: Conqueror rune not working at all
Yep. Tested it on Practice dummies, you do get the bonus AD, but no True damage.
: So it feels like tank supports are getting a massive buff in gold, and everyone else is getting a small buff in gold with Frostfang. Coin is already bad, and even champions that are intended to buy it (Rakan, Janna, Soraka) don't buy it anymore. Not sure why it's being nerfed. Also is it supposed to be, "Expected coin drop down, to 8.5 per 10 minutes from 9 **_minutes_** (still to do)" or "Expected coin drop down, to 8.5 per 10 minutes from 9 **_coins _**(still to do)"?
Tank supports are absolutely not getting any sort of buff in gold - at best, the change lets them break even to the live gold income. Targon's Brace gives 2 extra gold _per 10 seconds_ - or 12 extra gold per minute. But, remember, it is also losing Bandit. So you are losing 12-13 gold per minute minimum from minions dying nearby. As well as the gold you would have earned for auto-attacking enemy champions. Frostfang, by contrast, is gaining up to 15 gold per 30 seconds, or 30 gold per minute, while losing the same 12-13 per minute from the removal of Bandit. Basically, Frostfang users are gaining 17-18 gold per minute, while Relic users are losing 0-1 gold per minute.
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: A lower cooldown is great and all, but the actual limiting factor on how often you can use W isn't the cooldown, but the mana cost. That's why you usually grab a Corrupting Potion and sit on it throughout the entire game until you absolutely need the slot. The extra 225 mana it provides for such a low cost is essential for him. Heck, I wouldn't even feel bad trading 2% more scaling on the shield for a lower mana cost. Like, I haven't played Sion since the tank itemization changes, but I mained him throughout S5 and early S6. Mana was what was always holding him back for me, not how much damage I could deal or tank. The best part about a higher shield is you get more mileage out of the high mana cost and you get to use the damage component more reliably, but I'd still rather not have the limitation of only having 12 casts of it in his standard mana pool at max level, which is obviously a lot lower if you start spamming the two relatively low cooldown abilities he has, or if you're working with a level 13 mana pool from having maxed W second. Like if they really want people to max it second they should remove the cost increasing per rank. Maybe a flat 70 or 65. Then you aren't lowering the amount of times you can cast it by ranking it up. (at level 13 he only has 9 casts of max rank W if he isn't casting any other spells, as opposed to 12 casts if it's rank 1)
If you're having issues with Sion's mana, you should start with Doran's Ring. It's much better for mana sustain than Corrupting Pot, as well as providing a small amount of health and AP for his W and E ratios. You really shouldn't have any problems with his mana unless you're spamming his shield - trying to use it for waveclear or something. The only time mana should be an issue is the early game, and Doran's Ring solves that completely. Sion doesn't need his shield's mana cost reduced. Just don't spam it and use items if you're still having issues. Honestly, the mana cost shouldn't be an issue at all since you shouldn't be using it unless you're in a fight with champions. Early game and some of mid game, you'll mostly be farming with occasional trades and fights with your lane opponent/jungler, and those fights shouldn't normally last long enough for you to use your shield more than once or twice. There's no reason for you to go oom after your first back unless you're just getting trashed in lane.
: Sion W Buffs
The PBE got updated today with new changes to his W. The damage buff got reverted. Now, the cooldown was reduced to 11 seconds at all ranks, and shield strength scales from 8%-12% max health instead of 6%-10%. It's much better and actually accomplishes what they seem to want (encouraging players to max W second, rather than last, so he has more tankiness mid-game).
: I am asking whether, upon activation, you are given your health bonus based on your CURRENT, or MAXIMUM HEALTH.
Both. Your max health is increased by 40/100% and your current health is increased by 40/100%. Once the active ends, both current and max get reduced again.
: also can a rioter please clarify if it gives you 40/100% of your current or max health
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=8g2H4vjy,comment-id=001e0001,timestamp=2017-04-07T03:03:18.745+0000) > Making choices like these tend to be what make the item shop interesting, similar to how Randuin's should feel like an especially attractive pickup in games where they have a bunch of AAers. But there may be something I'm not considering on Adaptive Helm. > I dont understand why you keep comparing Adaptive Helm to Randuins as if Adaptive isnt a million times better in its current iteration. The items are not even in the same league as mitigation items for their respective damage types. 15% attack speed reduction is utterly trivial in comparison to a straight up 15% damage reduction for some mages while still providing best in class mitigation against regular non spammy mages. The attack speed reduction on Randuins is barely felt and the item will likely not be worthwhile anymore without its crit reduction.
15% attack speed slow _is_ a 15% damage reduction from auto attacks, though.
: its like a cone skill shot, no reason to why it needs to start behind her, its the same aspect to kass E, annie W, ashe W, etc wukong, akali, diana have zero abilities similar to taliyah
They aren't talking about champions who are similar to Taliyah - they are saying the ability should extend behind her because some champions' dash abilities (like akali's) put them behind their target. As in - in order for Taliyah to more effectively counter dashes like those, her E should start behind her so those champions will take damage when they end up behind her, as well as from the rocks in front of her. Don't really agree with the idea, though. It's extremely limited in it's usefulness.
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: [Bug] Game breaking Spellthief's edge bug
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/jun5Iyp4-general-changes-to-objectives-for-mid-season Quote from the above change log: "AP Damage Conversion When your attacks trigger AP damage conversion (occurs when attacking a turret while your AP is more than double your bonus AD), the converted damage is now magic instead of physical"

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