: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Ashe
The skin is feeling great. My general baseline for legendary skins is "I feel like I'm playing a whole new champion", which I'm glad this skin passes. Currently, my only issue with the skin is its VO processing, which this thread from live board helps communicates my thoughts (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/qvNAWMRo-highnoon-ashe-vo-needs-to-lose-the-echoover-filter). In my own words, while I understand the theme behind the VO, the processing doesn't fully communicate she is mechanical to me. I can hear slight tones of mechanization, but it sounds more like a croak in the system than being apart of her. The voice also feels, as the thread I link described, as "too far", and not as loud and clear as a VO normally is. I am perfectly fine with the theme of the skin and if there is some type of voice processing, but currently not in the way it is. Good examples of mechanical VO processing to me would be Project Ashe and Aether Wing Kayle (before the processing was removed anyway). I know the voices shouldn't overlap too much with Project Ashe, but I hope the voice can be improved.
: Losing LP when i win.
Occurred to me as well. Lost 15 LP from Bronze IV 39 LP.
: Too bad that's not at all what that says. It said they were no longer doing it for 520 skins, which they did in Akali, Galio, Eve and Warwick. What was wanted here was for actual 975 skins to meet their proper price tier, which since then Riot has confirmed they will be doing more work to most of them.
While I know this is a late response and Riot is already in the process of working on the skins, I would like to correct that if you actually read through the Twitter chain instead of just the first comment I posted that that set off the chain, there is another comment that said ["Yes, 975s as well unless its very jarring"](https://twitter.com/Spideraxe30/status/1098675078311616512) , which was the reasoning why I mention they were not previously making changes to 975 and below skins.
Rioter Comments
: Kayle and Morgana's 975 RP Skins need Recalls and new particles.
Sorry to be the bringer of bad news to you, but Riot has instated a policy where they will no longer update VFX for 975 and below skins during Champion Reworks unless they look incredibly out of place, as was the case for Exiled Morgana. Source: https://twitter.com/spideraxe30/status/1098669924816437248?s=21 The Tweet chain goes longer if you want some more context about it.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
At this point, there's likely going to be no more major changes arriving in for Kayle, but I would just like to say my final gameplay thoughts before her imminent release. After more games of playing Kayle, I can say her current form feels very solid and reasonable to me. While my first game, the complaints by many players felt warranted (mana problems, early game feeling bad), after more games with her, it felt a lot more manageable. I appreciate all the Rioters have done listening to feedback and making improvements along the patch cycle.
: As far as we see, the rework won't update Morgana with a mage range. Would it still be possible to reconsider this request in the near future or will we be ignored & forgotten? We shouldn't be risking half HP just to try to land an auto to get a single spellthieves proc. Use W? I would, but it cost a lot and doesnt even do damage if we dont land Q first. Think of the supports.
On the MorganaMains reddit, he stated it could be considered in the future. This is his exact comment explaining his idea behind not changing the auto attack range. https://www.reddit.com/r/MorganaMains/comments/av9mck/450_aa_range/ehdpiw7/
: He did point out what he wanted though. He literally mentioned what the old skin had and what this "update" doesn't.
When I initially viewed this post, it did not have the portion comparing it to the older skins, it simply had the complaints about the current one. Now that the additional info was added, it is much more understandable.
: About the VFX on the skins do you guys ever consider adding at least recolored vfx? like green particles for Viridian , blue icy for Battleborn (specially this one wich is a 975 skin and i miss so much the blue gems and eyes in kyle), silver particles for Silver and Judment you know the golden vfxclash way to much with the themes and models of all these skins.
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/aty36d/riot_will_no_longer_be_giving_old_recolor_skins/ Unfortunately, the bad news is that they will no longer do VFX changes for new skins 975 or below unless there is a significant dissonance between the VFX and the model (ex. Exiled Morgana). I cannot find additional sources explaining about it, but from what I recall, this was a decision not made by the teams creating the skins, and was originally enacted back when Ezreal was reworked. EDIT: Found it, click the image and just scroll down through the whole thread to get a full picture of the idea behind this. https://twitter.com/Spideraxe30/status/1098669924816437248
: The (Supposedly) Updated Blackthorn Morgana
I'm not saying your feedback is unwarranted, but Rioters have stated feedback should be beyond just "I don't like this". You should include ideas of what you want or what direction you'd like changes to be in. Like, do you want like a whole storm of those leaves around? Did you like the old effects they should be carried over exactly as they were here? Perhaps you want a more varied type of leaves for each spell?
