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: That's not good. Are you guys going straight into a game? Or using Runes in the client first? Going to try to figure out how to make this happen so we can fix it.
This has happened to me doing it either way.
: Unable to edit runes in champ select
Same issue, above my champion's portrait I can actually see a small "X" like I'm supposed to exit the rune page. Just seems to be clipping beneath the client? Picture of "X":
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: Jinx W Buff is TOO DARN STRONG
Playing Lucian ADC, had 1177 got 1 shot by W.
: Servers still down?
Maybe I'm just being a sourpuss but perhaps they could give us a heads up on when the servers will be back, it is 20 hours overdue. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: Anyone help? Cannot open pbe
: No, cause then everyone who just leave whenever they want (or just troll leave all the time) without getting a penalty.
Yea, but doesn't playing a game with people who instalock their position just promote low morale and flaming in return. At least there should be harsher punishments for people who instalock.{{summoner:14}}
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: Why has it taken so long to address the Alistar bug?
14 hours and it still has not been mentioned. Really makes you wonder why even play on the PBE
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