: I like the homeguard a lot :D The skin is cool in general. My only complaint is that, many of Lux's skins already have yellow VFX. This skin is no exception: https://i.imgur.com/IacYc1L.jpg[/img] The odd thing is, the Prestige Edition of the same skin actually has pink VFX. You would expect it to be the other way around. Auto: https://i.imgur.com/Q6mCZfk.png[/img] Q: https://i.imgur.com/ua2Z87X.jpg[/img] W: https://i.imgur.com/ORaYKP6.jpg[/img] E: https://i.imgur.com/TGl9dfi.jpg[/img] R: https://i.imgur.com/xyzH72Z.jpg[/img] I of course know that the VFX would be different in Prestige and obviously that's how it should be. It's not even a thematic thing like Prestige can't have other colored effects. My problem is with the normal version. I really am sick of yellow VFX on Lux and wish the normal version of the skin didn't have them neither. You could of course swap them. Would work out I guess and make more sense. But I really don't like that she is getting another yellow effect skin for her. I don't even want pink tbh. The thing is, everyone talks about how many skins she keeps on getting, but no one realizes and talks about how similar these skins are. All of her skins either have pink or yellow VFX, except from the Elementalist forms. Wish you guys would act more brave with her colors and try out new things. Maybe some green and red, like in her outfit. Other than the VFX, I think the skin is really good looking. Very nice job.
Yeah I agree with you, I am a Lux main and I am sick with all the yellow in her skins, every new skin has yellow/orange spell colors. Also, lunar empress lux’s E colors (green and orange/yellow) and the particles that move around are exactly the same color and movement of the new battle academia skin and it’s getting boring. And i am not sure, but is there something wrong with her Q in her new skin? Because when the Q hits someone it keeps moving strangely.
happened to me when trying to get the icons mystery box
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: Thank you for the answer!
: But.. but who is gonna test the store then?
Good point . xD
: 8000 rp 60000 be
they changed the system since many people bought a lot of things in the store , that is why the store was disabled . now you get 8000 rp every day , and as i understood , lately , the BE is not renewed ( so you won't get BE ) . so it is right ( to have 8000 rp ) but you have got a lot more than what i have .... Check the daily summary of what is going on in the PBE , it is pinned or click on the link https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/MWm9bAe6-1020-friday-pbe-status-and-faq-thread
: Blue essence no longer renews. Your rp renews at 12:00pm Pacific time, so it depends on which area you live in. Hope this helps!
wait why doesn't the BE renew ?! i didn't know that ?!!?
: RP,BE and Store insights?
why don't you buy the champion bundle ? there are 3 or 4 bundles for champs each one is in 575 + rp , if i am not wrong . unless they have disabled the bundles , go get them .
: You know you could buy the expensive skins with BE and the cheap ones with RP still doesnt solve the emote problem but its something i guess
the past 2 or 3 days the store is all in rp ( skins , icons , wards ...) so i can't buy using BE :( unless i bought everything that is available for BE , but i don't think so
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