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
So I finally manage to land one live game with Kayle. While I would like more games to continue to get the feel for her, with the schedule of PBE changes I really need to get my thoughts out now before it's too late. My experience with the old Kayle, she was actually the very first champion I ever played in the game. I am no main, and not one of my highest played champs, but she is a champ I play and who's rework I was eagerly waiting for and now it's here. I am going to focus on mainly my gameplay thoughts since that's what this thread seems to be about. I do ask that I think it would be much better if there were individual feedback threads for all the skin in order to better organize much of the discussion circulating. Onward to my first game experience * My first game was vs a Yasuo in top lane. This is a very lane dominant champion into Kayle, and I can say the early game was absolutely miserable. Despite the range of her Q/E, it was very easy to get zoned from the wave. I am someone who likes playing late game scaling champions (ex. Gangplank, Kog'Maw, Tristana), so even being use to this playstyle, it was definitely an uphill battle. I don't exactly agree with the proposed changes by the community I've been reading that would basically remove her early game weakness (a la Gangplank), but I can say it's dissatisfying that if I'm against a lane dominant champion, that making a mistake is VERY punishing. This might be less problematic against other champions aside from Yasuo, but that is my current feeling and theory craft. I wouldn't feel bad if this weakness remained, but I can see why so many are complaining about it. * Now we're moving deep into the early game and into the mid-game. Post lvl 6 things felt better. Now that I had more points into Q, farming was more manageable, and the wave clear from my passive allowed me to punish Yasuo for roaming and I could catch up. I felt pretty awkward utilizing my passive though while I was still a melee champ. Since I'm use to Titanic Hydra, it was also odd not feeling much oomph from the passive waves. Despite being set very far behind, I was still able to fight and win against a jungle Nocturne and mid Katarina (although to be fair, the rest of my team was winning). Once her passive is charged up and you land your abilities, I actually felt like I can contend with the enemy now instead of feeling like a rag doll. * Hitting lvl 11 and finally being able to access ranged attacks was, like people have stated, like I was actually playing the champion now. I really like the regular auto attack animation, the spears of light that neatly shoots out feels satisfying to me. Being fully charged up and with a few items under my belt, I felt like I was really unlocked now (like having 2-3 items on Kog'Maw or reaching lvl 13 as Gangplank). Unfortunately the game ended before I could hit lvl 16. Overall, the gameplay kind of matched the expectations I've been set about the champion from reading people's thoughts and what I expected with the kit. I definitely like the direction of the rework. I could go in-depth on everything I like, but that would takes hours for me to articulate (already taking me a while writing this up), and I think it's more important to mention the grievances. Please simply assume if I did not complain about it, that it's fine. * I don't hate the fully stacked passive attack animation, but I don't really have like for it either. I guess the scissor attack motion did not exactly resonate strongly with me, but that seems like something that is more set in stone that cannot be changed and it's more personal preference. There is one particular animation that I wish was present that was missing, a critical strike animation. From the looks of it, building Crit and AD is a perfectly viable build path for the new Kayle, and I think it's strange there isn't an animation for critical strikes. Perhaps her regular attack animation with the combined sword could be re-used as a crit animation while her passive is stacked. * Like someone else mentioned, mana management seems to be an issue with the kit. While it's understandable some champs will have high mana cost and you must be smart about usage and conservation, this kit feels like that even with conservative usage, you will still run oom and feel like a sitting duck because you're still melee in early game. I'm against putting a full mana cost or cooldown refund on E people have been suggesting because it removes an intended weakness (as a Gangplank player, having his Q really mitigates early game problems). But a partial refund from last hitting might be an alright solution. Her E CD is a longer CD, and over time you are still draining mana if you want to last hit or go for poke damage. * Her fully stacked passive's benefit of MS moving towards enemies, coupled with her range can feel really oppressive in later stages of the game. Considering her wealth of other strengths during the late game, this one on top feels like a real soul crusher (like once you see her "guess I'm dead" sort of feeling without counterplay). Maybe it's outweighed by her terrible early game, but I think this is a point that could be potentially looked at when balancing between all the parts of her kit. I would hope to continuing updating this post with my thoughts as the patch cycle continues.
