: Yeah, i think the same, i was hoping that order of lotus at least had new particles, because, looks strange with blue vfx and all is pink and gold, they can make it better, at least add blossoms to the impact like Tango evelynn with the rose petals and a soft recolor of the rest Aviator is more difficult i think, but, if we request it, probably they will add something. Aviator irelia has a lot of potential.
Yesh! Order of the Lotus is so unique among them all for it not to receive any particles... and Aviator is so gorgeous both in-game and the splash, they deserve something more. All WW and Galio skins got new particles, Irelia has much less than them, she deserves it too! :(
: Irelia Bug Discussion
I am a bit disappointed that neither Aviator or Order of the Lotus got new particles, they had a lot of potential for new particles even if it was just a re-coloring of the base ones. Also, her face on the Order of the Lotus feels a bit weird for me, maybe it's the nose or something, but she doesn't look like the other splashes at all.


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