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: I think reversing directions for abilities like Draven's Ult is a great idea... Zigg's bouncing bomb, rather than exploding on impact, it could just be turned around as well, finishing it's bouncing off in the opposite direction.
While I think the deflection for abilities such as Ziggs' bomb would be cool, it isn't as practical as exploding. Draven's ult currently has the capability of turning around already, so I imagine it wouldn't take much more coding. However for a Ziggs bomb, they would have to add a new mechanic to every ability that gets this function, as they are not able to turn around already.
: the wall should also send back the abilities to the champion that launched them
That would add a lot of power to an already strong spell. I don't think this is needed.
: the deflect idea its amazing, but i dont think riot will do it so easily,we have to wait till they say something about it since we dont even know if that's possible, its a new mechanic after all ^^ about the ashe ult and everything, i think every skill shot ability should work diferent with the wall since not all the champs have the same effect, ziggs Q should explode in contact while EZ ult i think should be absorved by the wall because its a WAVE of energy and not a shot and that kind of stuff
I agree about the impracticality of the deflection, which is why I didn't go too in depth about it. It would be awesome, but probably waaay too much coding and reworking abilities. I think that they do need to treat each ability differently with the wall. It will take more work, but it's the only sensible way to implement such an ability in the game. Anything that explodes on contact with a minion or champion, should also have the same behavior when it hits the wall. It would make it so that you can't mindlessly use the wall, as it could have consequences (such as blowing up a Ziggs bomb, or Jayce's Shock Blast). It also wouldn't take TOO much work, as there are only a handful of abilities that would require special treatment.
: In my view, Ziggs ult is a problem. It travels in an arc clearly over the wind wall and still gets blocked.
I agree about his ult. That's why I didn't mention it in the abilities, as it will most likely be fixed. It would also be really weird if it randomly blew up in the air and killed everything below it because there's some wind hanging out on the ground.
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: What if, rather than simply revealing stealth wards and traps, the trinket "converted" any wards within its radius? Their revealed ward becomes your ward, so you are essentially both denying vision and providing it with the same active. They lose the vision provided by the ward, and your team gains it.
That would be extremely overpowered, unless it had a very very high cooldown. It would make it counterproductive for the enemy team to ward baron, anything in lane, dragon etc., without just feeding the other team free wards.
: As it stands now though, if you see your lane opponent has a red trinket, anytime they go towards your ward you can just bait them out of attacking/clearing your ward. If they stay and attack the ward they will probably die or at least have to B and if they don't finish off the ward they waste the trinket which has a really long cd.
AFAIK, red trinket currently disables the ward, as well as gives vision to it. If you were able to cast its active at a range, you would at least be able to disable it for a short period without killing it, and with ranged champions you could kill it in safety fairly easily.
: Experiencing massive lag spikes
Hi, there is currently maintenance going on, as posted on the top of the client :). >*Summoners! We are currently performing live maintenance. You may experience brief >disruptions of service during this timeframe.*
: Magma chamber in horizontal!
I agree with this. Currently the map orientation on Summoners Rift, Magma Chamber, and Howling Abyss gives a noticeable advantage to blue side. For people that use locked screen, or hold space bar most of the time, they lose a lot of vision due to the interface being stuck on the bottom of the screen. As well for people who use unlocked screen, the interface is still very clunky while on purple side, and can impair you quite a bit throughout the game. I think that another, more simple solution rather than making all of the maps horizontal (which would be ideal, in my opinion, but possibly too much effort) would be to make the interface more customizable, such as being able to move it to the top of the screen, or to the sides. I don't see how this would hurt or imbalance anything, would surely take minimal resources to implement, and would also greatly benefit all of those who dislike the default interface/keybindings.
: Suggestions - Jungle and Minions
About the jungle camp. AFAIK, Riot has already said that the new Wight camp is not complete, they just shoved it into the map so that we are able to test its functionality ASAP, rather than its aesthetics. So don't worry too much about how pretty it is, they'll worry about that later :). About the wave clear. I don't believe people have been seeing this as a problem at all lately. These champs are partially balanced around the current formation of minions, as well as the abilities already having reduced damage based on the amount of minions hit (not all of them, but some do). I haven't ever noticed a disadvantage in farming ability from a champion like Annie, compared to the ones you mentioned (ahri, zed, etc.) If they nerfed the farming abilities of these champs, it would take a lot of rebalancing to keep them at their current state, which I believe is unnecessary as of now.
: Scrying Orb - Anyone using this?
Currently, it is a very niche trinket. This makes absolutely no sense, as there are only three, and they should all have potential to be picked up by any role. As of now, it has a small use for champions like {{champion:76}} , and also heavy counterjunglers like {{champion:35}} . I'm sure it's self explanatory on why {{champion:76}} would use it. For {{champion:35}} however, it is a fairly difficult item to utilize. You need to be fairly familiar with different clear patterns and be able to judge where the enemy jungler is purely by seeing if a single camp is cleared or not. This can help very high level junglers greatly, but leaves a void in low elo play (a majority of the community). I believe it would be a completely sufficient, and not overpowered buff to increase the range a particular amount. If, for example, a bot lane on purple side has {{champion:12}} and {{champion:18}} , two natural pushers, they are inevitably going to be pushed up against the enemy turret most of laning phase. Now, the enemy jungler is easily able to gank them with a high success rate. This is where the trinket comes in. If the range of the trinket was increased to be able to get a flash of vision on double golems/wight camp (possibly even red or blue), they would be able to see that he recently cleared that specific camp, and chances are he is about to gank. This wouldn't be a big problem (or overpowered), as you are able to skip the camp, or they could easily waste it while you are somewhere else. Haven't given it enough thought to imagine how this much of a range increase would affect other lanes, however I would like to hear if it has potential of being overpowered in other situations.