: Why riot decreased range of Morgana ULT
Huh, when I played her in-game, I was thinking "wow her ult range is shorter than I remembered." Just asking for further clarification, does the leash range actually break where the edge is? Are you sure It isn't just some type of visual fix? If this change is true and not some sort of bug (there has been mention of bugs like her Q having a lower than intended AP ratio and such), then obviously this is a very large issue because it exacerbates the problems already with the ult.
: Matching in-game models to their splash arts (with samples)
So just before getting to my thoughts, to your last line, I think lots of people are actually quite worried, unfortunately since there's no official skin feedback post for each skin, so everyone's thought is scattered about without a clear place to collect it together. I really think a Rioter should get around to creating individualized post to make it easier to collect and facilitate discussion. Now on to just my critiques on your edits. * Aether Wing: While your edit is nice, and fits thematically with her final transformation being a jet black, but like you said, the old model and color are very good and I haven't seen any complaints about it. Most of the discussion seems to be complaints about her Form 3 and 4 models, so I'm wondering about your current opinion on it and the other edits they have circulating around. * Riot Kayle: I agree with changing the shade of the hair into something lighter. I didn't really understand the problem had with the Prestige Ahri's tail color, but I'm seeing it a bit more with this hair color. The armor is something I care less about. I don't really feel positive or negative towards your edit or the original. * Silver Kayle: I like the edit to the face, the nose definitely was a bother. In the splash art, her face looks a lot softer[?], which kind of changes because of the darker skin and face in-game. Although I must note her face is the same as her default face that is shared by most of her skins. The color scheme looks nice, but I think the base form overlaps a bit much with Transcended Kayle. I do like the change in wing color in the 4th form though, although I'm not sure if I would like it better with your change to the body or keeping it normal. The splash art makes it look like a statue coming to life, so your idea about going from the lighter silver colors into the blues can make sense although it misses the opportunity for the more knightly appearance with the colors already being darkened and alive. Now beyond your edits, just my general thoughts on this whole situation. I do agree with your preliminary points about the limitations of the skin vs splash, I do agree they should be related and there isn't some surprise parts to it. Although I think an issue with some of the splashes is that the lighting of the splashes morph their appearance, like Riot Kayle looking more tan[?], likely due to a fire. I also think some of the faces in-game affected by the fact that in the splashes they do not glow, so there is more expression that is missed. I do think there are inconsistencies about the splashes that I think should reflect in the model (aside from my disagreements already mentioned above, the sword of Battleborn and the hairstyle from Transcended are things I would personally like to see changed). I'm currently on the fence about writing my full opinion on all the skins since I would like to save it for a potential official feedback thread instead of having to constantly mention it in each thread or adding my own thread to the many already being made by others. But here are some small personal thoughts about the skins you mentioned. * I currently like Aether Wing, and I like it's more bulky appearance compared to the base skin. I did like the edit someone posted that added in more of the blue quills to Form 3. I can't put my finger on what her 3rd form reminds me of (Shadow of the Colossus, Precursors from Jak, Guardians from Breath of the Wild?). I wish that the helmet from her recall was actually incorporated into the skin rather than just being a visor. Most of the skins I do like the unmasked appearance, but I think it really fits here. * Riot Kayle isn't something I've looked too deeply into. Aside from the hair I don't have much problem with its current form, although you mentioning the sword appearance is a complaint I can somewhat share. * Silver Kayle is a skin I like thematically, although of course it's a skin almost no one will touch (I have seen Young Ryze and Black Alistar before, but never Silver Kayle). I can see why they put darker skin to make it stand out from all the lighter colors, but it does go against the expectations. I'm wondering the reason why it looks so different is because they do not want it to overlap with things like Lunar Eclipse Leona.
: Transcended Kayle, but with hair like splash.
Nice edit. I was pretty disappointed the hair from the splash was never used on the skin. Although I guess some issues that might be brought up is the hair clipping with her halo ornament behind her head and the likely need to animate the hair so it does not appear static. Not directed towards you, but just a general opinion I wish to say if a Rioter does come around to view this (since we are lacking in individual feedback post for every skin). I understand there's always going to be dissonance between a splash art and the skin, but I would like to nitpick the specific differences from the hair style and the halo that is missing from the splash art. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have these choices, but I would have better appreciated it if it was known from the get go in the splash rather than discovering the difference once I'm in the game. I would personally prefer the wilder hair to set this skin more apart from the others skins with long hair going downward (in contrast to base and Pentakill, whose hair is facing upward).
