: URF Champ Tiers - What champs are too antifun?
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: Thoughts on Frost Queen nerf!
Ya it kinda bothers me that they slightly nerfed it even though the problem was random mages using it instead of supports. I know its a slight nerf but still. remember that 5 base dmg nerf on vayne. lol....
: Thunderlord's decree is an AOE, could we have an animation that shows it?
I agree with it having an animation for aoe because i never even knew it was aoe until i read it. also this belongs on the normal boards not pbe
: Cannot not buy Runes anymore
I have the same problem. I cannot actually get the runes and i lose the ip still
: Unlimited Reports
lol i wonder if it goes through though. if it does multiple times than its an even bigger problem
: Riven Changed
I think she will take some more skill now so you can just be a riven player who rqqqwe and get kills because u have to auto after each q
: Definitely agree. Because the entire game mode is essentially "who can get their minions fully upgraded faster?"
Ya lategame at the enemy nexus its always stupid how many minions there are and with Baron+Super Minions there are basically no counters to it.
: Not a big fan of counterjungling in BMB
I'm not a fan of counter jungling or jungling in general. Because it can make the game one sided pretty easily because the jungle role is supposed to help lanes but how can they if they need help.
: So receiving 3 000 RP after spending all of your already received 3 000 RP is intended? Q_Q Infininte RP is going to attract lot's of players who play only for the content but not for the actual testing. I think that 3 000 RP is a bit too much, since the only content that is available for RP is Chroma Packs and it's only for 1 RP each.
They made the chromas cost 590 like usual again so i could only get 5 packs but thats okay.
: Names bugging to the right
This happened to me as well but more happened to like everything was zoomed in the loading screen and the start of game. to fix this i had to reconnect... it was really weird. In the picture you can see it was all to the right side.
: Invisible Nid Spears when Thrown From Fog of War
This has been a huge problem for a long time that is always being brought up when talking about Nidalee balancing. It really does frustrate me because the spears do an insane amount of damage especially if she throws it from a long range, I mean the base damages are high enough and with certain items x.x. There is little counter play to when she spears in the fog of war. The best you can do is run before she kills you. I hope this is balanced out. RIOT could make it so when {{champion:76}} is not visible her spears do less damage of course the damage should not be lowered to much but somewhat enough to make it fair.
: I want to apologize
We need more people like you
: Saw this bug on wingsofdeath's stream. It's quite hillarious.
It sounds really funny but should be fixed asap
: For people getting lag buying skins~
: Clearly this is the result of the way supports are viewed... :(
lmao. maybe janna healed a minion that ended up attacking you and it gave her an assist? IDK otherwise riot is just being rude to supports
: Not a bug, and there is no reason we still have Lunar Revel. We do always have another loading screen than live, which is the reason we don't have Bard~
All right thanks. Idk why i got downvoted though lol but w/e
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: Nice idea, but please post such ideas in the na or euw Forums. The PBE Forum is only for bugs etc
Well I think this could go on either since it is a new idea that can be added to PBE (Client and New Features Feedback)
: RP and IP Refill
Ya Riot took it away a long time ago XD I feel like they could have just removed the rp though but keep the bonus ip since i really need certain runes but i cant get them, it takes way toooo long to get enough ip for runes
: Nerfing Evelynn even more in 5.6?
I honestly think Eve really needs some tank stat buffs like her an rengar i always seem to die from jg camps due to there slow clears pre 9 its really annoying
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: [Cassiopeia] - Twin fangs won't always reset.
Ya that really annoys me but it actually does reset SOMETIMES
: I messed around with Bard's tunnels a little bit
lmao this champ is more troll than teemo XD
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: Archangel's Staff Ability Power Bug
ya I had the same problem with {{champion:61}}
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: This is a prime example of new isn't always better. I honestly HATE most of the new splash arts, but {{champion:103}} 's is one I particularly hate, and I wish they would not have changed it in the first place.
YA MANY of the new ones I really hate (shyvana ahri vayne ezreal) they were better at first but now they aren't good anymore
: Idea for a buff to Poacher's Knife
agreed I mean the only time I do take poachers knife is if enemy jungle is afk dc etc otherwise I don't use it
: So i saw the new Lee Sin splash art
riot wont listen they didnt listen with the shyvana one
: Nami Capture Pose Dominion/Ascension Bug
yes ik what u mean it happened to me{{champion:267}}
: Azir 1 shot Azir will one shot the enemy if his ult is in range as if they were his w minions Steps to reproduce (note i have only really noticed this in ascension) 1. play as azir (maybe in ascension). 2. get to lvl 6 3. use your ult and (while standing near your ultimate wall after you've ulted) attack a enemy champion nearby. 4. they should be one shot or severly wounded.
yes i am sad due to this i was like there is no way he just does 1500+ insta killed me when i was rengar
: Can't play a game in PBE
same and when i try to get real lol not pbe it wont let me get into log in screen
: bug splat
Now i try to go on actual lol not pbe and it wont let me hmmmm{{item:3151}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3151}}
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: Pantheon Ult Shows as Allied Ult Sometimes
omg ya it is annoying. i think it actually happened too a lol youtuber anklespankin and he got so mad since h died thinking it was friendly haha{{champion:17}} {{item:3188}}


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