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: PBE Starter packs and runes
If you read the F.A.Q, that wouldn't have happened.
: not a WWO bug, but literally all of Ori's VFX are gone. You dont see her ball move or her w or r indicators. or her ball indicator for that matter. super annoying to play against
yep just played a game and her auto attacks, ball's movement, to and fro, and ult animation are just missing/invisible.
: That would be strange, why should there be a fail safe? You can always undo the purchase. And why is the Elixer of Iron excluded from going on cooldown? I'm not convinced that this is a feature instead of a bug, but I guess only Riot can provide the answer :-)
if you're full build, and buy an exlir, you cannot undo the purchase.
: Camera for the allied player of Kalista's ult
Riot also agrees the camera is broken, linked [here](
: These turrets are so underwhelming
The point for the turret changes are so they can tweak the accordingly. If they feel like they need to tune the ramp up time, they can, the damage down, etc.
: Unfortunately, Krueger is correct here. There is no way to change champion abilities in this manner in a safe way. Our champions switch spells all the time, and the burden on future designers to make their scripts conform felt too high to me. By the by, clicking either mouse button will fire Kalista ult. So once you get the idea of "use mouse" it's hard to go wrong. Ultimately, I'm optimistic that we'll be able to learn how to use the ability. The camera movement applied to the ally is also horrendously broken, which I think is making the whole thing disorienting.
Yeah, the fact that when Kalista ults me, the support, my camera becomes instantly locked on around her messes with my frame of reference and just causes me confusion.
: Game crashes after 5 seconds
its pretty difficult to stay motivated to try things on pbe when every game there's at least one dc. I wouldn't mind if they took a week to increase the stability, or is that just out of the realm of possibility.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I'm not sure if this is intended, but do you not gain the smite bonus after getting the second tier machete? Because when I would smite Krugs, I wouldn't gain the Heavy Hands buff, or Smite wolves, I wouldn't have the scout. I know they would spawn, grant me the buff, when i had just the basic machete.
: Zed - Q range of faded shadow appears
I have experienced this bug as well. I'll try to get footage of it shortly.
: azir range indicator
I kinda would like it if you pressed w, and hover around it would show the soldiers range of attack in compairson to where you're cursor is. I think this would make Azir a little more user friendly
: Feedback on Gangplank Ult Changes
I like the idea of the barrage coming more often, but of course the damage would have to be scaled back.
: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, but it seems a little weird. Azir can place his soldiers into the enemy fountain, and they don't expire twice as fast and just do damage when they spawn. I've included a recording just in case.
: Let me know if you have the green hand icon
: Sion Makes A Global Noise When He Ults
I don't think there should be a noise of when an enemy sion ult though. That means you just be on the look out for it and it's pretty easy to dodge/flash what have you to avoid it.
: [Darius] - Dunkmaster Darius still crashing/prematurely ending games?
: [Visual] Flickering Shadows
I've been experienceing the same thing on 6v6 twisted treeline. I've tried changing the shadow settings, but it doesn't seem to fix it.

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