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
So I've tried one game of mid Morgana. I am not a Morgana main, but it's a champ I utilize from time to time in mid lane and support * Base MS change wasn't very noticeable, but I play ADC primarily, many of whom have 325ms compared to 330ms here. * W change actually felt quite nice. The wave clear was reasonably the same, but the more rapid damage as the minions health lowered made me more confident that it would last hit the creeps (still missed CS sometimes though). * The ultimate change I feel iffy about. I did notice the speed boost, which was nice, but as I concur with some opinions on the MorganaMains reddit, the concept of the ultimate renders the buffs a bit mute. You want to be close to enemies, but you're also a squishy mage, so instead you normally zhonyas. I didn't immediately rush a Zhonyas 1st or 2nd, and it really hurt reliably trying to land the ult because I would just die before it fully casts (although to be fair we were behind). * I guess as an aside thing, her E shield looks kind of small, I wish it were larger for more clarity. On to just random musing about Morgana in general. I was disappointed to hear her passive and W were not getting more extensive changes. I understand that it was scrapped in order to keep the synergy of the kit intact, but they still feel like the most underutilize and unexciting part of her kit. Personally I wish for a new passive and that her W was reworked to something decoupled from needing to land Q (or maybe even rework Q as well?). These ideas have likely already been considered, and I would like to share my other ideas of exploration. But, I'm not a main though, so my opinion weighs less so and I don't particularly know what mains desire to keep or what thematics they would like for the kit.
: @Riot Kayles classic skin
A Rioter has already acknowledged the dissatisfaction with the less than armored appearance of the base Kayle. They're working on an update, but said it will take a few days before we see it in-game, so please look forward to it.
: PBE updating here... Tell me that it's a lie that you can not AA during ult...
I am sorry to break it to you, but you cannot AA during the ult (although the channel time isn't monstrously long).
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
I guess this is preliminary feedback since I've only tried this in Practice Tool and not gameplay. I seem to be the devil's advocate in that I don't actually consider the skin that bad. I can however, relate to the grievances people have all been spamming out and would take the side of what looks to be a majority of the community who are negatively appraising the skin. Now on to personal views on the skin, I apologizes in advance if my explanations for my feelings about the skin do not translate well. * I like that this skin has more model differences than the previous two Prestige skins (Blood Moon Aatrox was mostly a recolor and Firecracker Vayne's only discernible difference was the train of her dress was not split). I understand these skins are an extension of another, but I do believe it's important they at least feel different rather than just being a re-color. * I don't like the hair style. It took me a while to figure out, so I ran around with other Ahri skins to put my finger on to why. I guess the combination of the shape of the hair and its color reminds me of a tuft of cotton. I can see the black portions as something that is stylish in reality, but I don't feel it fits well here (maybe because of where the color is concentrated at). * The ears don't blend very well. Other skins make the ears feel more seamless and an extension from Ahri's head, but maybe due to the shape of the ears or the position of it more centrally to her head makes it not look that great. * The tail color didn't bother me, although maybe my idea of the color gold might be very warped compared to people (gold can be both bright and dark, I assume people associate it more with the shiny bright one while I find the darker color more acceptable). I have liked the edits I've seen people done where the tails are a brighter shade of gold or more white/translucent. * Can't currently describe my feelings on the clothes. Feel sort of odd about the strings of the top on the backside (maybe how exposed her backside is?), but that's about it * Spell effects don't feel all that different, likely because the Q and E were not modified greatly to keep visual readability for spells. While I know it's an important to keep things clear, it does limit the quality of the skin and how it matches with the model. These are my general thoughts just deeply analyzing the skin from images and trying it around Practice Tool. Aside from those, below are my more systematic problems with Prestige skins that I would like to get out that don't need to be acknowledge if so desired. * The Prestige Point method of unlocking still remains a high point of contention. There is still not known any other means to get Prestige Points, so as of now, the skin basically cost over $100 (I know you get a large haul of crates as well, but there's still a large wall to getting the skin that does not inspire achievement or reputability to owners). The mission pass events feel like a more reasonable way to receive it, but there's also fatigue if they are constantly churned out. Without any means of knowing how else to get it, there's just a hopeless wall in the way. * I know the official stance is that Prestige skins will continue keeping the gold/white color scheme as a visual theme, but I believe it's limiting the quality of future skins that don't match the theme. It will just make some skins gaudy and the theme shoehorned in, instead of it overall looking good. I think the theme variety should be as much as the Gemstone skins from chest instead of it being narrowed. * The lack of changes to the system around Prestige skins, and the continuing disappointing level of quality for each skin is not inspiring much confidence in the system. I think it's perfectly fine that an idea like this exist, but it is very off putting that it does not look to be improving. EDIT: I have seen the updated version on Twitter. Will re-adjust my opinion once I test it in-game. I appreciate the transparent answer Riot Stellari gave on how feedback is processed.
