: Ugh I realized what would cause that, should be fixed by tomorrow, sorry for that!
It's still a problem, though...
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.
So just now I played the Legend of the Poro King and I noticed some things. * When the poroking is summoned, the count does seem to continue somehow, because the enemy team, which summoned the poro king, had 2 poro stacks by the time we dispelled the king. * When our inhib (purple side) was down and we summonned the poro king, it fled in tears, retreating to our base instead of attacking the enemy. Y RITO, Y? All by all: FUN gamemode!
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
Hey Riot, congrats on this USR... Sure, there might still be some bugs, but most of all: it's awesome! The new aestetic changes to the messages like "Doublekill" and such that came out this patch (3/9) are AMAZING!!! They fit so well into the theme + the extra visuals for the Penta-& Hexakills must make all players strife to at least achieve it once (per game?)! I like how you're obviously trying to keep going forward, to stay the "best MOBA ever". Few questions, though: 1. How's the music coming together? I really miss it on the PBE ***#sadface#*** (But plz, the old music wouldn't be right in this theme) 2. Will the announcer voice be changed as well? (Not really necessary, but if so, could fit better in theme, right?) 3. I notice that towers are "deactivated" when you're not near them and "activite" once you get close (they come up out of the ground) It's kind of weird, in my humble oppinion... Feels a little off, but hey, that's just my personal oppinion... Why did you bring this into the game? :) Grtz a happy gamer
: So I have a couple of bugs to report. * Gnar's hood disappears when doing his taunt, then reappears jarringly: http://youtu.be/bN4KP4XDpHM?list=UUhAc2Cjdcn1DMu0qBO7Gtog * Gnar's boomerang can disappear mid-flight: http://youtu.be/b8rsDfYBSDQ?list=UUhAc2Cjdcn1DMu0qBO7Gtog * And lastly, and I can't tell if this is a glitch or if I just mis-clicked my jump, but it looks like Gnar's E should clear the wall, but doesn't: http://youtu.be/b38k0IUxNPk?list=UUhAc2Cjdcn1DMu0qBO7Gtog
Jup, the taunt is indeed something I wanted to report as well
: Dino-Gnar sometimes has this color bug wherein he turns purple/pink instead of green when mini gnar switches to mega gnar.
Yup, had the same problem too


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