: Randuin's is possibly too weak in this version, though it still is the strongest of the HP/Armor items defensively, and has the lowest price point. As mentioned very briefly, there are some possible change to penetration coming that perhaps will help with this concern. One thing I didn't get into in the main post (but am happy to here) is that the removal of Crit Damage Reduction from Randuin's is intended to head off and/or defuse some power creep in the shop, especially since crit users are generally supposed to be successful at dealing damage to tanks. Some of these changes may result in outlier champions that have special crit interactions, and in that case, we'll need to address those case by case.
So, the special crit interactions like Yasuo/Jhin/Tryn are going to be an issue, but what about Gangplank? Because his Q can crit *and* ignore 40% armor, Randuin's has been the item to go with in order to deal with Crit-{{champion:41}} , especially considering the considerable health it gave. Have there been any talks of changing/removing GP's armor reduction??
: This seems to be the temporary buff icon for Greenfather's Gift, the new tier 4 Cunning mastery. Refreshes constantly in brush only, expires over 3 seconds if you leave, and goes on 9 second cooldown after attacking or using a spell on anything. Accompanied by a greenish glow like a Sheen proc buff, and should see the different colored number for magic damage by damaging something. Does this match what you've been seeing?
Yes, it does. When I leave brush it decays, then goes on a short cooldown. However, should it still appear then when I enter a bush while stealthed? Because it was not appearing for me when I did that.
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: A. Sol execute passive
I came to the forums specifically to discuss this. I think it is redundant and useless. Nearly everyone will be taking AP runes, so his passive will almost always deal more than 25 damage starting at Level 1. I personally think it should be removed, and any of his "power budget" that was put into it, if any, should be transferred to his ult (400 base damage at level 3 feels.... meh)
: Maw of Malmortius changes
I feel like it puts it in a really good spot for certain champions, like Jax/Irelia, who benefit from the dual healing. Champs like Aatrox/Olaf/Tryn can build the new Mercurial Scepter, which with the added lifesteal is really gold efficient/powerful
: Mastery Order
I'll agree that this is annoying. Not because it's worse, but because it seems to be different for no discernible reason.
: ***
The damage on his autos scales up as you level, by the time you're level 16 it does over 100% PLUS the extras. I've found using the pushback on minions to simply stall your lane works fine. You don't have to be constantly autoing them - you have to work around your two autos! Have you had a chance to actually play him yet on PBE?
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Just played a couple games with him on the PBE, gonna go over some of my initial thoughts about the rework. I haven't played Graves a lot recently on live, so this was somewhat of a completely new introduction. I LOVE how unique he feels. The reload mechanic takes a bit of getting used to, but otherwise is fun and didn't affect my CS much in the later games. As a quality of life change it would be nice to have his passive icon go on "cooldown" to show his reload time when he runs out of ammo. Balance-wise, I feel like he's a little weak. Because of the gating of autos early on, his damage is bit lackluster considering how often he gets attacks out. This makes me feel like I need to build both AD and AS early without a way to really do so. I don't know if this is simply from my lack of familiarity with the ADC role, or if he could stand to have some of his total (lvl 18) AD shifted into his starting AD. Overall I really, really like how he plays. Getting to wade in, dash around, and fire shotgun shells into peoples' faces rocks. Great job CertainlyT!
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