: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Tristana!
There's only one problem I have with the skin, which is the E. It doesn't really feel futuristic to me. While it kind of fits in the spec ops theme, it kind of feels out of place with all the modern/advance weapons of the skins. Like DimondmatthewPBE said, I like the idea of some C4 rather than sticks of dynamite. Something more like this https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/madnesscombat/images/6/63/Time_Bomb_MC7.5.png Aside from that, I enjoy the skin.
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: Sejuani Feedback Thread
If I recall, the point of this midseason rework is to solidify the tanks role of soaking damage, and to make tanks more interactive in terms of gameplay. In terms of meeting that goal, Sejuani meets that. Her base values aren't high (aside from the Shatter procs, which is already being remedied at this point in time), you have to pay attention on who you're stacking on rather than just running around and hitting E once you prick someone, and you have to pay attention to team composition before you actually pick to have maximum effectiveness. In terms of overall gameplay feel, it feels pretty stale unless you have melee teammates. Once you use your W and Q, you're kind of stuck with your slow melee attack until you successfully get Permafrost stacks. Most champs have three abilities to throw out and to plan about, with Sejuani it feels like you're kind of left hanging. While it is part of her identity for her to lead the pack and work together, it's one of those things that make her feel kind of clunky. Also, her ult feels more like an assassination tool than an engage as a simple way to get a double Shatter proc, which while cool, isn't exactly a very "tank" trait. My personal wishes would be either her Q did something more than just knockback one person, or give her basic attacks more interest aside from Shatter procs.
: Conqueror Karma Hits PBE
The skin really reminds me of Cia from the Legend of Zelda. Aside, the skin is nice, but my problem is it still doesn't feel very complete thematically. I know it's the first of it's kind, so it will feel more fleshed out as more champions share the same theme, but for now it just feels like just another skin for Karma (I know that sounds very vague, but I can't find the words to sum up my overall feeling of it).
: @Riot Compilation of Broken Rengar Thread (Tank Rengar)
I was the Gangplank in Game 2. Can confirm the tower is basically a non-factor for him, and I was near death in nearly all his dive attempts. As a Rengar player on the live servers, I have tested out tank Rengar and it's rather absurd how much damage I do when I should be an assassin, and instead I'm building tank. I mean it's getting to the tank Ekko or Poppy nonsensical damage. Plus, because Rengar's Q has larger range than basic attacks combined with his passive, it's a rather oppressive lane against melees, and even a struggle for some ranged match ups to play against. The rework did little to remove the previous issue of Rengars building tank rather than damage and still being able to kill opponents. To be honest, the nerfs currently on pick or ban champions doesn't feel very impactful, and I see little reason why buffs were placed on some of the nerfs.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
So to clear away the primary request of this post 1. AI is fine, they're not wandering off somewhere stupid and they actually attack the champions I hit with E 2. With the future update listed that you can see Last Rites cooldown while Awakening is active, that is the only clarity issue. 3. I have not encountered any bugs, although landing that wall is always a struggle 4. 1v1, he works great, he's a juggernaut. Although there was a rather sad moment that I went oom and a Riven 70-0 me with 5% of her health remaining (though I admit I was building Trinity Force first and she was fed). I don't feel very limited in team fights like other juggernauts, where it's somewhat mandatory they're in the front to be useful, the E and W feel pretty nice for team fights. The maiden definitely is more useful with you than split apart. I mean if you put it into the other lane, it's like a banner minion with a poorer trade off. As you know it's going to push and die, except you now have lost a powerful combat tool for 2 minutes. Also, even though I am able to get big damage with it with me, you don't really feel it's impact. I mean it's like a dementor, it does that rather slow soul sucking, that you know, it's sucking out your soul, but it's not very spectacular about it. Overall he feels nice, his kit and attack animation flows smoothly, and he no longer has a binary no retaliation kit. A minor gripe people have pointed out though, is his Q is very much like Nasus. Maybe change that overhead swing into a digging motion? Seems reasonable if you're making graves.
: An update on Championship Riven
When I heard new visuals on Riven, I was expecting we'd be able to test it on the PBE, bit disappointed about that. I know Zed is suppose to complete this set, but don't you think there's a bit to much AD in this set? Couldn't you get an AP champ in there, like I don't know Viktor (he seems to fit the mold well). Anyways, I patiently await the Zed skin for testing. EDIT: And both skins are added now, yohohoho, will put the feedback on the affirmative threads. Also found that comment on the reasoning for picking Zed, which sounds understandable, but still kind of ruins a good mixed damage team comp.
