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: At the moment, you can’t. You can try your luck with Hextech Chests by gaining an S on a champion, though.
lmao thats a piss take
: Not everything that is in store needs testing. There’s two methods of making something unavailable: price it RP or take it out of the shop. The latter has been happening to recent skins such as the 2018 Christmas skins and the 2019 Blood Moon Skins.
yeah whatever and what if i want to buy an older skin?
: Please read [Update on PBE RP and BE Granting and the accompanying Rioter Rundown](, which can be found stickied on the PBE boards homepage. Riot no longer gives BE or RP. Only content that needs testing (i.e.: is new) is available for 1BE. All other content will not be purchasable. Next time, please use the search function or scroll through boards to see if your issue has already been posted/addressed: this will avoid clutter on the boards. I recommend you read the Rioter Rundown from the link above as well. Riot explains why they cannot give RP anymore.
then whats the point of having stuff in the shop which cost rp if you dont refill the rp anymore lmao logic much
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