: Unable store
have had just the black screen store for over 2 months on pc had one response from riot and it didnt help at all i have given up on it and deleted it from my pc because of it still havent seen any solutions -_-
: Hi Gnardog,there are a couple of things I'd like for you to try to resolve your problem. You may have to simply reinstall...which is annoying, I know but has worked for some players. https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20207476-store-error-store-appears-blank-black-or-empty https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20207481-store-error-session-expired-there-was-a-problem-with-your-request
tried it all even reinstalled i think 4 times nothing has worked i might try to uninstall and reinstall again today hopefully it fixes i havent been able to use for well over a month now
: Shop not loading
this has been happening to me for over a month plenty of posts also, riot hasnt done anything about it
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: [major bug][profile] opening profile causing problems
store does not work at all have restarted redownloaded everything and nothing is working i cant use store in any way
: Can't access the store?
have same problem hasnt worked for a couple weeks now after i fixed the update error
: Ok, so now you have the exact same bug I have.
ya i have had it for almost 3 weeks now its really really frustrating cuz i cant go buy anything at all so i cant give feedback on anything or try stuff
: Skarner Disabled due to bug
could this have anything to do with the store black screen bug ive been seeing it quite a bit
: Side note, Gnardog.. I have found that issue can sometimes be caused by antivirus programs. Do you have Norton or Mcafee?
i actually just kinda looked into everything and ya i have norton and i put it on the exception list or what ever and it seems to be doing fine now all i have is the store black screen bug -_-
: [Update Failed] Unspecified Error Occured
getting the exact same thing for over 2 weeks
: no im getting it to.
same here been happening for a couple weeks its really bugging me
: [BUG] Can't see shop
i have the same exact problem even if i go into a character i own through the profile it says champion not available and gives me the ?? for prices and skin prices dont show up. Also everytime my pbe patches it crahes and gives me the unspecified update error i have literally done everything i can think of and can find on the internet and still nothing it just fails update everytime so i cant even use my pbe
: I don't know how to help you then,sorry.
do you think it could be my norton? cuz it works when i redownload it and on the initial update except now the store doesnt work at all i cant buy anything or even go to it and the patches fail could it be norton deleting a piece of it because it thinks it harmful or something
: 1.Open the launcher 2.Press the gears in the top right. 3.Press Repair. It MAY take as much as 2 hours so be patient.
ya i figured it out right after still doesnt worked have deleted and redownloaded also still doesnt work
: only think i did last time was repair the launcher and it worked i dont know what else you can do
how would i repair launcher?
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