: Thanks for the report, forwarded to our environment artists :D
Any chance this will be fixed before launch? It still is an issue as of now. I really care for polished art presentation in league and this error is quite visible. http://image.prntscr.com/image/af91a7ec28a0499cb32907f172cd4a19.png
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: Dark Star: Singularity - coming soon to PBE!
The second space bg overlay is too small in 16:9 mode. http://prntscr.com/ez2xhr Any chance you could enlarge it?
: Concerning Threshs W changes, how does the lantern know that an allied is "in danger"?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Deep Sea Nami! (!!!)
Are summoner icons for skin releases a team skin only privilege? I really hoped for a Nami icon to release alongside Deep Sea. (andiknowyouwouldlikeonetoo ;P)
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Erm... Where did the 3v3 Twisted Treeline go? I'm kinda concerned due to it disappearing. I'm aware that the selected option says "Blind 5v5", so is TT gonna be in a seperate menu?
: Yes it's intentional. At the moment testing is going to take place in blind pick Normals and ARAMs. Client is still in alpha stage and most of the features are not finished or even implemented.
I think he means that there won't be "Draft Normal pick" in the finished product due to there being no indication that there ever will be.
: I loved Dominion. This is not Dominion. However, I still like this mode. The main reason I liked Dominion was because the action started right away, and it kept going all game. This DND mode definately delivers there. Things I like about DND: -The scoreboard displays points -Everything looks amazing. -Gameplay is fast-paced and true to Dominion. Things I dislike: -The Ultra Minion shrine captures really fast. The only defense seems to be actually being right there. If it was slowed down just a hair, it would feel better to be patrolling bot. -There are no quests. I liked that about Dominion, and I noticed a quest metric in the post-game screen. Also, did the classic Dominion music get remixed for DND?
Not that I or everyone else noticed. Pretty much the same from the looks and sound of it.
: Hey Last Phantasm! Unfortunately there was a mixup in our build :3 but Ascension should have all music and sounds for tomorrow's deploy!
Is there a chance that Ascension might get its' "own" theme? Dominion's doesn't seem to fit in my opinion. Is there any chance the login theme could be used? It's not like there are distinct early, mid and late game phases that need alterations.
: Are ranked removed ?
Yeeep. That happened a long time ago.
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: >that means not insta-banning the new champs or _**skins**_ so they can actually be tested. ^_- Wait........Skins?? WOt???? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
-> champions that received a skin since the last time Hexakill was on live.
: Cannot buy the Spooky Gangplank skin though
Cannot purchase my Sailor skin, since that skin is not available.
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: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
As things look now, I am quite content with the update. The grass looks marvelous now, and the nexus as well as the inhibitors look gorgeous. I also like that the spawn vfx for the minions has been added. Although I noticed that the inhibitors and nexi have no explosion sounds. You might want to fix that before the patch ships live.
: [tristana] - is blue
I'm blue, dabe dee dabe da. In case this is Riot Girl Tris, there may be an issue regarding chroma pack textures I presume.
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: Surprise Party Amumu splash is still inverted (from left to right)
Take a look at Amumu's champion page. Think for a minute. Figure it out yourself. Also, reading the context of PBE changes would be quite helpful, dont'cha think? {{champion:41}}
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
Here's my feedback on the ARAM (Howling Abyss) update: The Nexi, as well as the turrets still use the old explosions, and the Nexus on the "watcher" side (didn't test it on the blue side yet) use the old "gnome Nexus" model for a split second while exploding. (although I am sure at least one person has brought this issue up already) Also, some minor questions: 1: Will the minions receive the same spawn sfx/vfx as on SRU? 2: Will the Nexus towers recieve lasers? 3: Will the turrets recieve the SRU shield buff as well? 4: Also, in case you replace the old Nexus explosion, will you add the corresponding Victory/defeat animation as well? I would love to see improvements as those on Twisted Treeline as well. I personally play a lot of 3v3 rankeds with my friends and I am sure a ton of other players do so as well. (Regarding Nexi, Inhibitors, new minions with their spawn sfx/vfx, a laser for the Nexus turret, shield buffs, SR jungle monsters as well as new tower models with a texture fitting to the Shadow Isles) I hope that isn't too much to ask of you, take your time. I appreciate every single bit of effort that you put in your daily work on this game. Sincerely, Sailor Gangplank. {{champion:41}}

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