: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Profile Background Picker!
I just tried this out and it seems great, and it works well too! My only complaints would be: Picker window is too small (skins tab seems get more done without having to scroll) Splash arts fade a little bit too fast. I would love to see at least a little bit more of my splash arts for the ones that aren't ultimate! Thanks for the feature!
: ARAM Updates on PBE
Thanks for looking into ARAM balance and items. I wanted to give some feedback after playing several games on the PBE. Context: I play almost 100% ARAM games on live (NA). Looking through my match history, my games tend to last between 12-20 minutes, with 16 looking like an average. I suspect I am have decently high ARAM elo based on queue times/teammate ranks/same players every game. I recognize that what is fair for my games might not be the best for everyone. **Changes** Extra XP: Feels nice. I never realized why reaching level 4 took so long before. Seems like it will result in faster games, which doesn't seem important as a lot of my games end before the 15 minute surrender mark. Warmog's Gone: Right now games are so fast that Warmog's can't come on line. At best it feels like you get a couple of minutes. Before dark harvest/ presence of mind I did feel like Warmog's was somewhat of a problem, especially on Mages like Veigar/Zyra. It does mean for champs that are generally useless you can't fall back on being a bag of HP, so I am inclined to think it would hurt champ diversity a decent amount. Dark Harvest Nerf: I was very much hoping this would happen. Right now games have 5+ dark harvest users, which means everyone has tons of 100% uptime damage and towers die after a single teamfight. I would put this right behind presence of mind in terms of adding to there being too much snowball in ARAM (no pun intended). I definitely liked it when games didn't end 13 minutes in, but that happens at least once a day for me, and I think dark harvest is to blame. Ghostwalkers: These are a lot of fun to use! I had some trouble noticing when they were used by enemies at first, but they seem fair both visually and gameplay-wise. Giving melee champions a way to threaten and create space and also to escape seems great to me. The cooldown felt a little bit long, but with ingenious hunter (Rune) stacking instantly in ARAM the cooldown is probably more manageable. I'm not sure how often I would want to buy these over Merc Treads (I was pretty sad every game I bought this item so far), but at least it's fun. Bloodletter's Veil: Seems like a decent item. Not sure I really want mages having a spellshield, but in my experience it got wasted so often that it probably is not a problem. Considering how powerful Ludens -> Morello is, I'm not sure I like an item that will only be bought when it's even better than Morello, but giving this similar stats to Morello at least makes it attractive to every Magic Damage champion, which is nice. It feels like there are classes that could use the support more than users of this item, but I'm rarely sad to have more item choices in the game. Spectral Cutlass: This item is great! Not only is it a lot of fun, but it lets assassins/ AD's participate in a playstyle that is not either "Poke" or "Run them down." 4 seconds feels like a very long time, but I think by my 3rd game I was getting the hang of it. I wouldn't mind some sort of audio queue tied to the effect so that it was easier to time, kind of like Zhonyas. The wall walking boots have a nice audio queue in my opinion. Also like the build path of this item. I feel like this is the best designed of the 3 items and I really hope it makes it into the live game. Right now Zed/Talon/J4 get rerolled by my teammate almost every time, which this item might change! Other comments: Presence of mind is taken by almost every single player in my games (I take it almost every game also). Considering the rune is good even as a source of infinite mana, it's grossly overtuned in ARAM. I think many champions would take it even as a keystone rune. It's fun to play with and not fun to play against, which I think is usually considered bad design-wise. As a side note, I would love it if the optimization of Howling Abyss was looked into as part of this ARAM balance pass. I have terrible FPS only on Howling Abyss, but I play anyway since I think ARAMs are lots of fun! If you made it this far, then thanks for reading! I really appreciate you guys giving ARAM attention.
: Pyke gets no health
That's his passive.
