: Bring Draft pick or Ranked back to PBE
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: Toxic players in the PBE
It's also kinda sad when you do blind pick and everyone calls lanes and then that one guy who didnt get his lane complains and auto locks some random champ, like it's the PBE you should be able to play all lanes I understand everyone likes a certain lane but honestly. Today I joined a blind pick and called jg then this guy autolocks rengar jg and we all are angry and he didnt speak he just sat there and when he did speak he called us all trash and told the enemy team to report us and he went like 1/10/3 at the end! Those are things that bother me in the PBE
: Kill Streak Bug
I've had a similar bug! When someone kills somebody 2 times they go on a killing spree but dont get the announcement and when someone kills them they get the bounty gold and they respawn get a kill and die and someone gets the bounty gold again. Kinda fun when u keep getting the gold but when its on your team not so fun :D. Glad to see me my friends arnt the only ones with this problem.


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