: Warwick and Conqueror
It may not be a bug, but an unintended side effect of the damage conversion. Because it heals based on your magic damage, since part of the magic damage is converted into true damage, you are doing less magic damage and getting less healing as a result. A similar problem came up with Aatrox that he only heals from his E passive based on physical damage. Since Conqueror would convert part of his physical damage into true damage, he got less healing as a result (this is based on the old Conqueror with no healing just to clarify). I am unsure if this would be corrected since they didn't do so previously (the only case they fixed is with Death's Dance turning into omnivamp).
: No, the rune should be incentivized for melee champs, and should have most of the bruiser specific benefits gutted for ranged champ. This rune is something that Bruisers need. They really only have this rune to actually damage tanks, for the most part. Ranged champs and Mages have their own runes to use (You don't see any AD Bruisers using comet/aery, for example). If they leave this rune the way it is, champs like Cassio and Twitch are just gonna break this rune, until it gets nerfed to the ground and reworked again. So I'd much rather let mages and ADCs take the L this time for once, because we lost out on Fervor, then we lost out on the Bruiser itemization items, and now potentially this unless it is significantly nerfed for ranged champions (I don't care if Akali, Kassadin, etc get it)
I don't disagree that Bruisers need a rune like this and it should be more focused towards them, but your arguments don't make me see why this rune should be gutted for ranged champs. If you're afraid ADCs would abuse this rune, then look back on how hard ADCs abused Fervor before. They didn't, and they were not the reason Fervor was removed either. The interaction with Runaans and Twitch ult was exactly the same with Fervor as this Conqueror. Cassio sounds like the only fringe case out of Mages abusing this rune, except that's only one champion, not a group of champions. If she did abuse the rune, then Riot can just nerf the champ not the rune (ex. Gangplank with Grasp and Ezreal with Klepto). Even then, I don't see her making the greatest use of the rune since she's currently valued more for her poke build than DPS build. The biggest issue that would result in the rune being nerf is if it's a repeat of the situation where it's clearly stronger on an entire group of champions and it crowds out other options (ex. release Aery and reworked Dark Harvest). The true damage doesn't look that broken considering it's only 10% (which means you only get benefit on enemies with ~2+ defensive items) and the healing doesn't help if you're squishy and you get bursted out anyway. This rune also doesn't significantly help their laning phase, so it's a choice of a better late game option vs a more useful early game one. Bruisers will still be the biggest user of this rune because they make the greatest use of all of its aspect. Even then, they're in one of their best spots in a long time with the current version of Conqueror, enough that they're crowding out other champion options, which is why this rune is getting mini-reworked.
: Ah I missed that part about (spells that do damage). My issue with the stacking is that It shows the problem Riot has with Champ Design. Champs that have high (Attacks per Second "APS" be that auto attacks or Button Pushes) out perform ones with lower APS They dont balance them at all. This is why Champs like Yasuo, Irelia, Luc, Riven, Akali (old), LeB all are better then other champs. There is little to no time where they dont have an attack that is up. Their attacks do the same amount of damage as a champ that has LOW APS New Conqueror show cases this by who can stack it to 5 faster. To balanced the playing field the New Conqueror should be changed >Attacks or spells that deal damage to an enemy champion grant 3-15 Adaptive Force (based on level) for 1s (3s for melee). Stacks once per second up to 5 times. When fully stacked, heal for 10% of damage dealt to champions and convert 10% of that damage to True Damage. Lasts for 5s" This way you have to commit to a fight and be damaging an enemy champion. After 5s it Procs the +10% True damage and Healing but only lasts for 5s. You then have to restack it. Illaoi can use it the same as Riven the same as Viegar
While that's one iteration that has merit to it, you also have to think of similar trade offs to your iteration. 1-3s is a short window that makes it difficult to proc reliably for yourself and a lot more easily for the enemy to play around it, effectively invalidating your rune choice. Capping how fast you can stack seems like a good solution to have consistency across all champs, but what if your kit can't sustain a trade for that long? That wouldn't be an issue if the stacks lasted longer, but you shorten that as well. But what if we just stick to the capping idea? Well it means the rune is now favored by champs who could safely build up the stacks from afar and blocking the champs who rely on hard committing. I'm not saying Riot is always right when it comes to balance, but it's important to think of context and trade offs when thinking about balance situations. Sometimes your group of champions will be on the short end of the stick, but sometimes that's an unavoidable outcome because perfect balance is nearly impossible. The best that can occur is preventing something from being blatantly broken and trying the best to keep everything as viable as possible.
