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: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
Hey! Will there be an animation added that shows the disenchantment of loot? For example by the Icon being disassembled and flowing into the Essense section?
: Fail to star a game.
An addition to that: The game I was in didn't start either. We waited in the game lobby, the counter went to 0 but the game didn't start. We could still chat, though, After some time, this message came: And I went back to the Play-Screen.
: Unable to retrieve rank
Okay, I see what happened. I didn't have the "Click to view your loot" icon the first time I logged in. It seems as if the client didn't download the update and I could log in without it. That might also be the answer to why the game didn't start. So maybe you can see this as a different bug: Having the client open and ready before the servers go online prevents the client from downloading the update.
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: PBE-issue only, won't be fixed :) btw, if you're reporting a bug, please place it in the [Bug] section~
Hey thanks! Didn't know if this was a bug that needs to be fixed since it's pbe and the sale is live already with its own bugs (Challenger Ahri ftw). Thought it would be a simple feedback since I don't know how many people got this. Pretty inexperienced to reporting on the pbe boards, sorry :) Have a great day!
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I don't have a detailed response to Xerath, but I still wanted to say something. Ultimate: His ultimate seems to be a threatening tool when doing dragon, baron or defending a certain objective. I am absolutely not sure, why there is such a huge range on it, though. If it is for killing running enemies after a fight, the shots would most probably be given during the fight already. What goes onto the threatening side is also that you don't shoot on the first "r" click. If enemies see that, they will be alarmed and will try not to engage. But if they don't engage, then you are pretty much without use since you just used your ultimate and have around a minute cd on it. Having to aim it and shoot three times at max range will deny you vision of your own champion and you will not see enemies who try to kill you meanwhile. This is a huge downside on his ultimate, since there will be times where you'll wait, aim, anticipate and shoot instead of spamming your "r". Q: This one feels really awkward and off, when compared to other similar abilities. First you charge it, then it shows the enemy where it's going to land, then it takes time to activate, meanwhile you can't move, then it hits. This is too much delay for an ability that takes all your resources away from you. If you want to put the threat up, you could let xerath use abilities while charging so that the enemy won't know what'll be happening. The delay on the ability when not charged should be like his old q. You could let the ability charge only after pressing "q" for around 0.2 seconds. Everything before that will shoot it immediately without changing to the charge state. W: His W is the coolest ability in his new set. A slow is great for someone who has to be stationary. One problem might be, that he can't use anything except for his ultimate when he is actually stationary and most vulnerable. But overall, this is a great abilits. It has the right range and the right diameter to feel as if it belongs to xerath. E: It's great to have an ability that can stun without needing other abilities. But when will you ever use that stun without followup? If you stun someone, you will unload your damage on them. The old Xerath had no problems in stunning someone, except for very mobile champions. Playing this Xerath gave me the feeling that I was pretty much helpless against any ranged champion since my cooldowns were much higher than his and my E isn't of any use if he is behind his minions, where he will be. The projectile seems to go off of the center of xerath after a really short delay, which makes Xerath actually pass his own projectile in the first steps, before it passes him again. Passive: I don't have much to say about his passive. It lets him have enough mana throughout the laning phase to spam his abilities. One thing is, that he actually doesn't have any abilities that he could spam, anyways. With this passive, he doesn't need any mana reg through early-mid game. Conclusion: I like the idea of a siege champion a lot but in this form, Xerath seems as if he doesn't know which role he is supposed to take and against which champions he will be strong. He has not a single targeted ability and long cooldowns. If enemies get close to him, he might be able to absolutely destroy anyone but his skill rotation doesn't feel intuitive. Stunning the enemy first makes the slow redundant, slowing him first and then stunning him makes your q pretty redundant since you will be busy charging while your stun wears off. If you ulti instead, your q could be used as a catcher but until then, they will either jump on you or just run away. your q does not charge fast enough to get them. And if you use your ultimate in your skill rotation, then the enemies will be right in front of you. So why this mega range on it? Xerath doesn't seem to have a skill rotation, that feels right and intuitive, yet. But since old Xerath is one of my favorite champions, I'm pretty biased on that point :)
: Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
I have a small question: Is there room for bans in Teambuilder? I am asking because I don't know how you want to make the matchmaking after building a full team. Do you match two teams against each other with looking at the champions or with looking at the team elo only? Is it possible that everyone who queues up selects one champion he does not want to play against? The team would then have at most 5 "bans" with two or more same bans in a team possible. The match making would then select an opposing team in regard to bans and champions to not play against the same champions and not play against the banned ones. What is your opinion on the selection of the opposing team and is this a valuable possibility?


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