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Considering I've only played him 3 times, my current opinion isn't exactly accurate or understanding, though the two problems I've had so far are 1. You can't stop your ultimate. i mean at least with a Sion ultimate if I happen to overshoot or something, I can simply stop and run back into the fray. Although the ability itself has huge potential that can off set it 2. He feels clunky, probably because his movements are kind of erratic with so much attack speed from his W but I never feel things flow smoothly in combat in terms of using abilities together or attacking.
: Don't Hurt Corki's Scaling If You Nerf Him
He's pretty strong in my opinion, that or I'm just great with the champion. He pretty much has everything, poke, sustain damage, burst. The fact that he's now a primarily magic damage champion, early game, enemies won't have as much resistances, because it won't scale. So for a majority of the game, he's dishing a pretty sizable amount of damage, and doesn't suffer from his hybrid damage before as he can now build Void Staff as his penetration item. Even from a non-competitive stand point, he's a pretty top tier Marksman. You can't compare him to Lux because he's a Marksman, not a Mage, they are two different roles.
: The point is that Udyr never got a high popularity and could always be countered by high cc and kiting. He was becoming strong in the hands of the greater pobularity due to the movementspeed and burst of Runic echoes who made him superior compared to his devourer build. After they first nerfed the shield amount and the damage on 3rd hit on his Phoenix. Then he really was ok. Then they again nerf runic echoes by base dmg and now trying to nerf udyr again without waiting out the impact of the latest runic echoes nerf for udyr, also boots of swiftness (which he always buyed) were nerfed in movementspeed. This makes him worse and the nerf is unneeded. And Swain is a niche pick so it was bullshit to nerf him and then nerf the mastery who made him strong in one cycle. That's also the same with Sejuani. Nerfing her because cinderhulk was to strong on her and then nerfing cinderhulk without reverting any of those changes, leaving seju in a terrible spot until the latest patches.
Just because they don't have high popularity, doesn't make them not subject to being nerf. High CC isn't an ideal counter because it counters every champion in the game. Also, kiting it half and half, sometimes he can be kited well, and sometimes he runs over you, or runs really fast the hell away from you.
: Riot continues the: Nerf the Item -> Nerf the Champ cycle again this time with Udyr
I must admit, he was rather broken before any of these new items, they're just finally getting around to the changes. It's like what they said about Swain, always was on the radar, but his lack of being meta really kept them from making changes. Even then, they don't put changes without a reason, and they're going to have to test it out eventually, better do it now while they have the chance in the PBE cycle. Just please remember, nerfs are suppose to nerf your champion, that's the point. So it's not exactly the best point to argue "it's going to make him worse" because that's the point of a nerf. Unless you got a really good, detailed explanation, your argument I'm not really taking.
: Aurelion Sol's e has enormous hidden cooldowns
Well remember your flight can be interrupted, or not last very long, so starting the countdown earlier at a higher cooldown would, you know, be a nerf.
: About Jhin Ulty (R)
They reverted it yesterday, they said they weren't likely to keep that change anyway.
: Elderwood LeBlanc splash art
I noticed the difference between the splash and in-game model to, the splash looking more plant like than the in-game. Personally, the skin reminds me of River Spirit Nami. Which really makes me think elderwood isn't a fit title for this skin.
: Doge ( Nasus ) has to be nerfed.
Well aside from these other comments, I'll give you my two cents. I view Nasus as fine, he's not pick or ban, so he's not busted by any means. Your arguments can actually be applied to a variety of other champions aside from Nasus, which is why I don't find the arguments very good. Late Game Power- Nasus is part of the Juggernaut class of Fighters. Which means he's with the likes of Darius and Garen, who are also massively tanky and do lots of damage. Do you know who else benefits from late game? Light fighters like Jax, Fiora. There's also powerful late game carries like Kog'Maw, Vayne, Cassiopeia. There's plenty of champions who are suppose to scale into the late game, that's their niche. Split Push- Reminder that in practice, split pushes sometimes don't turn out as you want to. Sometimes your 4 man can't actually gain any turrets, or poorly planned for your split push by not having a push ready. Or the enemy team quickly eliminates you together before your 4 man can capitalize on your distraction. Lots of champions do this aside from Nasus, and can suffer the same problems as I've previously stated. Your suggestion- Not a great idea, or at the least requires very proper balance. That's a pretty hefty punishment. Nasus has one major source of damage, that's his Q. That means if he continue to lose stacks, he won't do any damage at any stage of the game. Now look at those other Juggernauts who don't have to deal with this. Also, Nasus has no escape tools, so if the early game goes unfavorably (which it likely will because he's weak early), there's no way he'll be able to do anything in later stages of the game. You've turned Nasus into a feast or famine champion, which isn't something Riot or anyone else really wants.