: The rune is definitely broken with the heal/true dmg, but i do agree with the stacking dmg like fervor. I mean the 10% true dmg was a problem on IE since it removed the necessity for anyone to build LW items and this is an early version of that but with all types of dmg
I like the direction of this rune better than the current iteration of it, and I do believe there is a place for it in the game because without it, it would go back to the time where bruisers weren't able to threaten tanks and we'd have a tank meta. Trading off the true damage for healing means someone can still threaten tanks (since healing is another means to combat tanks) without decreasing the durability of the tank himself. The primary problem of IE and LW wasn't that IE was removing the necessity of LW, it was that LW was doing worst when paired with IE. Because of the true damage conversion, it meant that your auto attacks were not getting the full value of armor pen out of their attacks. A similar reasoning to why Darius with Conqueror doesn't build Black Cleaver and instead buys Trinity Force. While it's not terribly bad to pick up both, it creates anti-synergy that is not a good design.
: Riot please Remove Conqueror from Ranged Champs
I appreciate you going through testing so many different interactions with the new Conqueror, but I disagree that the rune should be exclusively melee. Barring the unique exceptions of multi-hitting auto attacks which is a concern, I don't think there's anything wrong for Ranged champs to have other options. Mages don't particularly like the 1st or 2nd minor trees in Precision, so there's a trade off to picking it. ADCs face a more odd dilemma because Conqueror may crowd out Press the Attack as their damage option, but I don't think it's wrong for them to have a choice of a tank killing rune.
: Conqueror dont work correctly
One point that clears up some of the incorrect interaction is > "Attacks or spells **that deal damage to an enemy champion** grant 3-15 Adaptive Force (based on level) for 3s (8s for melee). Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, heal for 10% of damage dealt to champions and convert 10% of that damage to True Damage." So it's reasonable that Illaoi's E and the initial Fizz's R latch do not give you a stack because they don't do damage. It appears that each spell can only grant one stack as long as you hit one champion with it. You don't get multiple stacks for hitting multiple champions or from DoTs. This is why Kennen's R only grants one stack because it's one spell use, same as electrocute. I don't think you should be able to get multiple procs from a single spell, I believe it is intended that way that you should slowly stack it. I do think it's reasonable a tentacle hit should be able to give a stack, but I don't think hitting multiple tentacles on a single target deserves more than one stack. As for Master Yi and MF interaction, MF is the only stand out I could see. Multi-hit auto attacks seem to give you more than one stack (Lucian, Renekton, and Shyvana also worked)), and MF's Love Tap giving her an extra stack seems to be a unique exception I could only replicate with Udyr Q. Aside from that I don't see much cause for concern, the only other choice being removing all exceptions of multi-hits giving you extra stacks (which wouldn't bother me either). The fact the stacks and actual buff are separate from one another boggles me a bit and feels unnecessary, so that is another point of concern. I do believe this rune would benefit with complete transparency of what it can and cannot do, but I can see a limit to how much they could fit into a text description.
: Kalista nerfs for no reason in PBE????
Just wanted to clarify, as /r/KalistaMains have found out, they actually moved the AD back into Kalista, so she has higher base AD and scaling now. Guess it was missed out in the patch notes.
: Nerf on Kalista???????
Just wanted to clarify for you, as /r/KalistaMains have found out, they actually moved the AD back into Kalista, so she has higher base AD and scaling now. Guess it was missed out in the patch notes.
: System error
Received this error despite resetting my computer, repairing the client, and re-downloading the PBE. My live game still works fine, so it probably has to do with today's patch.
