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: Just wanted to have a discussion regarding jungle sustain. Penny for your thoughts?
I agree to an extent, it makes a huge difference to be a champion who can take both their buffs and a champ who cannot. Nunu could invade either buff early in the game and either be rewarded for finding you low HP taking a buff or just take the one you didn't do. High cooldown smite, low smite damage, and high spawn rates really encourages a quicksmite counter jungle meta that only allow champs like aatrox and udyr to succeed, and it doesn't help that the jungle in general is going to be whipping your ass if you aren't one of these champs, making the general flow of jungling incredibly one sided. Aside, as far as actual sustain is concerned, I'm not a huge fan of the way the jungle items sustain you. Not sure if they're bugged, but they won't increase your regen when you have a shield up or if they're cc'd (volibear fear), so junglers that relied on shields like Diana to stay healthy won't get the needed mana back.
: [2015 Preseason Jungle Feedback] In my opinion, camps take too long to respawn.
Yeah it feels way too long, to a point where although the stalker's smite could easily be overpowered in the current jungle, its really weak in the new one because its incredibly hard to get stacks on it. It puts too much edge on quick smite to have high spawn rates because of how junglers are almost forced to counter-jungle in order to farm, and if that is the case the jungle pool is going to be incredibly limited to high sustain high duelist potential champs like aatrox.
: Gangplank ult change incoming
I really like the change, predictability from the player's part definitely increases viability. I do agree with making the DoT occur more often however, whole seconds can be big deciding factors. Still fine with it given that it is a global ability, it deserves some form of balance behind it especially since it does close to rammus levels of AOE. Since the ult change is close to being QoL, can you also do a few more? Not referring so much to the cast times on abilities, but the fact that dragon doesn't take damage from his passive.

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