: Hail of Blades and PTA are too similar in my opinion
Some things to keep in mind: You get AD by having hail of blades as your keystone, which at least feels different than attack speed. For example, on mastery yi the combination of starting AD from runes + 50% attack speed ends up being a lot more damage quickly than press the attack. Hail of blades has a out-of-combat cooldown. As a champion like renekton, trundle, or camille you have the hope of proccing press the attack twice in an all in, and definitely multiple times in teamfight. You just get one hail of blades. Hail of blades feels very good to use, although I think it might feel terrible to play against. I wouldn't say press the attack feels good except as a numbers thing. I do agree with you a little bit, in that for PTA junglers they will use whichever is better. For laning champions I think your choice of rune will heavily affect your playstyle however.
: Theres a time in game, why would you need a stopwatch
The timing the of rune is something around the 1 second range, so the in-game timer, which only gives you full seconds, would not be very helpful.
: Runaan's Hurricane and Essence Reaver interaction
Look like it should not work like that haha. Thanks for making the video
: Mouse pointer in the game is about to die
It sounds like you are talking about the new cursor. Right now in game your regular mouse cursor is replaces with a yellow/golden hand thing. All they are going to do is create more options for you to choose from. So the mouse pointer (cursor) is not going to die, they are just adding alternative options.
: nimbus cloak's too weak
Have you tried it out on PBE? It felt pretty decent to me! I tried it out on Jayce and Renekton, even Graves (by accident). I haven't tried it since they upped the CD though (apparently it was too strong before).
: Any better method to report users other than in-client report?
My experience is that riot mostly only uses the in-client system. As far as the PBE goes they are kind of desperate for players, which is why I assume they tolerate poor behavior on PBE. I wouldn't expect any action on their part. If it's important to you you can file a support ticket with screenshots/gifs etc. and I bet they would at least take a look.
: >Cooldown: 5s out of combat. Do you think that, perhaps at a longer cooldown, this could be changed to be out of combat **with champions**, a la Shadow Assassin Kayn? The current mechanics make this extremely difficult to utilize effectively in lane since the keystone doesn't reset while CSing.
I think the idea the 5s where you don't auto minions gives your opponent some time to fight back. Imagine being against draven, darius, varus etc who can use this rune to destroy you in trades and auto minions as much as they like. I do agree it feels pretty awkward to use on auto attacking champs. I'm hoping that I will be able to get used to it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hail of Blades
Would it be possible to get an audio cue when you miss the 1.5s auto attack window? I tried it out on several different champions and it was only after accidentally canceling a couple autos that I would realize I had missed some empowered auto attacks. The keystone felt super good to use though, although the whole being out of combat hook take some getting used to when I would normally be auto-ing minions a lot on the champions I took it on.
: Have anyone tried this keystone on a jungling adc or even an jungle assasin in general? Jungle twitch and maybe even Kai’sa or Quinn would appreciate this alternative. I also wouldn’t put it past rengar or shaco to try this out.
On graves at least it feels very good. So if you count him as a jungling adc then yes. Also it feels very nice on master yi. In all honesty I'm pretty sure its pretty overtuned, so it might just feel good on everything.
: [Store - Skins] Skins disappear
For Beemo at least, when trying to buy it on PBE I only got an error. I assume they removed it because it was never actually intended to be bought. Just logged onto the PBE and Beemo is ready to be bought! I think they reverted PBE partially to a previous live patch (which would include Beemo which is on live) to get rid of the ADC changes. EDIT: I already own the pulsefire skins so it's hard to know if they would be in the shop or not naturally, but I think they would
: Off-Screen Health Bar Correction on PBE
I like the feature! It will definitely take some getting used to. It's also worth mentioning that I didn't even notice it at first. I'm not sure if it's that the HP bar's border doesn't pop as much on the turret colored background, or just I'm very used to looking for it above the turret. It might possibly stand to have a different border at least when it's displaced.
: Boards do not show "my updates"
I reported this as a bug also. It is now fixed for me at least.
: So if you say - cast Gate in cannon form, switch to hammer, auto and then switch back to cannon, you'll have reduced the CD on Gate but not any of Cannon's abilities?