: But now with nerfs, since he suffers from that problem, if he fails, he gets punished hard since CD on ultimate is so high early game. Not to mention, if Talon is successful in killing ADC over and over again to the point where Talon has enough kills and ADC died a lot, at that point its useless to trade your life for ADC since they are now useless. We all know when Talon goes in he kills a target and then most likely dies. And then that makes a problem, who are you supposed to kill, if you go in they just CC you, you have no escapes.
That's a possible scenario. When you nerf something however, of course it's going to play worse, that's the point. In my personal experience, Talons that stay ahead generally are able to escape fine, or do such a massive amount of damage in AoE from his W and ult that he basically wins the fight for my team. If he's running first into 5 people, he's kind of doing it wrong, or you've draft yourself a poor team comp.
: Talon nerfs
Talon suffers from the assassin problem, if he can't kill or mortally harm his opponent, he's useless. So, most assassins have some what of a skill cap on them that keeps them from high win rates. The new item probably increase the amount of Talon players, which with the skill cap, probably dropped his win rate. Though let me get to his positives that make him actually worth looking at to nerf. 1. His kit has a very simple combo that has little counterplay, very oppressive when ahead. Pink wards aren't even the best counter, as his bonus movement speed and fast combo means you have little room to actually effectively use the vision. 2. Even if he does get behind, he has a W as a small little safety net (not to large of a positive, but gives him some what of a safe laning phase) 3. Season 6's AD itemization changes have been very kind to him. He can use effectively all the items either added or changed. Now here's the reason why his ult is being targeted. The cooldown is actually in practice, fairly short, compounded with the fact Talons build CDR. Short cooldowns on your ult makes the champion very oppressive when they're ahead because they can repeatedly have a full combo (Diana, Kassadin, Akali) every time you are up. I mean, imagine if you died to Talon in lane. You're going to have like a 20 second death timer, and then like a 20 second walk to lane. That means in 35 more seconds, he'll have his ult, ready to try and murder you again. 35 seconds is a very short amount of time in terms of League of Legends. This isn't even thinking about the new items he'll have once he's backed. So the increase cooldown gives him a higher window of counterplay you can actually kill him, or give yourself some breathing room. As a personal opinion aside from the analysis, I always found Talon to work fine, and at the very least not underpowered. I always feel that his ult is up nearly all the time that keeps me from trying to fight him or getting my jungler to gank him because he'd just ult and run.
: Fastest way to buy skins
Well your only tip is have great patience, cause there's no short cuts to abuse. I did find it quite odd when they put in that change so it refreshes every single time you buy something.
: Devourer Junglers are Already Not Viable in Competitive
I think you're the first person I've ever read argue because it's not in LCS it shouldn't have changes. It is quite a rarity that Riot decides to nerf something based on solo queue results than LCS, and that I'm actually glad they're doing it, catering to it's majority rather than pro play. Currently Shyvana and Yi have a high win rate according to OP.GG, Jax has <50% win rate, but that's muddled by the fact he's also played in top lane most of the time. Aside, you can't argue against the data, there's obviously something up with them, and nerfing one of their primary items is quite reasonable. Obviously, changes to universal available items and masteries generally causes other champions to end up getting a short end to the stick, who were piggy backing on strong items to push them into viability. Though I don't think it is right to just leave an item as it is just because of other champions also getting nerf, you can't just let champions that abuse the item harder to stay on their pedestal. It's not like any other time in history that champions who also got nerfed by some changes are permanently at a low win rate, if it did majorly effect them, Riot would eventually give them some pick me up buffs. Anyways, I checked your post history. You've disagreed with quite a number of changes, so I am putting into question your so said "I don't say this often". Also, you asking to increase Rageblade cost also directly effect Devourer junglers who you oh so want to protect, what if increasing the price also damages their play? How will you argue against your own suggestion?
: Kog'Maw has way too much power with 40% armor shred. Also, Caustic Spittle suggestion.
