: I will add more people below this message so that you can stay updated!
: People banning senna in urf to troll the team, actually takes all the fun
I will add more people below this message so that you can stay updated!
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: Qiyana Bug Reports
https://youtu.be/cLofoCUC8Ps Here i describe a bug that causes her to have no cooldown on her q at all. It should explain pretty much everything (almost).
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: After extensive testing on the new Ultimate feature, I am safe to say that the full ferocity on leap must go. The idea itself is flawed. Instead of giving Rengar more time to assassinate his target, this leap change made it so that he has more frontloaded burst and nothing to do for a while. What I mean here is that, when you use an empowered ability during the leap, you are left with 3 basic abilities on land, and it has its cooldowns. Why this is bad is that for the cooldown's duration, Rengar does not have access to his empowered abilities, which are his main tools during a hectic fight. Not only that, it is also filled with bugs. There is a very common case of, after using an empowered ability during the leap, W and even E sometimes, goes on cooldown. As said above, this is critical because he is left with only Q to build up ferocity, which is one stack, while he has to wait for both W and E cooldown. W usually goes on a 2 seconds cooldown, but there are cases that it goes on a full cooldown. E goes on full cooldown most of the time this happens. ~~What I am thinking of an alternative to this, and after a long discussions with the people over at Rengar Mains Discord, is that, the moment Rengar leap on someone with R, they are marked for about 3 seconds (enough for an assassination, but if Rengar gets cced, there wont be a reward), and with every auto attack on the target, the mark extends its duration by 2 seconds. If the target dies within the duration of the mark, Rengar gets full ferocity.~~ ~~This reduces the current idea of frontloaded burst that Rengar currently have or had (more damage on r leap or full ferocity on r leap) and gives him more tools to be relevant later in the fight after he kills his designated target. In all iterations of Rengar, what usually happens is he kills the target and ends up staying there weaving autos and sometimes Q. This fixes that by allowing him to use Q for more damage on someone else, W saved for more heal fighting against someone else or cleanse a crucial cc, or E for stopping the threat getting to you. This also procs the ms gain from using an empowered ability which allows Rengar to be more mobile in a fight.~~ EDIT: After another discussion with more experienced Rengar players, we agreed on having that full ferocity is bad, because with that empQ crit build is going to be more relevant with the Attack Speed buff, or AP build for another AoE nuke. What we agreed on is giving him that old 2.5s cc immunity as a reward. This stays as a reward only instead of its previous iteration so that Rengar cant go in, fail his job and gets out alive. With this cc immunity, Rengar actually has an escape after a confirmed kill, or rushing towards his next target.
This kinda makes off-tank rengar extremly strong because he can extends fights and after finally killing the target he can escape simply with emp w.
: The new ultimate is extremely clunky and does not use ferocity affect half the time. It also does not let you do your combo mid air anymore. Please revert this back to the previous ultimate if you can.
There seems to be a bug where you can Stack 2 Q's when activating Q before leap and Q mid air. Not sure tho. But the step riot took her is very strange because this gives rengar the ability to cast emp q mid air. And i want to remind you that Rengars Ferocity got changed to 4 that fall off out of combat to prevent him from casting e mid air. In my opinion Riot should give Rengars old fero system a try and You also should change the Fero at jump to generating fero over time again. In my opinion this would make rengar feel very smooth and shouldnt make him Stronger than currently. So in my opinion riot should try this changes: Passive/Ferocity : Rengar Has 4-5 (Not sure what riot prefers) Ferocity and keeps them until a Empowered Spell was casted. Dont know if the mechanic with generating 1 ferocity on leap should stay. R : When Jumping on the nearest enemy Rengar generates full ferocity over time (maybe 1 ferocity per second or half a second). R 2.method (Not sure about this) Rengar Gains full ferocity 'after' striking the nearest enemy. (Not sure about incoming change) When not jumping on the nearest target gain full ferocity after 5 seconds. Because rengar before Q rework Had problems beeing unhealthy for the game but some aspects on him were good. For example old rengar was unhealthy but felt very smooth to play. Also His new/old Q doesnt really fit into this ferocity system. His Q is the only ability with the mechanic that you have to land your ability on a target. The other 2 spells can be casted randomly to generate Ferocity. This feels for me kinda strange. This would be another reason to give old Ferocity a try imo.
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: Bought the champion bundles, but I still don't have the champions
I got my lvl 30 , rp and Be but if i buy a champion it says : "You´ve unlocked (Champion Name) ! Check out champion detail page for some quick tips on how to play (Champion name) . GLHF!" but after that i still can buy him but my Be or RP is gone. I checked collection/champs but dont have them. The strange part is , i tried to buy a lot of champs but some worked. I don´t know why but i got kayn for example. But of course i didnt got Gnar .... pls. But for example emotes don´t seem to have that problem. I can buy them without any problems. Strange ....


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