I think I might have worded it confusingly. If you auto while in hammer - hammer ability CD's are reduced. If you auto in ranged - ranged ability CD's are reduced. Also I'm a little confused by your question since Gate is one of Cannon's abilities.
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: New Essence Reaver doesnt work with Riven's Q
Were you able to get CD reduction on any of her abilities? I saw a post saying that the item was completely not working on Riven at all.
: 5/2 Essence Reaver Effect doesn't work
Had same issue with Jayce. Although I assume the ultimate portion is not supposed to work on him.
: Yep, had an issue where this was happening in about half of games. It should be fixed tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience
Just wanted to let you know I was having this issue yesterday (May 1), but with today's update I was able to connect to game.
: Essence Reaver Bug
Im pretty sure that characters like Jayce/Udyr etc without real ults are not intended to be able to use the item. When you were playing Jayce with ER were you able to get the mana restore passive to work? I wonder if both of the passives are just disabled on those champions.
: Cannot connect to games after todays update
Me either. I am on Mac unlike the OP though.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
Wanted to say that the skin felt very fun to play and I very much liked the SFX. I never found that I was distracted by whatever remnants of the base Sivir SFX there were. The whole skin felt very pizza-ey to me the whole time!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!
I feel like this would be a cool skin if I was a MF player. I would love to have a four-part skin for any champion that I play. For the change form UI, I had some trouble realizing where I was supposed to click to bring up the menu. I also feel like the hitbox on the gun menu button might be smaller than the visual? Either way I feel like that button could be made easier to use somehow. I don't remember how Elem Lux did an extra menu, but I remember not having any trouble with that one.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Birdio!
Skin was super fun to see, and even more fun to play in game. I really like the dance and the sound on his passive smash in particular. I would love having a more noticeable noise on his ult, and also a patriotic USA chroma (a riot comment said one is supposed to be an Eagle, and one has some USA colors, but I know it could be emphasized a lot more if you feel its appropriate). I always loved the Uncle Ryze skin because of the silly patriotic theme, and I feel like this could fit in with that very nicely! Overall I love the skin, and it makes me happy I don't have a galio skin yet on live!
: One for All is coming to PBE
Would consider moving the gold acceleration away from a multiplier and more towards large passive gold gain? My experience from the games so far is that they are super duper snowbally, with people sometimes having almost full build at 15 minutes in. I'm sure full even gold (like ascension or blood moon) wouldn't work well, but a little back and forth would be nice. I really liked in old one for all how when you were behind you had to try and be clever about roaming and using your champion to its fullest (especially on champions like bard, tf etc). In the games I have played they felt completely over in laning phase (so like <7 minutes into the game). In particular I have played with and against Galio, and both times there werent very many cool roam plays to be made because the galios had already lost the game by the time their second/third ultimates came up. Again, I'm not saying that the 100% winrate go late with tanks strategy that dominated before was good, but at least you got to do something silly for a while instead of losing the game right after something goes wrong. I guess what I would like to see is: way less gold on kills, cs gold made more regular, summoner spell cd reduced to reflect super fast games, and maybe an ultimate cd reduction like in blood moon. This is coming from a player who plays mostly ARAM, so maybe getting stuck with a random champion for more than 20 minutes doesn't feel as bad to me as it does for the average player.
