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: Do you play on the admin client?
edited post, I have the issue on both
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: Natural Talent Mastery
or +4% attack speed... is it a joke
: Deathfire Touch has a 3 second cool down for single target spells and a 1.5 second cool down for AOE spells.
Whad do you think about his delivery when he pick 1 packet he have taht buff but second deliver is still availlable and when he run out of his buff he can return and pick that buff in 40 sek if he dont pick that packet is gona be remove until his passive is availlable again. Or his passive have faster cooldown if he hit enemy with his ulty or soething like that???
: Graves movespeed reduced randomly
Maybe it's actually not a bug like it's making Graves not able to walk+auto+walk+auto so he can't feel safe with his knockback from shotgun #showerthoughts
: 30sec cd really? that means its useless compared to the others in the cunning tree. almost no point in going past T2 unless you've got heals/shields or really want that speed boost (but there are so many speed boosts now not really needed)
Sadly it is 30 seconds (currently bugged with 0s CD, feel free to test it, it's not that overpowered as I thought earlier during testing) cooldown. Cunning tree is actually interesting but it's not good enough. 12/18/0 is most optimal one: (5 points in savagery, secret stash, 5 points in merciless, Dangerous Game, 5 games in Intelligence and of course TL's Decree) (5 in Sorcery, Feast, 5 points in Natural Talent, Bounty Hunter).
: Deathfire touch happens over 3 secs, this means that potion counter it. Also it means if you move under tower after hitting an enemy, you will be drawing turret aggro. However i do agree that 30 secs is a pretty long cooldown for TL, it should prob be lowered to 25-ish.
In early: yes, you can overcome damage with pots but in late: 50% ability power/20% bonus AD is gonna hurt over these 3 seconds. EDIT: and 5 seconds less won't fix the keystone, it has be low cooldown (like I said, Deathfire Touch has 0 cd but it's DOT). Either make it engage tool (weak slow) or make it 10-15secondish (more burst potential).
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: I dislike this -- Warrior is more often used by caster/assassin junglers, so a bleed would be quite useless on them. Warrior should have some sort of scaling effect to it, perhaps less focused on aa's than Devourer but still able to help assassin/AD caster junglers like Kha.
I am pretty sure Kha (or any assassin/caster) uses his auto at least once to proc his passive. Lee Sin? He uses autos also. AD Diana? Also. Rengar? Also. AD Shaco? Also.
: [Balance] Malzahar nerf
But that's what Malzahar does, spreads AIDS and any AP champion with aoe spell can take whole waves (LB, Lux, Cassiopeia).
: The New Warrior Enchantment, seems boring?
Tbh I would like something like: Deal 6-108 (5-90?) physical damage over 4 seconds if you struck enemy champion with your basic attack. (3 seconds cooldown)
: RIP ap kog maw
Did you even play it? {{champion:32}}
: They're both correct. "**and** also target's resistances if it's casted on someone else" = " increased healing and shield AND resistances if it's casted on ally". So you have a 10% bonus when healing/shielding, and your ally will also get the same heal/shield bonus plus the resistances.
What I meant is in game tooltip mentions increased shield and heal works on "allies only" when in client it doesn't. It leads to: will it work on me or only on allies? Also fixed post to no longer confuse others.
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: Riven Changed
No. This change is good. No more faceroll Riven.
: Riven
pls don't buff her, I like passive+R change but leave alone her escape mechanics, they're cancer but in good spot
: Remove Grievous Wounds from Ignite.
Yeah let's tanks/juggernauts regenerate even more! But seriously: no.
: Leona one shot death on aram map testing
If you checked the tower, you could see the AD, MR and armor is ramping every 1s.
: Riot need to change MORD!!! MORD BOT LANE
Morde is a fking melee. Just kite him to hell as ADC. GG WP EZ.
: My PROJECT: Skins Thoughts
"Skins thoughts" "love all skins except Fiora" 10/10 feedback
: projrct skind bug
: Login Error
Bump. I can login in.
: Login Error
: You could get both will and gunblade and get both Spellvamp values. Also when a jg item had spellvamp you could get that too and it would stack. Despite all of them saying Unique passive - Spellvamp. Reason why I said it on your post was because you said unique passives don't stack if they have the same name.
