: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
This is the first time I'm actually leaving feedback on a champion VGU so bear with me. This comment will only touch on her gameplay. New Evelynn is very, very fun; sadly that is all that's going on for her because her kit can never be used at an elo higher than plat later explained why. Passive : I can see that you guys wanted to give her a form of sustain both early and late game, but this needs some tweaking. You need massive AP to upgrade the health threshold, and even then the amount (or rather the tick rate) is ridiculously low making it useless most of the time. Also, since people actually can see you coming with W's cast-range/arrow, it could use a detection radius buff. Q : The first projectile needs its damage transferred to the recasts IMO, as missing it severely cuts your damage. The mana cost is just ugly and horrible early, you just CANNOT miss a blue buff especially now since passive doesn't grant mana regen, the cost should begin at something like 35-40 mana up to 65 or something. The CD also needs tweaking, so many times I just blow all my stuff on my target (Ult not included) and they live with like 150 or 200 health, followed by me awkwardly waiting for my CD while AA'ing them for a puny 50 damage .... W : This is one of her main problems and why she will get destroyed in high elo. This ability is at the core of her entire kit, which really hurt her because of 2 reasons. The first being your entire damage is gated by this, the MR shred is essential to burst someone. The second and most important/obnoxious comes with two parts : first, you are telling the entire enemy team who you are targeting, and that is fine, your target should have some kind of counterplay (I'd argue that the 2.5 wait time is a bit high, 2 second would have been enough). Secondly, YOUR MARK ACTUALLY REVEALS YOU POSITION WITH THE ARROW THINGY, this right here is just a no-no. People past gold actually start using their brains, they'll see the arrow and just expect you to come out from there, the support/tank/whoever will just block your Q-triggering charm against the adc/midlaner then just turn on you. In team fights, this ability is just worthless and will hardly be used as intended. E : Nice damage, but good god what is that range ? Either empowered E gets more range, or reduce passive's detection radius, because Passive + pathetic range + no MS steroid will just gets her disintegrated before she can even reach her target ... Also, it should really be uninterruptible like WW's, I'm actually surprised it isn't TBH. R : Perfect, couldn't have dreamed of more (I could actually, would really love to be able to recast it, but I understand why it's this way). 8/10 for me, it could be 10/10 with a bit more clarity for the targets below 30% because right now it's really hard to see. This pretty much sums up what I had to say. I love what you've done with the rework, but she still feels clunky and awkward to play. To sum it up : 1. CD + mana buff for Q. 2. You will need to read the W because I can't TLDR that. (Remove arrow pointing towards her or something) 3. +range for E or reduced passive detection radius. 4. Clarity.
: Eh, I'd say the feedback I've seen (here, Reddit, wherever) has been pretty universal in that the over-sized "headgear" needs to go. If anything, the most important bit of Eve's silhouette are the tentacles. Anyway, count me in as +1 hoping for its removal.
> the feedback I've seen (here, Reddit, wherever) has been pretty universal Vocal minority as I really really like the headgear, and tons of others do as well.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Dawn Rakan!
First of all, this skin is amazing. I do like Xayah's color scheme better, but this skin is really good nonetheless, props to the skin team. My only pet peeve is the ult. When the skin first came out, the ult was BLACK and GOLDEN, sure it needed some work, but I really liked these two colors. Today's update changed it to PURPLE and GOLDEN as shown here : https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-frH0OQKM81Q/WOVk14oXVGI/AAAAAAAAhtA/a2QxQMSO-vwF1-VHSKybN7tWo_2Y0aSLwCLcB/s1600/rakanrcompare.jpg The colors are nice as well, but they don't have as much of a "punch" as the previous ones. Would it be possible to darken the PURPLE color a bit more as to maximize the contrast ?
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: Hm I would think he should be able to go through it. I don't think Vayne can condemn (E stun) anyone into turret remains or Nautilus Q though I may be mistaken.
> Hm I would think he should be able to go through it. I don't think Vayne can condemn (E stun) anyone into turret remains or Nautilus Q though I may be mistaken. Yep they can. It counts as terrain.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Finally, some champs needed a little relooking, I'm concerned about Mistletoe Leblanc. It's one of the (if not the) best skin she has, yet her in game size model is ridiculously tiny, I don't know if this is meant to be like that, if not a resize would be awesome.


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