: Final update, before shipping (2/14). It's past midnight, but I think all the major bugs are fixed. Please let them be fixed... Here's notes on the ones you've all likely been noticing. > Fixed a bug where completing the Kha'zix quest would give rengar negative AD. > > Fixed a bug where Rengar Sense (the sounds and screen overlay enemies get while he's nearby in R) wasn't staying on enemies. It would pop on and immediately pop off after a couple seconds. > > Rengar can now stack bonetooth to 5 on Twisted Treeline. After killing his 3rd unique champ, the hunt list will be purged and he can nab stacks 4 and 5 by getting 2 more kills on different champions. Thoughts: No more bug-bugs. Thanks Kha'zix Rengar sense propagates to all enemies nearby (within 1200 range) of your closest target (the guy with the eyes over them). How to know who can sense you? If no one has eyes then NO ONE can sense you. If someone has eyes, they and all their nearby allies can sense you. That's at least how it should work. Hopefully I'm not surprised with more ult bugs. Some peeps were mentioning bonetooth can't stack in Twisted Treeline. Agreed. Now he can get 5 stacks on that map. For stacks 1-3 kill all 3 champs like normal. After this point your hit list will be reset. Kill 2 additional unique champs for stacks 4 and 5. Thank you all SO MUCH for the continuous streams of feedback. Appreciated. 12 hours to build lock. Home stretch.
Wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into the Rengar semi-revert! I loved old rengar and he feels very nice on PBE (and mecha skin is very nice now). I also had a bug that looks like it was mentioned a while ago but not fixed. Short of it is: 3 ferocity -> leap -> (q then e) both in air -> land with 0 ferocity and 0 empowered abilities cast I made a bug thread with more detail, so you will probably find that at some point even without this comment: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/j2w1r9yL-rengar-ferocity-consumed-without-empowered-ability Reading through your comments it seems like maybe the "q then e in air" combo could be unintended, since it seems to circumvent the e lockout time. Anyway, thanks again!
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: I added "The only thing I dislike is the CD" And I probably noted the surrender@20 notes hence why I accidentally put true damage.
Yeah I think I underestimated how good it would be in lane. Playing against feels like playing against a shorter CD thunderlords for auto-attackers. That being said, I feel like it has no place on on-hit champs. It seems like more of a range/burst tool now.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Want to say that it feels really bad that you can't proc the new (Oct 10) press the attack more than once every 6 seconds (more like 8 in reality). It feels like there could be room for an on-hit keystone where you continually apply a stacking damage amp every three attacks. Maybe a damage dealing tank like {{champion:36}} or {{champion:223}} could theoretically like this version, but it feels very unlikely any on-hit champion would take this. It's basically a worse version of Grasp which has some supportive value. That's not even to mention that this rune has no separate effect for melee/ranged. I look forward to the next couple of days when the rune become slightly playable, but it feels bad to see something like this even be tested.
: It's far better. 180 true every 3 AAs+12% AMP(Deal 200-300 damage per AA is 24-36 Bonus and that's just AAs excluding abilities and allies >>>>>>>>> 192 every 3 AAs after 8(4 for melee) AAs, which is still mitigated by Armor, and it's not just exclusive to AD champs anymore It is better for low end AS type AA'ers, while high End AA'ers have lethal tempo. Only thing about Fervor is it slightly scales abilities, but 12% amp is far far more valuable than it scaling AD abilities. It's just overall flat out better. Honestly even bruisers would get more use out of it than fervor of battle. Adcs would probably take it the most due to AoE application The only thing I dislike is the CD it has.
While I think you are trying to help, that's not how the keystone works. What it does is you hit them three times, they take some damage, then they have "expose weakness" on them for 6 seconds. During that time you CANNOT proc the damage again (which is adaptive not true). So it is not an on hit ability at all. Even at 2.5 atk speed you can proc it at most once every 7.2 seconds. I had the same thought as you upon reading it, but I tested it, and it really does suck as a damage keystone.
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: Proccing it by dealing 30% max HP was so easy before, the new one is a lot slower. Sure, the new one might be viable on more champions, but it's far weaker. It wouldn't be bad if we still had DFT, but Riot threw that out the window.
I think it might be the champs that I'm trying it on have it easier now than they did before. I like it quite a bit better than before on Talon and Darius (although I might not take it on him now that it got nerfed so much). I feel like now it's more of a fighter keystone than a mage keystone like it was before. So I definitely agree that a lot of old users won't like it as much
: Kleptomancy temporarily disabled
Might want to unsticky this post now.
: Why nerf Phase Rush?