Know that the current identity that Riot defines Kog'Maw is late game hyper carry. He's suppose to be able to melt down tanks late game, it's part of his identity. Know that most people max Q last on Kog'Maw (W is always first of course, and most people would prefer the increased slow on E). This means they likely will not access that massive amount of resistance shred until late game team fights. Though this may be a nice change to put more incentive to maxing Q earlier than before. Even then, it's a skill shot, that only is able to hit one person. Kog'Maw is suppose to melt tanks anyway, and if a squishy gets hit instead, they wouldn't move anywhere near him anyway. What's more important is they are changing Kog so that he does not gain his attack speed from his W anymore, one of the major buffs in his kit that led him to his high win rate, and moved it to his level scaling, meaning they further pushed things towards late game. I know sometimes things look really good or bad on paper, but sometimes in practice it doesn't really turn out that way, so take note of that before complaining on the forums, cause I'm guessing you haven't tested and dominated lane a bunch of times with the new changes.
: Sivir's Ricochet, Fervor of Battle, and Thunder lords
So, my theory. Her W is an auto-attack modifier according to the LoL wikia. This means that the ricochets are not considered a spell, but simply a bonus of the applying basic attack. Meaning the bounced boomerangs will not count as a spell or basic attack (it does not apply on-hit effects or spell effects anyway, so it wouldn't proc Fervor damage) for the purpose of Fervor or Thunderlords. Only the person you hit initially will give you the stacks for thunderlords or fervor.
: I agree. 30% immunity against all form (except k.-u. etc) are pretty much compared to the swiftness boots. It makes it way more attractive to buy tenacity boot on 50% of all champs (dunno, just guessing) against cc heavy or non heavy teams. 200g doesnt make a great difference and it be better to buy mercury instead. they could change it to 25% at least.
Guys have to remember that more movement speed is sometimes a significant advantage. Mercury Treads have always been an option for CC heavy teams, so you can't really complain now "everyone is taking it" when it wasn't taken all the time before, especially when previously, it had 35% tenacity.
: I'm plat too! But I think compare Viktor to Lux is inappropriate! Yes, it's true that Viktor with the augmented Q has more mobility than her and his augmented W is a really strong cc with the right comp... but i think Lux is a safer and stronger pick than Viktor. First of all Lux is really facilitated by her huge range that makes her a safer pick in lane and in team fights. Her utility is given by 2 abilities, a shield on her and team mates and a double snare; Viktor can shield only himself (it absorbs less damage than the Lux one) and his "Gravity Field" has no immediate effect and can't be a solid ability to prevent enemy ganks! Last but not least, let's compare the cooldown of their ultimates: Lux ult cd is 80/65/50, Viktor ult cd is 120/110/100; this difference is extremely important because Lux can deals her maximum damage way more frequently than Viktor: this means more pressure in lane phase and max potential in occasional skirmishes, more possibilities of fights in late game. I think I should not mention how much a Viktor has to expose himself in a team fight to deals his damage, thing that a Lux has not to worry about! Sorry but saying that Viktor does more than Lux has no sense for me...
Please be aware arguments can always have good points on both sides and as long as there is some reasoning, my idea is justified, at least, in my mind. That doesn't mean I don't think Lux has problems like I stated earlier.
: Swain was not OP. The nerf on him made no sense. His lack of mobility and mana efficient waveclear was enough to keep him from being a top tier pick. You could play almost any mid vs him and just waveclear then roam. He was nerfed for no good reason.
Like I said, champions that people thought were fine were found apparently not by Riot, and we argue it here on the boards.
: Viktor E Nerf (justified or not?)
Here's my two cent, I'm around plat level, though haven't had much time to play in the past month, so this is based on a mostly theoretical stand point and my knowledge before the patch. Mages in general, have a lot of bad match ups, because of their inherent weakness to assassins. So not the best of arguments. Viktor is on the same boat as Lux (who I agree with you, her buffs have put her over the edge), plenty of safety, plenty of damage. Except, he also does a bit more. He has more mobility, he has a really good linear build path with his hex core (which gives him a bucket load of stats and utility), he can perform burst/team fight/siege well, and his spells are arguably easier to land than Lux's (her E buff is still obnoxious and difficult to predict sometimes though). There's obviously issues in the game that Riot has decided not to make any changes or comment about, though that's something to argue on the live boards, or may be just personal issues you're having against the champions (personally I hate Annie, nothing happening there).
