool down for not catching the return feel like a choice rather than a punishment. Big Gnar's W: While I like the W for Wallop name synergy, I don't really like anything else about it. The windup is so long Anivia could stroll out of the hotbox without ruffling a frozen feather. If you don't have his ult Wallop is his only chance at hard CC, which is kinda necessary due to that lumbering gait of his. Basically it feels like the animation and the result are out of balance. If the cast were quicker or the damage and/or stun time were larger it might feel more effective. Mini Gnar's R: So, there kinda isn't one. I recognize that it passively boosts Hyper, but only having two active abilities for the majority of gameplay is kinda rough. I feel like there should be something more tangible there. I'd be all for having an ability there for Mini Gnar, just a little something extra to help the squishy little fluff ball if he gets in trouble. The obvious flip side would be that when he goes Big Gnar he won't have that amazing AOE CC. So, that's my takeaway thus far. Pretty much everything that wasn't mentioned feels great (especially that transformation triggering jump). Thanks to anyone who read all the way through. I'd love to hear any feedback.


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