: Skin Collections Tab: Skin Descriptions Feature Feedback
I'm looking forward for all the lore tidbits for the skins for sure, even if it's not as complete as looking at every source (like on the Lunar Revel 2017 site, it was mention that Vi received her gauntlets from a demon). Also, can we get some type of update on which skins have received lore? Sifting through all the skins for who has new lore will be a real pain.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
As FF20 has pointed out, using Inspiration+Precision tree (the so called Virtuoso set) gives an attack speed bonus of 2160%. While it's not that supremely annoying, until you use the set on its namesake character Jhin, then he just gets tons of AD and moves like Sonic. While I'm sure this will be quick fixed, it was hilarious using it in Practice Tool and to add to the other game breaking bugs that have been on PBE. Aside, the FF20 10/11 post was the first time I've found out that using certain Tree combos have actual names to them. I was wondering if it was possible to add these names in the client? I also noticed that while selecting your Secondary tree, it no longer shows the passive stat bonus you would gain while hovering over the choice and I was wondering if that will be re-added as well.
: [Azir Soldier Autos] Azir's W will stack your Rageblade
If I recall, somewhere in the past they intentionally removed the interaction with Guinsoos. Rageblade stacking has always worked with Azir's autos, although I found it pretty niche.
: No one on the PBE (doubtful) or bug with Ques on the PBE
There actually is a problem. You have to restart queue every 5 or so minutes to increase your chances. While there is a low population of people as there has been a lack of updates people are looking forward too, there is definitely something wrong with the queue times even on times where people are online.
: Zed Shadows
I encountered this bug too, you can do with actually do it with his joke and dance animation as well (when timed correctly).
: Problem with Kitty Cat Katarina Skin
I reported a few days ago using the "Report a Bug" system. It also affected Red Card and Mercenary as well if I recall correctly (I tested everything in Practice Tool).
: Vitorious skins
You cannot. After a while, they remove older skins from purchase and they are not available anymore and are likely never to return.
: Unfortunately, now that Ornn and his skin are released on the live server, this bug has no priority anymore. Next time, please report these kind of bugs as soon as they happen :(
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=ypAhLE7E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-24T05:30:47.969+0000) > > Unfortunately, now that Ornn and his skin are released on the live server, this bug has no priority anymore. Next time, please report these kind of bugs as soon as they happen :( I actually posted the skin was unavailable in the Ornn bug report thread with no response. I had also off handedly mention it when I encountered another bug with skin selection that Riot eventually fixed. I had just sent in another bug report because the skin was on the landing page but was still unavailable for purchase. Even if it isn't a priority anymore, it seems like something Riot should take note of in the future considering they neglected to have a skin for testing. There could be bugs with the skin we are unaware of, or perhaps the skin's effects might not be easy to see for certain players that should be looked over.
: Question about Ornn's "Searing Charge"
Phreak stated in the champion spotlight that hitting enemies with E slightly displaces enemies, so it doesn't seem to be a bug.
: How do I unlock Championship Ashe?
Sometimes they don't enable buying new stuff right away when the PBE comes back up (new champs, skins, icons). Just wait a while longer, and they are likely to be enabled (I feel a bit iffy about it since they never enabled Thunder Lord Ornn).
: How to beat Onslaught...
I've only finished the mode 3 times, but here's some tips I figured at the moment. -Try to recognize what stages are which, enemies always spawn the same way, so you can move into position faster. -Always prioritize killing Kog'maws (make sure you kill their squid protector thing in advance) -During the "reach the end of the level" stages, if Vel'koz spawn in the beginning, make sure you focus them down right away or else it will make a bullet hell. It's important not to stand beside each other so if someone gets hit by a projectile, it does not hit everyone else (or have a Poppy tank all of them). If there's a laser, spread out, one side is going to be focused by it, may as well keep some people alive. Also know you can just flash/run towards the finish line without the protective bubble. -During the boss level, always make it a priority to kill the champ mobs before attacking the boss. -Always try to keep mobile, standing still can give a window to be CC chained by Rek'sai or Cho'gaths. If you play Soraka/Poppy, I highly recommend building Warmogs. The healing from it can be a life saver (you can run away from the mobs long enough for it to proc). If you play Jinx, I recommend an on-hit build with botrk/guinsoos/wit's end. It's a lot more consistent than a crit one, and takes fewer items to come online (you can get botrk by the end of stage 1). I only would recommend a crit build if you have a Janna. If you play a Mage (Ahri/Lux/Syndra), build Morellos. It procs on every single champ enemy, so you will never run out of mana. Dangerous game can work the same way on all champions.
: INVASION game mode - Taunt item for Poppy?