: Malphite nerfs.
Even in some match ups considered unfavorable (like against magic damage champs), he seems to do fine, which is an issue. He has a very linear method of play, meaning there isn't many methods of nerf than changing the damage values. Considering this is only a base damage nerf, he will still likely do great against AD match ups, as his items and scaling haven't been changed.
: The Future of ADC's in the LCS
They changed Grave's passive to his E, your entire credibility is invalid, kappa.
: Viktor cannot be sleeper OP lol. He was played a lot last year before his mini-rework and he has been played a lot this year too. There is nothing "sleeper" about him but he was still prioritized below Corki and Lulu by every almost literally every pro team. Some would also pick Ahri, Lux or the occasional Zilean with Viktor open. He was not really crowding out other picks and I don't think I've seen him banned in any region. If it happened, it's probably less than 5%. It's just a random nerf that doesn't make any sense to me unless he gets a buff elsewhere. I'm not even biased. I play mid but Viktor isn't in my champion pool even though I play vs him on a regular basis. It's hard playing vs him with weak early champions like AP Kog (which kind of sucks after the rework) but I don't feel like "oh they've got Viktor now I'm useless" either.
I didn't mean sleeper OP in the traditional sense that it's a champ no one is playing. I meant it as, despite the fact Viktor isn't getting any complaints or being a pick or ban champion, he can still be found to be strong enough to warrant a nerf, I pointed this out with Twisted Fate and Swain.
: I did some quick general math for this, incoming semi-accurate text that may have a flaw or two. (I'm tired, give meh a break D:) First thing to note, I am doing this under the conditions of 45% CDR (there is a very small difference with 40% CDR, I'm just using 45% because it looks better) with landing Qs ASAP. * So currently on live, he effectively has a 17.6, which is strong AP or AD * With a 120 second CD, he is at 26.4, which is fairly reasonable for a global ability * With a 90 second CD, he is at 19.8 So in a large scale for his ultimate, and nothing else...**It is an 8.8 second difference.** If you even take a couple of liberties, it is only about 13 seconds. With a 2.2 second difference for your suggestion. So, it isn't actually all the HUGE of a nerf in the long run.
It does increase the skill cap on Ezreal, requiring you to more consistently land more Q's rather than just having a short cooldown already.
: Viktor doesn't merit a nerf
It may not be a problem of a champion being massively overpowered (like Jax and Mundo earlier) but if the champion consistently outshines other picks or is dominant then it warrants some type of investigation. Gragas previously was a consistently picked jungler, it was him or Rek'Sai that both teams constantly traded to each other if I remember correctly. It could be they also found Viktor as like a sleeper OP, that he was strong despite not being noted. This was the case sometimes and they put what can be said to be a random nerf, like with Twisted Fate and Swain. I'd also like to note that champion counters are not a very good argument for a champion being balanced.
: Meh, it's likely Riot won't even notice the players who oppose the changes. You know, just like when they made Duskblade and that new Shen rework. Many people opposed the changes, yet they were send to live unchanged, even though they were fucked up, and the only thing that was actually a partially good choice (the Soraka nerf, by making her heals over-time instead of instant fuckshit super-heals with low cooldown), THEY REVERTED IT BECAUSE OF SOME DISGRUNTLED SUPPORT PLAYERS BEING DISGRUNTLED BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OP AS BALLS ANYMORE At this point, every word containing "Feedback" should just be renamed "bugs", because that's what Riot mostly cares about. People complained about Shen, who is still a broken mess (that quickly became rarely playable in PBE, just like old Shen), Riot didn't care, they just shipped him the same to Live, placed some new splash-arts and called it a day. And then they added Duskblade, which is a perfect synergy with Zed. People complained about it being overpowered for assassins (because who gives a fuck about the mages ; they shall have items that cost a crap-ton compared to their general farm and long-ass cooldowns + skillshots ) yet Riot shipped it EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS RELEASED. Dirk + That Cooldown-giving Hammer Thingie + some dosh and good game, Zed now has 17/1/3 I mean, I am pissed off at Riot for not listening to community feedback as of recently, but I do really hope this mind-set will change in a short time. It's painful to see Riot adding stuff with barely listening to the community.