The new 3-hit condition for proccing it is much stronger than the old one for most champions. Even champions like Talon who took it before AND do big damage have an easier time, especially in the early game. And that doesn't even count champs like Darius and Singed who now have access to this rune reliably. While 15% is probably too little early game, its still a pretty good rune.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gorigami,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uqXvqPFv,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-09-27T21:09:27.095+0000) > > Klepto Keystone: > Variability seems too high. Most noticeably I went &gt;20 minutes without getting a single elixir of skill the whole game. It also seems quite weak in the mid/late game, as it gets much harder to hit people constantly, but it doesn&#x27;t feel like the drop rate gets higher. > Bug: You can sell the items to the shop, but you only kind of get money? In my game it gave me money, then stole it back after about 5 seconds. Thanks for that bug report! We know what it is and will fix it asap. I'm still very actively working on drop rates and chances to get certain items. That said, I want elixir of skill to be a "some games I get this" item, not a guaranteed every game I play I will see this item. It's super rare, basically.
Klepto feels a lot better in this respect now that there are other combat-related items to get. One small gripe I have is that some restoring items aren't usable at full HP/Mana. This means it can be hard to empty my inventory to get those sweet elixirs and wards.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Runes Feedback v2: Phase Rush: This rune feels so good to use. Probably too good (hello {{champion:122}} ). In the late game it seems like it might be fine to be running around super fast with slow immunity, but this rune still seems very powerful in the early game. Glacial Augment: This rune is pretty annoying, but not as OP as I expected (which I think is great). It definitely feels useless late game, but I'm not sure how much of an issue that is. The slow on active item feels very powerful. I think it would be nice if items like Randiuns created a giant slow field, although I can understand wanting to keep the code for everything the same. Approach Velocity: Seems a little too good. While I enjoy playing teemo top with Glacial Augment and getting to chase down people forever, I'm not sure if my opponent really felt the same way. I feel like there needs to be some difference between ranged and melee champs for this mastery, or else the combo of Glacial Augment + Approach velocity will be too strong. Kleptomancy: Feels much better and fairer now that combat elixirs are added. It feels pretty darn awkward to have a full inventory and be putting wards down randomly in lane as you attack, but there's probably not a great fix for that. Ghost Poro: I might be dumb, but the wording does not suggest to me that it lasts forever. I feel like that's a pretty important part of the rune, and for those of us who aren't the most careful readers it might be nice to reword it. Ingenious Hunter: I've had the best experience with this one using support items. Feels like the flavor might be a little off. In my mind Hunter != Redemption. I don't think its bad that supports can use it (spooky ghost feels nice to have up a lot), but maybe the name could be changed to something more appropriate to the fact it will be taken on a lot of defensive supports. HexFlash + Perseverance: It would be nice if hexflash didn't count as having a spell off cooldown. I'm not sure exactly how the interaction works, as I think the tooltip for perseverance is bugged, but if the tooltip is correct and hexflash means you get less tenacity, then that feels bad. It seems like these runes were made for each other. Future's Market: Text should say "Lending fee: 50 gold per shop visit." If I am seeing what happens in game correctly, it only takes your gold once you leave the shop platform, and only once, no matter how many items you buy with your borrowed gold. As it is worded now it made me afraid to by multiple items in debt at once, but it seems like I wasn't penalized. Dark Harvest: Would be nice if it made clear that both allies and enemies drop souls. Maybe it's because I don't play enough Thresh, but I assumed that you would only harvest the souls of your enemies. Again, I could just be dumb, but I think it could be a lot more clear. Arcane Comet: I think I said something similar to this last time, but the hitbox on the comet is way too big. Before people have boots I never dodge it, and neither do my opponents. I feel like right now I take it every time because its just free damage. I would like it if there was a little more thinking involved. Legends Bloodline: This rune sure feels bad. I tried taking it in case I was just underestimating it, but it really feels like it's completely useless. I'm not sure I really want it to be good anyway. Maybe it could give life on-hit, or just be completely changed? Manaflow