I thought the same thing during the first few games I played, but later someone I played with actually showed the great things about Poppy. While she can't contribute damage as much as other champs, she definitely provides utility. Her W stops Kha jumps (which keeps them visible for longer as they go invisible after the jump), Rek'sai tunnels (stops knock up CC chains which are a pain), the boss itself can be stopped from dashing as well. Being able to keep the boss in a single position is great as it reduces the risk of the boss going into a spot where it's not easy to find cover during its black hole wave attack. Because she is so tanky, she can be very effective to revive people without being in incredible danger. She can also tank out Kog'maws and Vel'koz projectiles during the "get to the end" stages. I highly recommend Warmogs, as even in this fast pace mode, the cd is short enough that you can actually get the heal off.
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: Very Long Queue Times for 5v5?
It's actually rather common during URF or a new featured game mode that people aren't queueing up for normals. Know that PBE is a small community, so there isn't always enough players for a normals game, especially when the player base is divided which cause even longer queue times than normal.
: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
Having a great time in the mode, but can I ask that we get more time during champ select? 30 second seems to short of a time to choose a champ and then pick runes/masteries for them.
: Ornn Bug Reports
This isn't a gameplay bug, but is Thunder Lord Ornn available yet? While earlier it had a locked symbol, it is now available during champ select. But every time I chose the skin (signified by the golden border around the skin), after the final 10 second countdown, the golden border would shift to the classic skin (without the classic image being centered) and I would have the classic skin in-game.
: [Aftergame Invasion Stats] Damage Stat Counter Bugged
I believe it has something to do with the stage where you have to move towards the end of the map. Since at the end, it kills all the enemies instantly, which probably goes towards whoever reached the end.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Tristana!
There's only one problem I have with the skin, which is the E. It doesn't really feel futuristic to me. While it kind of fits in the spec ops theme, it kind of feels out of place with all the modern/advance weapons of the skins. Like DimondmatthewPBE said, I like the idea of some C4 rather than sticks of dynamite. Something more like this https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/madnesscombat/images/6/63/Time_Bomb_MC7.5.png Aside from that, I enjoy the skin.
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: Sejuani Feedback Thread
If I recall, the point of this midseason rework is to solidify the tanks role of soaking damage, and to make tanks more interactive in terms of gameplay. In terms of meeting that goal, Sejuani meets that. Her base values aren't high (aside from the Shatter procs, which is already being remedied at this point in time), you have to pay attention on who you're stacking on rather than just running around and hitting E once you prick someone, and you have to pay attention to team composition before you actually pick to have maximum effectiveness. In terms of overall gameplay feel, it feels pretty stale unless you have melee teammates. Once you use your W and Q, you're kind of stuck with your slow melee attack until you successfully get Permafrost stacks. Most champs have three abilities to throw out and to plan about, with Sejuani it feels like you're kind of left hanging. While it is part of her identity for her to lead the pack and work together, it's one of those things that make her feel kind of clunky. Also, her ult feels more like an assassination tool than an engage as a simple way to get a double Shatter proc, which while cool, isn't exactly a very "tank" trait. My personal wishes would be either her Q did something more than just knockback one person, or give her basic attacks more interest aside from Shatter procs.
: Conqueror Karma Hits PBE
The skin really reminds me of Cia from the Legend of Zelda. Aside, the skin is nice, but my problem is it still doesn't feel very complete thematically. I know it's the first of it's kind, so it will feel more fleshed out as more champions share the same theme, but for now it just feels like just another skin for Karma (I know that sounds very vague, but I can't find the words to sum up my overall feeling of it).
: @Riot Compilation of Broken Rengar Thread (Tank Rengar)
I was the Gangplank in Game 2. Can confirm the tower is basically a non-factor for him, and I was near death in nearly all his dive attempts. As a Rengar player on the live servers, I have tested out tank Rengar and it's rather absurd how much damage I do when I should be an assassin, and instead I'm building tank. I mean it's getting to the tank Ekko or Poppy nonsensical damage. Plus, because Rengar's Q has larger range than basic attacks combined with his passive, it's a rather oppressive lane against melees, and even a struggle for some ranged match ups to play against. The rework did little to remove the previous issue of Rengars building tank rather than damage and still being able to kill opponents. To be honest, the nerfs currently on pick or ban champions doesn't feel very impactful, and I see little reason why buffs were placed on some of the nerfs.
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