: {{champion:81}} Allowing us to cast it on a bush from a small distance would also replace some of the counterplay we lost from not having oracle's without being overpowered. We could clear a bush of Teemo mushrooms without having to set them off. In team fights, we could cast it from a short distance to reveal that stealthing Akali, Rengar, or Kha'Zix.
AFAIK, you cannot see stealthed champions with red trinket. Also, currently, not being able to clear shrooms out of certain bushes without a pink ward is far from fair. Being able to clear one bush out every 120 seconds with safety, using up the entirety of your only trinket, seems far from overpowered.
: What if it had a gold upgrade where it gave you an oracle's aura so long as it was off cd? It'd be a very small aura (200 units?) so that you couldn't abuse it heavily, but having something like that would encourage people to use it over the other trinkets. Of course, if you actually use its active, you'd lose the ability until it went off cd, that way you don't have all powerful vision.
I think this may be a bit too strong, and something they are straying from with the S4 changes. A change like this would make it so that the support always picks up the upgraded trinket, and never uses the active. They could then keep the other team from having any map control in enemy territory, snowballing the winning team into a sure-fire victory. Another alternative to your idea (which I agree, has a good premise) would be to make it give an oracle affect for maybe 10 seconds or so after the active is used. This way, you could clear the ward, and then walk around the immediate area and get any more that are near by. Also, if you used the active in the wrong bush, getting no wards at all with it, you would be able to walk to the nearby bushes and find the ward you were initially trying to clear. This would be a perfect solution to make the red trinket stronger, but not give any snowballing or overpowering effects.
: They should probably target players with fewer champs and runes but have still been playing a while. I entered the pbe having very few champs and only two rune pages, cursing my lack of IP and debating whether to buy some more runes or save up for another rune page. Suddenly, I had almost every rune and as many champs as I could ever want (as well as any skin I wanted for any champ (except urfwick ;^;)). Not to mention I got to try out the newest of the new. Truth be told, despite the quality of players and lack of custom games, I'm hopelessly addicted to the PBE, and have been posting everything I find so they see fit to keep me on board. Somthing that could be done, however, is to reduce the initial RP given and then give RP based on activity in the PBE forums. At the same time though, what they're doing may very well be the best course of action, since helpful people like you and me will be posting here regularly.
I initially thought of a similar solution to that which you gave. The problem I came up for it was that it might give the message that PBE is just for fun and having all of the skins and champions you want. This might actually be a good solution though, as it would make people play on PBE more, since they would be having lots of fun with skins and such, and at the same time they would notice all of the bugs and imbalance with new content/changes. It all depends on how Riot would like to portray the purpose of the PBE (Whether it be purely a testing ground, or a place of privilege that people would be motivated to give feedback on).
: I believe that red need some buff too. One main disadvantage is that you can only cast it where your champion is. Make it be at least a small yard radius. Also, yes it's not that op because the champs with traps and similar stealthy abilities that are part of a dynamic terain are not so much. So, either buff it with range or make cooldown slightly lower (but half is too much).
That would make it very helpful. If you were able to cast it into the river bush without leaving lane, it would take away the high risk/low reward aspect it currently has. As of now, you have to leave lane, stand on their ward in a vulnerable spot, and stand there for a few seconds clearing the ward. If you could get vision of it from lane first, it would take out the high risk aspect, and allow you to scout for wards without putting yourself in high danger.
: The CDR was nice, but it was the combination that it gave CDR, And spell vamp, and started from a HP/5 item to help Morde's laning sustain since you could start rejuv bead, 4 health potions 2 pots and then save up for revolver, then finish SotSW when you needed it for only about 700 gold.
The only difference now, is the lack of health regen, but it gives more ability power. The only nerf to {{champion:82}} this could lead to, is making his levels ~1-7 harder (up until he gets his {{item:3145}} ) as he is not able to start with a rejuv bead as efficiently.
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: Top and Bot lane Bushes
I believe that the bush changes were actually implemented for this reason. Currently, you are able to have vision over all the bushes, which leaves no hiding places for champs. Certain champions rely on the bushes to prevent being heavily outdone in lane. For example, if a {{champion:53}} or {{champion:89}} support are not able to keep wards out of any of the bushes, they will be at a massive disadvantage to champions like {{champion:117}} or {{champion:26}} . The blindness of the bushes are needed to give melee champions a chance to fight ranged champions in lane, without being harassed or kited until they are forced to leave lane or die.
: [one for all]how to make it more fun
I agree that this would be a lot of fun. On summoners rift, it just turns into a more boring normal game. The randomization would be so nice. Right now, there are a lot of people who dodge if they don't get their champ, and most of the time it's the same champs played over and over. This would make it a lot more like the One For All we fell in love with during the leak.
: [feedback] Mordekaiser in pre-season
The previous benefit of SoTSW (over hextech revolver) was the cooldown reduction. They have already moved the cooldown reduction over to WoTA. I wasn't able to read all of your post, but I did scan through it. Let me know if I missed something or I'm mistaken.
: [Feedback] Impression of the new Gamemode/Nasus VU/S 4 Prechanges
A little note on the increased ward range mastery. It is actually a very helpful ward, as you're able to ward over very large walls, and get vision of important brush without putting yourself in danger. An example is how it makes warding from dragon pit to tri-brush much much easier. Also, the reason the attack speed masteries seems low compared to CDR, is because cooldown reduction has a cap of 40%, which could potentially make it so that buying 2 items (ex: morellonomicon + unholy grail) would make the mastery useless. Attack speed however, has a much less commonly achieved cap of 2.5, which makes the mastery bonus helpful through the entire game, whether you have full build or not.
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