Bind: The buff on your buff bar is missing. I think it maybe shows up as a blue effect on your hands when it is up? I feel like there should just be a box above my abilities that shows how long it is till my next free spell. I think other runes (phase rush) have them, and they are very helpful. Font of Life: Tooltip might be bugged? I was playing Kayle (Q for slow), and the number never went past zero the whole game. I realize that the healing would be pretty limited in Kayle's case, but it should show something I feel like. Press the Attack: Feels like the AP scaling could be more aggressive. I tried it on kennen, teemo, AP trynd, and kayle, and it was pretty lackluster. Kayle felt like she might be a good user, but the others felt pretty bad. I think in particular it should be fine to give a lot of AP from this ability, since an on-hit AP champion is pretty unlikely to be able to afford to build Deathcap or other high AP items. If the only point of having AP scaling on this rune is for Kayle, then it feels like Kayle should be nerfed and the rune should be buffed. Summoner Specialist: I'm not sure I like that I can see when my enemies change summoner spells. I feel like the whole point of this rune is to Cheese people with weird strats. I can definitely see how you might leave it how it is though. General: At first I felt like the flat stats given by rune trees were not enough, but I just needed to get use to them. It feels like I get a lot of stats now. The second tier of the resolve tree (+3 armor or MR) feels like it sucks still. The domination path that deals with vision feels like one of the most powerful slots to me. I feel like I always want domination as my secondary path (although rarely as my first). Meteor and Aerie are my least favorite (not to take, but to have in the game) Keystones by far (maybe Guardian will be also if I ever see it). I definitely like the rune update a lot! Thanks!
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Klepto Keystone: Variability seems too high. Most noticeably I went >20 minutes without getting a single elixir of skill the whole game. It also seems quite weak in the mid/late game, as it gets much harder to hit people constantly, but it doesn't feel like the drop rate gets higher. Bug: You can sell the items to the shop, but you only kind of get money? In my game it gave me money, then stole it back after about 5 seconds. Meteor: Hitbox seems larger than the circle would imply. When playing with the keystone it seemed to hit a lot when it looked like they were most likely out of the circle. Overheal: Maybe add the wording "very quickly" to the decay of the shield. It seems like you have to be continuously lifestealing to even get a tiny shield from it. Personally I wish there was another better choice for manaless fighters in that spot. Many of them will take that tree for the keystone, but since overheal and mana regen are worthless it means there isn't really much of a choice there. It seems like most fighters are balanced around not needing mana regen anyway, so its kind of strange to see the mana on-hit rune in the precision tree. Press the Attack: Has been hard for me to use since I can't take a full atk spd rune page any more. I also have a very hard time building attack speed on melee champions (or really any non-crit auto-attacker). It would be nice for them to get more attack speed, or more ideally for a (non-crit) attack speed item to be implemented into the game. Now that Botrk doesn't get much atk spd there is not really any item that stands on its own as an attack speed item. Ravenous hunger (spellvamp): Seems to be bugged/overtuned. As kassadin I was healing for full just clearing a wave once I was a little fed. Not sure if there's meant to be a better cap, or the AOE anti- bonus isn't working or what. Tried it on jayce and it definitely was more reasonable. Sumon Aerie: Feels a little weird on Jayce to be able to shoot them, then all in for two guaranteed procs of Aerie. Feels a little like that goes against the point of the rune, but maybe its fine. Scaling CDR rune: The bonus from excess cdr seems way too generous. I feel like there's a good reason death's dance has 75 ad and 10 cdr instead of 95 ad. Same goes for stuff like morello and Athenes. I would definitely take this rune with much less or even 0 benefit of overcapping. General: I feel very squishy unless I get the defense tree as my major tree. Maybe that's ok, just feels different.
: You are right that we actively thought about this and have decided on the the option that would do the least harm when you are in a tense game. I know as a support main, I sometimes switch item slots in middle of a game due to current situation. I would be heartbroken if I forgot about my item set page in middle of a rank game and things gotten switched around. That being said, because this is the less aggressive option, what you can do for your specific case is to make 1 item set for all your champions with those items on T and Space. These items will go to those slots directly.
Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I have a habit of always putting the first active I buy on spacebar. Then each time I buy an active I put whatever the most important one is on spacebar and eventually they always settle on the same spots. What you describe is probably a more common habit then mine!
: Feedback Thread: Preferred Slot
Do you think it would be possible for it to displace your other items when you buy a preferred item? EDIT: Looks like it was just a feature(?) that made it other active items are not displaced. It seems to me like someone is unlikely to go through the work of setting this up to not want to have displacement always. In a somewhat similar vein, would it be possible for switching to an item set with Preferred Slots(TM) automatically order the items that you have? Because of the size of my screen along with changing nature of items and champs (over time and also as I learn more about them), I usually don't find it super useful to make item sets. That being said, I always put my {{item:3157}} /{{item:3814}} on "T", and my {{item:3146}}/ {{item:3140}} on "space." Ideally I could have one or two item sets with my Preferred Slots, and switch to them whenever I wanted my items ordered. As it is on PBE I probably won't use the feature, but I likely would
: after the latest update (as of july 29th 2017) my frames are horrendous
I have pretty bad frames on PBE also. I especially am getting a lot of small freezes when new things are encountered in this PBE patch.
: 0 RP
Can you explain a little bit more? Did you spend all of it, or did you never get any to start? If you are new to the PBE then you need to usually play a game before you get IP,RP and XP
: Tan box behind honor level
I had this exact same bug. Switching tabs to something else removes the box, but coming back to the profile brings it back. I'm on Mac (El Capitan) in case that has to do with the problem.
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: Mac PBE client won't open.
Im on Mac 10.11 (Capitan) and I sometimes have to wait upwards for 5 minutes for the client to actually open. I assume you tried waiting awhile, but you could be having an even more severe version of what happens to me.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Fizz!
Playing with an Omega Squad Fizz on my team, the biggest thing I noticed was how scary the max range dolphin was. I guess it might be that shark is pretty cartoony in the other skins, but there is something about that dolphin that is a lot more menacing than all of his other skins. I heard someone say in chat that the new passive indicator doesn't work on minions, although I didn't pay enough attention to it myself.
: New Omega Squad Twitch PBE [Feedback]
I would recommend also posting this as a comment on the official thread: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/duKm8feh-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-omega-squad-twitch I think the concerns on the voice and chromas are on point. I'm not sure how much you have played with the skin in game vs. watching skin spotlights or something, but I would take another look at the ult. When I was playing with twitch on my team it seemed very clear when he is ulting. Otherwise I think you've got some good feedback!
: For me, I could just kill the dummies in any case. Just autoattacking without ult or ignite on would kill the dummy.
That happened to me too, but sometimes I could autoattack when using R and other times I was locked out of input. I just put ignite there as that was the easiest way for me to do it consistently.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Veigar!
I really like the q and auto-attack animations! I also like the W animation, although it does seem a little bit too fair, considering that this W normally relies on being a pretty unclear skillshot. The different facial animations are also quite nice, although I'm not sure how much I will see them in case. Veigar is a pretty dated champion, and I feel like whoever the designed the skin took every awkward part of his animations and somehow used the reskin to make them feel like parts of a well designed character! EDIT: I think it would be really nice to add a walkie-talkie scratch sound (not sure what its called) to some of the voice lines. I heard that once on the Tristana skin and I thought it sounded great (might be part of Trist's VO). In the Astronaut Teemo skin he has little in and out noises for his VO, and I think that sort of thing can add a lot to a skin.
: I feel like the passive indicator is a bit too close to the model to read at times, especially near the front. I end up guessing most of the time on which knees are off cooldown.
I agree with you on the North and Northeast legs. If there are supposed to be indicators there, then they are completely obscured by the body (Battlecast skin). I think the other indicators are just fine though.
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