Honestly, at the very least they give context surrounding the new assassins item, it's suppose to have synergy with all AD assassins who have empowered basic attacks in their kit, and it's now something Riot can balance around, instead of worrying about how it will affect the entire game. Shen however, was given zero reply to our feedback. I understand that their goal was to move towards Shen towards something more interactive, and with more "dodge" like a ninja rather than relying on tank stats, but without any reply towards our feedback, it reinforces the idea Riot doesn't really care about our feedback. Sometimes the PBE doesn't really get it right, I mean Fiora and Gangplank ended up being pick or ban tier, and I don't recall anyone on the forums complaining about Udyr on the PBE with Runic Echoes. I guess we have to wait and see how the live stats end up like.
: Tam Kench Passive Duration shouldn't be touched
Then what should they nerf then? It sounds reasonable enough, it means Tahm can't completely zone an enemy champion for long.
: The spotlight also doesn't mention any increased attack range on Q or the fact that W can stop Baron attacks currently. Also so many people gave good feedback and suggestions and Riot never posted or even acknowledged that they saw any of it; Shen's release could've been a lot more hyped and better gameplay.
The increase range on Q doesn't really sound gamebreaking enough, but they really should add on it. Also, some of Baron's attacks are basic, so Shen's W should be able to block it (same as Jax's E).
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: [SUGGESTION] Disable Jhin spending his final bullet on turrets
People have shared a similar sentiment of wanting that finale shot of Jhin to have more oomph towards turrets. Though there seems to be a trade off for your suggestion. He would be able to constantly threaten people trying to CS under turret. Likewise, how would is reload mechanic turn out if he can't let out the final shot, there would be an even longer downtime necessary to reload.
: > His armor is actually the lowest of melee characters (outside of Thresh who has his own mechanic) No he is not and Thresh is ranged anyway. > and the 3rd worst of the entire League of Legends cast after Mini-Gnar and Orianna. He is 82nd from the bottom for lvl 1 armor and has the 8th highest at level 18 > His HP are the 3rd worst of the entire melee cast (after Mordekaiser who is very special and arguably an experimental hero at the moment ; and Sion who have his own mechanic to stack HP). still no. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions%27_health http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions%27_armor Do a little research before posting stuff like this.
Those charts don't take into account Shen's changed base stats, those are the current live stats of Shen.
: [Master Shen EUW][Toplane] The most complete and explicative feedback about the recent Shen update.
Don't worry much about your english level, it's readable. Good analysis, 10/10. Clarity is something that seems good, though in general I think this Spirit Blade just really needs an overhaul in effectiveness. It doesn't do much, and it takes a lot for it to try and do something.
: Thunderlords PBE Nerf
I'm pretty sure someone pointed on the live boards of the inconsistency of how Thunderlords is proc, which included Lux, which I would like to see changes for. Aside, nerfs to universal things can cause certain champions that may be reliant on it to be nerfed as a result. You just have to take it, I mean thunderlords being so easy to proc is why everyone uses it, it should be a niche space, not everyone using it.
: Jungle Timers Bug
Can confirm this has occurred, also includes dragon.
: Shen Reword Scaling
Maybe that full tank Nasus isn't that effective? Mean a Last Whisper likely would help. I found that once you get a thornmail as a tank, it's possible to go toe to toe with Nasus. Juggernauts require at least one or two damage items to become a threat to everyone. This is why nearly all of them build Black Cleaver, except Nasus can't effectively use that, that's why he goes with Last Whisper usually. In general, most tanks have very high base damage, along with carries having low resistances. This increases their threat level against them that causes people to focus them. With their tankiness it's rather easy for them to apply this damage over and over again if they can get in range. I can't really see your match history of that game to really analyze what went wrong, but the latter sentence is a general thing that happens. By the way, this should be in Champion and Gameplay Feedback, not Site Feedback.
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
Personal thoughts 1. If he can crit with every shot, I don't think he should be able to crit with his final shot. It makes the build up anti-climatic if you just outright hit high numbers all the time. That, or lower the amount of AD he gains from crit chance. 2. I don't think he should be allowed to have his allies apply his W mark. Compounded with his range, he can way to easily follow up on his teammate just running in to fight, rather than prior planning or personal engagement to get the CC. 3. His E has a ridiculous ratio, and you can potentially stack it, but I guess it's kind of hard to land it anyway. 4. I feel that building crit isn't that much of a trade off compared to building flat damage. Building crit means you are reliant on landing crits, except, he gets AD from it anyway, so there's little to worry. I didn't really have an opportunity to really nail the math down on his AD as I can't run a custom match, but when I compared how much AD when I built full AD vs a crit based one, the crit guy had more AD than me. 5. I feel that in comparison to Graves who similarly does burst damage, he has plenty of safety range where he can still blast someone with huge amounts of damage. I know he's still susceptible to assassins in comparison to Graves, but Graves still has to put himself in more danger in the front lines to dish out his damage. My impression based on gameplay and Riot description is he's suppose to be immobile and reliant on various micro games to dish out damage. He has to manage his ammunition, look for the perfect opportunity to use his abilities to maximize effectiveness. I find his kit so far has showcased this.
