: Duskblade of Draktharr and Zed identity
To call it a mini Zed ult is a lie. It's a BETTER Zed ult.
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: Rare gem is pointless
"And inside this box is another box!"
: Rename Jhins R
It was already changed to "Make Them Beautiful"
: Everyone are hyped about jhin
Meanwhile I'm just waiting for the new Shen.
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: Is every ADC getting 50% + lifesteal, 70-100% crit, 300+ AD, late game really proper?
: Marksman changes
Ezreal used to have to build either the CDR "Blue" build, or a traditional ADC build, now he can get both his 40 (Or 45, with the appropriate mastery) CDR as well as crit. Quinn's kind of a let down to be honest. Graves is sooooo fucking fun, but he's overtuned as fuck.
: One For All: More Like Choose the Same Champs Every Game
Really? Because a bunch of morons on my team picked Darius and we got put against... Azir.
: Does Tryndamere count as a fighter or as a marksman?
: I'm not a fan of your build, but I imagine with something like Cleaver, ER, BT, IE and whatever else you want, Kindred will be spammy with high AD. Wolf will make appearances often as well.
Yeah, it's a tanky DPS attack speed build. Mostly taking advantage of high amounts of %HP damage from their passive and BotRK.
: Item Recommendations for Kindred, Build Discussion
Ever tried them as Tanky DPS? My usual build is something like {{item:3707}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3006}}
: It should be similar to Fiora's Q indicator in my opinion. I mean... That's exactly what it should be. Right?
Yes, exactly, precisely, indubitably, hit the nail on the head. I'll stop now.
: Kindred feels kind of weak
Attack speed marks, ever heard of 'em?
: Mark of the Kindred's cooldowns
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: Base attack speed buff for Kindred
It'd also help for jungle clear.
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Goddamnit Dio

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