: My first question is is the tooltip accurate? It does not indicate whether or not it only works on champions below 40% health. If this is not true ( though I believe it is, S@20 has it listed in parenthesis, implying it is there but not listed) that would be a first big change. From the numbers and what you've said, it looks like you're saying that part of the problem is how easy it is to apply grevious wounds-- and keep it applied. Perhaps three seconds of activation may not give enough time for the active participation and strategic planning. (That being said, Morellos is 4 seconds...) When RIot looks at this item, I hope Riot can make it an item that lives up to its name without being over-excessively used or oppressive. Of course, they'd said many times how difficult that is... Reducing effect or duration, or even making it scale by levels, could still make it an strong item, but only when used strategically-- not just an insta-win. Nice catch.
The way it was, when i played it about 6 hours ago it applied grievous wounds on every proc of physical damage for 3 seconds nevertheless of the targets health. The upgraded item "Mortal Reminder" applies it for 5 seconds. I tried it in a botgame with Darius and i easily managed to keep the debuff on the enemies for 2/3 of the time. So basicly every champ which is suitable for toplane and has longrange poke will be able to prevent successful healing of his enemy. It just needs some counterplay. I still like the idea of a possibility for ad champs to target heavy-healers.
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