: Yes i wrote it too early, saw the nerf too late, but enjoyable ! I main Kindred on plat level and even if yes, what you stated is true, it's always a pain to see any nerf.
Get hyped, there are even more nerfs for Rengar than earlier discovered.
: Shen sword mechanics feedback
Yeah his new Q is pretty unsatisfactory, even more so in comparison to his old Q. It's function and reliability is very narrow and reliant on landing an E, which puts you in danger and you don't feel that you're getting much from hitting it. Your empowered Q's and shield also take a while to receive, even when it is very close to you, the taunt will wear off before you can effectively use either. Personal idea? Remove the floating sword. Press Q to give you empowered basic attacks for a few seconds, or you can press Q again to throw it to damage and slow enemies. You can only W while your Q is active. Pretty sure I can develop this a lot more, but it solves the problem of not being able to position your Spirit Sword for your W, and give a more reliable option to hit the opponent. If they were really adding this Spirit Sword unit, they really should have made the kit revolve around it.
: Those Kindred nerfs are really unecessary
I think it can be said that high win rate doesn't exactly always correlate with champion power. Like most skill based champions that can carry games are at the bottom of the win rate ladder. Then there's Amumu who has always had a consistently high win rate across all ranks. Does that make him OP? Not really. Once you get past Gold, Kindred's win rate goes pretty top tier. She's a mobile champion with strong scaling and a point and click slow. Once caught, it's hard to escape her ganks, and if not, she can easily scale well in the jungle. Those Rengar changes are a buff for new players (who would likely die in the jungle), and a nerf to his damage, as now it's not as front loaded to his empowered Q (thought since most Rengar players start off with an empowered Bola, not to much of a nerf).
: About nerfing mundo...and what it should be nerfed.
Uh, just cause it makes him Mundo doesn't mean it makes him exactly fair to play against. Currently they already nerfed his E ratio and Q level up scaling. How exactly does his ult mechanic make him balanced? Considering how low of a cooldown it's available, it means he has an incredibly strong tool available to fight, without worrying to much about blowing it. If it's not up, he can patiently farm with Q's instead. I believe the increase cooldown is a step in the right direction, and opens up a larger window to fight him early game.
: Fervor of Battle Bugs/Oddities
So, theories, cause I'm not one of those wiki guys that test stuff. Perhaps ask the wiki people to test it? Twitch's W only applies his passive, which itself does not put stacks of Fervor on you (test it with a basic?). Ashe's Q is an auto attack modifier, therefore it's not an ability that does damage (so no 2 stacks). Her Q is kind of weird when it comes to applying certain effects, read the wiki about that, I think it'd be broken if she was allowed to put 5 stacks already with one Q. Ezreal's Q probably only gets one stack because it applies on-hit effects (so on attack, it is treated as a basic by Fervor, since Fervor only gives stacks on attack, and it reads that since it applies on-hit effects, it treats it like a basic). Runaans might seem to have an issue if Botrk works fine with it. Unless they expect it to be OP if you can quickly stack it (compared to Botrk, fervor would quickly out damage it). Clarity is always a plus, though I don't think this will be of much discussion until it's on live.
: lunar wraith Caitlyn skin - missing icons
I notice this also from a teammate playing Caitlyn.
: About illaoi
Since she's already on live, take it up on the live boards instead. Aside, Illaoi is considered a Juggernaut, therefore she has low mobility, high damage, and high tankiness. She's in the same class as Darius, Garen, etc. Riot justifies her damage is if she doesn't have that much, she wouldn't be considered a threat. She shares a similar problem with juggernauts is that she lacks crowd control and not that much of an initiation. Is she a lane bully and does ridiculous damage? Yeah, but so does some other champions in the game, so nerf em all if you'd like that, or simply deal with her the same way all these other champions are defeated.
: illaoi E on Minions
Cause that's just how it works.
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