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: Champions that Still Feel Over/Underpowered in ARURF
Most OP that are guaranteed wins atm in URF from my experience are: AP Shaco AP Lee Sin AD Xin Zhao Katarina LeBlanc Gragas Vi Hecarim J4 The champions listed above are generally auto win if the person playing has experience on them on live. AP Shaco is probably the worst offender, boxes activate almost immediately now, you can proxy in the enemy base, fully immunity when you activate your Deceive or Hallucinate. Which is kind of funny, because Master Yi can never get his Alpha to properly work. As far as AP Lee Sin, *sigh* time and time again, I purposely pick Lee Sin and go AP and abuse his shield mechanic, in hopes of it getting nerfed because he is VERY over powered. I wish I was exaggerating when I say it's a .5s CD when you spam it. Katarina just needs a straight damage nerf or nerf her resets while in urf. Time and time again, Katarina makes urf unbearable, at least against other OP champions there's ways to counter her.
: "Project: Akali" No Skin, Invisible Abilities
Yep, happening right now. You can't see her smoke, you can't see abilities, she appears and reappears out of no where. Disable this skin/champion now please!!!
: Riot won't give a single fuck, because this is testing not live server
This is not true, I reported someone the other day. Next game after it finished I got a message saying my recent report punished a player. So while you may not be getting these messages, describe what is transpiring and the reports will be that much more towards that person ban.
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: ARURF Available for Testing!
Shaco boxes are instantly killing Zyra Plants AP Lee Sin needs a nerf, his shields are WAAAY too strong. Had a game with over 33k shield. AP Ivern needs to be looked at as well.
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: Hexakill Feedback
My main issue with Hexakill is if you have too many snowball champions on the other team, and they get 2-3 kills + assists you lose. There is no coming back from it. It's as you said, super slow paced. Also I believe that every person should be able to ban 1 champion in Hexakill. There are far too many snowball champions for hexakill. I would rather Hexakill be swept under the rug and they bring back Dominion. Currently the game mode is just not fun anymore. It was fun for the first 30-50 games when it FIRST came out. Now it's just boring to me.
: While I didn't have that much of an issue (about 900 coins in a 25ish minute game), I agree. Lower it to 300 maybe, or extra coins.
I had a decent game and CS I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting much coins. It could be a bug but since URF is gone I can't test again >:(
: ... I didn't say any of that. Did you try buying something? (Just the 4th time i'm asking you) I'm trying to help you but you are not answering my questions... And why the hell would you type "I signed up and got accepted on the weekend" if you have had this account for almost 1 year...
This is the last comment I will be replying to you because its apparent you are 100% a troll. I have never once ever said that in ANY of my comments. My account is fine now I had to relog. You need to look at names and what people type before just going off on a tangent.
: "I signed up and got accepted on the weekend" --> Exactly what you wrote. Anyways, at this point i cant do anyhting for you. Did you try buying something?
I'm not the OP idiot......look at my match history.... look at the date....
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: You said you got it on the weekend. Let riot employees get back to work, i think you will be 30 tomorrow. Did you try buying something ?
I got this account back in June of 2015........I played one game back then and got off because I wanted to try Tahm I'm STILL not able to play normal games....
: I have tried playing a bot game as well, but no success either.
Same, I've actually had this account for a long time on the PBE...waited in queue for 35 minutes to get let down :(
: Try buying something, after the purchase the RP/IP should be there. Also you should be lvl 30 24h or so after your first login
I've had my account for a while and it still thinks i'm not level 30....
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