I am pretty sure it doesn't/didn't say "unique passive - spellvamp" just "unique:" (it was done because vlad could buy a few WOTAs and dominate the top lane)...
: But for some reason spellvamp stacked and no one knew why.
I am not sure why you're saying this here with no context. Spellvamp stacked? What items do you mean...
: Fiora re-work
cooldowns way too high and more power? her Q is around 3-4s if you hit something, W is able to block any dmg/cc, E is good slow/100% crit chance (just it wants to buy IE & Ghostblade) and her ult is unbalanced, its heal is higher than janna's ult... not to mention she doesn't need armor pen, because passive and ult deal true dmg...
: (Vayne) items don't stacks
Typhoon Claws UNIQUE – **PHANTOM HIT**: You generate a stack of Malice for 3 seconds each time you attack. At 3 stacks, your next 3 attacks (bla bla bla) Sated Devourer UNIQUE - **PHANTOM HIT**: Every second basic attack will be a phantom attack that triggers on-hit effects twice. Unique passives with the same names don't stack. Please read them carefully before creating a thread.
: Rito trolling us again,
It's not troll. It's sad truth.
: Login queue not going down?
#AnotherLoginQueueThread PS My position in queue is over 9000!
: Can you stop posting threads about how long the queue time is and/or stuff related to that.
But, but my logging queue is LONG! I need to let everyone know that. D:
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Irelia!
I expected new karma skin. My dreams are crushed, gg.
: Patience, waiting TIME will be short. (Hopefully)
"Waiting time will be short." *Meanwhile my approx time hit 25 minutes* Yeah, of course...
: Friendly reminder :)
People won't listen anyway. E K K O hype is real.
: Ekko Builds
Wish I could discuss but login queue hell is holding me back, gg.
: Rune(mark) + 1,8 AP at 18 lvl
You bought too many runes doe.
: Gnarzir - Perfect Wombo???
Best combo I've ever experienced was {{champion:113}} 's R + {{champion:61}} 's R + {{champion:222}} 's R. Instant triple kill.
: Veigar Stun [E]
{{champion:81}} 's E is a blink ability. It means he doesn't touch veigar's E. He just teleports. {{champion:54}} is unstoppable so he's immune to any kind of cc when he uses his ultimate. {{champion:5}} is prolly a bug.
: Veigar stun (Rift Scuttler)
"Crowd control effects against Rift Scuttler last twice as long." from wiki
: Please don't forget Veigar [Buff suggestions for E]
imo Q is ok now. Farming is faster (gold and AP wise) and safer. W is ok. With good amount of AP it deals tons of damage so lower delay isn't 'healthy' E is not the best. I wouldn't mind smaller delay on 'placing' it and maybe lowering magic resistance of stunned enemies. R is ok. Passive should scale with Veigar's level. It could fix mana problems if you don't build any mana regen items yet.
: [Cho'gath] - Q's tooltip sometimes show it as off cooldown but actually still on cooldown
: item 3285 is a little bugged
New item is experimental. It means it can be bugged or it can lack animation, effects etc.
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: Yes, it's a daily maintenance.
Finally. Can't wait for Azir fix.
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: Cho'gath Bug
Probably it is intended. {{champion:20}} also can't Q Ascended Xerath.
: I just wanted to say that you can play with it on PBE because i didn't find it on the store, but it's on the overview of the champion, just hidden :)
Then read Useful site for PBE news.
: I really, really feel that Gnar's Q should hit twice
1.0 ad ratio, 2 sec slow and cooldown reduced (60%) by catching and 1st stack of Hyper. He can easily spam his boomerang. I don't want to see double proc of his damage...
: Nidalee
> So how are you supposed to build resistances vs her when she builds full ad and deals all magic damage? When you are going to ap she doesn't deal ALL magic damage. Only her Q scales with AD/AP, other skills are useless (you are using them for procing passive) then. How are you supposed to build resistances? Build Thornmail (to counter on hit effects like trinity and her auto attacks) and some MR (Spirit Visage, Banshee etc.) items.
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